Saturday, February 28, 2009

Becoming a Food Critic

We are not sure if it’s just coincidence or our plan on training Samuel to eat his own *proper meals has backfired.
Given the choice, he would rather being fed than eat on his own. If choices were not on the table, Samuel would rather not eat :O

So, we are sorta taking a step back and will feed him his proper meals now. He will happily scoop his favorite capsicum or cucumber or other food from his bowl of rice but the rice itself. It could not be that he loathes rice as he can take porridge.
But everytime when we wanted to feed him rice recently, more often than not he will remind us,

“no rice”

or he would spit them out if we were able to sneak a few mouthfuls to him.

Samuel has been more vocal on how he wants his food recently too.

  • If the kuih bahulu is served cold and not warm as he would like it, he would reject it
  • If there are raisins in his bread, he would want us to pick every single one of them out before he set his teeth on the bread.
  • If his milk is too cold, we would want us to warm it up…
  • As soon as he realized that his favorite crunchy nuggets are actually fried chicken, he stops taking them. No matter how many times we tell him that those are nuggets and avoid the word chicken, he would point to the nugget crumbs and said;
    “inside got chicken!”

Our Darling is on his track of becoming a food critic already.
Hmmm….. we wonder how long more is it before he realizes that Mommy’s cooking is yucky and starts to reject them as well?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reasoning and Negotiating

We find it amusing that Samuel could reason with us with such analytical skill. Sometimes it’s totally out of the whack and we have no idea how he picks his reasoning out of the air. It’s so insanely logical that we just have to give it to him.

Here’s a few of our more recent encounters:

  • We where having dinner at Mumbai House and their Papadum were served in a small cutesy basket. Samuel had no problem helping himself with it. When he saw some bigger size baskets by the kitchen counter, he asked for them too. To which Mommy reply,

    “That one uncle de. This one Baby de. Baby take this one”

    Of course Samuel was not about to give-up, so he said,

    “Baby share with uncle lor …”

  • We had just done with an uneventful shopping at Metrojaya. Mommy and Yee Yee promised to bring Samuel to the playground then since Samuel had been an angel throughout the shopping. Halfway through our drive, it started to rain. So Mommy apologized to Samuel and told Samuel that we would have to reschedule our playground session.
    To which Samuel replied with a,

    “So, use the umbrella lor…”


Samuel is becoming more of a negotiator too. He knows what he wants now and will talk his way through them.

  • When he still wants to play his slide or see-saw or playhouse but Mommy told him it is times-up already, Samuel will try to negotiate:

    “one more time”
  • When we want him to eat first but Samuel wants to do his own stuff first, he will say

    “read book first”


    “one minute”

    : O

But that’s only when he’s in a better mood of negotiating. Other times he will just bluntly refuse and protest our requests.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Night of Thundering Drums and Glancing Cymbals

When we got to know that USM would be presenting their Malam Kungfu a few weeks back, we toyed with the idea of bringing Samuel for his first such performances then.
After checking with the organizer that toddler was indeed allowed admission provided that a ticket is purchased and no restriction on guests to move in and out or about during the show, we decided to go for it. Well, we could always leave the show in midst if Samuel decides to create a big scene :p
Furthermore, Big Jiu Jiu, Christine Jie Jie and Big Yee Yee were game to tag along too. So with 5 adults, we had ample bandwidth to handle the ever active Samuel : )

Our days leading to the night had been nothing short of exciting with us telling Samuel that we will be bringing him to see the drums. And very big ones that is. It cheered him up since he has yet to get used to his days at the daycare. He often ended up upset when he knew that he still need to go to "fren".

Anyway, last Saturday morning saw Daddy with a rough fever and it ain't going away when evening came either. So Daddy decided to give Malam Kungfu a miss to see the doc instead. We did not want to disappoint Samuel so while Mommy sent Daddy to the clinic, the rest brought Samuel to USM first.

Though the tickets stated that the event was supposed to start at 7.30, the program stated otherwise. The first performance would be at 9pm only after the VIP arrivals and their speech. Samuel was disturbed by the loud music welcoming the guests and asked to leave the hall a few minutes into the yet-to-start show.

So Christine Jie Jie and Big Yee Yee brought him out to wait for Mommy, who arrived in nick of time just before the actual show started : )

The first performance was the Lion Dance.

Samuel was all cheered up again but still disturbed by the thundering noise, we reckoned it’s the cymbal rather than the drum. He spent most of the time sitting on Mommy’s lap and watched the show like this….

