Friday, February 26, 2010

Kek Lok Si Temple

We are not that ambitious. Although we would think that the Kek Lok Si night light decorations is a once a year must see for photography enthusiast, we opt to visit Kek Lok Si during the day time.
We are not into photography and with a boy in tow, we are dreaded just thinking about the jam up the hill.
May be next time when Samuel is older.

We got back to Penang fairly early this year although Mommy had a week long holiday. That’s because the Penang drivers gotta work on the 4th and 5th day of CNY and the crowd in Bidor dispersed early due to school.
So, we continued our holiday in Penang with a visit to Kek Lok Si.

Samuel has yet to visit this place and with all the additional deco, it seems like a great opportunity to go last week.
It was an adhoc tour after our morning breakfast.
We drove up half hill and parked within the vicinity of the temple. The place was not too crowded, we got our 'incline lift' ticket and headed to the new Kuan Yin Statue straight away. Samuel was baffled on why it’s called a lift and not a cable train.

But got track wor. It’s a cable train.

The aunties in our ride couldn’t help but giggled and sang praises on how smart this boy is :p

Waiting for our ride

The day was hot and bright. But it’s cool and windy at the Kuan Yin shelter. Samuel was sporting and paused to pay his respect to the deities every time we asked him to. He even managed to go a full circle to donate to 108 bowls placed around the Kuan Yin Statue.

The year of the Tiger

The Kuan Yin Statue


Small Jiu Jiu carried Samuel initially when we started the donation circle because the bowls are placed quite high above the base.

Eventually Samuel walked by himself roughly after a quarter through the circle when Small Jiu Jiu started to pant heavily.
Hey, it’s no easy feat!
After all, Samuel is a big boy already.

The Kuan Yin Prayer

Nay, we are not trying the 007 pose.
But still as cool eh?

Having a break.

A tiger roars pose to end our Kek Lok Si visit.

We did not go the other side of the temple as it was lunch time then. There’s no other eating place half hill there except for the vegetarian restaurant.
So we adjourned our tour and headed back to town.

Hey, guess where we are?

The Sun Yat Sen’s Centre.

We did not go to the museum, only to their Spring Chamber Restaurant. It was full house then, so they opened up their Autumn Lounge for us instead. Very accommodating we’d say.
We had our lunch at comfort best.

A mirror shot.
The deco is not bad eh?
Love their paintings.
The walls are a tad worn-out though.

Christine Jie Jie attempting an artful shot.
Can you see the mirror image of Mommy and Samuel?

Through these glasses?

Samuel was all tired out by the time we left the cafe.

One last pose before we say goodbye.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Why is the boy so cheeky?

Why is the boy so happy?

And why are the pillows on the floor by the door?

Apparently the boy has learnt this thing calls pranks from Daddy. Well, Samuel calls it a trick. Daddy started it, Samuel is not tall enough to put the pillows on the slightly opened door.
Mommy should have known something is fishy when both the boys were smiling sheepishly from the bed waiting for Mommy to enter the bedroom yesterday.

They got Mommy this time. Scared the heh out of Mommy when the pillows fell down. Mommy thought they were lizards.

: O

Samuel must have found this funny. He asked Daddy to play this trick again to Mommy just now.

: O

Perhaps we should all wear hat in the house onwards eh?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 The Roaring Tiger Year

We've pretty much used up all the synonyms to blast to describe the last Ox new year celebrations.
And we are tempted to copy and paste all of ‘em again here to describe this year Roaring celebrations :p

We had tons of funs and were louder and bigger than ever.

The celebrations started here in Penang with a steamboat reunion dinner as usual at Samuel’s Grandparents’ place
Then to a visit at Great grandma’s on the first day,
And then to a Valentine’s dinner at home in the evening.

Second day is all about traveling back to visit Po Po. The crowd in Bidor is getting bigger by the year.

We got a bigger pool for the children…

We got more children for the pool :p

We did not take much picture this year; too occupied we guess. We did however, manage to snap a few rare group photos.
We shall not post all of ‘em up here but one.

