Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Year New routine

We are having some major changes in our daily routine and this month sees us busy adjusting here and there to get ourselves accustomed.
We no longer send Samuel to the Nanny across the bridge since last week and will be starting Samuel on daycare next month.
So, what have we been doing for the past weeks?

Every morning, Samuel will wake up with a super sweet smile on his face and makes sure that we have ours too : )

At home, he would dance, he would sing, he would play, he would watch TV …… he would ask for everthing a 2 year old would ask for : )

Other times, he would help Mommy with her CNY preparation. We will go shopping

Having afternoon tea

Lemon! lets try

Eh, How come so sour one?

Water, water please

Sometimes Samuel will recommend some good buys along the way too. While we were at a supermarket the other day, Samuel sorta hinted Mommy to buy some Mandarin Oranges by asking for a free taste from the promoter, not once but twice and he would ask for the third time if Mommy did not obliged on the purchase on time :p

Another chore that Samuel was keen to help Mommy was packing the ang pau.

How come cannot go in one?

How come cannot fold one?

How come so crumple one?

But at the end, Samuel managed pack all the ang pau all neat and tidy…. He placed the notes in while Mommy held the packets.

Yup, we are all set for the celebration.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Silly as Silly Gets

Samuel never really likes to put foreign object into his mouth to chew, so we are not too worry with letting him handle and carry some of our stuff.
Sometimes, we would let him take care of our belongings to keep him busy; such as asking him to hold the key or our shopping bag for us. Thus far, he has done very fine jobs we would say.

The other day, Mommy and Big Yee Yee were very handful with shopping bags after one of our CNY shopping trips. So after we settled Samuel down in the front passenger seat, Mommy and Yee Yee began to unload our loot from the trolley into the car leaving Samuel comfy by himself. Samuel must be very bored at that moment with nothing to do; no CD songs and no cracker to munch. And Mommy and Yee Yee were taking forever to get organized.
All were well until Yee Yee went into the car, placed the parking ticket onto the driver seat and moved some of the bags that were in her way. In the blink of the eye, Samuel showed Yee Yee this

Yee Yee was shocked!
Screamed out asking if Samuel ate any of those!
And called for Mommy!
Passer-by must be shocked by Yee Yee’s squeak too and couldn’t help but took a peek into the car.
Out-of-nowhere at that instance, another panic thought attacked Yee Yee as there was no response to her calling out loud for Mommy.....
Yee Yee thought Mommy has fainted outside the car!
Fainted????? Why Yee Yee had that idea is anybody’s guess :p
Actually Mommy was away pushing the trolley back to its place la.

Samuel was stunned for a while by Yee Yee’s over-reaction….. speechless. After both Yee Yee and Samuel regained their composures, The following conversation took place

Samuel: Yee Yee bu yau ku (Yee Yee don’t cry)
Yee Yee: Why Samuel chewed the ticket?
Samuel: Baby yau che mah (Baby wanna eat mah)

The replacement ticket cost Mommy nothing…. only some tears from laughing out too loud

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Penang Hill

Yup, it was a long year-end holiday. Both Daddy and Mommy still had ample of free time before our offices re-opened after our Christmas Vacation. So we decided to bring Samuel for another outing in Penang Island, to the Penang Hill.

And no, we were not overly adventurous Parents that planned to hike up to the hill …. …… Well not yet anyway, one fine day may be :p.
We took the funicular train which resumed its service in mid-Dec after a 6 months hiatus. We reached the Air Itam station at about 11 in the morning but couldn’t find any vacant MPPP maintained parking slot available. There was only a few around and all were already taken up. For such a popular tourist attraction, one would think that at least there will be decent parking spaces for visiting patrons. It’s a pity that, that’s not the case.

We were directed to a nice empty space by the pavement in one of the residential area near the station by some Jaga Kereta Specialists and were charged RM5 for it. We paid the fees with no questions asked. We still want our car to be intact by the time we’re done with the hill ‘ya see.

There was quite a crowd that day although it was a weekday. We only managed to get ourselves the 12.30 noon train ticket. So we loitered around downhill and had an early lunch at the cafe before adjourned to the train waiting area.

We were not sure what the limit was for passengers per ride but the Train Officer that manned the train let us squeezed into the 12 noon train. We reckoned that all the train would be jam packed and chances were, we would not get a seat either if we were to wait for the 12.30 train, so we squeezed ourselves in.

The ride took ~25 mins one way with a transit at the middle station. Samuel learned a new word that day too when our train went through a tunnel, Samuel was thrilled.

