Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boys Only Please

It’s not uncommon that Daddy and Samuel spend quality time together; just 2 of them in the comfort of our little house.
Daddy babysits Samuel all the time when Mommy is busied with stuff outside.

But it is a first when Daddy took care of Samuel all by himself today from fetching our Darling from the daycare to bathing-time, dinner-time, play-time all the way until bed-time….
Albeit missing some shampoo here and there :p

Mommy had to travel back to Bidor today to chauffeur Po Po. It was an adhoc plan; Po Po is needed in KL for Small Yee Yee’s care as the Confinement Lady is not available yet. Yup, Samuel’s new cousin decided to greet the world earlier than planned : )
(Oh ya, Small Jiu Jiu traveled up to Bidor to take over the second half of the chauffeuring.)

So, it was a busy morning today, Mommy got up early. Got all of Samuel’s essential ready;

Porridge – check
Milk – check
Uniform – check
Clothes – check
Pajamas – check
Underwear – check


And sent Samuel earlier than usual to the daycare before headed to the office (still gotta work ‘ya see).
Second half of the day saw Mommy busied with the traveling and Daddy took over to take care of Samuel….. very well indeed.

It is not surprising really.

Mommy knew all along that Daddy would manage when the time comes. Looks like Daddy ain’t need the "Taking Care of a Toddler 101" crash course afterall : p

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sleep Like a Baby

Samuel’s usual bedtime is preceded with books reading, bedtime songs singing and assurance from Mommy that Mommy will accompany the boy for a while before leaving the room to let Samuel doze off by himself but will come back to check on the boy later.
In that order.
Oh ya, Mommy will let a slight opening at the door too to assure Samuel that we are outside the room watching over him.

Yesterday afternoon, there was a reversal of roles. Daddy was a tad tired and drowsy due to lack of sleep the night before. So Daddy retreated to the bedroom.
Samuel being the Darling he is,

Followed Daddy to the room,

Sang Daddy the Rock-a-Bye-Baby Song,

Told that Daddy that he would accompany Daddy for a while, which he did,

And let the door opened slightly when he left the room.

Sweet ain’t he?

Of course Daddy slept like a errr…. baby yesterday afternoon : )

Thursday, June 25, 2009

USM Art and Science Carnival

We think we might be getting a little bit too addicted to our Alma Mater. We have been back countless times since we left school years ago. :p

Well, partly because our Alma Mater always presenting interesting events; concerts, exhibitions, sports and so forth. Another small reason is because of the food. Yes, they have surprisingly good food : )

Its museum held an Art and Science Carnival last weekend, targeted audiences were school kids we reckoned. Though neither we nor Samuel are school "kids", we went to join the fun knowing well that the carnival would have interesting exhibit to offer.

We were right. A major overhaul was done around the ground flour area to make space for the theme related exhibition. The usual art pieces were missing and the place was filled with Screening Dome, Gems, Fossils, Meteorites and Stones, Archeological stuff, kids playing area, small stalls and our favorite, the Wayang Kulit exhibits.

Ahhh..... 'ol 'friend : )

Wayang Kulit

In midst of a play

A closer look

Samuel in action

Some of the exhibitions were guided where briefing would be provided upon request. There were a lot of interesting "characters" roaming around that dressed up to the exhibition theme too, to create the hype we supposed. Not too sure if they were guides but they were more than happy to pose for you.

"Guides" on duty

"Soldier" on duty

"A Gentleman and a Lady"?

Some of ‘em villain characters looks so convincing that it scared the sweat out of us :O . ‘Ya see, we thought that they were statues until they made those barely there movements; inch by inch in slow motion that we thought we were imagining it until they became so near and their robes rubbed on ‘ya when the wind gushed :O

We think... errr we are sure that the Imperial Guard and the Emperor were statues

But then, we thought this funny looking guy in robe was one too.
We were wrong :p

Samuel was absolutely dazed and did not want to walk by himself around that particular exhibition area. Daddy had to carry him while he hung on tight onto Daddy for dear life.

A Bobafett look-alike

Samuel was all happy and active again when we moved on to another floor which featured archeology and day to day stuff. He is more of an environmentalist we guess.
We got to see the usual here, not much changes except for the added deco.

Trees and trunks and a stuffed snake

Tin Mining errrrr..... or so we think

This is a palm oil tree

This is a T-Rex

The stones and gems and meteorites also did not interest our Darling saved for the comfy resting area.

