Thursday, April 30, 2009

SP Dinner Outing

I was woken up early from my nap
I was still all blur when Daddy said
“Time to get up, the giant dogs are waiting”
Lets go party …… ooops (:p) we meant a dinner gathering

With my best-est mood we went off scooting
Across the bridge to a small town, Sungai Petani
At this fabulously cozy home we all gathered
So pretty and warm, hospitality was at its finest

While waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive
We entertained ourselves with games and snacks time
The main attractions were the Retriever and the Shepherd
I was not intimidated, although reserved at first

They were such darlings, they awed me
I braved myself and patted Shakespeare in glee
Another wonder that I found fascinating
Was the iRobot Vacuum that does all the cleaning

We then went for dinner at a restaurant nearby
Where I had braised vegetables taken with white rice
Among their specialties were the crabs, fishes and clams
I took liking in their vermicelli too, yeah gulped on ‘em

After dinner, play time came naturally
With new found friends, we clicked immediately
Squealing and singing, running and falling
It was a fun party… ooops we meant dinner gathering!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Delay Tactics

When Samuel does not want to do something,

he will pretend not to hear ‘ya

or busy talking about something else

or request for all type of other things in hope ‘ya forget what ‘ya ask him to do.

His tricks will work on usual occasions, for instance asking him to pick-up his toys or eat his own porridge. We will more often than not, end up picking after him and feed him his meal.

However, there’s one occasion that his tactics will not work. Samuel is well aware of it and instead of trying to avoid, he tries to delay it.
He will start his antics every school day morning when Mommy prepares him for his daycare.

He will chant to you not to send him to school.

He will say his tummy is hungry but does not want to take more breakfast.

Will ask for shee-shee again and again

Tells you that his finger nails are long and need cutting.

Tells you that he has not finish his TV.

Tells you that he wants to bring along his dinosaurs, the whole battalion of them.

Tells you long and winded stories of this and that.

Very creative we have to say but unfortunate for Samuel, we still have to send him to his daycare.
There’s one particular trick that will almost certainly send Mommy into a panic frenzy though, that’s when Samuel says he wants to ng-ng on a morning where he has yet to do his big business.

Almost !

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Labyrinthine Names

The title is named as such so as not to be outdone by our Darling Samuel :p

Samuel is showing more and more interest in dinosaurs, just like his Daddy when Daddy was a kid. Samuel can be very imaginative and creative when comes to playtime with his dinosaurs.

Look at what the dino is up to!

Hanging there

Courtesy of Samuel of course.

The names of the dinos are all printed on their tummies, so sometimes Daddy would read out their names for Samuel to differentiate the dino from one to the other.
What surprises us is that, Samuel could actually register and relate the dinos to their names.

During one of our dinner outing with Daddy’s colleagues last week, Samuel was "teased" and was asked what names of the dinos were when he was fiddling with his dinos.
To everyone surprise, Samuel answered Dimetrodon : O
And another one, Pinacosaurous.
And then another Tricerotops
beforethe finale with his favorite, The Lone Dinosaur

:O :O

‘Ya see, everyone was expecting some nicknames such as Ah-Some-or-Ah-Thing :p

Well, Samuel does not know all his dinos’ name yet. But we are not expecting him to too. He can pick-up at his own fancy, no biggie.

Samuel calls him, Tri-ce ro tops

This is Di-me-tro-don

This is Pi-na-co-sau-rous

Samuel cannot catch the first 2 syllabus yet
and calls this, ci-rap-tor for Velociraptor

This is his favorite the Lone Dinosaur.
Named after a character from his Land Before Time cartoon

This one is called Spike, for the obvious spikes on the dino’s back.

And oh ya, he knows our names too. Couldn’t let his dinos beat us eh?

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Night of Hope

We attended a charity concert presented by HOPE worldwide last weekend.

