Sunday, January 18, 2009

2008 Road Trip

  1. Christmas 2008
    The day we met in Penang and the day we gathered together for our Christmas prezzie opening.
  2. December 2008 Road Trip Kick-Off
    We started our road trip ex Penang, drove back to Bidor and to Sungkai Hot Spring before headed for Malacca.
  3. Malacca A’Famosa Resort
    The resort where we put up for 3 days, 2 nights .
  4. A'Famosa Cowboy Town
    We did not go wild and paint the town red.
  5. A'Famosa Animal World Safari
    In touch with nature .
  6. Malacca Jonker Street
    We traveled far in the name of glorious food. We went back again on the next day for a second dose.
  7. Christ Church Melaka and Stadthuys
    One of the featured heritage of Malacca.
  8. Racing the Flight
    How a 2 hours drive ended up taking 4 hours.
  9. Fun at the Capitol City
    Our last stop before heading back to where it started

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