Friday, November 27, 2009

Picnic By The Sea

It was only yesterday that Daddy suggested a picnic outing. But since there’re only 3 of us, it's fairly easy to plan though it’s last minute.

We just need a picnic bag and a picnic mat.

In the bag, we had cheese and egg sandwiches that Mommy prepared early in the morning,
coffee kept in a thermo flask.
disposable cups and plate
packet drinks
and extra clothes for Samuel.

And on our way to the beach, we picked up some mineral water from the convenient mart.
That pretty much sum-up all the picnic essentials we need : )

We reached the public beach behind the Paradise Sandy Bay Hotel slightly before 10am, just nice for our late breakfast. The weather was perfect; bright and sunny. We laid our mat at a shaded spot right in front of the water sport kiosk with very good view of all the sport activities there.

It did not take us long before we decided to try some of the activities too.

Samuel having a bite with Daddy

Mommy’s coffee smells extra nice today : )

Kept on cleaning his feet initially

Having a walk by the beach with Daddy

Playing with waves

We decided to try the parasailing. Although the instructor said Mommy and Daddy could both go up together in one sail and they would help keep an eye on Samuel, we opted for separate rides.
Hey, ‘ya don’t think we’ll let a stranger take care of Samuel while we are a hundred feet above the sea, do ‘ya?

Samuel sitting like an Angel on the picnic mat while watching us parasailing.

This is Daddy pre-sail

This is Daddy’s near perfect landing

This is Daddy post-sail

This is Mommy pre-sail

This is Mommy sailing

This is Mommy post sail

And this is Samuel still sitting like an Angel when both Mommy and Daddy was away….
just a few feet away though.

After our sails, we brought Samuel for his maiden horse ride.

Samuel was reserved initially and declared that he had enough 10 seconds into the ride. But then the horse grew in him, he asked questions about it non-stop throughout the ride. By the end of the ride, Mommy had exhausted all info known to her about horses.

Samuel making funny faces
The horse owner was a bit overly friendly too. He helped us to take photos non-stop and gave us a longer ride.
But really, 15 mins was more than enough as there’s really nothing much new to see after that.

The sun was setting right above our heads by the time we finished our activities. That’s our cue to clean up and head our way back to the city for lunch.
Perfect timing.

Will we come back again?

You bet!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Story Telling

Sometimes we read bedtime prayers

Sometimes we just read random pictures

Sometimes we read bedtime stories

Sometimes we just make up some bedtime stories :p

The current craze is dinosaur story.

Samuel loves it so much, he tells his own stories now.

Complete with props and action : O

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vit C Overdose

Samuel has moved on from only plain ‘ol water to more fanciful drinks.

Not that we’re complaining but Samuel never wanted to try other drinks when he was younger; be it carbonated, herbal, healthy or non-healthy drinks.

He only started to experiment purple juice (blackcurrants) sometime back; that was after a few coaxes and after ‘em adult made a big deal out of his successful first try.
Yogurt drink did not need much persuasion and the rest ..... well was history. Though he is still cautious on some of the healthier drinks we offer him, he is definitely more open to them now.

One drinks that he absolutely loves is the fresh orange juice with no ice. He’ll order it himself every time we eat out; breakfast, lunch and dinner. And he will finish the whole mug until the very last drop of the juice.

Looks like we will have one less "essential" to lug along soon when we are out and about…. his water tumbler!

Samuel’s Grand Aunty Birthday lunch.
Samuel had his dose of Vit C when everybody else was having tea.

And wait, Daddy was having freshly squeezed orange juice too.
Now, is there any wonder why Samuel likes orange juice so much?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Year End Parents-Teacher Dialogue

Samuel’s school schooling semester ended this week. We attended the second Parents-Teachers Dialogue yesterday.
The first was held back in May where the children were rewarded with a small gift (Samuel got a toy car) and parents had the chance to have an 1-1 dialog with the school teachers.

Yesterday event was again well organized and again Mommy forgot to bring the camera to capture Samuel’s moment :p.
But fret not, the very kind school principle offered to give us softcopies of Samuel’s photos where available. They shot tons during the Children’s Day and Samuel is bound to appear in some since he won the first prize for Best Costume for his year.

The school organized a few events in November leading to this weekend dialogue. Some of which were age appropriate competition such as writings, colorings and quizzes. For Samuel’s year, they had the Nursery Rhymes Recitation Competition.
Then they had the Rewards Day where all the children could select their own presents. And then they had the Children’s Day which we have blogged about
Parents were not invited to all these events so as not to distract the children and add to their anxiety.

Parents were to be informed on their children’s progress and the activities outcome during the dialogue only. Any prize collection would be done at the same time too.

The school set up a few stations at the foyer for some mini exhibition on the children’s’ work and for rewards collection.

We were ushered to the classroom to meet the teacher as soon as we arrived. Samuel school teachers then ran through his report card and his progress in the school with us.

