Friday, October 30, 2009

Blanket Worry

Samuel has a very comfy blanket that he has been using since he’s a baby……..

Actually, he used it as a baby,
then took a break when he learnt how to kick it off ,
now he’s back to loving it.

Since a few weeks back, every night and sometimes during afternoon nap, Samuel will ask us to cover his legs with his beloved blanket. He will look for his blanket semi-consciously in his sleep when he accidentally rolls it off. And when he finds it, he will wrap it around his tummy just like his Daddy.

Looks like we can strike off another worry from our list and Mommy can finally retire from waking up in the night to cover Samuel up with blanket.

But we do need to get another bigger blanket for him though.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday Market Again

Looks like we are becoming a somewhat regular at the Little Penang Street Market. We went there again last Sunday and had tons of fun yet again!

We shopped a little; though we tried to avoid overpriced stuff, we still ended up getting 3 pieces of overpriced cupcakes. It was not good btw; too sweet, not creamy and not fluffy.

We feast a little; Samuel finished almost a gigantic piece of cheese cake and he would have taken more if we did not stop him.

And we watched the special Festival-of-Lights performance.
Mommy let Samuel work with Mommy’s camera phone this time.

These shots were taken by Mommy.

This is one of the many that was taken by Samuel.
Most are good shots!

Looks decent after a minor cropping : )

And oh, Samuel did get something for himself too.

An origami jetplane.
Interesting art-work that is folded entirely by hand with no cutting involved.
It is made of scrap magazine paper too, meaning 0 cost is required?
The entire selling price is the profit?

It was sold at RM3 a piece.
Good business eh?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So far, we don’t have a problem managing Samuel’s sweet tooth. He does not have any special penchant for it.
He still does not take chocolate, candy or anything too colorful.
He does however, likes jelly, gummy chewy (less sweet type) and cakes sans the sweet cream.

Recently, he receives a goodie bag from Hanxin Kor Kor brought back by Big Yee Yee all the way from downsouth.
Suffice it to say, he is thrilled. It’s a bag full of goodies. He carefully selects what he wants and what he favors not. Each day, he will bring a portion of his goodies to Mommy and will ask Mommy to open for him.
As though he understands that he has a quota and can only have some each time. He rarely makes a fuss when we say he has had enough.
Perhaps that’s because we always let him have one or two on the days he asks.

Same goes with other candies. He’ll take whatever we are giving only. Sometimes less but rarely the more.

Last week, we let him try lollipop.

Today I’m trying the lollipop

Mommy say can only lick, cannot put into the mouth


A reluctant thumbs-up

That’s about his first experience on lollipop. A few licks :O.

Looks like we still need not to worry about his sweet-tooth just yet.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Once Bitten ….

Not Twice Shy...

We are slowly graduating Samuel from high chair now. Starting with having meals at our cafe downstairs. When we have meals elsewhere, highchair is still preferred as it will confine Samuel and prohibits him from running around the restaurant.

We will stack 2 chairs together to make it higher. But it also means that Samuel will have to climb higher to sit on his own chair. Sometimes we will help him, sometimes he’ll manage himself.

Perhaps that prompted him to be more daring. Now, Samuel attempts more than just chairs. The other day, he climbed on a wall, errr….. of slightly smaller version but wall nevertheless.
And stuck half way.
And he called out for us to help him down.
And not once but twice.

One might have learnt and would stay away from the wall climbing.

Well, not Samuel. He climbed ‘em walls again today and yes, has to be rescued again!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Penang Toy Museum

We went to the Penang Toy Museum last weekend. It is claimed to be the world largest of such : O

Before we go on to the impressive and fun part of our tour, let us get this out of our chests first.
Why on earth is this museum still allowed to operate on its current premise?

Not only it is rundown, it is hazardous for visitors. Poor lighting is one thing but it is very minor if compare to the floor and the partition finishing. 'Some' is an understated word, most part of the floors is practically non-existence, hollow, cracking and merely covered by pieces of planks. They look as if they could collapse anytime, so are the partition and cabinets.
There is this one notice which the management pasted on one of the stages to alert visitors that a kid fractured his arm when it collapsed earlier. But then that was because the kid climbed onto the stage to begin with.
Still, very hazardous!

Now, on with our tour. It was an adhoc visit. So we were not armed with our proper camera and stuff. After our Saturday breakfast out, we took a leisurely drive to the Tg Bungah Toy Museum.
From outside, the place looks exactly like a few years ago which was our last visit.
Further inside however….

Kids over 2 years of age are charged RM6 while adults are charged RM10 for entrance fees. No tickets were issued, we paid and we went in.
Not before snapping a few photos at the entrance of course.

The toys collection is very impressive indeed. We could see a lot of the more current subjects added into the collection and not only the old toys we’ve seen years ago.

We could understand why the smaller toys have to be confined in the plastic cabinets but is it necessary for those live size figurines?
Poor lightings and reflections from the plastic cabinets made the photography less fun. But then again, it might just be our lousy camera phones :p

Samuel was in good sport mood to pose for us everytime we asked and at times when we were not asking too. It got to a point where he would just mimicked the toy’s action and paused to let us snapped his photos.

