Thursday, August 27, 2009


Samuel, like any other toddlers, learns his speech from our everyday speech. He will just observe and then will attempt to use words in phrases in the hope that he gets ‘em correctly.

Of course, there bound to be grammatical or structural or vocabular-ical error. We will correct him at times but most of the times, we will just let it be.
He’ll learn in due time, no hurry.

Tonight is one of such instance where we are reluctant to correct him.

We are reading one of his books and come across the "Doing Words" section.
Samuel cannot read words yet. As usual, he relies on pictures to aid him. Samuel will tell Mommy what’s the action that represented by of each of the pictures;

The elephant is painting
The octopus is writing
The dog is singing
The whale is splashing water
The frog is jumping

And when we reaches this particular picture of the panda waving his hand,

Samuel says .....

The panda is Hello – ing


Well, at least he is innovative enough to try!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Hundred

We left the numbers at where they were months, erm… actually almost a year ago. We are not practicing them deliberately nor ignoring them totally. We are just following the pace and let Samuel picks ‘em up whenever he feels like it.

Last week the numbers made their appearance again at the hospital cafeteria. Mommy and Samuel were waiting for Daddy to finish his doctor appointment. It was quite a long wait. We had talked a few chats, ate a few eats and had no toys to play with. So, what better to do if not wipe out a pen and start to scribble?

Mommy wrote the numbers down and Samuel read them out aloud......

With no help required surprisingly. He read them in sequence; one, two, three and so forth. He rocked 'em twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, ……too. We reckoned that he was using the 1,2,3 logic and added a "ty" to them whenever they were followed by a "0".
Which was perfectly correctly until he saw the number 100.

He read it …. "One-ty"

It was so adorable that Mommy almost did not want to correct him.

But we did, he reads it as One Hundred now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Penang State Museum

Our State Museum is presenting a special exhibition on stamp collections from now until err….. somewhere next month. We are neither collector nor are we starting Samuel young. But we were at some point, somewhere around 2 decades ago, played novice collectors before. That hobby is a story of the past.
We were reminiscing it last week.
Furthermore, Mommy has never been to the Penang State Museum before. That’s kinda funny considering we will try to visit other museums when we travel elsewhere, but not here :p

We were charged RM1 per pax for the entrance fees. Unlike this place with distasteful rotten apple, we were well informed politely before hand that no photography is allowed inside the museum. And of course we abided to the rule. We are not unreasonable stubborn head or any photography addict.

At the entrance

The exhibits on the ground floor are the usual ones. We were more interested with the stamps exhibition on the first floor.
Indeed an eye opener. We don’t think the collections are the complete ones, we reckoned they come in sets. But what were displayed were more like bits and pieces from selected years. There were original stamped stamps that dated more than a century years old, there were some from more recent years too. We did not go through all in details but we gathered that the stamps were related to local postage, none from foreign collections.
Still a very impressive and interesting exhibition.

Samuel likes the postcard collections especially as he could relate them more. And he surprised us by pointing out correctly some of the motives featured in the few abstract art at the exhibition. They were done by pasting stamps all over.

For us, besides the stamps collections, the most interesting exhibit in the museum was the Sir Francis Light's Will. A blown version replicate of it with original content.
Mommy had to re-read a few times to understand the content of course, so literature :p

We made a move before finishing browsing the Art Gallery section but we reckoned that it won’t go anywhere. We can still drop by next time.

Here’s a few shot taken outside the museum at the garden area.

The building looks very herritage!

Monday, August 24, 2009


We are not sure if we can use the worm scary tale anymore…

As Samuel shows absolutely no fear tackling this earthy slimy creature

See how he rocks the tweezer

How he catches ‘em by the tips

Mommy was cringing her teeth half the time when Samuel was working ‘em worms.
The other half of the time after Mommy regained her composure, Mommy was too busy snapping away to shrill :p

Saturday, August 22, 2009

2009 Singapore Trip Write Up

Here's the summarized post with links of our 2009 Singapore trip for easy access.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I Don’t Wanna Let Go

We had prepared and planned well for the trip back to Penang from Singapore last week;
with luggage almost done packing the night before
with confirmed check-in via the internet the day before
with all of us up and ready early in the morning we depart
with all of us had plenty of time to have breakfast at the airport before our flight
We are all but ready to go home.

