Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A White Christmas Party

It was only last month that Samuel’s day care had a big bash for Children’s Day, they are having another one this week.
: O
It’s the Christmas Party

We are not complaining though. It’s great that his school put so much effort into organizing these activities for them.

The theme for the party is white and again it’s potluck.
Mommy thought of baking some cupcakes initially …. Well Mommy did bake them but have to throw them away

Nothing wrong with the cake actually, it was the paper cup.
Mommy used the golden color type this time thinking that they are more striking and add a ‘lil more yuletide feel to this holiday season. Unfortunately the gold color shine melted under the oven heat. Not sure if it’s the design defect.

Though the cakes itself were not smeared by the melted grease, we decided to throw them away to avoid hazardousness. It’s the kids we are taking about here.
So scrap it is.

We ransacked the kitchen then again and settled for Konnyaku Jelly.

Peach and Ribena flavor.

Our Baby Knight in White Armor

Mommy can see a lot of White Angels, Princesses and Prince this morning but again you can count on Mommy to conveniently leave the camera behind : )

It’s the fun that matter.

My Potted Plants

Thanks to Farmtown, Samuel knows now that plant s do not grow out of thin air. He absolutely gets the idea that he needs to plow his farm and does seeding before he can harvest his crops. He has been diligently watering his flowers in the farm in order for them to blossom too.
But then, all those are virtual.

A few weekends ago, we decided that he’s ready for some real stuff so we went hunting for some potted plants for him.
Something suitable for high rise apartment, something not too ambitious and something that he needs not to plant from scratch.

The Cactus.

We got them from the Floral Festival held a few weekends ago at the nearby mall. That was how we got sPOTted earlier by the local newspaper.

Samuel is watering them twice a week now. They are growing beautifully. We can even see new buds sprouting out.

These are my cactus

This is how I water them

I can see 4 flower buds

Though the thorns are soft,
Daddy said cannot touch too often as they make my hands itchy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Patience is Virtue

While we are on the subject of the mighty throne, I heard a funny tale recently, kisah benar : )

There’s this little cutie that went to the toilet 3 times the other day. He was not having diarrhea nor constipating nor that’s his normal bowel movement. Then why was it that he visited the loo so often?

He did not want to waste some precious playtime sitting on the throne to finish his big business, thus breaking it into 3 small big business spread over the day :p

And speaking of impatient, it seems to be a rather infamous trait among kids.
They just don’t wanna wait. When they want something, they want it right there and then.

Samuel is no exception. Not that he does not understand the concept of waiting, at times he just chose not to to get to our nerves.
Testing our patience perhaps?

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Prince and The Throne

Samuel is still holding his poo back since he recovered from his diarrhea episodes on Monday. Could 'ya imagine how berserk and panicky we are about this errrr.... bloat-y situation?
We are asking Samuel to take toilet break so frequent that we almost sound like a broken record.

Our current itinerary revolves around his poo-ing schedule. We pause every time we want to or we think we want to do something.

  • Only have quick bites out if Samuel has yet to visit the toilet.

  • No cooking in the kitchen or doing anything else that requires Mommy to take her eyes off Samuel for more than a while.

  • No outings at places where WCs are not within comfortable reach.

Last Saturday we managed to errrr …… squeeze some time out of Samuel and brought him to a show we’ve promised him earlier.
The Princess and The Frog.

Well, Samuel was not into the princess. It was more of The Frog and The Crocodile and maybe The Firefly show for him : )

Had we know that the show was about black magic with scary ghostly creatures, we might have second thoughts about bringing Samuel to the show.

He enjoyed the popcorn very much though.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Seriously Big Business

We are not sure if this is the consequence of potty trained Samuel too early, but Samuel is still very much attached to his potty to-date.

