Friday, July 31, 2009

Safety Should be the Top Priority

Mommy was still occupied in the hospital with the Daddy’s admission procedure last week when it was almost time to pick Samuel up from the day care. So Mommy made some last minute arrangement and informed the daycare that Small Jiu Jiu would be picking Samuel up instead.
The arrangement went smoothly without any hiccups. A little bit too smoothly ….

‘Ya see, we would expect that the daycare has a procedure of sort to ensure that their students are only pick-up by designated guardians.
But that day, the teacher that was manning the door appeared oblivious. She asked no questions before releasing Samuel. She even said she was not aware if Mommy had called earlier to notify on this last minute arrangement when asked by Small Jiu Jiu.

A liitle bit scary don’t ya think so?
As though any stanger can go and pick-up any of their students :O

Mommy was a bit shock but more worried when Small Jiu Jiu related the incident to Mommy. So, the very next morning, Mommy had a short talk with his morning class teacher (not the same as his daycare teacher and not the same teacher that released him the day before).
She assured us that they indeed have to counter check with the students first.

Later in the afternoon, Mommy was reassured again by his daycare teacher and the teacher that released him that it was only a matter of misunderstanding.
His daycare teacher claimed that she already saw Small Jiu Jiu from afar and already counter checked with Samuel before letting him walked out to the door.
The same was said by the other teacher too.

A bit more convinced, Mommy let the matter rest. Actually, Mommy did not intend to log a complaint to the principal in the first place.

Just wanna make sure that children safety should still be their utmost priority.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daddy's Hospital Stay

Daddy was admitted last week for Appendectomy. The hospital stay was a rather long one at 6D/5N. Long story but we’ll cut it short.

Samuel had been an absolute angel and gave no problem to Mommy over the week. The same cannot be said for now that Daddy has been discharged and recuperating at home.

Now, he will make it hard for us to drop him at the daycare. Perhaps hoping that he could stay at home since his Daddy is at home.
Now, he will complain of little discomfort here and there although we could see nothing wrong. Perhaps wants to be more manja since his Daddy is at home.
Now, he wants Mommy to carry him up and down although he has no problem walking by himself before. He wants Mommy and Mommy only. Perhaps, he knows that his Daddy cannot carry him.

Still, he is an angel as angel could be; just that tends to be more difficult now than previously.

Daddy was admitted last Wednesday for suspected Appendix complication but did not opt for immediate appendectomy since the pain was not too severe. Instead we opted for an additional day observation before deciding on any the surgery. The idea of being cut open was too sudden for us to errr ….. stomach :p
The Appendectomy seemed to be unavoidable the next day. So we went ahead with it. The doctor already prepped Daddy the day before, seemed that Doc saw it coming already.

Before the surgery

The surgery took a tad less than 2 hours and went smoothly.
Although Daddy seemed to be better the day after the surgery, the Doc advised against discharging early to complete the antibiotic course which had to be administered intravenously. There was pus present in the cut Appendix. They wanted to monitor Daddy’s fever too which had been fluctuating below 38C.

From Daddy's office

All was well on day 5 and Daddy was discharged on day 6 after the last dose of the antibiotic.

It had been an exhausting week for us. Mommy had been juggling between the daycare, hospital and home to ensure things were in order.
Po Po helped to babysit Samuel on the first day before she left for Bidor.
Grandma and Grandpa helped to babysit too before Grandma was downed with Denggi fever.
Big Yee Yee is still unfit to babysit due to her fracture injury.
And being the newbie in babysitting errr…. business, Small Jiu Jiu and Christine Jie Jie were "bullied" by Samuel when they babysat him. Samuel refused to shee-shee and eat and stuff. But he enjoyed himself nevertheless.

So when Daddy was more settled on the third day and moved to a single room, Mommy brought Samuel along to the hospital then onwards. His company cheered Daddy up.