He calls them the Mosquitoes Monster.
We had no idea why, perhaps the similarity in appearance.
He started calling them such since we watched the Nightmare Before Christmas show a while ago.

One leg kick



Dr. Indy

This is character fromone of Daddy’s favorite video game, Ragnarok.
The color contrast makes a good photo.

Samuel has no ideas who are these

Cpt Jack Sparrow

Lil Darth?

Posing without prompted.


It was a good tour really. Suitable for both kids and adults with a wide range of toys available. Daddy couldn't stop admiring : )

Fascinated with the Halloween Pumpkin

So much that Samuel clicked and clucked and clicked (accidently evidently) and made this Mommy's laptop wall paper!

Samuel asked "Why is the Giant Buig so sad?"
The he answered himself "Is it because trap in the glass?"

Would we go again?
Perhaps not anytime soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Laundry Class

Today I am helping Mommy to fold the laundry.

I’m starting with simpler square pieces such as my lampin which I double as very-big-hanky now

First, lay it down flat on the floor

Then take the lower 2 edges and fold them to the top edges

Repeat one more time to form the long rectangular

Then fold to the side

And another time

Then stack ‘em clothes together

There, we are all good!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Butler

Throw him a bow tie and a towel and he is all ready to go!

Every time when we come back from outside, Mommy will make it a point to wash Samuel’s hands and legs first before everything else.

This is exactly what Samuel does these few days when Mommy is tight-up at work and Daddy picks him up from the daycare.
He is not giving Daddy any hard time and then some.

By the time that Mommy reaches home, Samuel would have settled down and plays in the living room.

As soon as he hears foot steps at the front gate,

He will open the wooden door (yes, he knows how to open the locked door from inside),

Help Mommy with her shoes (more like supervise Mommy to put her shoes back properly into the shoe rack)

And remind Mommy to wash her hands and her legs before proceeding to the living room.

So, what does Mommy gets for being such a good gal on those days?
A hug and a kiss of course!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kampung Life

Almost .....

The boys woke up early in the morning

The sun had yet to rise

We lazed around the house

Still in our, errr…….the boys still in their pjs

We went for our morning walk

Watching the chicks scrounging the earth

Watching the bird starting their day

Playing with ‘em birds

Treated ‘emself snacks

The almost kampung life is indeed …. wonderful!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roti Baby

Saturday is a rest day for the cafe downstairs, so normally we will have breakfast out every Saturday.
And normally we will go for our usual dose of butter and sugar toast.

However, lately Roti Canai’s popularity is growing among us …. well more precisely Samuel.
He is working it like a pro. He has yet to try ‘em with curries but at the rate he is going, soon we’ll say.

Tonight, we tried the Roti Tisu.

And of course he loves that too!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clumsy Mommy

How did Mommy end up being an un-cool clumsy Mommy?

Well, it all started as an innocent expression when Mommy was errr… indeed clumsy. 'Ya know, butter fingers, big prawn head and so forth.

And then Mommy started to use this "clumsy" word unintentionally in apologizing context.

Sorry, Mommy was clumsy just now.

Now, Samuel absolutely likes it when there’s a chance to pin-point how clumsy Mommy is even when Mommy is not clumsy by definition!

When Mommy forgets to take the key

Mommy is clumsy

When Mommy drops his shoes

Mommy is clumsy

When correcting Mommy for an innocent incorrect answer.

No, that’s a van not a car.
Just now Mommy clumsy


So, you say la. How not to be a clumsy Mommy?

Friday, October 09, 2009

Slow Down

This is another instance where Samuel learnt up stuff unbeknownst to us.
Problem with learning through observation is that, kids will pick up whatever that comes their way at whenever it is. Sometimes we will miss which to hold back and which to let through.

Samuel was playing with his train toy set today and decided he wanted to show Mommy how to control the train traffic.
This is the train traffic light,

Red, Stop
Green, Go.

Mommy then took the liberty to ask him,

How about yellow?

This is how Samuel answered,

Yellow, Go very fast.

Oh o…...
We are very sure we did not teach him that :p

And no-no. We don’t go errr.... faster when we see a yellow light :p

Thursday, October 08, 2009


There are reasons why we are not teaching Samuel on certain stuff; how to on the TV, pause the DVD, switch on the fan, operate the phones…... yet.
We do not want him to help himself with the forbidden "toys" that may do more harm than good.

But somehow Samuel found his way to pick ‘em up. Through observation.
And of course, there are times that he would have the chance to lay his hands on those "toys".
Like this afternoon. Mommy was busy in the kitchen. Samuel got hold of Mommy’s cellphone and this was what he did.

The pictures are blurry, the placements were all wrong but hey, we have not taught him on how to operate the camera. Yet he managed to snap some pictures with a few short video in between.

This is his mirror shot with default light settings.
An evidence of him taking a picture of himself in midst of taking a picture : )

We couldn’t help but to praise him sky high even though he was not in the right to fiddle with our camera : )