Samuel especially was not ready to say goodbye just yet. He ran happily about the airport and did not want to let go of Hanxin Kor Kor’s hand.
It was both a cute and sad sight. It breaks our heart to have to drag him away while he’s having fun.

Anyway, after we convinced him and promised that we’ll be back again… (more like Mommy made a stand and stopped Samuel from more running :p), Samuel finally let go.

Bye-bye Singapore.
I’ll be back!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Late for Work

We are thrilled that Samuel wants to do chores on his own now. A sign that he is on his way to the road to independence?
Errr… may be not…
More like the excitement of discovering new skills

There are times that he’ll be so occupied with his chores that he gives us the minutes of peace much required to run our errands. At times it’s simply a test of patience. He will take his own sweet time and insist on doing ‘em things on his own.

Whatever he has called, is his. There’s no other way around.

We have established a comfortable morning routine ever since Samuel has settled down with his daycare.
When he wakes up,
when we wake up,
house errands,
errrrr …. poo-ing business,
breakfast (not immediately after of course)
and stuff are all falling nicely into their schedules.

But lately, we are struggling a bit with time and in the verge of showing up late for school or work. Why is that so?
Well, Samuel has discovered new skills and insists on doing things on his own. That means more time spent on petty chores. And Mommy ain’t being an early morning person doesn't help either.

Here are the stuffs that Samuel insists on doing every morning

  • Putting cleanser into his potty
  • Rinse the whole bathroom
  • Putting toothpaste on his toothbrush
  • Button his own shirt
  • Off the TV
  • Press the lift
  • Pay our breakfast

And the list is growing..

He is eyeing on making his own bags and filling up his own water tumber.

At the rate he is going, we might have to wake up the time we knock off just to make it on time to school…. or work

Monday, August 17, 2009

Birds Encounter and Underwater World at Sentosa Island

After the experience at the Dolphin Lagoon, we made our way by foot to the Palawan Amphitheatre for the Birds Encounter scheduled at 3.30pm. We had ample of time before the show and took the opportunity to leisure and snack around. Samuel dozed off on his way there, we then found ourselves comfy shaded spot to settle down.

He was still napping came 3 o’clock in the afternoon when it was time for the monkey close encounter.

A shot while waiting for the monkey viewing

Big Jiu Jiu geo close and personal with the monkey

But was jolted up sharp at 3.30pm on time for the birds show. The show did not interest him much, he took only a few glimpses. Perhaps still blurry from his nap.

Samuel manja in Mommy's arms

Macaws with their trainers

It was short show. It ended at about the same time Samuel gained back his mojo. He was all reenergized and excited again to continue with our Sentosa escapade.

We made our way to the nearest stop to take the shuttle to the Underwater World. There was a big crowd, we could not get any seat. In fact there were barely enough spaces for us to even stand. Mommy had to carry Samuel in her arms …. for around 2 to 3 stops before it got harder to balance firmly on the ground.
So Mommy put Samuel down and gave him a clear instruction to hold on tight onto the bus while Mommy reinforced Samuel’s standing position with her legs.

It was a too adorable sight, Samuel being the angel he is listened to Mommy completely.
He fixed both his hands onto the holding pole, opened out his legs for better stability and hang on to dear life when the shuttle
ran up the hill, down the hill,
took a bend and turn,
moved back and forth. ....
We were very proud with Samuel.

We survived the ride and were greeted with more hordes when we reached our destination. The oceanarium was crowded, we could barely find the space again to walk around, let alone taking photos without cutting into other people’s frame.
It was Hanxin Kor Kor’s turn to fall asleep his time. So Fyone Yee Yee found a comfy spot inside and stayed with this angel while the rest of us proceeded with sea creatures viewing. Po Po and Big Yee Yee took turns to accompany them too.

Feeding the fishes in the touch pool

We were actually pointing to the big aquarium behind.
It's hidden behind the crowd

The very rare and beautiful Angel Fish.

