Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Goodies Earned

It meant to be a last minute shopping trip at end of the day but when we saw the Enfa Camp held by Mead Johnson at Queensbay Mall last weekend, we did not have second thought to forgo our shopping plan : )

Similar to the earlier promotional event we went last time, Samuel was given an activity card to complete before he could redeem a goodie bag.

We have to say, it was a better organized event.

Firstly, all the guests were required to have their body temperature checked at the entrance to the camp. The organizer then provided sanitizer for their guests to have their hands clean. We reckoned this was done in view of the H1N1 outbreak.

Then, their activities were more suitable and attractive for toddlers. There were matching games, computer games, ‘golf’ driving and even a session to advice parents on the important of AHA/DHA (which we thought they were over exaggerating la).
Samuel had no problem completing ‘em all. He earned his free goodie bag with ease.

The goodies bag provided was a better one too. It contained a sticker book, Enfa product sample, a toy and some leaflets.
The bag itself was a bad choice though. It was made of plastic and not too attractive.

With so much effort had been put on everything else, we would think that paper or recyclable bag would be a perfect fit.

Nonetheless, it’s a well organized camp. Samuel enjoyed it a lot.

Sleeping Angel

Normally if Samuel rolls off his bed onto the pillow fortress we built for him, Mommy will carry him back to sleep on his own bed.
He is not a sound sleeper, he likes to roll from left to right and back and forth when he sleeps.

He rolled off his bed again yesterday night and as usual Mommy went to his aid. But this time, Mommy couldn’t carry him due to her errrr.... imaginary illness, so Mommy whispered to Samuel so.

What happened the next few second was too adorable to be described.

Samuel flapped his arms and legs as though to stay afloat in the air,

Reached out his hands in the dark trying to turn over,

Grabbed hold of his security blanket aka lampin,

Slowly crept back onto his bed,

Belly crawled up to the top,

And hit his head onto his pillow.

All this while still sleeping with his eye closed.

Cute eh?
Our Sleeping Angel : )
We almost felt bad for not helping him up :p

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Force Was With Us

It must be the last cinema outing that hyped us … or rather Mommy up. We brought Samuel for another show last week not knowing that it was not a cartoon but a 'human' show with added 3D characters.
Actually, Daddy knew about it but assumed that Mommy was aware too. And thought Mommy would know better if Samuel would enjoy it.

The truth is, Samuel does not enjoy 'human' show as much. He would have lost his interest easily if we were to watch the show at home.

GForce was not too bad per se but it did not have the basic criteria to keep his interest level up (we are not into it either)
- too little animal characters
- practically 0 cartoon characters
- too much talking
- too little action
- too little accompanying song or music
- not enough colors

But Samuel was a total darling. He behaved himself throughout the show even though it bored him to the core. Perhaps the cinema dark environment, the crowd and the popcorn had something to do with it.

In any case, we are very proud of him.

He will behave when the situation calls for it!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Khoo Kongsi

And our last long weekend continued with another sight-seeing..

To a place nearby, Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi

It must have been a very very long time ago as Mommy remembers that it used to cost us nothing to gain entrance into this gem.
Time is different now, we were charged RM5 per pax for the entrance fee. 4 postcards were given complimentary though.

We used the Cannon Square entrance, there is some interesting history behind this entrance and apparently behind the whole kongsi itself. Too bad there ain’t any guided tour with commentator available.
The artwork of this kongsi is very intricate and mesmerizing indeed. Every corner gives out a different impression everytime you see ‘em from a different angle.
Every inch is a good subject for photography.

Oh btw, photography is allowed. We asked : ).
And the staffs that we stumbled upon that day were far less snobbish than this place.

Family houses

The Khoo Kongsi

The Opera House

The kongsi entrance

Intricate artwork

From a different angle

More intricate art work

And more

and more ...

Roof - inside view

Roof - outside view

Mural that looks like a chalk drawing

Windows pane with kampung hint

There’s a modern gallery there too located just below the kongsi. Guest can only use the side entrance. This gallery is loaded with pictures and fitted with an Opera Viewing Hall that is styled to our great-grandparents’ era. The main purpose is of course to feed ‘em, interested guest with as information related to this place, but we would think that a guided tour would have given a greater impact.

Inside the Gallery

Catching an Opera Show

With full blown lights

End of the tour

This Heritage Site is located at the end of Armenian St hidden from the busy road with no big signboard what-so-ever. We don’t think casual tourist will be able to bump into this place. We ourselves almost couldn’t find the place given that our last visit was ages ago.