Samuel scored A and A+ for everything under evaluation as we’ve predicted back in May (have a read here on how we accurately predicted it).
The children progress are all evaluated individually and not gauged among peers. That explains a lot why (we assume) all children will score A for everything at the end of the schooling year.

Samuel shows the biggest improvement in Emotional Development where he jumped from C+ to A over 3 semesters.
As for the rest, his teacher commented that Samuel was already well established during the time he that enrolled into the school. So improvement was rather static.

Samuel won 3rd prize in his class for the Nursery Rhymes Recitation; Two Little Dickie Birds. The children were dressed in a bird suit and recited the rhymes a few days earlier. We already got a hint of the outcome from his school principal then but we only received the confirmation of his wining during the dialogue.
Though Samuel is oblivious of his winning, we are very proud parents.

After the dialogue, we were given coupons to collect the prizes.

Samuel with his trophy for the Nursery Rhymes Recitation win.
At the backdrop, are the individual ‘lil bird photos of all the children : )

Samuel with his prize for the Best Costume win.
At the backdrop, are the photos taken during the Children’s Day

Samuel looking cool in his shade.

He selected this together with a cute pencil as his reward.

Did we mention that we are very proud of him?
Oh yes, we are!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Children's Day

We received the year-end activities schedule from Samuel's daycare earlier in the month and got to know that they are lining up a few event leadint to the semester-end.
None of those require parents presence though, except for the dialogue that will be held this weekend.
Most of the activities will be carried out together with the teachers only.

The school is celebrating the Children's Day for the 3-6 years old children this week with a potluck theme party.

Since Mommy is experimenting her sewing skill lately, we decided to make him a costume for the party.

Many has commented that the costume looks more like a traditional Chinese wear but Mommy was actually going for the Little Red Indian native look, the theme for Samuel’s potluck party.

The brown leaf was added much later only to substitute the feather since we couldn’t find a bigger one. Small feathers alone makes it look less significant.

As for the potluck, Mommy got up early in the morning to prepare this.

Steam jumbo cheese sausage, fresh cucumber, lightly cook yellow pepper and carrots, cheese slice

Then they were fixed together using the food pick like this.

Rays of sunshine!
Colorful : )

Samuel must have been excited about the day too, he woke up early in the morning and was in his best self; bubbly and smiley.

Here’s our ‘lil Indian Boy

He got his Daddy to pose with him before Daddy left for work too.

Unlike the Teacher's Appreciation Day where the children had a subtle morning Apple Breakfast with their teachers, the Children's Day was celebrated loud in full force.

There were drums, an Indian tent put up at the entrance, canopy at the foyer for the party, teachers dressed in Red Indian costume and a station for the children to have their face painted.
Samuel gave the face-paint a pass though, not his cup of coffee : )

There was a big crowd when we arrived; a lots of parents with children dressed to the theme lingered around for photos taking and stuff. Mommy saw a very pretty gal in her Indian princess costume complete with fur boots :O Cute!

Well, Mommy was not armed with any camera as Mommy was not aware on the scale of this event earlier.

Mommy left promptly after dropping Samuel to join his friend.

Samuel gave a very good feedback that he had a good time in school when Mommy picked him up after lunch.
And that he came back with these.

Samuel won the best dress costume for his category.

Gee… we didn’t even know there was a contest. Must be one of the surprises the teachers came out with to spoil the kids. It’s their day after all.

And oh, Samuel told us the #1 Ribbon is a decoration only when we asked. How innocent : )

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pretty Food

Although Samuel is not a picky eater, he is not an easy one either. He will be picky….. or rather has his own opinion when the occasion calls for it.
He does not fancy cutesy food :O

He has no problem eating bahulu or cookies (though still does not favor the chocolate) or jelly or cream cake and stuff.
But if they come in the form of cute little flowers or animal shapes or anything pretty, Samuel will not eat them. Even if they taste just the same :O

The other day, Mommy bake some butter cookies together with Samuel with the new cookies cutter Big Jiu Jiu got Samuel ages ago.
The Dino cutter, one of Samuel’s favorite animals.

Samuel was thrilled as Mommy let him handled the very important ingredient, the vanilla syrup. He followed through the process from mixing the butter to rolling the dough to baking it in the oven.

He was clearly overjoyed and proud when we finally tasted the fruit of our labor.
He downed 6 at one go.


And not these
(They are from the same dough)


Because Samuel does not take pretty food :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do You Speak Dinosaur?

Samuel is still very much into his dinosaurs toys. Sometimes he plays with ‘em himself but more often than not, he wants company.
And his companies are feeling more pressurized by the day to keep up with him.


Because Samuel refers his dinosaurs by their species name. Not that he expects all his playmates to know the species name too, but we don’t wanna loose out by that much do we?