Our train went through a tunnel

Aerial view of the town

The weather was good and chilling though the sun was shinning bright. We managed to catch lovely views of Georgetown up the hill. Our Boy ran around and found his way to the water fountain to have some water fun before we brought him to the Hindu Temple for a visit. But Samuel was more interested in the playground next to the temple. He played and played and played, until we had to give the temple a miss.

The "scary" beam

Although we just had our lunch before our train ride, Daddy couldn’t resist a bowl of ais kacang up the hill. Mommy too, ordered a second round of char-kuay-teow.

It was a very relaxing outing. Perhaps the cool weather had something to do with it. We found ourselves walking very slowly and enjoyed every breath that we took.
Daddy even suggested that we should make another trip up soon : )

We left the hill near to 3pm and Samuel fell asleep on our way down. Yes, we would love to visit Penang Hill more often.......
It would be good if something can be done about the train over-crowding.
It would be fabulous if only the parking is not so exorbitant .....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don’t Bluff Wor

With Mommy’s limited vocab in both English and Mandarin, sometimes Mommy finds it hard to answer to Samuel’s "This one shem mo" query.
More so if Samuel is referring to a particular detail such as the tip of a ball pen and not the pen itself.

So when Mommy took the easy road with the answer "this one is a pen ", Samuel was not convinced and seek re-assurance

"This one WORrrrr?"

While pointing to the fine detail again

Ai sey, looks like Mommy cannot be lazy and should start to do more homework soon!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Zzzzzz Matter

There have been great improvements in getting Samuel to take his afternoon nap on his own since we started this routine a few months back.
There have been occasions where he did not insist on company especially when Mommy was not around.

  • When Po Po was baby-sitting Samuel, Samuel could sleep on the couch or on our bed with minimal company.
  • When Daddy was baby-sitting him, he would climb up to the bed on his own after his afternoon milk :O

So we thought that, it’s time to resume his sleep training for good. Our sleeping routine has been unchanged for many many moons since Samuel was still a baby. So it’s nothing-out-of-the-norm if Samuel expects Mommy to sleep with him.

For the past few nights, Mommy put her feet down and left the room after settled Samuel on the bed. Samuel even got a stern scolding from Mommy when he climbed down from the bed for the third time one of the night several nights back. After which he quietly rolled back to the bed and slept on his own, albeit sadly we had to say.
The following day, Mommy reminded Samuel again that he’s a big boy already and should sleep on his own; Mommy would only join him later. Although Samuel tried to snuggle up and get Mommy to accompany him, Mommy did not. Mommy let him sleep on his own after the usual goodnight kiss and goodnight song.
He did well for the second day after the *scolding and fell asleep fairly easy.

It has been a few days since and we are happy to note that, climbing down from the bed or chasing after us are incidents in the past already : ).

Yay! Samuel is sleeping on his own now.
Next step is getting him to sleep in his own room….
But we are not in hurry for that.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2008 Road Trip

  1. Christmas 2008
    The day we met in Penang and the day we gathered together for our Christmas prezzie opening.
  2. December 2008 Road Trip Kick-Off
    We started our road trip ex Penang, drove back to Bidor and to Sungkai Hot Spring before headed for Malacca.
  3. Malacca A’Famosa Resort
    The resort where we put up for 3 days, 2 nights .
  4. A'Famosa Cowboy Town
    We did not go wild and paint the town red.
  5. A'Famosa Animal World Safari
    In touch with nature .
  6. Malacca Jonker Street
    We traveled far in the name of glorious food. We went back again on the next day for a second dose.
  7. Christ Church Melaka and Stadthuys
    One of the featured heritage of Malacca.
  8. Racing the Flight
    How a 2 hours drive ended up taking 4 hours.
  9. Fun at the Capitol City
    Our last stop before heading back to where it started

Fun at the Capitol City

We had 2 rounds of breakfast the morning we were in Kuala Lumpur; a light one at Small Yee Yee’s place and a heavier dim sum breakfast almost immediately after. We were waiting for the road to dry up due to the slight drizzle earlier as we planned to go to the Bukit Jalil Garden. Well, we didn’t wanna errrr….. wet our pants ‘ya see :p

The two Handsomes :p

Ai ya. Big Yee Yee was behind the camera pulak !

The Bukit Jalil Garden was huge, we couldn’t possibly tour the whole place with the time we had on hand that day. There were jogging tracks, playgrounds, man-made lakes, fountains and a few other attractions. We were told that the Japanese Garden Koi Pond at the International Garden Section was one of the more notable ones. There were other gardens too of course; the Dutch, Chinese, English, Malays, Vietnamese etc. The gardens were actually miniatures of each of the countries landmark.