Samuel was sitting very still with his eyes opened wide and insisted Mommy covers his ear throughout.
Not too sure if he’s too engrossed into the show or too terrified by the performances to make any big movement.

We sat very near to the performance stage.
So near that you could almost jump up and join the performers…

We did not stay long as Samuel gestured to us that he wanted to sleep by 10 something. So we left after the Luminous Drum performance.

If you see an all dark performance, it was meant to be.
The performers were wearing luminous mask and were using luminous beating sticks.

What a night that was. Our ear could almost still hear the drums beating days after that.
So yeah, we are so overdosed with drums already.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Can Eat By Myself, I Want To Eat by Myself Not!

When it comes to food, Samuel has no problem asking, ransacking or self-feeding food that he fancies. But we are having a little bit of obstruction in the proper meals (food that we deem proper that is! Kids might think otherwise :p) department.
Samuel would choose part of the food that he likes and eat them himself while the rest would be left untouched or we have to take over the feeding task.
This is mainly due to the fact that we often and almost always feed him his meal to avoid creating big mess during meal time.

We are a little concern on this now that Samuel will be having his lunch at the daycare for 5 days in a week. Not that we are expecting a 2.5 years old to eat all by himself but we could not expect the teachers to give full attention to all the 6-8 kids under their charge during meal times either. The teachers are feeding Samuel his porridge for now but ultimately, having Samuel eat by himself is most desired.

We are trying something new at home now. We are trying to train Samuel to eat his own porridge and rice.

He has no problem when it comes to finger food. He can even peel his own tangerines :O

And we are almost there with the Kuih Kapit.
Samuel is trying to open the tin himself rather than asking us to help everytime.

As for the porridge, we would have to keep on coaxing and .....
  • Samuel would negotiate timing with us. He'd say "one minute!" :O
  • Then he would ask for his animal toys to accompany him
  • Then he would start his counting antics
  • Then singing
  • Then would ask for more toys……..

After 20 mins of the talking and fussing around (Mommy that is, Samuel just sat there and being served!), Mommy decided to feed him the rest of porridge.

Well… not bad as a start.
We’ll keep on trying.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Have Yet to Find My Niche

Samuel has attended daycare for a little more than 2 weeks now. It is good that the daycare centre is near to our place, as to date, it’s still a struggle for us to send him there every morning. We can’t imagine if the daycare is further away and if Samuel has to lament any longer than he now is already.

Samuel was ok for the first 2 days we sent him where we stayed for one hour and left him for the second there; a total of 2 or so hours each day only. But we guess, by the third day he must had figure it out that we were going to send him for longer hours as he cried a bucket when Mommy left. Perhaps the lion dance, drums and crowd on that day added to his anxiety. The Kindy was having its CNY Celebration Day coincidently.

Mommy went back to the Kindy during lunch break to check on Samuel on the 3rd day. The teacher only let Mommy peeped from afar to avoid Samuel seeing Mommy as that would increase his anxiety further. Being the newbie, Samuel was sitting besides the teacher most of the time and in-between sobs.

Everyday onwards, Samuel would give the customary cry when Mommy dropped and picked him up. He would tell Mommy that

“Baby don wan fren”
“No fren”
Bu yau fren”

every now and then up to hundreds of time in a day (we are not kidding!) at home (not in the school though).
We are concerned of course, Samuel has never been so rejecting of anything before. Mommy almost wanted to take a step backward and send him back to the Nanny instead…. almost.

Things have been looking a bit brighter for the recent few days. Thanks to Daddy that distracted him;

“In school, Samuel can learn 1,2,3…
Samuel can learn a,b,c….
Samuel learns how to read,
how to sing,
how to read…
Then Samuel come back and teaches Mommy and Daddy lor….”

We guess Samuel is intrigued by the "teach-Mommy-and-Daddy" part :p

Samuel still chants "don wan fren" on and off but has been holding back his tears when Mommy drops him at the daycare. At times, Samuel would wave and say "Bye-bye Mommy" too.

