Sunday, January 31, 2010

Countdown: Top 5 Favorite Lines

We know this is just another growing up phase. It will come and go just like waves. No doubt Samuel will continue to discover new wacky stuff.
And we know that we will not be able to keep up if we jot down every single happenings of his.
But still, we won’t wanna miss it if we could help it

So, we’ve decided that we’ll have these countdowns every now and then; brief and in quote form. Perhaps in a few months time, we can reflect back and see how much of these cheeky self of his stays.

At no 5
OK, not a line technically but definitely one of his current favorites.
Not too sure where Samuel picks up his accent, it’s very hmmm…. western and macho-ish albeit with a baby voice.
Even more charming when he says, “Hey, Mom” like a grown-up.

No 4
I tell you this ah …..
We’re pretty sure he picks this up from school. He likes to open with “I tell you this ah…” when he has something out-of-the-ordinary to tell us; be it that the teacher asks him to convey a message or he catches something from the TV.

No 3
Long long time ago …..
This is how he always begin his dinosaur story telling. Recent version sees him playing extras in the story.

Samuel is plotting his own story now, very imaginative.
Sometimes it involves him picking up coconuts to throw at the dinosaurs, sometimes sees him bringing ‘em back for dinner and sometimes Mommy will make an appearance to save the day :O.

No 2
Why ….?
Need us to say more?
This could easily take the top spot but we save the top for something better…..

And at no 1
(drum roll……)
Do you love me?
: O.
Of-course-Mommy-loves-you seems to be an easy answer but there’s a twist. Samuel uses this line to bait us sometimes.

It goes like this..

Daddy scolds Samuel
Samuel runs to Mommy
Samuel: Mommy, do you love me?
Mommy: Of course Mommy loves you
Samuel: Daddy loves me?
Mommy: Of course!
Samuel: But Daddy scold Samuel oh…..

Cheeky ‘lil fella!

Friday, January 29, 2010

To the Big Throne

It took Samuel quite a few days before he got accustomed back to his potty after his constipation episodes last month. So, we let him be when he finally got his groove back. We were just too happy that he’s not stressed anymore.

We plan to only resuming the big-throne introduction later when he’s more comfortable.
Well, Samuel beats us to it and saved us lots of effort. Out of the blue the other morning, he told us

Samuel is a big boy already.
Samuel want to ng-ng on the big toilet.
Potty is for small boy.

And just like that, he graduated from the potty for good.

Nature sure works in a mysterious way. Sometimes, we just don’t have to push it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Multi Level Logical Game

It was love at first sight when we were introduced to this multilevel logical game last year during one of our dinner outing with Daddy’s office.
It’s a logical puzzle designed with a few level of difficulties; Beginner, Intermediate and Master alike targeting both the kids and adults audience.

Samuel was very engrossed, he managed to solve a few of the puzzles there and then. But we attribute it to his good memories rather than logical thinking.
The boss’ missus was so fascinated, she jokingly said that she’ll sponsor Samuel to Harvard if he can solve the Master level puzzle there :p

Daddy was thinking of getting a set for him as Christmas present last month but couldn’t get hold of any copy until yesterday.

It’s a different game of the same logical puzzle range. There’s 48 puzzle altogether with 4 level of difficulties. We solved a few with Samuel explaining the logic to him along the way.
Since Samuel was showing immerse interest, we left him fiddle with the puzzle while we went on with our cooking and own businesses.

It was peace and quite in the house……. until a few minutes later when Samuel called out for Daddy hysterically. He solved puzzle number 6 with no help what-so-ever from us and couldn’t wait to show it around. It was a perfect score with all the logics intact.
We praised him sky high yesterday.

Samuel did not stop there. He went on to solve puzzle # 7, 8, 9 and 10 all by himself.

He was stuck at puzzle number 11 and by then we reckoned he has had enough for the day. Afterall, Samuel spent almost an hour sitting quietly cracking his brain.
We were amazed.

But we wonder if his interest will hold until he can solve all the 48 puzzle. Then we can go and claim the 'Harvard Scholarship' eh?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nature is born that way

It was all fun and excitement when we graduated from babbling to meaningful talks with Samuel slightly after he reached his one year old milestone.

It was more fun and excitement when Samuel started his why-and-what endless curiosity slightly after he reached his two years old milestone.

More than a year on now, there’s ain’t any clue of him slowing down. When ‘ya think Samuel is about finish to using his why-and-what questions quota for the day, he’ll come up with more questions.
It’s still all fun and excitement feeding his curiosity but his testing questions are starting to drive us up to nuts.

Samuel can asks one question now, another next, then back to the same question and then to a question totally out of context.
Not to mention questions that are so tough, they’re beyond Mommy’s bag of trick.

Nature is born that way’ could only answer so much.

We need a new tagline.

Friday, January 22, 2010


As a baby, Samuel used to feel very strongly about one of his music video, Clementine. He would wail for us every time the video CD was played.

