Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fourth Anniversary Around The Corner

We will treasure this the rest of our lives
The whole journey ahead, together we strive
It’s not just joy for that moment, that date
But every-day, every-year, every-decade

This day we went through a simple procedure
We tie-the-knot legally and signed the paper
It's certainly more than just rings exchanging
It’s greater than anything we ever imagined

We then kneeled down before the Almighty
Vowed to be truth to ourselves, to eternity
Receptions were held to share our love
Our heartiest Thanks to All for supporting us

God has been generous, guiding us the way
Giving us the Patience, the Strength and the Care
Blessed us a beautiful Angel, we shed joyous tears
We are now Parents, not only Son and Daughter

This year is our Fourth Anniversary
Registered our Marriage, had our Ceremonies
We are not celebrating only those days
But cherishing every moment, if we may

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