Samuel did not enjoy the visit as much as we did, too young to appreciate perhaps. But we have no doubts we’ll be visiting the place again.
Probably not too soon though.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sounds like a pretty innocent expression eh? We did not give it much thought when Samuel picked it up from us.
He started soft, mainly to ask us to repeat what it was that he was not able to catch.
Then it became louder, he must had find it cute. We too found it cute ….. then.

Now, it’s becoming a cliché. He uses it all the time for all the wrong reasons even when he hears us fine the first time round.
And the high pitch stunt he is pulling ain’t so cute anymore.

We tried to correct him to say 'pardon?' instead but he loves this expression too much to part with it. Sometimes when Daddy prohibits him to say 'huh?', Samuel will run to Mommy with teary eyes and tattle tale his Daddy as though is a bully of some sort.

So, we kinda work on a middle ground. Samuel can say 'huh' all he wants when talks to Mommy but only 'pardon' is allowed when talking to Daddy.

Couldn’t expect a change overnight right?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taiping Half Day Tour

We spent the long weekend just past relaxing at home with some adhoc sight-seeing nearby. Well, not so adhoc but did not require much planning either.

One of the places of attraction we went to was the Taiping Zoo. Yup, we’ve just went to a great zoo escapade not long ago but then Samuel is not getting tired of ‘em animal just yet. And he couldn’t care less if it’s a state-of-art zoo or errr….just a state zoo. As long as there are animals, he’s a happy chap.

The drive to Taiping Zoo was longer than expected; the traffic was slow moving on both the highway and the trunk road. The drive took us almost 1.5 hours end-to-end. Festive traffic we assumed.

We were not sure if it’s a norm during weekends and public holidays but the crowd that day was madness. A total contrast from our previous isit. Talking about the previous visit, can anyone confirm if the entrance tickets for the Taiping Zoo 2 years ago are priced at RM5 per pax?
We did not record it down but we don’t think it’s RM12 which is what we are paying right now.
Why the vast increase eh?

We opted for the foot tour this time round and viewed far more animals as compared to the train tour last time.
The zoo is relatively small, we only used-up an hour to finish touring the place. But glad it was so. The sky was clear and the sun was bright that day. Though most of the routes were shaded by trees, we could still feel rays burning into our skin.
It did not help that our walk was not the most pleasant one; we had to halt very frequently to make way for the train that used the same walking route. And trust us, there were hundreds of ‘em that day………..

Ok, may be not!.

Animals were not aplenty though quite a lot of varieties. Most of the animals were caged, some with only a lone representative and some were no where to be seen; either they went into hibernation after their meals or…just MIA :p

Their smallest monkey residents and crocodiles were commendable though. Interesting and not commonly found elsewhere.

That's a wrap on the zoo

Though we very much like to visit the Lake Garden after the zoo, we were too hungry to loiter around. We couldn’t see any restaurant within the walking distance. So we scrapped that idea and drove out to town instead,
Stopped at the very first decent restaurant we saw and had chicken rice with fishballs for lunch.
No complaint there, the food was nice and it filled our tummies.

We stopped by the State Museum on our way out to the highway. Funny that the State Museum is located in Taiping and not the state capitol eh?

Interesting display in the compound

Anyway, only the Natural History Gallery was opened for the public. The rest were closed for upgrading work.
This gallery houses some stuffed (we assumed as they were really realistic looking) animals, some mocked (again assumption as they were fake looking) animals and some animals skeletons.

Nothing much.

This is the whole gallery

So we did not stay long.

It was closed to 3 by the time we left Taiping, JIT for Samuel’s afternoon nap.

We had ours too, when we reached home that is : )

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Best Answer

Did we mention that Samuel likes us to read him "bedtime" story before he sleeps everyday?

He will pick the book himself and asks us to read together with him. Yes, together. He will read or ask questions as much too.

There’s rarely an occasion that we will able to finish reading the book uninterrupted. It’s always a 2-way "reading".

There’s this one book that fascinates him lately and we were reading this particular section yesterday.

The Opposite Words.

Samuel would tell Mommy what’s the opposite of the word that Mommy read.
Aided by images, Samuel got each one of them correct

Q: What’s the opposite of thin?
A: Fat!

Q: Short?
A: Tall!

Q: Up?
A: Down!

Q: Happy?
A: Sad!

