Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Decipher The Code

Initially Samuel associated the cymbals and drumming sound to Chinese New Year as there are such songs played through-out this festive season. He called the music "tong-tong-chiang" then.

He encountered a few more occasions where these instruments were played yet again after CNY was over. One of which was the USM Malam Kungfu. Ever since then he likes to ask us to draw tong-tong-chiang for him and will be very upset if we don’t. ‘Ya see, we did not know what tong-tong-chiang was it to him then. We only got to know what he was referring to a few weeks back, so our Boy was all happy again that we could finally draw his tong-tong-chiang to his liking,

When we had Big Yee Yee and Small Jiu Jiu over for dinner last weekend, Samuel was quick to ask Jiu Jiu to draw tong-tong-chiang for him too. Yes, he said the word "tong-tong-chiang".
So, after Small Jiu Jiu cracked Samuel's tong-tong-chiang code (with a little help from us of course), he started to draw with all seriousness, all his might and all the carefulness.

One curve after another….

One stroke after another …

One line after another...

Samuel too, was very engrossed and observed his Jiu Jiu very closely until a point when he said…

Jiu Jiu also don’t know how oh
How come no ear?

Ai yo, the tong-tong-chiang that Jiu Jiu drew not up to par meh?

We couldn’t stop laughing.

Can you guess what Samuel’s tong-tong-chiang is?

This is Jiu Jiu masterpiece.
Sans the dots and lines scribbling la

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Long Winded

There is no sign of stopping for Samuel’s Whys and How-comes yet. More often than not now, for every Why-answer that we give Samuel, there will be another Why-question that follows.

He likes to go;
  • Then?
  • Then how?
  • How come like that one?

We wonder if Samuel really wants to know why or simply because he likes to hear his own voice.

Since he is into questions-and-answers frenzy now, we decided to play along with him whenever we have the chance.
We saw one yesterday while we were passing by a garden of flowers and seized the opportunity to return him the favor:

Samuel: That one is Cactus
Yes. But cannot touch. Cactus has a lot of sharp needles that will poke Samuel.
Mommy: If the torns poke Samuel, then how?
Samuel: Then Baby will fall down on the road.
Mommy: Then how?
Samuel: Then Samuel will be very sad
Mommy: Then how?
Samuel: Then Samuel will cry lor
Mommy: Then how?
Samuel: ……… (sweating already :p)

Mommy: So, Samuel cannot touch the cactus lor.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ain’t No Hill High Enough

Yay, we reached the top of the hill last week, Bt Jambul hill (the word hill is redundant hor?).
But definitely ain’t without much hard work :p

Samuel in action

There were a couple of funny moments and also many-many couples of mozzies moments:

  • Not too sure if it’s the breeding time of the year, but the mozzies at Bt Jambul attacked us by the dozens. Although we wanted to catch our breath a few times, we had to cut them short as the mozzies were just too much a nuisance.
  • Samuel was talking non-stop through-out our 40 mins or so hike up to the hill. And we really meant non-stop.
    When we were almost reaching the top of the hill, Samuel was visibly tired and started to walk a bit crooked. He did most of the earlier hike by himself.
    A young man that was passing by us then offered to carry him up :p
    To which, of course we declined politely. We had confidence that Samuel could finish the hike with a little help from us.
    Well, the young man then continued his hike but not before politely ending our chat with another note,
    “Your son talk non-stop eh”
    : O

    Yah, it was that obvious.
  • Samuel started his hike enthusiastically. He made his way up fairly quickly and was very independent most of the time. But when he couldn’t pull his leg up anymore, he was quick to ask us to carry him too. And he was contented staying in our arms for the rest of the journey.

The last few steps leading to the top. Samuel set his foot on the ground again here.

This is the top of the hill.

Sceneries hidden by the bushes

There were some gym and exercise equipment there but all were not meant for toddlers.

It was a fun sweating evening. A good exercise for us; both our legs and our arms : )

this is our second attempt as the first one was dampened by the weather

Lets come again next time

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Want To Work!

Samuel no longer cries when we send or pick him up from the day care for quite sometime already. However, he will still press his luck every other day and plea to us,

Don’t wan school .
Don’t wan to go fren house .
Don’t wan to go teacher house .