He has been on his potty for his big business since he was 2 months old and rarely poo outside his comfort zone; which is not in our house, his then-nanny house or his portable potty.
He has no problem doing his small business in the public loo since he had done away with his diaper at 2 years old, but feel very strongly about his big business. There were a few occasions that he had hold his poo and demanded that we bring him back to his potty right immediately. There was one occasion that we recalled where he couldn’t hold it any longer and relented after we assured him that we would bring him to a kiddy toilet bowl and not the big ones.

What we are trying to say is, Samuel is very adamant on only poo-ing in his own potty and perhaps in his own room too if he could help it.
But since he has moved to his own room now, it would be highly errr….. inappropriate for him to poo and sleep in the same room right?
So, we’ve moved his potty out to the toilet not long ago. Our ultimate goal is getting him to sit on the adult throne layered with a kiddy seat.
Although Samuel still does not want to sit on the big throne, he was almost getting use to poo in the toilet until earlier in the week when he was down with a bout of diarrhea.
He poo-ed 5 times from Sunday to Monday and had a few false alarms in between. The incidents must had scared him. Now he is back to holding his poo again and avoiding the toilet.

Sigh…. this poo-ing thing is really no easy-bitsy matter for us parents to handle. No wonder they call it the BIG Business.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Lesson on Metamorphosis

We are not planning it but funny how it turn out that we are driving over to the other side of the island almost every weekend of late.
Samuel could almost recognize the winding road leading to the beach now.

It was the Butterfly Farm this time. The trip was planned last month by Mommy’s kampong’s friend for the kids to fill up their time during this school holiday.

We took up the special Education Program Package run by the farm.
We were charged RM25 per adult and RM15 per child for the 2-hour package that consists of:

  • Guided tour
  • 1 class on Introduction to Butterfly
  • 1 craft session
  • 1 Breakfast

All of us convened sharp at 9.15am.
There was a big crowd last Saturday, perhaps due to the school holiday rush. We could hardly find the space to walk around.
Our tour started with the metamorphosis briefing by our guides.

The eggs.
Some were seen hatching

The caterpillars and a few pupas on the left

The hatched butterflies.
They were still wet and couldn’t fly yet.

We were then led around the farm to visit others not-your-everyday animals accompanied by free-flying butterflies everywhere.

We were invited to go up close and personal with some of ‘em too

The centipede, Samuel doesn’t dare to touch

The butterfly, Samuel prefers not to touch

The scorpion, Samuel is not allowed to touch

The Leaf Insect, Samuel touched :O.

It really does look like a leaf.

A lesson on butterflies in the auditorium followed after that. Older children were encouraged to sit in front by themselves to fully benefit the lesson provided.

Samuel of course, was accompanied by Mommy. He was the youngest there.

Unfortunately the class was conducted in Mandarin as requested by majority of the children. Samuel understood very little but he did not make any fuss. Mommy helped on the translation where possible.

It was quite an informative lesson. We adults learnt a thing or two about butterfly too. It was that day that Mommy gotta know we actually have a national butterfly here.

The Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing butterfly.

After the class, the children were treated with a craft session.

Samuel coloring his butterfly mask

The children posing with their creation.
Samuel was reluctant to wear his mask though.

This is our group photo.

And this is Samuel posing solo over the very beautiful mural.
The butterflies appeared as though they are flying on this wall.
Must be some special painting techniques.

We are not sure about others, but our tummies were already screaming hunger long before the class was over. We almost squealed out in joy when we were ushered to the cafe. Breakfast was tea or chocolate drink with egg and cheese sandwich. Good enough to satisfy our gluttony.

We hang around for a while more after the guided tour ended for more butterflies viewing. It was hard to enjoy ‘em butterflies with all the rushing and talking earlier.

