Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Earth Dinner

Last year sitting in the dark experience was not a bad one and not that we mind sitting in the dark again, but we planned something different to support this year Earth Hour.

.... OK. May be not so much of a supporter and not so much on the planning since we stumbled upon this event by chance at the last minute only and we are just too glutton to pass on this special food!

We got to know that Golden Sand Resort, Sigi’s Bar and Grill on the Beach would be having a special BBQ dinner the Mother Nature’s way.
The BBQ would be prepared Maori traditional style where food are cooked covered under the earth with burning charcoal and with no artificial flavoring. It’s called Hungi BBQ.

Love the serene sky. The sun has just set.
It was half past 7 then.

It’s good that we booked our dinner the night before because when we reached the bar then, we were told the BBQ was fully booked. They would be only serving ala carte for walk-in customer.

This is where the food was cooked.

A big hole by the beach.

We reckoned that they only prepared food enough for a small number of patrons only.
True enough, the serving for each of the guests were really errr…. limited. It’s buffet style for the 2 types of salad and the Chefs would help us with the chicken, lamb and roasted vegetables serving.

The food were OK we guess;

We were mixed on the salad although Mommy loves them

The chicken was a bit tasteless

The lamb was very tender

The dessert pie crust was good but could have better fillings

And the drinks was bleh

But then food was secondary. We love our dinner settings.

We were seated on a log stool and table set by the beach

We walked bare foot on the fine sand

And we were guided by minimal artificial lights only

The only battery operated light on our table.
We gotta move this light around to ensure we were feeding in to our mouth

The very few the fires that lit the beach

And the light from the bright moon

Samuel, no doubt had the most fun.

Mommy let him played with the sand and ran around the beach.

Even let Samuel stood up high and be taller than all of us.
(his craze nowadays which is to be taller than us)

Although the hotel did put up a notice stating that they would be observing the Earth Hour, it still seemed to be very brightly lit to us. But we reckoned they probably saved more on the air-conditioning and other stuff.
In any case, kudos to them.

We enjoyed the dinner a lot!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Telematch Day

Concern parents can be so annoying…… no?

Well risking of being a nuisance, Mommy still called up Samuel’s principal to inquire about a telematch outing his school was organizing before signing the release form.
It would be a first for Samuel. He has yet to go for any school field trip and definitely not without us accompanying him. So of course we have a lot of questions.

The telematch was not a parents and students event, thus parents were not invited. But we were more than welcome to observe from afar; after all Bukit Dumbar is a public park. So, after making the arrangement where Mommy would be picking Samuel up directly from the park and double checking on their itinerary, we signed the release form for Samuel to join the telematch.

It was a busy morning at the Kindergarten on the last day of last week. Mommy dropped Samuel early for him to catch the chattered bus to Bukit Dumbar together with his peers.

Mommy only went to join him later after 10am.
And wadaya know, there were a few other 'annoying' overly concern parents there as well : )

Just on-time to watch his second match.

Samuel did not know Mommy has reached then. Mommy did not want to divide his attention by disturbing him, so Mommy quietly found a shady spot and observed from a far. Armed with a laptop to kill the time and a super zoom camera to shoot these.

All were taken from at least 10-30 meters away.

Helping himself with his water tumbler in his bag during a break

Walking in line to their assembly area.

This is the point when Mommy called out for Samuel who was sitting a few meters away.
They had finished their matches then and were waiting for their lunch
Samuel immediately told his friends, “that’s my mommy” upon spotting Mommy : )
Even more cute were his friends hugging and posing with him for the camera : )

The teachers did a great job taking care of the kids. They made the kids line up for everything, they made the kids sang some songs whenever there’s a long waiting time and they ensured the kids have enough rest time. Mommy is not sure about snacks though. Samuel said, they only had burger for lunch.

Our tough boy.

It was a fun morning for Samuel. Although his team did not win, Samuel was all happy and bubbly. It’s the fun that matters.