Not before having our dinner at a hawker center overseeing the sea. Not fabulous, serene nevertheless

We sat so near to the stage, we might as well touch it

Samuel lost interest after the second acoustics piece after the novelty of seeing all piano, cello and violin worn off.
But still sat still on our lap whispering sweet-sweet words.
The performing choir fired up his interest again only to lose it seconds later into their second song. No hand and body action :p

We had a great time.
That could only means one thing…… Samuel is ready for more concerts or such actions!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Rain and Some Spiders

How do we know Samuel is enjoying is daycare even though he tells us he does not want to go to school like a charm chant almost every morning?

The obvious one is, he absolutely adores his school books.

Secondly, he likes to sing at his fancy, new songs fancy without us even prompting him.

We were driving back from dinner the other day when it was raining and almost immediately Samuel started to sing

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Little Johnny wants to play

And he kept on repeating the song until we reached home, so Daddy decided to berbalas pantun with him

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Little Samuel, Little Samuel, Little Samuel wants to play

Without a second thought, in a flash Samuel continued where Daddy left off and sang

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Little Daddy to play

: O
We were impressed. Samuel knows how to play with words!

He sang another new song, the Itsy Bitsy Spider with Daddy today complete with hand actions and all
And when Mommy joined the party in the living room later, Samuel turned to Mommy and sang,

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Crawl up to Mommy hand….

while ran his fingers through mommy’s arm!

Double the impress!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Perhaps it is a case of preference or perhaps Samuel just fell like it now and not before.

Samuel wanted us to wear his shoes for him whenever we went out previously. Well, except for in Bidor where he fancied slipped into Hanxin Kor Kor’s open toes sandals all by himself.

Recently, Samuel likes to wear his own shoes, Velcro Sandals to be exact. And he would protest loudly if we try to wear it for him.
But that’s just at home only.

It’s a different story at his day care.
There, he will take his shoes off the rack out of the many
put them on the stair-steps
sit down
and expect us to wear it for him.

Same goes when we drop him in the morning. He only wants Mommy to take off his shoes. Not the teacher and certainly not himself.

A case of selective independent?

Wearing his Velcro strap sandals all by himself.
Sometimes will mix the left and the right la :p

Samuel is attempting to wear his own socks and own sneakers too.
Not quite there yet but on da way !

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scary Tale

No this one does not start with “Once upon a time ago…”
“I know of a friend of a friend of mine….”

It starts with “The worm will come and bite …”

Being a toddler Samuel is, of course there will be time where Samuel will try to wriggle his way out of his bath or brushing his teeth.

Our current trick to get him down and dirty , errr..… or rather clean is

If Samuel’s teeth is dirty, then the worm will come and bite.
Then how?

If Samuel don wanna bath, then Samuel will be dirty.
Then how?
Worm will come and bite lor

Works everytime!

Not that we wanna scare him.
He will eventually realize that we are only scaring him.

But …
but …
technically speaking. ….. worm will come and bite your teeth if they are filthy right?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Midnight Crawler

We have graduated Samuel from his sleeping crib a while back. Now he is sleeping on his own bed, well more like a twin bed mattress in our room.
We are not ready to let him sleep all alone in his own room just yet.

He is very happy and absolutely adores his new little cozy corner. But somehow, sometimes in midst of all the night birds singing, we will have a little warm angel snuggled up to our bed.
Just a 'lil space next to Mommy’s feet and at times all the way to the middle in between us.
And those are not just any random blurry sleepy crawls, but complete with his snuggling lampin and all.

Yup, we have quite a midnight crawler here.

Nothing beats a comfy spot next to Mommy and Daddy eh?

Friday, April 17, 2009

On Easter Sunday

We attended the beautiful Sunday Mass

Aunty Florence was in the performing choir

We went for hawker food lunch with Aunty Stephanie and family.

She’s back from Australia for a few weeks holiday.

And the boys had fun running about just everywhere

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snakes Farm

We pass-by the Snake temple almost weekly when we started our Saturday breakfast routine some time back and every week then we vowed to pay the snake farm a visit.

