Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008 Singapore Trip Write-up

Here’s a list of our 2008 Singapore Trip write-up for easy access.
  1. We Traveled Down South
    The day we flied to Johor and transit to Singapore by cab.
  2. The Singapore Zoo Escapade
    The visit to the zoo. We were so glad we did not miss it this time
  3. A Fine Ride, A Fine Lunch, A Fine Bunch
    Samuel’s maiden train and bus ride in Singapore. As the matter of fact it was his first ever anywhere.We met with some of the nicest people here in Singapore.
  4. Still Squeal Like A Baby
    Simple but downright fun time at the park. Having families around is the coziest company one could ever asked for.
  5. Closed Here, Delayed There
    A short day in Singapore but a long one in Johor.

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