Friday, March 26, 2010


We think we are becoming smarter just by chatting with Samuel :p
The way he talks can be very creative, he likes to build up suspense before breaking his real agenda. Sometimes witty, sometimes surprising, sometimes too sweet to be true : )

We had the longest debate with both the boys; Hanxin and Samuel last weekend when our weekend guests were heading back down south.
Samuel of course insisted that, he and Hanxin would sent Fyone Yee Yee to the airport. But what he actually meant was that; only Fyone Yee Yee would go back, Hanxin Kor Kor stays :p

When we were on our way to the shopping mall earlier, Samuel dug out some coins from the car’s compartment. Mommy who was very occupied with the driving, brushed off Samuel’s antic as being a curious pot.
But lo and behold, when we reached the shopping mall then, Samuel shoved his handful of coins over to Mommy’s hand and said;

Now we have coins, can go to the playground already

(We often use the excuse of not enough coins to defer Samuel from playing too long hours at the Jusco Kids Wonderland)

Then when Mommy was about to stock up of weekly dose of Salmon, Samuel told Mommy he does not want to eat Salmon this week.

Later Mommy cut the finger again, then how?

Clumsy Mommy cut her finger the day before when preparing dinner.
The oozing blood upset Samuel to the core!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


These are the times when we wanna believe that we are simply too loaded, to being too clumsy!

Remember the bear coin bank that Samuel once had?

It was accidentally broken long ago when Po Po was cleaning the house. Too heavy too handle :P

Po Po then replaced with a gigantic piggy bank which Samuel adores. Every now and then, Samuel will take out the coins from the bank and then put them back again one by one just for the fun of it.
Sometimes when he needs a nickel or two, he’ll try to dig a few out from his piggy bank too.

The other day, Samuel was teasing Mommy’s baby tee. ‘Ya see, Mommy’s tummy was exposed in full view :O
Pulling Samuel’s leg, Mommy said that Mommy does not have any money to buy new clothes.

Being a darling he is, Samuel sprinted like a lightning to reach for his piggy bank. Perhaps Samuel did not realize how loaded it was. The piggy bank slipped off his tiny hand, fell onto the ground and shattered like a err….. broken bank!

Still, Samuel did not forget his mission. He picked up a few coins and gave it to Mommy; for Mommy’s new shirt


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing Host Over the Weekend

Samuel had been counting the days leading to last weekend when we told him that Fyone Yee Yee and Hanxin Kor Kor would come to visit.
He had been reminding us to save half his bed for Hanxin Kor Kor almost daily too.
So imagine his excitement when we, together with Big Yee Yee finally went to the airport to pick-up our guests last Saturday.

While Fyone Yee Yee went for her office for a company retreat, the rest of us headed straight to the Carnivall, the water park that Samuel visited just 2 weeks before. Yup, we were going back for more!

This round, we purchased the day passes instead of the Cinta Sayang package since we were all for the water fun and not the resort stay.
It cost us RM88. Almost half the price of the package.

We reached at noon again and had our lunch first before adjourned to the water. We spent 3 solid hours in the water excluding lunch and shower time. Can you imagine the tan that we acquired that day?
Mommy’s back particularly is (still) burning hot! Next time we should all don a t-shirt instead.

No proper pictures as Mommy forgot to bring the camera.
These were taken with our cell.

The night was spent lazing at home and dinner at a Nasi Kandar joint. Hanxin Kor Kor had a special request for roti tisu.

Sharing a moment during morning breakfast.

The next day, we met up with Fyone Yee Yee after she’s finished with her retreat and we went for more water fun.
At the comfort of our home this time.

One, Two, Go!

Some help from Mommy as Samuel’s feet could barely touch the ground.

Time sure passes fast when you are having fun. Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye. It’s one of the hardest word that we had to explain to the boys. We tried.

Though it’s a short holiday, both boys exhausted us adult to the max.
Thank goodness there's so many of us working the shift :p

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jungle 2.0

We almost forgot to blog about this until Grandma asked Samuel today if his room is decorated already.

Well, technically it’s not decorated yet but his room is definitely more comfy now with the dusty ‘ol furniture finally found their way out through the door. (That was a few weeks ago btw)

We’ve got Samuel a new mattress and new bed sheet hand-picked by him.

And his room seems to be more spacious now, just right for him to jump around.

Here’s a shot of very contented baby lazing in his favorite room

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Absolutely a Doll

There are times that Samuel will drives us up the wall but there times too where he is an absolute doll.
Often, we fail to acknowledge that….

Ok. Not maybe not that often since this blog has nothing but praises of Samuel pasted all over by his overly proud parents :p

Mommy has been tied up with loads of work from the office and can barely catch-up with house errands lately;
At times couldn’t make it to pick Samuel up from the daycare,
At times couldn’t make it to cook proper breakfast,
At times, misses laundry day : O

Samuel being a doll as always, is seeing these as non-issue;

Mommy not available? No worries, Daddy will pick Samuel up
No home cook breakfast? No worries, take bakeries
No uniform? Not a problem, it’s school holiday!