Sometimes Samuel will throw a question or two about the dinosaurs’ behavior too. As parents, we felt the void by not knowing ‘em (hard to be parents nowadays).
So, Mommy is into dinosaurs encyclopedia currently. Hopefully Mommy will be well-equipped with dino’s bullet in no time :p

We’ve also introduced the Jurassic Park movie to Samuel recently. Only the first half though where they have all the ooooooh and the aaaaaah cutesy dinosaurs. We skipped the second half when the violence starts.
Samuel loves it very much. He has no problem recognizing all the dinosaurs in the movie. Even for the one that he is not sure and we are not able to enlighten him, he names it closest to the dino species he knows.


Now, we are beginning to think that those lil scavenger are Dryosaurus too : )
It's contagious!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee

Not that we are fat

Or silly

Or look a like

We just …….

Dress a like : )

Ok, may be not that too. Almost though.

That’s Samuel latest peejay sewn by Mommy. The fabrics beautiful marking and cutting are done by Po Po’s since Mommy is still not confident to yet.

Here’s Samuel paying full attention ….

buttoning up his peejay

Here’s Samuel modeling the pants.

Here’s Mommy….

Oh wait, no picture of Mommy’s peejay : )

Thursday, November 12, 2009


We know that Samuel only likes to scribble worms, halos and stuff.

Samuel calls it 'fire'

We 'know' that he is not keen on learning to write the alphabets yet as he hardly ask us to practice with him nor we asking him to practice writing 'em.
He did however show some tracing interest when playing with to Po Po a few months ago.

So, we were under the impression that he knows his abc but not the writing of it independently
So imagine our hype yesterday when ……

Actually, we are not quite sure how it happened. Mommy was watching the famous Little Nyonya show on TV and Daddy was working in the study room.
Samuel must have been bored playing with his toys when he decided to take out the whiteboard and started to scribble.
Then, he called for us and he showed us, AMUEL on the whiteboard.

He added the S later when Daddy asked him where his S has gone to.

2 new discoveries,

  • Samuel knows how to spell his name without our help
  • Samuel knows how to write his name without our help ..... albeit crooked alphabets.

Hey, it’s not for pretty handwriting contest. We are not complaining.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Confess

We are not sure if Samuel is getting rowdier now or if we are.
Of late, the scolding are getting a bit more intense, so are the fighting backs. At times, Samuel just like to say ‘no’ to us for the heh of it. Rebellious just because he can and stubborn just because he knows he can get away with it.

His strategy is crocodile tears or to apologize before we really loose our cool.

Samuel was ‘operating’ the fan remote control the other day when he accidentally press the timer button, but of course he did not know (still doesn’t actually) what it was then.
He got a bit freak-out to see the red light switch-on on the fan.

So, he confessed to us.

Samuel: Mommy, don’t scold me ah.
Daddy: What happen Samuel?

Samuel: Samuel on the fan. Then Samuel press this. Then the red color is on

He pointed to the ceiling fan and surrendered the remote control then.

So, how are we suppose to get angry with his confession?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The moment ....

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Excuse us for being ignorant parents, but since when the computer becomes a childhood necessity?
Kids everywhere nowadays are working it like a pro.

We almost feel guilty for not introducing the computer to Samuel earlier

As much as we tried to avoid, we just could help not to anymore. He is exposed to it so much that we’re at dead end on how to answer him what is this square box thing. The box that we and practically everybody else so engrossed with.

Samuel has been practicing his computer skills since a few weeks back. He knows how to type the alphabets and change ‘em from small letters to capital letters. He knows how to work the mouse, the touch pad, the shift key, the delete key, arrows and stuff.

Fast becoming his favorite past time now is harvesting crops in the Farmtown, clicking on Youtube music videos (controlled videos of course) and the ultimate typing ABCs on the computer,

So much that he is not keen to learn how to write it. Typing is faster it seems.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

All By Myself

Our toilet has been long equipped with this.

And recently, we added these.


Because Samuel has been telling us these for the past few weeks and we don’t want the slippery floor to spoil it for him.

I go shee-shee by myself.

I wash hand by myself

Mommy, you go outside and watch tv.

Mommy, you don’t wait here, you go sleep on there

He is going in and out the toilet doing his own business day in day out now.
He is doing it all by himself; from taking off his pants, to stand and aim, to flush, to washing his hands complete with the soap and to wearing his pants back.

Wow, our boy has grown up so much.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I Can Bring My Battalion Out Now

Initially Samuel has a lil doubt on the apple motive bag.

Now, he is sporting it everywhere as he can bring his own toys out.
He would have bring the bag to his school too if he could help it.

Yes, he absolutely adores his Apple Messenger Bag. More so when there are other kids and adults alike ask him about his bag.

But when the thrill worn off or when he wants to run about and the bag is getting into his way,
he'll abandon it to us :p