And oh, the ward nurses enjoyed his company too : )
Like we said an absolute angel!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Get Well Soon

Samuel is sad ... Daddy is sick

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Day

The little kisses on the cheek
The morning smile that’s so sweet
The charming grin as he wakes
Our day starts when dawn breaks

The morning coffee we enjoy
The sunny side up eggs he savors
The baby talk that’s so pure
Our day blossoms full of flavor

The bye-bye wave when we part
The anticipation then throughout
The expression of love innocently said
Our day seems so heavenly made

The family time over dinner
The chuckles that we share together
The night falls as sleep draw near
Our day suddenly becomes so fulfilled

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To the Rescue

Samuel likes to ask us where we are going when we drive out. He recognizes quite a few places that we often frequent.
He blurts out
Reach already!
Almost reach….
Going to etc etc etc…

so often that we’ve learnt to somewhat shut-out these babbling of his by now.

This morning, Mommy’ was very mindful with office work. We were already late when we were fussing out from our place to his daycare.
As usual, after settling what seemed like a gazillion tones of bags in the car and buckled ourselves up, Mommy began driving.
One turn after another,
out from our apartment guard post,
straight to the traffic light direction.
All the while still very mindful with office stuff while Samuel chattered himself away as usual.
And as usual, Mommy tried to filter those errr…. “gibberish” from errrr… “serious” office stuff (did not need much trying this morning actually) and continued dreaming away.
Until something hit Mommy out-of-the-blue back to reality

Mommy, you going where?

Samuel must had been repeating it gazillions time before Mommy heard him right the first time.

He recognizes the route to his daycare and this morning Mommy was driving to the opposite direction which was to Mommy’s office
: O

Oh dear!

Luckily Mommy has Samuel to save the day.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Determination means a firm intention to achieve a desired end.

Determination means a strong will is required when stumble upon a road block to achieve the desired end.

Determination for a toddler means spending 10 minutes working on the same task.

Determination indeed means sitting quietly at a corner with full attention to button up his pajamas.

And we are talking about only 1 button.

Yes, determination pays.

Samuel did it. All by himself.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Incident Management

How does a baby manage an action of his that is likely to lead to errr….. serious consequences?

This is how Samuel does it.

Accidentally draws a bright red line onto the microfibre sofa cover with a ball pen

Daddy will 'scold' Samuel when he sees the stain.

First course of action
Without skipping a heartbeat, Samuel reaches for the cloth nearest to him and uses it to wipe the stain line.
To no avail of course. The subject in question is still visible.

Next course of action
Request Mommy who is observing his actions from a close range all along to help. Mommy attempts to wipe the stain off with a wet cloth.
Attempt fails.

Final course of action to mitigate the consequences
Samuel uses the couch blanket to shield the stain.

There, issue is considered closed

Don’t tell Daddy hor
: D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spending Time with Grandparents

Last weekend marked the first time that Samuel spends time alone with his grandparent,
as in taken care off by Grandma and Grandpa without Mommy and Daddy presence,
aka his grandparents baby-sit him.

: )

We started light and picked a time when Samuel’s activities are minimum thus less likely to be difficult to avoid giving his Grandparents a hard time.
We dropped Samuel during lunch time last Sunday for a grand 4 hours.

This is what he relates to us when we asked him what he did there:

Samuel sing song
Samuel eat banana
Samuel play coin

He had a swell time. He even refused to leave initially when we went to pick him up.
Mommy on the other hand was attacked by dizzy spell after watching the Transformer show in the cinema.
Why is it that the camera angle needs to move so rapidly?
Mommy still couldn’t get it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

From Bottle to Training Cup to Just the Cup

When Samuel started to drink water from normal cups and not his sippy cup at home a few months ago, Mommy tried to graduate him from drinking his milk from the bottle.
It was not successful then, Samuel would only take 2 sips top using the cup. So we dropped the idea then since the daycare is practicing botte feed for kids his age too. We are not in hurry for him to be the odd fews out.

2 months shy from his 3 years old birthday, Mommy is determined to wean him off the bottle. Mommy tried the cup with the afternoon feed last week. Samuel only wanted to take half his normal intake. Not too bad for a start.

For the next few feeds, Mommy only offered half a cup of milk as not to waste the milk away.
Samuel finished ‘em all although not without much cajoling. He needs Mommy to accompany him and cheer him all the way as opposed to bottle feed where he would drink his milk on his own.

