Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making Tang Yuan

I am making tang yuan

With help from Big Yee Yee, Small Jiu Jiu and Christine Jie Jie

It’s serious business.
Don’t play play ……

OK, I probably play a bit but I help a lot!

I roll and roll

But it somehow became flat

Jiu Jiu, can this still be used

for the caterpillar?

I have fun making tang yuan

Fun Camp

It’s the school holiday now but for Samuel’s kindergarten, they re-open their new semester this month.
Mommy couldn’t recall if his school organized something similar last year but this year, they are having a Fun Camp for a whole month before starting their classes next year.

The theme of the camp is Einstein. Everyday all the children will be exposed to endless fun of playing and learning something related to science; volcano, magnet, dinosaurs, solar…. (Ok. They are hardly Einstein stuff but play along will ’ya?)

The month’s line-up includes 2 excursions and a Christmas Party.

The first excursion took place last week; a Magic Show by Professional Magician at Masyarakat Penyayang. The children were ferried by busses from their schools to the venue under the teachers’ care. Parents were not allowed to tag along in busses nor enter the main hall where the event took place. But of course again, parents were welcomed to observe from afar.

Mommy did ponder for awhile if we are ready to let Samuel go for this excursion alone under only his teachers’ care. The teacher’s assurance was very convincing but the thing was, Samuel said he’d be more comfortable if we were around to check his back and to fetch him back.
So yup, risking of being an annoying parent again, we insisted that we would pick Samuel up ourselves. Samuel followed the bus to the show though.

It was near to the end of the show when Mommy arrived. The crowd was big, there must be more than a thousand children there :O.
The teachers did a very good job in handling them. From getting them to listen to the emcee, to participate in the show, to grouping them together and getting them to their busses accordingly.
Their job was made harder by the bad weather. It was raining quite heavily then.
But the teachers were still calm and organized, so were the children.
They all looked very happy and very much enjoyed themselves.

Samuel was awe too. He did not imitate any of the Magician’s tricks. He did, however told us some that he likes.

The School Potluck Christmas Party was held yesterday.
This year, on top of the usual small gift prepared by the school to all the children, the school arranged with all the parents to prepare a surprise gift for their children as well.
A gift that their children have longed for and a gift that their children have no idea they will be getting…… ideally. In reality, there’s no way we could hide this present and pass it to Samuel’s teacher without his knowing.

As planned, Samuel was super excited yesterday.

With the macaroni and cheese that Mommy prepared for the potluck,
Samuel was all geared for the party.

He had loads of fun.
And the fun continued at home when he unwrapped his present.

Cue to the eye …

See the different?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

We are pretty sure we were eating dirt and sand outside our longkang when we were his age

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taman Rekreasi Air Panas Sg Klah

We’ve been to the Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park several times before but still have yet to get tired of it. Daddy, being a fan of hot spring immediately suggested going for another dip when we were planning for a drive back to our ‘lil kampong last weekend

The place was crowded since it’s a weekend coupled with school holiday. There must be ten of thousands of people there that day; we could barely find the space to move around.

As usual, we parked our car at the designated parking area outside and made our way to the hot spring pool via the boardwalk.

At the Natural Sauna kiosk on our way in

No, there’s no problem with our camera.
Those are steam.
Steaming Hot!

Mommy and Po Po opted to stay out of the main pool.
So Daddy and Samuel went for some father and son wet time together.

At the Ayurvedic Pool.
Samuel is not too fond of water with temperature beyond 35C

Below 35C however, he loves it

Samuel also accompanied Mommy for the Water Reflexology walk, albeit short one.

The rocks were too pokey and the water was too hot for Samuel.

We spent around an hour at the hot spring section of the park before moving to the mountain spring.

Samuel prefers this pool more.
The water is more cooling he said.

Daddy being the more adventurous one (although Samuel might beg to differ), brought Samuel for a water slide. Mommy did not take any photos here as Mommy too was required to standby to ‘catch’ Samuel.
It’s quite a steep slide down into deep water.
Not design for kids.
So Kids, don’t try without supervision!

Here comes more water

Protect the head

I got hit

We wonder if the pool water has ever been changed or cleaned? These are not swimming pools where the water can be drained or treated with chlorine or balanced with sodium and stuff.
So does it mean that ….errr …hmmm… best not to think about anything eh?

But the OCD in Mommy was silently screaming, so although the WC water was freezing cold, Mommy still made Samuel took a fast shower when we are all done with our dip. Samuel was cool with Mommy's OCD ... until the water hit his head again… too cold :p


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We gotta stop harvesting unripe crops

The ginger is too young for anything else other than posing for the camera :p

I wonder what other treasure I’ll find if I dig Po Po’s garden inside out

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jazz By The Beach 2010

Not to sound too much of a hardcore fan, it’s true that we go to this even almost every year. The thing is, we find this event to be relaxing and child friendly. Furthermore, it’s rare to see so many local and international artistes gather in Penang for some grooving time together.