What we’ve gathered from our observation and from the teachers' feedback so far:

  • Samuel is accepting all the teachers there, no phobia towards any of the teachers....yet.
  • Samuel does not like to mix with other kids yet. He prefers to play and do activities by himself at the moment with exception of singing.
  • He did not cry for the past few days already.
    There are only 2 times that he will still wail a bit. The time that Mommy drops him and the time that Mommy picks him up especially during 12 noon when the rest of the half-day-care kids are leaving and Mommy has yet to show-up
  • He will tell his teacher when he wants to shee-shee.
    Well, Samuel is fully off diapers since he’s 24 months old so we are not too worried 'bout that.
  • The teachers have to feed him his lunch as he does not want to eat by himself.
    Actually, we are feeding him his lunch and dinner most of the time. So we guess, Samuel expects to be fed at the daycare too. He’s ok with snack, biscuit, fruit and other dry food though.
  • He has no problem drinking his own water.
    In fact, Mommy noticed that Samuel is drinking more water now. He will finish a tumbler full of water in school and will drink buckets at home too.

Today, Samuel sang a song at home complete with hands gestures which is not familiar to us. We have no doubt that he picked it up from the daycare center,

One little finger,
One little finger,
Tap, tap tap
And point to your head

Two little finger,
Two little finger
Tap, tap, tap

And point to your …..

and so forth

There was a time when he paused and asked Mommy to continue …. oops! :p
Looks like we’ve just got ourselves some homework to do!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coiffure Tale

It did not bother me many many moons ago
Initially when my head was shaved bald
I seldom protest…. well maybe a bit of whine
I sat on Mommy’s lap most of the time

When Mommy graduated me from shaving to cutting
I was a bit disturbed by the clicking and the buzzing
There was the scissors and there was the shaver
They sent me cringing and crying in fear

Dramatic or not, it still had to be done
As my hair grew long and longer in abundance
Mommy and Daddy would be dreading then
When it’s time to send me to the Salon again

But those are stories of the past
It’s a cinch now, I proudly announce
I can sit, there ain’t no more hype-up
I watch my favorite show while having my haircut

It all started just before the New Year
All of us went for some hair ordeal
To help me overcome my anxiety
Daddy had his hair cut too in a jiffy

Daddy gave washing and blowing a miss then
And let me observed how a haircut could be so pleasant
After a good few minutes of familiarization
It’s time for me to start my own experience

The kind Kor Kor was very patient with me
He gave a cut as gentle as it could be
I remember then, it was fast and merely a snip
All were worried I would wail before the cut could finish

Last weekend I had my hair-cut again
And this kind Kor Kor was still ever ready to entertain
I did not fuss and sat still for almost and hour
While Mommy and Daddy were very proud, I got handsomer!


Monday, February 16, 2009


Samuel has a mini hand drum, a gift from the Nanny when he was still an infant. He fancies life-size drums now but still plays with this mini on and off since he does not have any bigger size ones.

A couple of days ago, Samuel asked for his drum when he was watching an episode of Pocoyo which features an orchestra. But he did not plan to play with it, instead he asked Mommy to.

“Mommy, play drum!”

Initially Mommy said the drum was for the Baby and asked Samuel to play it himself. After several request from Samuel, Mommy finally obliged and beat the drum.

This was when Samuel shake his head cheekily and with a grin he said out loud,

“Noisy! Noisy!”

Aisey….. Yup, you got Mommy this time round.

Now, both Mommy and Samuel practice cautious whenever the other party is asked to play the drum :p

Friday, February 13, 2009

Guess The Name!

Each of us did at least a round of walking with Samuel at the Northam Beach Cafe for our dinner last week and this is the reason why.

After Samuel filled his tummy, Christine Jie Jie brought him walking around the cafe when Samuel pointed to this and asked “This one shem mo?”
Christine Jie Jie had no idea but answered Samuel that it might be a "Cockroach Fish" after Samuel repeated the question a few times.

The legs does look like the creepy crawly

Not so convinced, Samuel brought Big Yee Yee there and asked her again, “This one shem mo?”
Big Yee Yee too had no idea what was that but did not want to disappoint Samuel. So she answered with the standard disclaimer,
“Yee Yee also does not know what this is but it looks like a Beetle Fish

The shell does resemble the beetle shell

It’s either that Samuel was still not too convinced or he wanted to share this new finding of his with Mommy. He dragged Mommy to the aquarium for the third time and asked again, “This one shem mo”.
Mommy was honest of course and replied Samuel that Mommy did not know what it was.

By then, all of us were very puzzled and determined to solve this mystery. So we went back to that aquarium to snap some photo so that we could do more *research when we finally saw the signboard…..

It’s a Horse Shoe Crab!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is That A Kite Up In The Sky?

Samuel has been quite stressed out with his day-care change routine recently. So we have been trying hard to balance this change with other fun activities and take his mind out it from time to time. He has yet to get used to this change…. we’ll talk more about that later.