Since then Mommy has been gradually increasing his milk from 3 oz to 5 oz.
Samuel is not rejecting the cup as much. At times, even drink ‘em all with no hassle.

Looks like we can soon store ‘em bottle away for good.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a Baby is Thinking

The rain stopped just in time after our breakfast making way for us visit the Penang Aquarium this morning. It was a fairly short drive. Being his chatty-self, Samuel excitedly chatted with Mommy on the subject of sea-creatures.

Samuel: Mommy, are you scared of crocodile?
Mommy: Of course. Mommy is scared of the crocodile.
Samuel: Samuel also scared of the crocodile.

Samuel: Mommy, are you scared of the shark?
Mommy: Yes. Mommy is scared of the shark.
Samuel: Samuel also scared of the shark.

Samuel: Mommy, are you scared of the big fish?
Mommy: No Darling. Mommy is not scared of the big fish.
Samuel: But Samuel is scared of the big fish oh….

Satisfied with all of Mommy’s answers, Samuel turned to Daddy.

Samuel: Daddy, are you scared of crocodile?
Daddy: No, Daddy is not scared of crocodile.
Samuel: :O

Samuel: Daddy, are you scared of the shark?
Daddy: No, Daddy is not scared of the shark.
Samuel: :O

Samuel repeated his questions a few times with a negative answer from Daddy everytime.

Samuel must be thinking how come his Daddy is so fearless and not scared of all the sea-creatures.
Not giving up, he paused for a while, picked a thought out of the thin air and asked his Daddy again,

Samuel: Daddy, are you scared of Fyone Yee Yee?

We did not see that coming.
Samuel must be as puzzled on why we were laughing like hyenas this morning.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Not the Chalk but the Duster

‘Ya know last time,
long long time ago during primary school time in the classroom,
what’s the chore that kids like the most?

Where, the kids would fight to volunteer to help the teacher out.
Where they would race to duster?
Just so they could clean the blackboard?

Is it because of the chalk?
Or is it because of the white dust flying around when they dust the white board?
Or is just the satisfaction of cleaning the majestic gigantic blackboard?

Mommy had no idea as Mommy never fancy this chore, or any other chores as a matter of fact.

Samuel received a gift from his grandparents last week. A whiteboard set complete with marker and duster.
Grandpa and Grandma promptly went through some writing and drawing activities with him after the dinner.
Is it any wonder which activity thrilled him the most?

Ya, you guess it right…
Cleaning the whiteboard with an eraser.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Practice Makes Habit

Samuel spoke a fair amount of Mandarin during his nanny’s days last year. The main reason of course is because it was the language medium between him and people around him then.
The practices that he had were massive; it became a habit to him. It was natural for him to speak the language.

Nowadays, he speaks very little Mandarin if not none at all at the daycare. Here at home we speak mainly English with bits and pieces of Mandarin here and there.
The only full blast Mandarin practice that he has now is probably when he spends his time with Po Po.
The habit of speaking Mandarin is dwindling.

Samuel is quite used to wear his own clothes since quite awhile ago until 2 weeks back. He had a sniffle then and being a somewhat paranoid Mommy I am, I chose not to let him take his own sweet time to wear his clothes to prevent him being overly expose to cool-air. I wore them for him.
By and by, it slowly became a habit and Samuel would then wait for Mommy to serve him.

The problem is, now that Samuel has recovered, he is expecting Mommy to serve him the same.
He refuses to wear his own clothes. He would rather go naked sitting in his room until Mommy relented and serves him :O

Looks like the only way for him to pick up his Mandarin again or for him to wear his own clothes again is to get him to practice it everyday,
Until it become a habit to him again!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tracing Exercise

Samuel is not big in writings just yet. Not meaningful words anyway.
He seems to have lost his interest after he has conquered these few letters and the number 1 and 0.
But he likes to scribble to his own imaginations, draw to his own liking and color just about anything especially aided by stencils.