Jazz By The Beach, the Main Stage Programme is a concert presented under the Penang Island Jazz Festival. It is in its 7th edition this year. Wow, it really has been that long huh? It was just like a while ago that we attended their inaugural concert back in 2004.

Same like last year, we made it early to the concert this year. Early enough to catch the last few minutes of the first act by the Roger Wang Trio.
A fairly decent performance to our eyes…. or rather our ears. The typical guitar, drums and bass jazz combination.

Oh ya before we forget, a quick note to remind ourselves next time not to park at those shoddy parking
at some muddy tracks that’s isolated from civilization,
that’s tended by some shoddy attendants,
no matter how hard is it to find parking around the beach area.
Risk getting a ticket and park by the side of the main road (no obstruction rule applies here of course) is a much better option!
Mommy almost had a panic attack when Mommy went to collect the car later in the night as there’s not one other soul available in sight at that extremely dark alley with no street light then. Not even the parking attendant. And we paid RM3 for the parking
Poor Mommy had to rely on her cell phone to double-up as torch light.

Anyway, back to the concert.

The ticket price has increased again. It seems to us that it’s in a matter of time that people of Penang will deem this event too pricey to attend. Don’t get us wrong, the concert is worth every penny it’s charged for; some tourist might find it not costly but for locals, don’t ‘ya wish the Sponsors could do more?

We spent around 4 hours there; had our dinner and supper while lazing under the stars. Occasionally we went for short walk to stretch our legs. Samuel did more than just walk; he jumped and he ran and he danced

With his dinosaurs


Wow ..

Father and son

Very generous with his applauses

He enjoyed ‘em music as much as we did

The second act was by Boi Akih. A collaboration of Indian music and Haruku (a Moluccan language; we have no idea what this is) songs. The performance was unique but we don’t get it. We don’t find the songs nor the music that pretty. It’s something different no doubt, but not our kinda music.
Samuel was wondering if the Vocalist was mimicking a certain type of animal sound…. Our thoughts exactly too!

The third act was by Rain Sultanov Quartet. It’s a music only act; piano, bass, drums and one of our all time favorite jazz musical instrument, the saxophone. Impressive enough but not too outstanding.

The forth act, PELbO swept our feet off the floor. Literally! Mommy and Samuel went nearer to the stage to the dancing crowd for some grooving time of our own. We never knew that tuba can be so cool. It might have just replaced saxophone as our favorite instrument.
This band comprises of only a fuzz-tuba player, a drummer and a vocalist with a loop board. But they made exploding music where rock meets jazz.
Impressive and outstanding!

The fifth act was the performance everyone had been looking forward to. Two-time Grammy nominee and winner of many-many guitars awards, Tommy Emmanuel from Australia.
And he did not disappoint. It’s a one-man-only act but he drove the crowd wild. It’s beyond words to describe his guitars playing skills.
Impressive and outstanding!
We did not time his performances but we think he has the longest stage time.

It was near to 11pm by the time Tommy has finished. We left a tad after that when the last performers, Zhan took the floor.
Some relaxing music to send us our away.

We had a perfect night……
Well except for the tiny near-panic attack that Mommy almost had!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Rapunzel, A Tangled Tale

Although Samuel has not read the Rapunzel story or watch any version of the show yet then, Samuel is already quite familiar with this name, courtesy of the title list he has at the back of all his Ladybird story books.
He can read all the books on his own fairly well now.
We would rate his reading as good to advance. More about that later.

Now, about this show. We went to watch the Rapunzel, A Tangled Tale last Sunday. It had been a busy week for us and we did not manage to get the ticket upfront.
The couple seats were all sold out by the time we went to the cinema. Daddy decided then it’s time for Samuel to sit solo.
He was a bit alarmed when we told him he would be sitting on his own seat thinking that he'd have to watch the show alone. But went cool again after knowing that’s not the case.
In fact we think he’s glad that he’s finally graduating from having to share the seats with us.
Looks like we can consider the mall nearby for our cinema outings onwards since couple seats is no longer a requirement : )

We find the show alright. It’s good that the story is not too Rapunzel centered, else the show would be too princess-ey for our boy.
Besides Rapunzel, Samuel likes the man and the horse characters. Their name does not register to him. He only remembers Rapunzel. He calls Flynt, ‘the man’ and Maximus, ‘the horse’.
He also has no idea what that green little tail that does not look like a chameleon is.
So we playfully debated with him a bit; Is it a frog? Is it an iguana?
or a lizard?
or a dragon?
Lets just call Pascal a green little thing, shall we?

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I like my ice-cream

Do you like the ice-cream I choose for you Po Po?

It's Strawberry Vanilla!

These snippets suddenly look all familiar to Mommy.

Remember 'em 10 cent ice lollies that we used to eat back then at home?

: )

Monday, December 06, 2010

Favorite Tee-s

Not hard to guess why, eh?

This is his other favorite;
reserved for going-out only.

And the one that he would have want to wear everyday at home if not for the cleaning and drying is

The Super Dino Tee