Alth0ugh he out-grew the fear not long after that, he still runs to us for comfort on and off when he watches the TV. And we notice a pattern,

He will not be scared of the scary scene if he does not know what it is

He will not bothered if the scene is scary or not if the TV show does not interest him

If he wails while watching the TV, it is not because of fear but because he is sad.

He will be upset if there’s any sad scene featuring babies, animals and dinosaurs.

He’ll be all smiley when he sees a happy scene featuring smiling kids or adult alike.

Samuel was watching a new show, Norton Hears a Who the other day with Daddy and both enjoyed it every much.
Mommy was exhausted and was resting on the couch.

Towards end of the show at the scene where Norton was locked up in the cage, Samuel wailed out “I don’t want, I don’t want” several times.
We did not dwell too much into his antics and continued with our businesses thinking that he would get over it.
Wrong move!
Samuel was genuinely upset. He cried out.

It took several minutes of cuddling from Mommy and the release of Norton to calm him down.


Very sentimental. Mommy totally understands it.

And no, it’s not silly to cry over a TV show.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2009 Christmas Holiday Write Up

Friday, January 15, 2010

Clever Mommy

‘Ya know sometimes when ‘em kids could not fix their toys,
Or when they are stuck at a missing jig saw puzzle,
Or when they have those endless why-and-what questions in their head,

Their Mommies will always offer to help?

Come, Mommy very clever.
Mommy helps you fix the toys

Don’t worry. Mommy very clever.
Mommy will find the puzzle piece for you

Mommy think this is called a Pinang tree!

There was a bit of healthy peers rivalry when Samuel’s cousin was in town for holiday a fortnight ago. We, adults cleverly tackled the situations by offering some of those tactically help ; )

The kids were debating in the car again during one occasion whether something that they saw earlier was red or pink in color.
When asked, the driver Mommy tactically answered them

Mommy think it’s pinkish red.

Just like magic, the kids stopped debating.

A tad too proud perhaps, Mommy pushed it by asking

Mommy clever or not?

To which Hanxin Kor Kor answered

No. Because you cannot shoot the arrow ….


We have a feeling that we will not hear the end of it anytime soon…. May be never!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adjusting to New Morning Routine

When Samuel first started day care last year, we’ve arranged for a flexible schedule for him. We took it easy then; Samuel only went to school at 10am after morning breakfast with Mommy which means he attended less than 2 hours of classes in a day. There’s no class in the second half of the afternoon.
But that’s alright with us since the main purpose is to get Samuel accustomed to the outside circle and that he’ll be under good care while we are away in the office.

When school re-opened this semester though, it’s a different story altogether. Although we are still taking it easy, we are errr….. strongly encouraged to be more aggressive.
For one, send Samuel earlier to school.
We were surprised last week when we received Samuel weekly progress report (something new, we didn’t know the school is tracking so closely) and got to know that he missed so many of his classes and has so much still to catch up : O.
We were even more surprised when we saw the line-up of his class schedule.
Goodness! And they are only 3 going to 4 years old kids.
Mommy is pretty sure that all Mommy did at his age then was ran around half naked in the garden and played sand.

Ah well. The good thing is, Samuel is absolutely loving school.
He can relates back to us what has happened in his school, what the teachers ask him to do and that he wants to go to school early everyday.

It was a tad chaotic initially when we started our new morning regime largely because both Samuel and Mommy is not a morning person but it is getting easier.
Samuel now has an incentive to wake up earlier. His favorite TV show, Hi-5 is showing at half past 7 in the morning : )

Looks like the ball is back at Mommy’s court.
Wake up earlier Mommy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pinang Peranakan Museum

Due to time constraint, we did not manage to visit the Pinang Peranakan Museum when holiday entourage was here. Hanxin Kor Kor and Fyone Yee Yee flew back to Singapore on new year’s eve with Po Po to prepare early for school.
Big Jiu Jiu too flew back to KL on new year’s day after a modest dinner celebration on new year’s eve with us and Big Yee Yee here in Penang.

On New Year’s day, it was just Samuel, Mommy and Daddy. And we decided to go for the museum still. Although we were only armed with an address and no map, we found the museum fairly easy. Thanks to the famous Little Nyonya TV show, Mommy recognizes the green building from a far. Part of the show was filmed there. It’s the location for the Chen Mansion.

We were charged RM10 per pax entrance fee. Commentators are available per request and there will be no extra charge for guided tour. They do not have any fixed tour session unlike the Blue Mansion. Unlike the Blue Mansion again, their attending staffs that day were friendly even though not too professional.
(Ya, we know. We gotta give it a rest and not harp on the Blue Mansion’s lousy hospitality but almost all other local tourist attractions that we’ve visited are capable of serving their visitors well. Why not Blue Mansion?).