Samuel has been asking for his Jiu Jiu, Yee Yee and Jie Jie more often too as he knows that “kai-kai” will be in the itinerary when they come to visit. So last weekend, we planned for something fun, something that reminded us of our childhood…. kite-flying.
All of us never really fly a kite before; we had however been to many many sessions with other "pros" but just as the sidekicks, never the heroes :p

Mommy woke Samuel up early from his nap that day and got ready to leave for Pantai Jerjak a tad after 5pm. The wind was just nice and the sun was shinning very bright by the time we reached the beach... We thought the day was supposed to be darker by that time…. Oh well!

The windy beach

We promptly got ourselves 2 sets of kites from the first stall we saw, RM18 after some bargaining. We knew that the kites were overpriced as there was a price tag on one of the kite which clearly stated RM6.90 but we got them anyway. No point arguing with the auntie that tried to make an additional RM2.10 profit.

That one Octopus lor
Tried to pose with the kite but the kite blocked his way

With the main prop in-hand, we were ready for some real actions! We found a nice shaded spot then and laid out our mat… Yup we came prepared, fit for a mini picnic with sandwiches and stuff : )
We struggled a bit to bring the kite up initially but were lucky to meet a kind uncle nearby that lend a helping hand; not once but twice.

He helped us with our kite that got entangled with another kid’s kite at one point of time too.

Hard at work
Warming up
And up
And up
And up in the sky
And down into the sea
:p Trying to salvage the kite

Samuel’s fascination for the kites worn off sooner than we thought, probably due to the fact that after the kite was up in the sky, it’s nothing more but to keep it up there :p.
So we got him another mini kite where he could play on the ground and carry it along when he ran about.
He ran about all right; up and down and up and down again, and again, and again
He even dragged Mommy along during one of his roams to see a new muse of his too.

Samuel: Mommy Come! See leaves sleeping!
Mommy: huh? :s

Ohhh... The Touch-Me-Not : )
Samuel's mini kite
Pleased with this mini version
Having a break with a bite
It seems that, perhaps Mommy was the one who was more excited with the kite. She was spotted looking like a kiddo squealing and giggling out loud :p .Mommy just couldn’t help it. It was thrilling to be able to get the kite up in the sky and it was even more thrilling to see it flied higher and higher.

We will definitely go back again soon!

Spotted aeroplanes flying low.
So low that, the kites were seemed to almost flew as high
Bye-Bye Kite

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mission Kuih-a-Kapit

So, what a Baby to do when the Mommy was busy in the kitchen and couldn’t attend to a request asked so politely for Kuih Kapit?
The Baby would take matter into his own hands of course!

That is the target container.
But Samuel could not reach it as the dustbin was in the way.

  • So, first step was to move the dustbin elsewhere.
    The container was within reach now but barely.
    Samuel still could not remove it from the shelf.
  • Next step was to find a stepping stool to reach the container.
    All of things, Samuel went straight to his Changing Room and reached for his potty.
    (Well, that was probably the only thing in da house that came close as a toddler stepping stool :p)
  • Finally, stepped on the potty.
    Took out the container from the shelf.
    Proudly gave the container to Mommy

There. Mission accomplished!

Some good ‘ol Kuih Kapit : )

Friday, February 06, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

We made a day trip to KL on the fifth day of CNY with a visit to either the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park which is the World's Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary or the Butterfly Farm in mind. The gardens are located just next to each other.

Mommy, Samuel, Small Jiu Jiu and Big Yee Yee planned to leave Bidor early in the morning so that Samuel could rest in the car and would still have ample time to freshen himself while waiting to meet up with the rest in KL.
And we meant real early……. We left at about 6.45am and reached Small Yee Yee’s place by 8.30am.

By a tad more than 9am, all of us including the second car from Bidor were all set for actions! We went to a coffeshop nearby to have our breakfasts. Samuel did not fancy the food there, luckily the Bidor Apom that Big Jiu Jiu tapau-ed earlier saved the day.

By 10.30am, we were ready to hit the road again into the city. The drive from Sri Petaling to the Federal Highway only took us 15 mins, unfortunately the traffic went downhill right after that. It was a Friday and it was not even the lunch or rush office hours but the highway traffic was reduced to a bumper to bumper drive. This continued until we reached the heart of the city and until we came out from the Dataran Merdeka area.
By the time we reached the KL Bird Park it was almost noon. Big Jiu Jiu commented that the 138km drive from Bidor to KL earlier consumed much lesser time :p.