Last week, we went back to the Nanny’s place to visit her new grandson. So we took the opportunity to ask Samuel if he prefers the Nanny’s to the daycare

Mommy: Samuel wants to go to school or to the auntie house?
Samuel: Don’t want to go .. school. Don’t want to go .. auntie house
Want to go .. Mommy house only.
Mommy: But Mommy needs to go to work.
Then how?
Then Mommy bu yau work lor.
Mommy: But then, if Mommy doesn't work, then no money wor.
Then how?
Samuel: -_-

Samuel had a swell time visiting the new Baby. Eversince then, when we ask him if he wants to go to the Nanny’s place instead of the school, he will say the former : )

Mommy: Samuel wants to go to school or to the auntie house?
Samuel: Auntie house
Mommy: But Auntie house very far. Next time we go visit Auntie house.

Today, we go to school.

Don’t wan school.
Mommy: But Mommy needs to go to work. Else no money, then how?
Then Mommy also to go school
But if Mommy goes to school, Mommy will have no money wor.
Samuel: Then Baby also go to work


Saturday, March 21, 2009


Samuel does not seem to be interested to write alphabets and characters ever since he has conquered the letter “A” sometime back. He is not asking us to draw for him as much now too. Instead he will pick up the pen and attempt to draw himself.

He is into lines; crooked or otherwise. He will declare

  • short lines as worms
  • longer ones as big worms
  • super long ones as giant worms
  • fat ones are caterpillars
  • the ones with a hook at the top are seahorses
  • and those with additional lines protruding out are lizards.

Recently, he's into circles.
This morning, Samuel was playing by himself when he suddenly called out for us. Mommy had to drop whatever it was then in the kitchen and ran over to our Darling.
This is what Samuel wanted to show us. Can you guess what is this masterpiece of his?

Here’s some hint for ‘ya…. According to Samuel,

this is banana

this is whale

this is dolphin
Samuel does not hold the pen the proper way but still can draw nevertheless.

this is orange

this is pear

And this …..

is a bird

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bedtime Story

It is fairly easy to tug Samuel in for his bedtime ever since he learnt to sleep on his own.
But it’s still no easy feat for Big Yee Yee when she baby-sits Samuel simply because Big Yee Yee does not have the heart to say No to Samuel.

Last-last week when Mommy and Daddy went out for a date; Big Yee Yee and Po Po baby-sat Samuel for the evening. And when it was time for bed:

Samuel: Yee Yee go back. Baby sit here and wait for Mommy
Big Yee Yee: : (
(Po Po came in then upon hearing Samuel’s plea)
Samuel: Po Po also go back. Baby wait here


This week when Mommy and Daddy were out again:

Samuel: Baby don’t want to sleep. Baby not tired
Big Yee Yee: Hmmmm
Samuel: (Yawn)
Samuel: Oh,
Baby tired already


Oh btw. Samuel will ask for bedtime story every night now before his sleeping time. Not necessary story type of story book, any type of pictorial books will do.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Samuel is 2.5 Years Old

Samuel is 2.5 years old this month.
We brought him back to the government clinic last week for the usual weight and height check with a brief check on his development milestone.
All were great and the Nurse-in-Charge had only praises for him.

Samuel height is recorded at 96 cm and weighs 13.5 kgs.

He is becoming more of a big boy and has grown into a more independent hunk now.
He likes to do things his own way, has his own opinion (a very loud one, if we may add) and at times, takes matter into his own hands when we chose not to entertain him.

  • When he wants to open the container of cookies by himself and if we were to do it for him, he will protest very loudly until we gave in and put back the container cover for him just so he can open it himself again.

  • When he does not want to wear certain clothes, he will take them off even if we have managed to wear it for him. Such as his daycare uniform and any shirts that reminded him of the day care. Heh, he even forbids us wearing clothes that he does not approve off : O.
    He wears his everyday shirt to the school now. There goes our 100 bucks getting the uniforms for him in the first place.

  • When he wants to reach the jar of potatoes chips that is kept far away from him, he will keep on asking and asking until we relented.
    Or when he asks for a toy that he had chucked under the cough earlier and when we refuses to take it for him, he will use all his might to push the couch away to retrieve his toy.
    Double the wow for his strength and another for his initiative.

Yeah he is growing to be every bit of an Angel that he is : )

Milestone-wise, he his learning at his own pace.
He already went diaperless before he reached 2 back then, so now we just need to work on getting him to use the toilet instead of the potty.
He still prefers to do his big and small businesses on his potty if given the choice, although there was a few occasions recently that we caught him trying to climb up to the toilet seat to do his businesses. We guess, that’s our cue to get him a stepping stool soon.
He can now pull his pants down and go to the potty on his own too, but still needs help to wear back his pants.

He is making good progress on eating at his own. No problem with food that he adores but others will need a little push. He is now wiling to take quite a few chunks of porridge and rice on his own before we have to take over the feeding.
We are very proud of this little achievement of his.