This year, Mommy’s kampong friends had their yearly gathering at Po Po’s place. It’s indeed rare to capture all of these familiar faces in one shot. Hopefully, we’ll get to do this every coming year.

This is the yee-sang

This is a playful shot of us tossing the yee-sang.
Don’t ‘ya just love the timer?
Missing from the photo is Samuel.
[Edit to update: Xuan Le was hidden in earlier shot. Clumsy Mommy!]
Samuel was already sleeping like a errr… baby then, he had earlier skipped his afternoon nap.

This is us back in Penang having a nice dinner at Smokey Jack.

It ain’t the end yet. We are still very much in new year celebration mood.
Coming up are pictures of our visit to Kek Lok Si.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Putting in the Numbers

I show you something ah

If Samuel has one apple and Mommy gives Samuel 1 more apple,
How many apples does Samuel has?

How about two plus two?

And three plus three?

That one is counting lor!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chinese New Year Party

Yup, another annual party organized by the school. Don’t dub us party kids yet :D, we’ll take a long break before the next one come along.

Last year Samuel did not enjoy the school CNY party as he was a newbie then. He had yet to get used to the new routine and was clinging to Mommy most of the time.

This year though, he knows how to party.

The children are encouraged to put on their traditional costume and are required to bring in some delicacies for sharing; cookies and stuff. Mommy made it a point to make cupcakes this to make up for last bummer.
Samuel helped too, well sorta.

He absolutely likes the cupcakes and he wanna carry of ‘em all by himself and bring ‘em to the school.

How could Mommy not let him?

The school is decorated in red for the occasion complete with drums and lion dance to usher all the little kids. Very festive feel.

Mommy really oughta start clicking away one of these days.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roar of the Spirit

Learning from last year’s USM Malam KungFu experience, this year we were more prepared when we attended the event again last weekend; arrival timing, snacks and seats further from the stage!

The USM 33rd KungFu Night made its first appearance outside the university premise at Dewan Sri Pinang due to some reason not known to us. Not that it bothers us, we just find it errr… refreshing!
The ticket price for the event had been increased by a fold this year. And we do not know the reason for that either. But at RM10 per seat, we don’t find it too steep. The performances were well worth it.
The hosts were amateurish with lines that borderline laughable and the ushers were terrible but the performances really made up for the shortcomings.

We arrived on time and were seated at 7.36pm, 9 minutes ahead of the VIPs arrival. No long wait there, only being pushed left and right by PRs that didn’t seem to know what they were doing :@

Our seat at the gallery with full stage view
There were only 2 speeches (yay!) for the night prior to the opening ceremony; one by the club president and the other by our ex-Chief Minister, a USM alumni.
We got to say, although we did not super like him all that much, he is a real gentleman….. We hated his speech though, too hard-selling the *one concept.
The VIP officiated the Dragon for the opening ceremony
After the opening ceremony, the night continued with a minor blunder where the hosts left out the announcement of one of the sponsors and had absolutely no impromptu skill to save the day.
Then it continued with the uncoordinated souvenir give away session and more i-don’t-know-what-to-do moments from the hosts before the performances began.

The first performance was the 24 Seasons Drum. One word… WOW. Samuel enjoyed it too. No ear covering and no snuggling up to us, he was comfortable in his own chair enjoying his snack.

Next were the

Shaolin <-- Impressive. The heroes and heroines were great but the sidekicks, not so much

Taiji <-- as impressive. The sidekicks were not as bad as the shaolins’ :p

Dragon dance <-- It was a dragon formed by opening up 6 lotus flowers and it was all over the place, we didn’t get the story if they even had any.
Muay Thai <-- Samuel said he likes all the performances but this one : p. “I don't like the one where the man fight with no clothes one”
More Shaolin <-- Different style. Same performers. Same great heroes and heroines. Same bad extras.

(Video too big, so not uploading)
5 Elements War Drums <-- Another big WOW but they loose the luminous mask this year. And probably more good performances but we won’t know as we left after the second drums performance. Samuel was tired, so we called it a night.
A fabulous night!