Last weekend, we finally decided to stop by.
We went for our usual toast breakfast and for the first time last week, we noticed that there’s actually a car wash centre just a few step away. Perfect for Mommy’s filthy car which was way overdue for a wash and perfect for car parking while we stuffed ourselves away : )

Sparkling clean!
Manual wash including vacuuming at RM8 only :O

Both Daddy and Mommy had been to the temple before but not to the farm. We did not know the exact location of the farm and it certainly was not an easy place to find.
Well, not that hard either but we would thought that for such a famous tourist attraction, there would be big signboards and stuff.

Anyway, we found our way and promptly got ourselves the entrance ticket, RM3 per pax for Malaysian Mykad holder and free for toddlers.

All the snakes were caged up or confined in their displays windows. Which were a tad too high for Samuel to see, so we had to carry up him most of the time.
Snakes are not pretty creatures (acquired taste la) and certainly not all that fascinating for toddlers. Samuel has no idea what snakes are capable of or how dangerous they could be. He just browsed them through as he was watching them in TV or something.

He’s more thrilled by the tortoises

and the monkey there.

The uncle that handled the snake was very friendly though. There was no big crowd then, just us and perhaps another 2 small groups. He gave us a brief tour on some of their attractions,

The King Cobra which was highly poisonous

The 8 meters Reticulated Python

The Spitting Cobra

He even posed for us with his beloved Iguana

And invited us to do the same too. Guests are free to take photos with the iguana and python actually, but we politely declined la.

We did not wanna overdose our Boy with images of snakes which might scare him later. So we made our visit a real short then.
Perhaps next time when Samuel has learned to appreciate this charming creature, we’ll pay them a visit again.

Bye Bye Snake Temple

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Me and You and A Dog Named …

Err…. nope. There’s no Dog and no Boo.
Only Me and You and I and My

Samuel had been confused over the use of the pronouns Me and You for quite some time. He used to say

"Mommy, please open for you."

instead of,

"Mommy, please open for me."

He had since learned and got it correct.
He has also started to use other personal pronouns now.

  • I don’t want
  • My eyes
  • Daddy, you sit here

But of course, still very much fond of calling himself Baby : )

He is also getting big in big words. Not only he knows and understands the meaning of those big words (as in big to toddler la), he knows how to use it right.

  • Baby pocket is empty, nothing inside
  • Mommy reflection in the mirror
  • Why drive so dangerous?
  • Everybody clap!
  • Sit together here
  • Rhino is Rhi-no-ce-rous
  • Hippo is hip-po-po-ta-ma-mus :p .

Pardon us. Samuel got carried away with 'ma'.
We too, got carried away with the incre-creasingly easy conversation with Samuel now :p

Monday, April 13, 2009

Puzzled Over Puzzles

Mysterious cubes have been surfacing all over our house recently. But Daddy has denied being any part of the mysteries although he was "guilty" for previous "offences". Then, it was during blocks playing session with Samuel.

Well, if it’s not Daddy and if it’s not Mommy, then who could it be?

This is what Samuel said when we asked him:

Use the puzzle, make a cube

And this is how it is done

Mystery solved!

Friday, April 10, 2009


The jam on the Penang Bridge is becoming unbearable by the day. We couldn’t have been more wrong when we thought we could escape the bottleneck heading to the Bridge if we leave after dinner last Friday night.
It took us more than an hour just to cross the bridge and it was already near to 9pm when we leave our house.

Not even Mommy’s motion sickness pill helped then, Mommy was attacked by dizzy spell throughout the journey. Samuel on the other hand was as active as ever. It’s good that Samuel is not taking after Mommy when it comes to fleet-traveling.

Last weekend, we went back to Bidor for the Ching Ming. This year, Daddy tagged along and helped babysat Samuel while all of us went off to the cemetery ground to pay respect to our Pa.
Yes, we still think Samuel is too young for all this. Perhaps next year … or the year after… or whenever Samuel is more ready.
He will get to know his Kong Kong one day : )

As usual, weekend in Bidor has never been a dull one. More so when the kids were around. We did all the usual splish-splashing and jumping and running and chasing… all in the comfort of our little ‘ol house.
We love that ‘ol scent!