And oh, he is growing a liking for sweet tooth finally. He started taking ice-cream not so long ago; creamy type only. He still does not take any chocolate or candy of sort but not rejecting sweet drinks as much now.

School-wise, some days are more tough than others. He still kick-up fuss at times but nothing that we couldn’t handle. On good days, he will give us a brief report on what he did at school when we ask for it.
Yesterday, Mommy saw a big red bruise-like-patch on his face and asked what happened. The teacher (not the regular one, probably just sat-in for the day) said the kids had a play-session earlier but couldn’t give anymore detail than that.
When Mommy asked Samuel, Samuel replied with:

Baby ouch here (pointed to the red patch)
Shoulder also ouch (pointed to his shoulder)
Then Baby cry lor. (pointed to the play area inside his school where the rest of the kids were still playing)

Yeah, the sweet-sweet pains of growing up.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pulau Jerejak Escapade

What was initially planned as a leisurely go-see outing ended up so larky that we were calling ourselves Accidental Adventurers last weekend.

Daddy had given a more than generous review on Pulau Jerejak during one of his Office Team-Building events there previously. So, last Sunday we decided to bring Samuel for his first ferry ride and to have lunch at this tiny island. A quick check at their website told us that it costs RM10 for a return ferry ticket per adult. Another quick check with the restaurant told us that it costs RM35 per pax for a buffet spread with no ala carte service available. …

We thought then it was a bit steep for the food as we don’t really fancy the buffet idea.

When we reached the jetty, we were informed that the resort was pushing for the Day Package only and there were no ferry-tickets-only-deal available.

The package included the return ferry ride, a lunch and complimentary-passes to the Wall Climbing, Jungle Trekking, Archery and Flying Fox experiences.
We were not dressed-up errr… rather dressed-down for the occasion but we went ahead with the package anyway since we were already there.

It was a bright sun-shiny day with blue skies and white-cottony clouds.

This is our ferry

It was a 15 mins ride to the island.
Samuel was stunned by his first ferry experience and dared not make any big movements.
He stayed near to us the entire ride.

Enjoying the breeze

and checking the waves

The island seemed so near. We could almost feel that we could swim over. From the opposite site, the Queensbay Mall seemed equally near, we could almost feel that we could swim back :p.

At the resort

Mommy's wedges were really not meant for the occasion.
Luckily the souviner shop sold sandals.

According to the program that we signed up that day, it was lunch and leisure until 2pm before the rough and tough begin.
So, we checked the island out and about before heading to fill our tummies.

Samuel checking the place out.
Just cool, not thrilled.

The lobby is cozy with just the right amount of homely feel. Very natural and very kampong-ish.
The landscape around the resort looked impressive and very greenish too.
There’s a children playground but it was not well kept. Mud and rubbish were everywhere, so Samuel gave his favorite slide a miss.
The beach is OK, good for sunbathing and with a valley ball court nicely laid but the water is murky though. Not too sure if it would be as nice if one decided to go for a sea-swim. But one could always opt for the pool, it’s clean with minimal crowd : )

Love this angle shot….. almost looks like a mirage.

Samuel carefully choosing what he wanted to eat.
Apparently not rice!

Playing with some Guli, his latest muse in between events.

At 2pm sharp, the guide gathered all of us and brought us to our first activtity….

Wah, what is that?

It’s the Wall Climbing

Mommy was feeling adventurous that day and took up the challenge. Samuel too requested for a try not once but several times : O.
Of course he was declined politely la : )
But Samuel did try out some beam balancing and mosquitoes chasing (… or rather being attacked by them :p)while waiting for Mommy.

Taking a rest

Balancing on beam

Mommy in-action

Don’t play-play… Mommy could actually reach the top.

Legs also weak already:p

Mommy was one of the very few ladies in the group that managed to reach the top that day.

Though Samuel was not allowed on the wall, he had fun nevertheless.

Next up was the Suspension Bridge.

Only 5 persons were allowed to cross the bridge at a time so we waited for our turn and were in the 2nd last group to cross it. Samuel did not exhibit any fear what-so-ever. In fact, he enjoyed it very much and paused to pose for the camera.
The bridge swayed a bit but Samuel did not lose any balance, he followed Daddy from behind with no mis-step at all.

Starting point

In midst

The victory shot

The Flying Fox followed immediately after that which started at the elevated end point of the bridge and slide down to the other lower end. Looked kinda scary and definitely too rough for Samuel. There was no way we were gonna let Samuel try it. But it’s a pity if we were to give it miss it too, so we decided that Daddy would proceed with the Flying Fox while Mommy would stay with Samuel at the other end to wait for Daddy.