Samuel has yet to learn the perfect grip; currently he holds his pencils using all five fingers fist-style. That technique is ok for coloring and drawing we guess, but it’s not suitable for writing.
That might be one of the many reasons why Samuel is not good in words tracing yet. Another main reason is because he is still young la, we are not in a hurry to teach him.

We stumbled upon an idea the other day when we were playing with the magnetic board. Mommy drew some dots and Samuel would connect them. Then we moved on to meaningful dots, then numbers…. and there was no stopping thereafter.
Po Po absolutely spoilt our Boy too, she gave him her utmost attention when Samuel was practicing his tracing.

Samuel seems to enjoy this new exercise and quite pro at it now.

Quite neat.

Still need to work on his gripping technique though.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Lunch at Sarkis's Corner

The last we went to E&O was for one of the Christmas Dinner before Samuel was born,
Or was it for a Charity Play then?
Or was it for an executive semi-buffet lunch?

We couldn’t recall, but it was at least 3 years back.

We went for the E&O Hotel Sarkis's Corner buffet lunch last Sunday to celebrate Samuel’s Grandma’s Birthday.
It was a good thing that we had called earlier to reserve a table. The crowd was enormous.
Not too sure if it’s an isolated case where the restaurant was overbooked that day but there were tables added along the aisle leading to the restaurant. The Buffet spreads were served around the BBQ counter all the way until the front entrance leaving very little rooms for diners to move around.
The sight of the chaos shocked us initially.

The restaurant was not the same as what we remember 3 years ago.

Anyway, we managed to have a good lunch; Samuel had his fried rice and some snacks while Daddy had his usual minus the pasta since it was missing from the menu.
Mommy, Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Florence emerged as champions in the eating department. Yes, we might be the more petite ones but we ate buckets :p

Here are a few after shots with full tummies.

Relaxing at the lobby area

The center point of a Dome where you could hear your own echo when you talk.

The garden area next to the open sea.
You’ve been warned. Don't roam around unsupervised!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Reasonable Baby

We did not forget and we know very well that Samuel is merely a 2.5 coming to 3 years old toddler. We are not expecting him to understand and listen to everything we said. But somehow, Samuel makes it very easy for us to treat him more like a grown-up kid. There are times that he is so reasonable, it’s just unbelievable. We adults may have required more assurance than he does.

Not much persuading is required to get him out of his favorite playground in the mall. We just need to tell him that the mall is closing for the day and we will have to come back next time when it opens again,or that we are hungry and need to eat first

or something.

Cleaning around the house is not always a breeze but we are slowly getting there. Samuel will chip in one way or the other whenever we are doing the cleaning nowadays; either by not getting in our way or will help to tidy-up his own toys or throwing rubbish that he can pick-up from the floor or stuff.
He absolutely gets the idea that if he is smelly and dirty, the worm will come to bite him. Same applies to the house : )

He will not insist to bring all his bulky toys along when we go out if we explain to him that the toys cannot fit into Mommy’s bag.

Of course there are times that he will try to make things difficult for us. He is still a child afterall and it’s no wonder why it’s hard to reason with a child.

Sometimes Samuel would just refuse bluntly a certain food out-of-the-blue with no reason what-so-ever, but would happily chomp ‘em down at other times.
He would rather tell us,

Samuel don’t wanna eat.
Samuel wanna stand in the naughty corner.

We may have requested him several times to stop asking the same questions while we are watching a show or take turns to talk while others are talking, Samuel will still continue to talk after observing the customary few seconds of silence :p
We concluded that he adores his own voice too much.

Recently, we had been trying to reason with him to sleep on his own bed rather than ours. It had been a routine since many-many moons back that Samuel would sleep on our bed first and we would move him over to his own bed after he had fallen asleep.
He is getting bigger and heavier by day and it’s getting harder to move him around now. Furthermore, it is a better habit for him to fall asleep on his own bed.
We tried to explain and reason with him for quite a few weeks to no avail, Samuel still prefers our bed.

Until one fine morning last week when everyone was getting prepared for the day, Samuel fell off from our bed while rolling around.
No bumps and no complications so far.
But the fall did leave an everlasting impression on Samuel.

Then onwards, he sleeps on his own bed without much reminder from us : )