Some of the sections we managed to visit

The kids had a blast running about the garden and we adults had a good leisurely *walk chasing them.
Too bad when we reached the Japanese Garden, the Koi was no where to be seen. Perhaps they have already been relocated. The pond looked filthy and un-kept. Some of the gardens were still in good conditions while the others could have looked better. The lake and the fountain did not look too yummy too.

Who is it there?

Growl ......

The squeal nearly broke our glasses :p

The kids love playing the lion and the bear-bear with Big Jiu Jiu

Taking a break from all the running

Wah! the water very cool!

Wah! the lions very cool too!

At a glance, cleanliness was commendable; no scattered rubbish and no funny smell. The air was fresh, so were the greens. The garden looked very much like a relaxing place especially for evening or morning jog. Just like our Botanical Garden, only bigger and with more architecture.

Kuala Lumpur was our last itinerary for this December 2008 Road Trip. As much as we wanted to have a longer vacation, we couldn’t. Some of us still had to report back to work on the next day (and our moolahs were running low liao :p).
So, we buffered the second half of the day for traveling back to Penang.
We stopped-over at Bidor for a late lunch and for Mommy to take a rest before continuing our drive back.

Having a chat over a bite of Rose Apple

Huh? So fast? Vacation end already ar?

The sky was dark that evening with no stars and it was raining quite heavily at some parts of the highway.
We reached Penang at 10 something in the night with a big smile on our face. It was a very nice family trip and all of us were glad that we made time for it.
We should do this more often ……….

……did we hear an Aye? .... and another? .... and another? ......and another?

OK, aye it is. Let’s start planning!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Racing the Flight

We had no problem getting a parking there when we arrived slightly before lunch at Jonker Street earlier. But it was a huge problem getting out after that. The flocks of cars were really crazy.
We wonder if it’s due to the Christmas Celebration again or if the jam is there all year round. We were not too impressed with the road systems in Malacca.
It took us more than half an hour just to drive out from Jonker Street. So we scrapped our initial shopping plan as Fyone Yee and Hanxin Kor Kor had a flight to catch….
It proved to be a wise decision as there was another jam awaited us when we were heading to the highway exit. The jam was caused by cars that were parked by the side of the road infront of the zoo and don’t-know-what-already just before the Air Keroh exit. All in all it took us more than an hour to get out of Melaka town.

The LCCT was supposed to be 1.5 hours away from Malacca so we thought we were pretty safe when we exited the town at about 4pm. Little did we know that there was another jam on the highway when we were approaching Seremban.
Well…. the cars were not totally stalled just moving very very slowly. We could feel cold sweat dripping down our face when it was almost 6pm and we were still racing each other turtle.
We were prepared to call Airasia hotline to see if there’s anything that could be done if we couldn’t check-in 45 mins before boarding time when suddenly the jam dispersed. The traffic was smooth again and we found ourselves driving at 100km/h again. There was no sign of accidents or road blocks or anything infront of us at all. It baffled us why the jam happened in the first place.

Anyway, we drove as fast as we could to race to the LCCT… within speed limit of course. To our relief, our clock showed that we were well within the 45 mins window time when we reached the terminal.
Phewww! So we quickly dropped Po Po, Big Yee Yee, Fyone Yee Yee and Hanxin Kor Kor with their luggages to race to the counter first while we parked our car.
And then we huffed and we puffed and we ran to the check-in area to meet the rest only to be greeted by a very very long queue.
: O
The flight was delayed by 2 hours and Airasia did not send out any notice to their customer due to short of time… again
And all the while we were so worried that we might miss the flight.

With the new schedule, we had buffer time and decided to have our dinner at the LCCT. Samuel was not complaining though, he was thrilled to see aeroplanes close-up.
We couldn’t find any Observation Deck but we managed to catch a few good views of the plane when they docked at the runway.

After the dinner, we made our way to Kuala Lumpur to visit Small Yee Yee and Xuanyi Mei Mei. It took us less than an hour to reach KL via the new Putrajaya Highway and took us another few minutes to reach Small Yee Yee place.
It was 9pm by then and we were exhausted. So we decided to spend the night in KL though it was not in our initial plan.

Another wise decision because after we came back from our supper outing, Mommy was totally flat and slept as soon as Mommy hit the pillow. Mommy was by no means fit to drive back to Bidor that night.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bite 'Ya

Remember the fruits that Samuel ta pau for Mommy earlier?

Realistic looking isn’t it?

Look at those bite marks : O
Not Mommy’s but Samuel’s : )
He just couldn’t resist

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christ Church Melaka and Stadthuys

We did not manage to go the Christ Church the day before when we were in Jonker Street due to time constraint. On our second visit to Malacca town, we made time after our lunch and walked over there since it’s just a stone throw away from our restaurant.
Hanxin Kor Kor was still having his power nap so Fyone Yee Yee and Po Po gave the church a miss and stayed back in the car to accompany Kor Kor.