Our Commentator led us through the beautiful museum and its beautiful props (not all are antiques, some are re-created). We were awed. No doubts about that.
But throughout the guided tour, we felt like we were school kids all over again. And that is not good.
It’s deja vu!
It’s almost as though "our teacher" is reading directly from a text book and has no idea what he's talking about.
We could well get all the ‘lil information he fed us that day by reading from the written commentary.
If only the guided tour was conducted better.

Other than that, the museum visit was great. And oh, photography is allowed too. We’ve checked twice.
Samuel was all game for photos taking, unfortunately our camera broke down without warning that day.

Front foyer

Back foyer

VIP Room

Friday, January 08, 2010

Jerejak Adventurers

We encountered a few hiccups with our cameras but still took tons of photos for this outing. It took Mommy the whole night selecting and compressing ‘em. So, for this post, we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

It was a Tuesday on the last week of last year.

Waiting for our 11.30am ferry ride

Hello Pulau Jerejak.
We are coming

Fast forward from the ride, to lunch, to leisure at the resort while waiting for our guided activities to start

Reminiscing the guli

At the playground

Our activities started sharp at 2.30pm with the Wall Climbing came first per our request. We were trying to rush through 2 activities; this and the Suspension Bridge-Flying Fox before catching the 3.3opm ferry ride back to Penang Island. There’s no ferry after that until 6pm. We did not want to be late for our dinner reservation at the Sire Museum Restaurant.

Big Jiu Jiu led the pack

Working it cool and steady

2x and reached the top 2x.

Mommy played it cool too

Afterall, it was not the first time for Mommy.

A better victory pose this time

For Singapore, Fyone Yee Yee said

Not sweating a whole lot bucket but might still have strained a muscle or two amidst

A heave of relief and made it to the top

I’ll try

I’m still trying

To be continued next trip eh?

The kids attempted the Obstacle Circuit (is that what it’s called?) while waiting for the adults to explore the adventurers in-them. So it’s not totally true when the kids said the day was for the adult and they were only there "to see" …. :p

Samuel completed the whole circuit.

The web

The wire

The dangling drain cover

The beam

The group

The Flying Fox was next. Since Samuel already tried the Suspension Bridge last time, he did not follow us and stayed behind with Po Po. We wanted him to take a rest, which he did not of course. He had his snack and ran around the resort lobby.

The bridge somehow trembled more as compare to last round.
Not too sure why, may be Mommy was just imagining it.

The group before the fly

Mommy went first, so no photo of Mommy flying.
But Mommy can tell ‘ya there were a lot of euphoric screaming.

Big Jiu Jiu victory pose

Hanxin dared not try the flying fox so Big Jiu Jiu ran over the other side to walk him back when the rest of us were still gliding our way.

This is the only video Mommy managed to shot before the camera ran out of gig.

We left the big group after the Flying Fox to rush to the jetty. Unfortunately we missed it by 3 mins.

So how?

We got the lobby to contact the Control and resumed our activities; Archery was next in the list.

We were given 3 try each.

Big Jiu Jiu in action.
The target is some 20 meters away

Hit the target on first try.
Big Jiu Jiu scored 2 out of 3

It did not start good for Christine Jie Jie.
But scored big time on the second and third try

Fyone Yee Yee too hit it on her forth.
The third slipped so the Instructor gave her an additional arrow.

As for Mommy

Ada gaya

Tapi tiada mutu.
Scored a big fat 0

It was drizzling on and off then. We retreated to the beach where they had the canopies complete with fan setup.

Bike, beach balls, kites and carom usage were given complimentary.

We tried all of those and then some.

Samuel knocked himself out playing sand.

Not wanting to miss another ride, we made our way early to the ferry at 5.30pm.

By the Pulau Jerejak Jetty

Our ‘lil adventurers

Somehow, the ferry was not as punctual for the 6pm ride back to Penang Island. Ah well.

Since we’ve changed our dinner reservation to 8pm, our planned cincai bath turned into a thorough shower. All of us dressed to the nines for our nice dinner at the Sire Museum Restaurant.

The restaurant showcase a lot of antiques with very fine decor besides good food. They even have a pond in the middle of the house. Very interesting.
Photography is allowed up until the dining area only.

All of us camera-shy chaps did not take any photos that night. Or was it due to camera allergy concern?

Anyway, here’s a shot of the restaurant entrance.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Leisurely Penang

We took it easy during the Penang leg of this holiday too.

We lazed around the house a lot and fit in some mahjong here and there

Ate lots of Penang food; Hawker, non-hawker, seafood and non-seafood :p

Splish-splashed at the pool except that this time both kids could really almost swim

Got some long overdue stuff done at the government offices

And went for some adventures at Pulau Jerejak.

The kids were bringing the house down everyday.

There were a lot of I-don’t-friend-you,-you-don’t-friend-me moments

A lot of I-win-you-lose moments

Tattle tale telling moments

Manja moments

Cheeky moments

Best buddies moments

Never a dull moment ……

The water fountain is no stranger to Samuel anymore.

So is the pool

Samuel prefers to float by himself now.

Both kids terrorizing Mommy