After observing a few in our group did the glide and the slide, Samuel decided that he wanted to try it out too and asked Mommy for it :O .
Yeah, a very daring Baby we have : )
The lady-guide overheard his plea and explained to Mommy that children are actually allowed for this activity; the child will have to put on a separate harness and will be put on the same sliding hook together with his/her guardian and they can then slide down together.
But then it’s a 2.5 years old toddler we are talking about. As adventurous as we were, there was still no way we were gonna let Samuel gone through with it.
May be next time when he is older.

Daddy’s victory shot.
Clumsy Mommy had set the Time Lapse setting on the camera, so the video did not turn out well.

We did not wait for the rest of the group to finish and did not join the Archery Session as we wanted to catch the 4.15pm ferry back to Penang Island.
Samuel was visibly tired by then already. So, we made an early exit back to the resort lobby to clean ourselves up before headed to the Jetty again.

It was an empty and a quiet ride back.

Samuel fell asleep in no time.
Flat out and had fun to the max.

We had fun to the max too. It was indeed an accidental adventure. We will be more prepared next time…. with full gear and all.
Yeah, we will be back again. We totally recommend this Day Package they are offering.
One of the best-value for money adventure we have had.

Did we mention that it cost us only RM50 per pax for the whole thing and Samuel gotto enjoy everything FOC? Totally worth it!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On Daddy's Day

Wishing Daddy Happy-Happy-Happy Days..
That was last week jor

Monday, March 09, 2009

We Are Here!

Today, yes today 090309, we made it to the first pit-stop of the Botanical Garden Hiking trail to Penang Hill. We were just a few steps away (we're using the term loosely here) from the tar trek that is leading up to 84.
We are not jumping up and down about the tar trek but the ginger tea at the famous 84 pit-stop…
Hmmmmm…. We could almost smell it. Almost…..

Next round?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

No, Not “I am”, Baby said “Ayam”

Samuel was still busy fiddling with his school bag when we were ready to go for dinner at his Grandparents’ place yesterday, so we let him bring his bag along.

After dinner, he wasted no time and showed Grandma his school work. He started with some numbers and words workbooks which we did not think much about as he could already identify most of the pictures anyway. Then he moved to a Bahasa Malaysia workbook and promptly said out loud the word bahasa :O
Then he turned the page over and read out “A - Ayam” and “B - Bola
Double :O

That was yesterday…
Today he continued reading the book at his fancy and followed through the alphabets until “G - Guli” before he resumed reading out in English, “I – Fish” :p
Our guess is the school stops at G for now : )

Well, all the whining and fuss kicking about not wanting to go to school aside, Samuel does pay enough attention in his class. So, school is not that bad after all huh.

We don’t think he is reading the words. We are positive that he remembers the words taught by the teachers only.

Friday, March 06, 2009

To Overcome The Sea and The Sand Phobia

Samuel was not too fond of the sea when we brought him to the beach when he was a few months old. Then we attributed it to his young age.
We brought him back to the sea for some sand-playing last year and again he showed no love. Then we found out that he actually does not like setting his foot on the sand and would be very disturb if sand got into his shoes.
He does not duplicate this phobia when facing a clam sea with no waves or when there’s a non-sand trek that he can walk onto.

Last weekend we brought him to the sea again. Just to get him familiar with it, nothing fancy. We did not plan for any picnic or water-fun of sort.
We brought him along the Tg Tokong stretch for some birds and boats viewing. After some coercing, Samuel agreed to take off his shoes and feel the wave…. but not without holding tight to Daddy or Mommy’s hand la.
Well that’s a leap of improvement we would say, looks like our plan to bring Samuel for another beach holiday is looking bright again : )

Serene skies

Still doubtful on setting his foot on the sand

Playing with waves finally

We did not stop there, on the way back to town we stopped by Gurney Drive for some mudskipper viewing. Well, it’s not our idea of a perfect family outing but since they are a rare sight (according to our local newspaper report), we just thought of catching a few glance before there disappear again.

The muddy sea

Samuel was not interested in the gobies of course. They are tiny and errrr… not pretty. Although there were thousands of them, they were not really eye-catching. Do hoop over to here for some of the gobies errr... not-so-pretty shots.
Samuel was more interested in the gulls that were easing by the sea. He called them Flamingo : )

Some sea gulls

Having fun balancing on the "beam"

After a morning filled with sea escapades, we went for our lunch at our usual hawker joint. Samuel managed to give an opinion or two to Mommy on her shopping too.
He sorta pick this bag out of the plenty for Mommy and proudly paraded it around :p
Yeah…. Mommy bought it already!