We did not stay long there. Samuel complained of tiredness and hunger at this point so we made our final stop at the open exhibition area before headed out.
Here, they presented some projects from selected schools in Penang, the Batik making demo, classic bicycles and mini cars exhibition completes with models dressed from the colonial days…and stuff.

Trying a hand at batik drawing

Classic bicycles

The "Colonial Days" folks

We personally think that the carnival was well organized with exhibits interesting enough for school students. Adults may not share the same sentiments but hey, who said it’s about the adults?

Our outing ended with a nice lunch at one of Daddy’s favorite restaurant.

It was Father’s Day last Sunday.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun at Click

What is Samuel up to?

Lately, Samuel finds fascination in photography. Not taking the pictures, (although he absolutely fancy taking our mobile phone, knows how to slide the camera cover at the back and pretends to take pictures, he has yet to master the skill of snapping pictures. We have not teach him which button to press yet) but to model for the photos and adores his hard labor after that.

Yes, he will pose all types of funny pose and ask us to take his pictures and ask us to show him his picture right after that.

Happened when he came across interesting backdrop in the mall too.

Or the other day when he had something interesting to share

Mommy, Mommy, Come Here

See what I have done?

It’s a square

It’s an H

It’s a T

What do you think?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Year Were You Born in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar?

During our last Friday night dinner at Samuel’s Grandparents’ place, Samuel, Mommy, Daddy and Grandma were chatting when the topic of the Chinese Zodiac calendar came about. We explained briefly to Samuel on who and who was born in the year of what and what.

Samuel being the curious-pot he is, wanted to know what Grandpa’s zodiac sign is too. Instead of him asking us, we asked him to ask Grandpa directly.

Perhaps the query-in-question was too hard for Samuel to word out. He paused for a while to think how best he could position his query in a way that Grandpa would understand him.

He came out with this,


Grandma is a Rat,
Daddy is a Tiger,
Mommy is a Tiger,
Grandpa is a what?

: O

We couldn’t think of a better way on how a 2.5 years old could ask the question either!

Oh ya, of course Grandpa understood Samuel and replied him,

Grandpa is a Ram!

: )

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Balik Pulau Durians

After a year break, this year we went for Balik Pulau durians and more. We swept through almost all types of available seasoned fruits.

Our fruit trail started after church last Sunday. We took the Sungai Ara route to Balik Pulau; scenic and hilly. It’s very noticeable that Mommy’s car worked extra hard to climb those slopes this time as compared to the trip 2 years ago. Perhaps due to old age. Furthermore, this year we were seeing extra loads ; )

We went back to the same durian shop that we patronized then, only that this year they have moved to the newly opened Pasar Tani which is opposite to their road side stall previously.
The new place was definitely more comfy and more airy.

Our appetites have grown this year too. We downed 7 durians altogether; 2 Green Skin, 2 Little Red, 1 Ang-sumthing and another 2 don’t-know-what.

Samuel as usual, had none of them. But he happily accompanied us on the table and minded his manner while chewing his cracker away.

We were due for lunch by the time we were done with the durians. Though we very much wanted to try the famous Balik Pulau market laksa, we decided against it. The heat 2 years ago was almost unbearable, we wished not to deja vu all over again.
Instead we went to the hawker stretch a few shops away within the same Pasar Tani to feast.

Old people used to say that when you take durians, you should take mangosteen too as durians are heat-y and mangosteens have the cooling effect.
So, we did just that. We tapau-ed some mangosteens back for more feast later……

OK, we made that up. We were just a bunch of gluttons that couldn’t keep our eyes off those seasoned fruits.
We tapau-ed chempedak, rambutans and mangosteens.

It was a fruits feast day for us last Sunday. The total damage?

Durians – RM55
Chempedak – RM5
Rambutans – RM12
Mangosteen – RM6

(re-created using google images)

And our (ahem!) strong tummies survived the fruits galore with no errrr…. undesired intestinal evacuation incident!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Who Is Neighbor?

We reckon that kids like to hear their own talking and like to talk often. Well, perhaps they do learn more that way but at times their adoration for their own voice can go a little bit too far.
Ever since Samuel discovered the art of communication in the form talking, he has been "practicing" it non-stop. We are immune to his what, where, when, who and why already.
He will still go on to babble and talk to himself at times when we are too tired entertain his chitchat
Yes, he is that chat-able.

Samuel was having one of his shrilling episodes the other day. It was quite late in the evening. He was still very much at it although we had reminded him to keep his volume down several times.
So we resorted to the scare-tactics.