Samuel slept through almost this entire drive to the city, probably due to the lack of it from our drive to KL earlier. So he was fully energized and ready to party when we reached the Bird Park.

The entrance fee was free for kids below 3, RM15 for adults with RM5 discount for Jusco Card Member (applicable for the card holder one per transaction only) and no charges for any cameras brought in.
Unlike Penang Bird Park that charged for cameras and infants entry.

Since there was a Bird Show scheduled at 12.30 noon, we made our way to the Amphitheatre first before visiting other attractions. Along the way, we stopped by the fish pond for some fish feeding and caught sights of many beautiful birds.

Close encounter with Peacocks

Taking some feed from Big Jiu Jiu's hand

Samuel was still undecided if wanna feed the Peacock or not

Up in a tree

Big Jiu Jiu said, this particular Peacock has a perfect fan with all its feather intact.

One of the many landscape...
Ok la, Mommy just wanna show-off this pretty shot of the swift water taken :p

Feeding fish

Samuel was not too interested in the show with the exception of selected performances or rather appearances by the Eagles and a few Macaws only. We prefer the Penang Bird Park Show as there were more and colorful and bigger birds presented there.

Photobooth.... unfortunately chargable if you wanna take photos with the birds.
So we took this shot outside the fence area

The chirping was very loud, so Samuel made the shhh....
Following Pocoyo style

After the show, the kids went on some slides fun at the Children Playground next to the theatre. This was where Samuel did a split when he slide down one of the slides too fast :p. And he did it with such ease that Mommy wondered if that was his first?

Lets line up!

Although we snacked buckets on ice-cream and stuff, we decided not to skip proper meal and made our way to the Hornbill Restaurant for lunch after more birds viewing around that area. But not before cozi-ed ourselves in their Education Centre and their air-conditioned Bird Gallery.

First you pet the little chick

Then you squeal

Then squeal somemore

Then somemore!

Samuel called them Dinosaur Birds

The restaurant was jam-packed and since we were of a party of more than 10 pax, the Restaurant Host led us to a private function room at a level below.
The place was great. There were birds free roaming around and came so near that we thought they wanted to join us at our table. The food was so-so and not too expensive. Good enough to fill the tummy.
The service rendered was OK too but we felt extra comfy as we had the whole function room for ourselves and the kids were free to explore the whole place.

With the Hornbill at the restaurant

With Egret at the same restaurant

After lunch, the World of Parrot was in the itinerary. The kids loves the feeding session to the max. We had to buy the feed for them (and us too :p) over and over again but no complain there. We had great fun but Small Jiu Jiu made an early exit from the Parrot garden as couldn't tahan their high pitch chirping.

Tiny Parrots

Taking a closer look

The birds were not scared of visitors.
Look at how they rested on Yee Yee's head and Big Jiu Jiu's shoulder!

By the third hour we were at the park, Fyone Yee Yee and Small Yee Yee were showing signs of "battery low" already. The kids were still very energized though. So, while we continued our sight seeing to the rest of the zones in the Bird Park, Po Po, Fyone Yee Yee and Small Yee Yee took a rest at the cafe next to the Flamingo Pond.

The park is of free-walking concept. A lot of the birds are not confined in cage, so viewers have to look and observe very carefully to catch the birds in their habitats. We reckoned that, after our late lunch, it was after feeding hours for the birds too because most of the birds were no where to be seen. They had went for their afternoon sleep after filling their tummy?

A not-so-candid shot.
Mommy has waited quite patiently for the bird to spread her wings
and taken a few non-stop shot to finally capture this.

Love the Flamingos reflection in the water

Living up to its name, the KL Bird Park is huge. The landscapes are lovely and up-kept. Facilities are of commendable standard too; WCs are clean, surrounding are kept properly with no super-disgusting rubbish and the treks are all either finished with foam, tar, bricks or cements.

The park looks all natural and very few of birds are confined. But that also mean it would be harder to spot rare birds free-roaming for novice like us. We are not too sure if their habitants are larger than the Penang's or the other way round. But the park is definitely larger than the Penang Park.

It began to drizzle at 4 something and we guessed that was our cue to make a move. The whole entourage then broke into 3 groups; we heeded back to Bidor, another car to the airport to send Hanxin Kor Kor and Fyone Yee Yee and the third car headed back to KL home.

After a fun-packed day, it’s no wonder that Samuel fell asleep in the car again while we were on our way. We had no doubts that he had sweet dreams when we saw him crafted a few sweet smiles in his sleep : )

Samuel giving his thumb-up for this outing!