And so on until .....

Mommy: What is the opposite of New?
Samuel: (thought for half a second)
Not New!

: )
We couldn’t think of a better answer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Still a Gentle Baby

We blog about how gentle a baby Samuel was last year. One year down the road, let’s have another check, shall we?
Not that we have been instilling roughness in him for the past year, we just thought that he might have pick up a trick or two by himself without us interfering.

The thing is, we are secretly hoping that Samuel could be a little bit more aggressive as so to protect himself.
Sure there are times when he would tattle-tale to Mommy when Daddy sorta 'bully' him in the house

or he would whine out loud when we would not let him has his way.
But that’s as far as his aggressiveness goes. He rarely fights back, instead he will just sit still and shed his crocodile tears.

We assume the same goes if he ever goes into any "toy-fighting" with his friends or at the daycare.

We have caught him standing still without a word when his classmate pushed him several times right smack on the chest. They were both wearing their shoes when we mothers picking ‘em up :O, so there was no reason what-so-ever to grant such behavior. Perhaps the classmate was just playful, but still too rough we would say.

Then there was a time when Mommy picked him up with a deep cut on his cheek right below the eye. Apparently the classmate scratched him with his long fingernails when they were doing coloring….

When they were both coloring?
We are dreaded to think how and if a commotion really took place!

Perhaps his gentleness is the product of the restrictions we imposed. We always encourage him to be friendly and we prohibit him to exhibit any kind of abrasiveness,

cannot fight with friend,
cannot do this
and cannot do that!

SO, Daddy is trying a different approach now. He gave our boy the license to fight :O

If the friends push Samuel, Samuel can push back.
If the friends fight with Samuel, Samuel can fight back.

But if the friends did not push Samuel, then Samuel cannot push the friend.
If the friends did not fight with Samuel, then Samuel cannot fight with the friend.

Lets see how our Darling fare onwards, shall we?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Samuel is THREE

Samuel reached another very important milestone this month. He has crossed the 3 years old mark.
Not quite a baby who we held in our arms 3 years back but still very much the baby we know he was.

He has yet to miss any of his clinic’s appointments; we diligently bring him back every half or a year or so for height and weight measurements and also for his de-worm medicine.
His height is recorded at 99cm and weight at 14.5kgs.
It is getting increasingly difficult to carry Samuel now. Mommy couldn’t even carry him for a second longer than…..

ok, we did not time but it’s definitely a very very short timeframe.
It does not help Mommy’s back that Samuel absolutely loves to be carried too.

At 3 years old, Samuel has acquired every skill that a toddler should and perhaps could have. Whether he wants to use the skill to his own good or not is another story. For instance, he knows how to wear his clothes but will still prefer us to wear them for him at times just to manja.

At the toilet front; diaper was history by the time he turned two but we still couldn’t kiss the potty goodbye yet as he only wants to poo in the potty (if he can help it) and not the toilet. He has no problem using the toilet for his small business though. He will throw in some post-cleaning too after he is done :p.

On communications front, we don’t know how to begin and certainly have no idea on how to end it. Our Darling can just talk and talk and talk and ….. (even by repeating it a hundred times, it does no justice on how chat-able our Boy is). Samuel can talk and ask about everything under the sun … or no sun as a matter of fact. At times when we’re tired of repeating the answers, we would just give him a nod or a hmmmmm…..
Which don’t work of course!
Samuel does not usually accept a "No" for an answer and will continue to pester us until we budge.
Pesters? Errrr............. sound familiar to ahem! hor?

We always know that he is a smooth talker. It becomes even more evident lately.
He has not problem greeting strangers,
Or calling everyone aloud when he sees them,
Or saying "Thank you-s",
Or returning a smile,
Or saying "Sorry" when he senses that Mommy is getting a tad angry (he will go all silence when Mommy is really angry),
Or saying "I love Mommy" or "I love Daddy" out of the blue complete with a bear hug :O
Yes, all the charming acts of love!

Oh, and then there are other acts from him too. Some of which we see as more daring than independent. He is no doubt has learned a lot through observation. There are things that we did not want to teach him for good reasons, but somehow he managed to figure them out himself.
He knows which key in the remote control to press in order to pause his favorite show,
He knows how to operate the DVD player,
He knows that there is this tiny on-off switch hidden at the bottom of his backhoe-loader that controls it together with its remote controller,
He knows how to switch on the living room fan and lights :O

There was this one day that he sent us both amused and shocked.
He woke up earlier than Mommy and Daddy, opened the bedroom door and went outside playing about alone without disturbing us. Which was all good and very independent of him. But the thing was, we noticed that the living room lights and the fan were on when we woke up. This puzzled us as we did not switch them on and the switches were placed high-up on the wall.
So, there leave only one person who could have on ‘em all switches.