There was a huge crowd there again and judging from the amount of cameras’ flash light, we assumed most were tourists : ). We couldn’t even find any good angle to snap our photos without having to cut into other people’s frame.

Samuel was so awed by the birds up in the tree that he was not bothered about the swift water that was splashing out from the Fountain.

The famous Christ Church Melaka, a Dutch architecture heritage.
It was locked then and we were not sure if access was allowed.
Anyway, we did not ask for it too as we were short of time.

Our next stop was the Stadthuys which was located next to the Christ Church. This place was built originally as the residence of the Dutch Governors and their Officers. It has been converted now to house the Museum of History, Ethnography and Literature.

Managed to snap a pix of the lovely trishaw on our way in.
Actually we wanted to take a ride the night before in Jonker Street; to bring us back to our car-park from the other end of the street then.
But Samuel was not too cooperative, perhaps too restless since it was late in the night.
So, no ride, just a pix of the trishaw.

Samuel enjoyed discovering the museum. Most of their displays were all fenced up or boxed up making it quite safe for kids to walk around. But of course, adult supervision is still needed la.

The museum is quite small and it does look like a huge luxury ancient house with rooms, kitchen, bakery and stuff.
The cultural displays were a good browse for us adult. The fabrics and embroideries displayed were still very intricate and the colors were still vivid, no inches of dust covering them and no old junk clothes. We are not sure Samuel appreciate those though, but he absolutely loved the props.

One of the re-created scene.

"Oooo.... Jiu Jiu look !"

A life size model house.

Not a Dragon Boat but a "Bird Boat"?

View from Stadthuys

Big Jiu Jiu spotted an ancient looking wall and reckoned that it would be a nice backdrop for a heritage theme photo.
Well, it was. The pix turns out great!
We did not stay long although we would very much liked to. We planned to make another quick stop at another part of the town for some of Malacca delicacies shopping.
So, we made our way to the car and met up with the rest for our next destination.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Malacca Jonker Street

After our power nap in the afternoon, all of us woke up with hungry tummies and fully re-energized. The itinerary for the night is Satay Celup dinner in Malacca Town. We snacked a bit before dinner to prepare for a rather long drive to there.

Although the town is only another 3o km away from A’Famosa Resort, it took us 1 hour to reach the junction. We drove straight on the highway by the name of AM-something alright, but we need to go to 18 traffic lights before we even reached the turning. It’s deja-vu all over again, much like driving along Tanjung Bungah Highway in Penang :p.

We found our way to the Satay Celup Restaurant with not much problem. According to the local there, that’s one of the more popular restaurants. The crowd waiting outside the restaurant for empty tables attested to that. There was neither numbering system nor designated queue, the guests will just have to find their own tables. Well, we were really hungry and we were dreaded to think of another long queue if we were to make our way to another restaurant, so we sent our Little Brother down first to look for an empty table while we parked our car.
By the time we walked back to the restaurant…. ta da!.... a huge and strategically located table awaited us : )
We ate loads that night, 130+ skewers. That was how hungry we were.

After the dinner, we made our way to Jonker Street for some night market shopping. The crowd was super huge that night, perhaps due to the flocks of visitors in Malacca for the National Christmas Celebration at the Portuguese Settlement. We could barely walk with so little rooms around.

The Famous Jonker Street

The huge crowd

The famous Hokkien Huay Kuan in the Street

Samuel clung to Mommy the whole night and refused to be carried by anyone else. The weather again was rather warm. We spent nearly 2 hours browsing thru the market before calling it a night. They really sell reasonable priced stuff….. except for their famous pineapple tarts la. Mommy saw the exact same set of key-chains with the same packaging that Mommy bought from Penang selling there at 50% of the Penang price only :O.
We did not manage to get enough pineapple tarts that night though, as they were sold-out that night (yeah, they were that popular).

After a leisure breakfast, we checked out the next morning from A’Famosa and headed to Malacca Town again.This time to try their famous Rice Ball and some sight-seeing.
We went back to Jonker Street again since the famous restaurants are there and for more pineapple tarts goodies.

About to leave the resort

Bye Bye A’Famosa Resort

The kids having some snacks in the car

This is how the street looks like in the day

The rice balls were a disappointment, perhaps not our cup-of-tea. The kids did not fancy them too. The rest of the dishes were quite OK but a bit pricey. The whole bill came up to ~RM150 : O for Chicken rice and some side dishes… seriously?

A thumbs up still simply because Samuel chomped down half a plate of the chicken rice by himself : )