(Oh ya... all the night photos were brought to you by Daddy. All shot without flash from our gallery seats. We've asked, photography is allowed)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mental Arithmetics

Over lunch the other day, Grandpa asked,

If Daddy gives Samuel one cracker,
Grandpa gives Samuel one cracker,
and Mommy gives Samuel one cracker,
How many crackers does Samuel has?

After pausing for a while to collect his thoughts, Samuel answered


If Grandma also gives Samuel one cracker, then how many cracker does Samuel


If Aunty Carolyn also gives Samuel one cracker?


How about if Mommy takes away one cracker from Samuel, then how many cracker does Samuel has?


What if Mommy takes away 2 crackers from Samuel?


Still our very smart boy we say :D

Monday, February 08, 2010

Leaves Falling on the Wall

We almost forgot about this.

Aunty Carolyn bought this for Samuel some time back and we forgot to bring it back home. They are wall stickers that come in loose pieces. Once re-arranged, they’ll form a big mural on the wall.

Grandpa helped Samuel with the bigger pieces while Samuel helped himself with the smaller ones.

Putting the finishing touch

Proud with his work.

Pretty ain’t it?

We are now thinking of getting a few for his room decoration project later. ‘Ya know where we can find any?

Saturday, February 06, 2010

All in a Week

It’s utter busyness here again in our household.
We (that’s synonym for Mommy) couldn’t seem to somehow do everything we wish to do with the time we’ve on hand.

So, we have to resort to doing stuff we wanna do only and continue wishful on the rest :p

We’ve a lot to talk about actually. So, we are going to break the norm for this time and blog all in one post.


Finally, these sweet candies found their way to Samuel’s heart. Not any chocolate but the old-time-heavenly-made-chocolat flew from the land far-far-away.
He is still not into chocolate biscuit or anything else yet but we are not complaining.

Although we have done away with the bath tub long ago ever since Samuel could no longer fit into it, we still let him plays with it once in a while.
Especially when he wanna bath his dinosaurs toys
or when we need a few minutes of peace and quiet to run the house chores...... like the other evening.

The floors were really filthy and we just couldn’t survived it until the morning. So, we let Samuel shower on his own while Mommy cleaned the house ....
And Samuel really did shower on his own :O. Complete with bubble gel, hair shampoo, face washing :O
It was pretty decent bath. All Mommy did after his stint that day was washed a ‘lil bubble off him here and there and wiped him dry before sending him to wear his own clothes.

That’s what Samuel calls his room. Perhaps he’s envisioning a kingdom where he plays with all his dinosaurs with all his favorite people.
He loves to invite his guests to his room. He spends hours and hours there. Sometimes he skips his nap but he will spend the time there just playing about alone.

He absolutely adores his jungle. We really oughta put the effort to clean and decorate his room one of these days.

And oh yah,
‘ya know when there are times 'em parents will send their kids to their room when they misbehave?
Like, “Now, go to your room and reflect what you’ve done wrong!”
or like, “Your are grounded! Go to your room and stay there until dinner time?”

Well, it’s hard to imagine how we could use this trick. ‘Ya see, Samuel does not mind being sent to his room :p

Warm and Fuzzy Breakfast
Our new routine sees Samuel has his breakfast in his school during school days now. Which is OK to us until he visibly slimmed down earlier last month. One of the reasons was probably due to his constipation episodes, another was probably due to the interim when he was still adjusting to the new schedule.
So, we stored up some bakery occasionally then to pack as breakfast for him just so he could have some extra bites.

The breakfast is becoming regular now and has been replaced with home-cook-warm-and-fuzzy-breakfast when we see how much Samuel is loving it.
He will report back to us what he eats in the morning, what he keeps for afternoon tea, what is it that he likes and what he wants for breakfast the next morning.
Yup, more work for Mommy in the morning but it’s all worth it.

Butter Pancakes

Cheese Pancakes

Sausages and ham bites

Sausages with tomatoes rolls