We told him that if he kept on screaming so loud, the neighbors would come knocking on our doors and they would scold Mommy as it’s already late in the night and the neighbors want to sleep.

Almost instantly Samuel quieted down and climbed up to Mommy’s lap leaning on Mommy’s arm like a doll.
No squeak, so squirm

And he stayed-on in that position for quite a few minutes until Mommy asked him what was wrong. Why all of the sudden our Darling acted so manja?
And Samuel’s reply?

Scared the neighbors come.

: O

It did not hit us immediately but we realized later that Samuel might not know what or who the neighbors are. We went on another lengthy chat with him explaining who are the neighbors and assured him that they are not bed-monsters that would catch him :p

Lesson learnt: use the scare tactics wisely or else it may produce opposite effect!

Samuel still remembers this and for this following few mornings when he wakes up, he asks us

The neighbors wake up already?

Can Samuel talk?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prosperity Bull

Last weekend, we were errr… lured into going to Penang Times Square weekend flea market. It was our first visit there and we had no idea that the mall could be so empty.
The mall has been opened for business since quite some time ago but it ain’t attracting active shoppers yet. The so-called flea market was a collection of a few shop-carts at the basement selling mostly souvenirs and small stuffs.
Amidst the non-existence crowd, we saw this…..

The Penang 2009 Prosperity Mascot.

We missed it during the State CNY celebration and had no idea that it has been housed here.
It’s very big and unique indeed. Samuel was awed too

But that’s about it. There was really nothing else to see at this point, save for the mascot. The Times Square’s construction is still far from completion.

Ah well, we’ll have to wait until the mall starts happening then.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thean Hou Kong

The last day of this trip was largely about traveling back up north or down south respectively. As to not to bore the kids too much with monotone traveling, we decided last minute to drop by Thean Hou Temple for a visit. The temple was just as stone throw away from where we were then.

All of us went to this temple before at some point of time. Mommy’s were during her school trip and break almost 2 decades ago. The place did not change much, though Mommy finds it not as grand as before. Relative perception perhaps.

The kids were visibly tired, possibly due to the long days previously. But they did enjoy the turtle pond and Chinese Zodiac statues.

Everybody say "Hooooo......."

In the year of the Dog

We broke into 2 groups after that; one headed to the airport and another back to the hospital for Big Yee Yee. The discharge procedure was not a complicated one but we were made to wait endlessly for the formality.

We finally left the hospital near to 3pm.
And it was near to 10pm when we reached Penang. All tired but felt blessed that we made through the trip with no further hiccups.

We are all currently recuperating back at home; from exhaustion and in Big Yee Yee’s case, from the fracture.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Longer Day

Big Yee Yee greeted our second day in KL for this holiday with a nasty fall. And we meant a real nasty one. Everybody was sent into a panic frenzy momentarily. When Big Yee Yee situation did not seem to get any better after awhile, we decided to head straight to the hospital instead.
It was a good call. The big fall resulted in a fractured bone at the shoulder area and Big Yee Yee was admitted then for further treatment.

So a big chunk of the day saw us going in and out the hospital to settle things down; following up on this and that, waiting here and there, calling who and who….and stuff.
The kids tagged along too with no fuss.

Amidst the busyness we found time to let our hair loose… well more like we let the kids had theirs.
There were some silly chats

Samuel: Why Small Yee Yee tummy is very big?
Us: Because there is a baby inside the tummy
Samuel: Uh….ok.

Some time after that….
Samuel: (pointing at Big Yee Yee’s chest) Is there a baby inside too?
Us: Ha ha…..

Love this shot!

and there were endless fun at the playground. We brought them to the Mega Kids arena at Mid Valley mall. Entrance fee was charged at RM25 per pax and socks were mandatory.
The arena was huge complete with play area for toddler under 3, cinema, battle ground, mega maze slide, cafe and function rooms. The adults managed to catch some breath while the kids busied themselves. It was all good.

Samuel stacked up the mattress himself for a good rest

We scouted for another place to put up for the night after that. The hotel that we normally frequent had increase their room rate by a fold since we first stayed there. So we went to another hotel further away, Hotel Seri Petaling that went for RM166.75 per night.
Just as nice with excellent service.

The night ended with a surprise cake indulgence for Fyone Yee Yee.

A very Happy cum a tad early Birthday wish for Fyone Yee Yee!

It was an even longer day than the day before ….. we were all very tired.
Our group photo also went a bit crooked.

Mommy was too blurr to adjust the timer.
Ah well……