We went on the travelator twice.

Up close with the fishes.
Hmmm... interesting

A major sudden retreat.
The stingray was too gigantic for Samuel

It was feeding time then.
This fella was kind enough to pose for us and returned Samuel's greeting.

A hologram of a shark taken with no flash light.
We took this in a jiffy as there were many visitors walking about behind and waiting for their turns.

Jelly fish behind

Inside an aquarium kinda impression

Mimicking the Giant Spider Crab.
Look at those hands!

Samuel couldn't contained his excitement!

Hanxin Kor Kor woke up by the time Samuel was about done with his sea creatures experience, so Big Jiu Jiu continued on a second shift (yes, again!) and brought the entourage for another tour while Samuel’s convoy stayed back to rest. Mommy joined Hanxin Kor Kor’s group to double as cameraman : )

The crowd had dispersed by then. It was quite relaxing throughout this second tour and we were able to take more decent photos.

Love this shot.
Hanxin was pointing at a shark that was swimming over at the right time

Samuel must have gotten bored feeding the fish at the touch pool, he joined Hanxin Kor Kor later when they were at the crab exhibition section.

And got another shot of his favorite crab (ketam! it's c-r-a-b :p) with Hanxin Kor Kor.

Our tummies were screaming hunger after our Underwater World escapade and we reckoned that we couldn’t survive until we went back into town for dinner. So we made do with the restaurant just outside the oceanarium. Surprisingly the food was OK and not as expensive as we thought it would be.

That was our last itinerary in Sentosa before we called the cab to head home.

It was Singapore National Day that day. There was a beautiful fireworks display around the time we left, as part of the celebration we guess. We missed it but Hanxin Kor Kor and entourage managed to catch some stunning displays in the sky when their cab was crossing the Sentosa Bridge.

We were glad that we went for the ocean experience package. The timing and planning were just nice; the kids enjoyed to the fullest and managed to grab rests in between.
We adult had a very fulfilling day too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dolphin Experience at Sentosa Island

We allocated the whole of Sunday to explore Sentosa Island. After considering up and down, checking in and out and re-considering left and right, we all agreed not to purchase the promotional Sentosa Choice Package which offers up 30% for visiting 4 attractions.
With 7 adults and 2 kids on tow, we figured that it would be hard to plan and rush through all the attractions within the day. We wanted our trip to be as relaxing as possible so we opted for some ocean experience; the Dolphin Lagoon and Underwater World charged at SGD22.90 per pax.

We started our day with a simple breakfast at home before having another brunch at Vivo City, Food Republic. Choices of food were aplenty, all of us managed to find something to our liking.

Water preview at Vivo City, Water Fountain Entrance.
We let Samuel soaked wet alone to take this shot :p

View from the train crossing the sea to Sentosa Island.

We took the train to Sentosa Island then, alighted at the Beach Station and took the shuttle to Dolphin Lagoon with quite a few minutes to spare before the 1pm show.

Synchronized jump


Adorable too : )

The show was still interesting albeit simplified. Mommy remembers that the dolphin could actually jump up high to touch some beach balls hanging up in the air last time. This time the dolphins merely did some jumps and made a few appearances. Well, it’s interesting nevertheless, Samuel had no complaint. He even said he wanted to touch the dolphin when asked by Big Yee Yee. Which was quite surprising considering how he loathes getting wet in the water for no reason.
So, Mommy had no reason not to give in to this request.
We were charged SDG15 for one photo with the dolphin and a maximum of 2 persons were allowed for the session. Mommy went of with Samuel of course.

This is the photo taken by the management.
Mommy scanned it from a hard copy, the colors do not differ much from the original.

This is the photo taken by Big Yee Yee with our own camera.

And this is the video by Big Jiu Jiu capturing the entire experience.

The dolphin was a bit disturbed initially by Samuel’s shirt as he was wearing a bright color but was quickly calm down by her instructor.
Samuel was very quiet and did not make any big movement. Either that he listened to the instruction provided during a briefing earlier or he was too awed.