This is what he said when we asked him how he did it

Samuel turn-turn the button like this
(hooked and unhooked his fingers to show us)

And how he could reach the buttons so high up in the wall

Samuel climb up the chair lor
(which is actually the couch arm rest in order to reach that height)

:O :O

We were amused on how he could think outside dependencies but more worried at the same time. What if he falls down and knock the glass side table and hurt himself or something?

We think the word pain in the term "Growing up pain" is referring to the parents rather than the kid!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Lunch Party

To celebrate Samuel’s 3 years old birthday, we held a simple lunch party at home for close family last weekend. Actually, we had it at the cafe downstairs but still at the comfort of our very own home.

Same arrangement as what we did for his one year old birthday, we had the cafe prepared some dishes ala buffet style for us. This year, Mommy prepared additional cocktail drinks and jelly as dessert too.

We really have to comment the cafe for the help extended to us. To begin with, we were not charged a bomb for the lunch. And then we were free to help ourselves to whatever we need (ok, may be not whatever, but close) during the lunch.
And they also spared us some generous space in their fridge for our cakes, one of which sat there overnight : )

Our lunch started at 12 noon. Guests came directly after mass in the church, so we have plenty of time to mingle around the house before adjourned downstairs for the lunch.

These were what we ordered.

White rice, Fried beehoon, Curry chicken, Sweet sour fish, Mix vege with mushroom, Prawns fritters (extra fresh, extra big, extra satisfying!), Tohu, Nuggets, Cocktail sausages, Fishballs

Here are some shots pre-lunch

Playing with cousins

Hard at work…
Ok, one was working hard.
The other 2 were posing : )

During lunch

Post lunch where we cut the cake.

Custom Drawn Dinosaur Cake

Excitedly posing with his cake

Still excited

Got tired of posing :p

Missing from pix is Big Yee Yee.

Singing Happy Birthday song for himself

Some of Samuel’s presents’ shots. For his Yee Yee and Jiu Jiu’s eyes.

We ordered a second dinosaur cake for his daycare.
Nothing fancy, just cake cutting on the day itself only.

Thanks everyone! Samuel had a swell time.


Happy Birthday Darling!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fun at Fair

After a few detours for the past 2 weeks, we finally went to the Fun Fair as planned last weekend. Samuel sorta has this Ferris Wheels fascination planted in his mind ever since our last Singapore trip. He’s reminded of it again everytime we pass through Queensbay Mall.

So, yup, we went straight to the Ferris Wheels ride as soon as we reached. Adults were charged RM6 per ride and kids were charged RM4.
We were allowed to ascend in midst of other people ride. They did not have a system where all passengers have to wait or have to gather enough passengers before they turn the Wheels.
So amidst our ride, our capsule was stopped a few times too to let other passengers to hop onto theirs.

The capsules were open top type. There was no strong wind that night but we still could feel hints of breeze on and off. It was good we guessed, else the wind might rock our capsule.
Sights from the top were ok. We spotted the car park, roads, Penang Bridge, lots of lights, and the usual but it was too dark to see the sea.
Unlike Mommy who errr…. (ok, that’s another story altogether), Samuel did not exhibit any fear what-so-ever. Not even the slightest uncomfortable gesture.
He was standing up holding onto the railing to get a better view at one point. That sent Mommy into a fear frenzy momentarily. Other than that we were fine. The ride was fine.

The obligatory pose

Hanging up there

Calm enough to make funny faces

The gigantic Ferris Wheels

The other rides that we tried were the Bumper Car and a kinda Merry-Go-Round.
Mommy was no expert in maneuvering the Bumper Car;
we got bumped most of the time,
stayed idle some of the time
and drove the car very little of the time.
It was an interesting experience nevertheless. Samuel did not complain even though it was a errr… bumpy ride.

Sharing the Merry-Go-Round fleet with another Cutie

Bumpy Car

This Octopus is by no means meant for a toddler

The fair was very much like the Genting Theme Park; only that it’s tinnier, monotonous-er and less appealing.
All in all, it was still fun at the fair.