Here's one for the album.

And here’s another one with our let hair loose : )

Samuel was absolutely ecstatic to sing the birthday song out loud
and yeah, he blew the candle too :p

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

That Warm Garment Waist Down

Samuel has retired us from taking off his pants when he wants to do his businesses (only) 2 months back. He would run to his Changing Room where his potty sits and would proceed to pull down his pants, then with his deeds before calling us to clean him up and put his pants back for him.

On other occasions during his bath time or when we are preparing to go out, in the interest of time, Mommy often changed Samuel in haste and would not let him fuss with his own clothes.

Little did we realize, we actually did not give any room for Samuel to learn to wear his own clothes with this routine.

So, we are trying something different recently. Where time permits,
Mommy will let Samuel takes off his own pants,
helps his feet into his pants,
but will let Samuel try pulling his pants up.

Not perfect, but Samuel is working it.

This morning though, Samuel gave us a sweet surprise. It was when Mommy let Samuel went pant-less for a wee while after his morning pee. Mommy was cleaning the potty in the toilet when Samuel decided to take matter into his own hands :p

He reached for his peejays,
sat his warm bon-bon down on the freezing cold floor,
slided his feet one after another into his pants,
stood up
and pulled his pants right up.

Samuel did the same when we were preparing to leave for his day-care too... Albeit the underwear was worn inside out :p

We just need to remind him which side is in,
which is out,
which is the front
and which is the back

Well Well, looks like we can move on to waist up very soon
: )

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Whir Whir Wrestling Entertainment that is … : )

The kids were jumping all over the places in Bidor when all of us were back in town last weekend. The mattress that Po Po put in the living room served as a perfect trampoline for them. So Big Jiu Jiu decided to join the fun started a wrestle session.

Getting ready to catch the Baby

Preparing for a slam

O, the Baby is down!
Hanxin Kor Kor is doing a double pin.

Baby Samuel wriggled his way out
And wanted to return the favor

Pose for a victory shot first

And down Big Jiu Jiu went

And down-er
Big Jiu Jiu had to be rescued

Catching a quick breath

And is getting ready to return another favor …..

They could go on and on and on….

And we wonder why the adults are exhausted all the time when we are holidaying with the kids :p

Friday, April 03, 2009

Colors In and Colors Out

Big Yee Yee was very excited when she babysat Samuel a few days back. She saw red, a red big bright colored circle.

It ain’t a smudge.

It ain’t random scribbles.

It was all hard work of Samuel. He kept on saying

“Color inside the line. Not outside”

when he did his coloring.

Big Yee Yee was very pleased…

Yah, Samuel has improved by the leap in the coloring department.
He used to color his pieces like this.

Now he colors like this

: )

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Control Questions

We ask Samuel a lot of affirmative-type questions nowadays on his happenings in school. He is not big in story telling, especially about school stuff. So we figured that it would be easier for him to kick-start with a Yes or No or You or Mei-You.
And then further elaborate his story when he has found his groove.

At times, we would ask a few times just to check on consistency and if Samuel hesitates. Yes, very nag-gy but have to be done as,

well, kids may give answers to their liking just because they feel like it or because they need to answer you,and not because they want to answer you.

To further check Samuel’s reply, we will insert some control questions too, such as;
“Did Samuel eat a dragon in school today?”
Or something…..:p

Works every time. To which Samuel will answer;

Mei-you, you eat biscuit only.

Or something
: )

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Smile, You Are On Camera

As soon as we ask Samuel to smile for the camera, he will go

From this

To this

This is his on-demand smile for the camera

Cheeky Smile

Give-you-face smile

Still-need-to-smile-meh? Smile

Really-enough-already Smile

Perhaps we should just snap away without prompting him