He only broke his silence when he was heading back towards the beach when he saw some ocean-weed. The instructor too couldn’t hold her amusement and let out a giggle or two : )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Wait Here ar ..

We think Samuel is a very expressive toddler. He has no problem giving his all when it comes to laughing, giggling, talking ......
and unfortunately whining and crying too.
We have received tons of comments on how melodious Samuel could be when he talks; charming and absolutely manja.

At times, there is no way we could say no to his request that’s asked oh-so-nicely regardless of how ludicrous it could be or how out-of-time we were then.

If he asks to press the lift button himself, we’ll let him.
If he asks to take his own sweet time to wear his own shoes, we’ll let him.
If he says he wants to help in cleaning his own potty, we’ll let him …

If he offers to help Mommy to put on the plaster on her wound, of course Mommy lets him too.

Mommy: ouch. There’s a cut on Mommy’s hand

Samuel: Let Samuel see
.. ..
Samuel: Sayang, sayang
.. ..
Samuel: Samuel take a plaster for Mommy. You wait here ar

And Samuel really went to take a plaster, tore off the wrapper, fixed it nicely onto Mommy’s wound and threw the wrapper away

(Ok… not so pro. But ain’t the point)

Now who else need to get her wound dressed?

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Singapore Zoo Escapade Again

Hanxin Kor Kor had a swimming lesson on Saturday and had invited Samuel to join him. But Samuel had been asking for the zoo ever since he knew we were going to Singapore.
Now, we wouldn’t wanna disappoint this little adventurer would we?
So we made arrangement to go to the zoo first and Hanxin Kor Kor with company would join us after lunch.

Naturally, there were a lot of kids squealing in the morning, Samuel was all excited about his zoo excursion. One thing good about staying at a place where we can call home when traveling is that, we can really make ourselves at home.
Fyone Yee’Yee’s hospitality was super. We had no problem sleeping, napping, and eating what-so-ever. We left the house promptly at 10.
The cab that we took that day was slow, we were an inch away from asking the driver to speed up his engine :p
But then we did not want distract his focus as he was all worked up promoting the Singapore new-water. We reached the zoo some half an hour later only.

Since we missed the sea lion show last round, this time we headed straight to the Splash Amphitheatre to catch the 11am show. There was a big crowd but we still managed to find a comfy spot to settle down.

It was still the same old show, same as the one we caught a few years ago and a year before that. Samuel was thrilled nevertheless, for the first 15 minutes and the few minutes after the show where he could view the sea lion close up.

After lunch, we went for more animal viewing. Samuel asked for his favorite lion right away. Some of the animals were hidden from view though. We reckoned that it was resting time for them too. What best to do if not lazed around after filling the tummies?

Nice shaded spot

Errr…. may be this leopard hasn’t had his yet.
Look that those stares!

Samuel dozed off by the time Hanxin Kor Kor arrived. Mommy and Po Po took the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or two while Big Jiu Jiu went on a second errr…shift. He accompanied Hanxin Kor Kor, Fyone Yee Yee and Big Yee Yee for more animals viewing and a second round of the sea lion show.

The time was just nice when Samuel woke up right after the show…. (ok, it was more like waken up by us :p). We were right on time for the elephant show.

Samuel enjoyed it more this round. No sudden screaming from Mommy and no water splashing all over him. We learned our lesson and sat at the last row : )

After the satisfied heavy dose of animals viewing, the kids were more than happy to move on to the next attraction. The water park fun!

Hanxin Kor Kor wasted no time and ran havoc the moment we changed him to his swimming suit. Samuel on the other hand was more conservative.
He likes water a lot but would prefer if they don’t go right smack into his face.

He made this ball water gun his possession most of his time there. On and off he found thrill running into the pool too.
Mommy stayed near to him all the time but passed on the pool. Mommy was not dress up for the task. But then, Samuel was totally independent and did not need Mommy at all. He avoided the deep pool and places with mass water.

After an hour of water fun, we were all exhausted and got ready to head home. After settling the all important tummies matter that is.
We met up with Small Jiu Jiu and Christine Jie Jie at Downtown East for dinner and called it a day after that.