The butterfly also hang around us

Mommy see! The Rhino Beetle

Well, we are not sure if that’s the Rhino Beetle but it sure looks like it. So we went along with Samuel and called it the Rhino Beetle too.
Now, we won't be thrown into the butterfly detention class if we were wrong, would we? : p

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Dove Flew By The Other Day

To drop a heartfelt note

Congratulations Small Jiu Jiu and Christine Jie Jie

These lovely photos are brought to you by the official photograhers appointed by the lovely couple.
We were not behind the camera that day : )

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jazz By The Beach

After a year hiatus, we are back to the Jazz By The Beach, a performance presented under the 6th Penang Island Jazz Festival.
We skip last year event largely due to our unpleasant experience at the World Music Festival; 2 years in a row :O

This year we reckoned that Samuel is more ready and from past experience, beach parties are often better organized.

There were quite a few events lined up leading to the beach concerts. As usual, we did not go for those exhibitions and fringe performances simply because we couldn't find the time. It’s quite a hassle for us to drive from one end of the island to the other to attend the day’s event.

Knowing that Samuel needs to knock-off after 10pm, we went early this time. Like 5 something early from our house.
Parking was full when we reached the Bayview Beach Resort. So we gotta park further down the road and paid RM3 parking fees to some suspiciously-not-legal parking attendant.
The Hard-Rock Hotel 'extended' parking which was not far away was actually free but Mommy was too lazy to make a U-turn and wear a thick face to gate-crash the parking lot.
So, RM 3 it is.

We got our tickets on the spot; RM55 each; a 10% increased since we last attended in 2007 and a whopping 83% increase since its debut in 2004 : O

The resort lobby

We made it to the garden in time for the first performance.

The day was young and the crowd was still quiet then. We settled ourselves on a cozy spot not too near to the stage. It’s the free standing arrangement again with several food stalls setup for party-goers since no outside food was allowed. Well, although the crew did check our bags, they practiced discretion. They did not ransack our bags to look for forbidden food :p
Mommy had some sandwiches and snack packed for Samuel but those safely passed through the screening.
For us however, we picked our dinner and drinks from the official stalls which was surprisingly not too exorbitant:
RM12 for an-ok fried rice
RM 6 for a-better-than-ok wedges
RM 12 for lousy nuggets
RM6 for lousy popcorn
And RM 32 for 2 bottles of super satisfying beer : )

Unlike previous concerts outings, Samuel definitely appreciate this one more. There’s no big fuss throughout our 4 hours there. He danced, he joked, he roamed and he roared.

Clapping is like this

Snapping is like this

Dancing is like this

Up goes the hands
Shake to the right
And shake to the left
And I twist
And I twist
And I twist
Mommy, why there is no children dancing one?
It was very relaxing for us too, we get to enjoy the music we came for.

The first performance was by Charlie Jung Band from Korea.
It’s a mix of good vocals and fine music that grew on us. There was too much jazz only music with too little vocalist as the night progresses.
So in a way, this Korean band performance stood out after we re-evaluate the whole concert.

The crowd built up after 8 pm.

The second was a guitar performance by Paulo Bellinati & Cristina Azuma from Brazil.
Both maestro were great. There were some moments where we were totally awed and some errrr… moments. Some of their guitar playing techniques were not familiar to us.

The third act was by Organamix from Singapore and Thailand.
We were not too impressed. It looked like your everyday 3-piece band where you can get from anywhere to us.
By the end of their performance, we had enough of music-only act.
We want some vocalist!
Make some sound!
Or shout hooray!

Luckily the forth performance saved us from sliding into the boredom-land. Although it was still a music only act, the trumpet and saxes (we love!) broke the monotonous drums-organ-guitar concoction that we were fed since beginning of the show.
And oh, we like how this Lithuania Dainius Pulauskas Group interact with the crowd too.

The fifth performance by Michelle Nicolle Quartet from Australia was a good one with a very good vocalist.
The quartet was very poise and pro. They knew their stuff and they were rocking it.
Too bad we need to make a move half way through their act.
Samuel was rubbing his eyes already and he does not fancy sleeping out under the stars.

It was 10.30pm the time we left; Samuel’s bed time.

The night has been great,
no mozzie
no rain
no super hot weather,
clean beach
well behaved Samuel

Until next year, or the year after or some time

Good night!