: )

He is so unbelievable well-behaved and independent (save for bedtime company but that’s another story altogether) that we just wanna hug and kiss him like a doll.

We did !

Friday, March 12, 2010

Win, Draw or Lose

Samuel pick-up the “I win, you lose” vibe from his peers not long ago. He likes to race us ever since then;
  • from eating
  • to drinking
  • to opening the door
  • to wearing his shoes
  • to pressing the lift

We don’t wanna encourage him to be too competitive thus we don’t race with him deliberately on other things.
That being said, this whole racing thing is a good motivator to get him to move fast when we are rushing for time. But we don’t want to lose-out every time too, do we?

So Daddy came out with an idea.

Daddy wears his shoes fast-fast
Mommy wears her shoes fast-fast
And Samuel also wears his shoes fast-fast
All wears the shoes at the same time.
Everybody wins.
It is a draw.

To which Samuel replied,

We win. Other people lose!

Just gotta win someone eh?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Tan, A Feast and An Expedition

Daddy booked us into Cinta Sayang Resort last weekend for a water park getaway. A consolation for a much required break since we had to cancel our Cameroon Highlands trip next month due to schedule clashes.

OK, that does not actually make sense since we just had 2 long breaks last month. It’s really just as excuse to get away from the hot concrete jungle in Penang.

It’s still hot further up north there but Cinta Sayang is a resort surrounded by greens. So we feel cooler just by lazing around the resort.
We got their Deluxe Room Promo Package that comes with one day complimentary entrance to The Carnivall for 2 adults and 2 children.

The spacious lobby

Even the boy knows how to pose for the mirror shot already!

Our Chalet.
It’s ~9 rooms per chalet.

We find no fault with the room.
As comfy as it gets

It was lunch time by the time we checked-in. So we quickly changed into our swimming gear and headed to the Carnivall. We opted to drive ourselves there instead of taking the resort shuttle.

Lunch at a restaurant inside the Carnivall. The food was not pricey but Mommy was hit with a tummy upset almost immediately after that. Must be the weak tummy ‘cos Daddy and Samuel had no complain.

The park under the hot sun

The extra thrilling water slides ~ 7 to 8 meters high.
There’s one where you can slide through a semi-covered tunnel
and another one in a gigantic V shape where you’ll be flied up a few meters when you slide down like a pendulum.
Mommy did not have the chance to try this.
Daddy did though

Bungee jump.
Neither of us try this.

Since all of us wanna jump into the water, we checked-in our belongings including the camera into the hired locker. So no photos of us in action.

Only a before and after photo.

And a few when we were about to leave.

If Samuel appears skipping in this photo, he was.
The floor was scorching hot.

Sliding down solo.

The fountain at the entrance.

We did not stayed long, perhaps 3 or so hours. But that was enough to get us some very pretty tan. We planned to go back later in the night for the Carnivall Fiesta. We were told there’d be performances and good food.

Still haunted by the tummy upset incident, we skipped the good food at the fiesta and instead went for a nice dinner at the Sayang Restaurant.

The Golf Green at the backdrop

It was a very nice dinner indeed. We were very impressed with the presentation. Their services? Top notch!

Although it was not too late after the dinner, Samuel was visibly tired. He had earlier skipped his nap.
Thus, we decided that the visit to the fiesta would be a very short one.

There was indeed good food and non-stop performances; live singing, dancing, fire tricks and all. Too bad the crowd was not happening. It was a pretty quite night there. Samuel fell asleep in Mommy’s arm even with all the noise. Imagine how tired he was :O.

A tired pose before Samuel called it a night

We checked out early after breakfast the next day to chase the wild goose :O

We did not go back empty handed.

We did capture some very scenic shots amidst : )

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The One and Many

Samuel likes us to read for him, if he could have it he would want us to read for him day and night.
His normal bedtime routine consists of a reading session before he sleeps. Mommy would normally try to read something simple and word by word for him to follow through. Until recently, Mommy thought that Samuel is only interested in recognizing the colors words.

Not too sure if it’s the Peter and Jane’s book or if it’s the school but Samuel surprises us last-last week when he read to us the whole book; from front to back, back to front, left to right, right to left and word by word without fail.
Wow. Though we know that it’s a very simple book that perhaps catered for kids his age, we’re still very impressed.

He even knows the different between “toy” and “toys” and applies his new found knowledge onf singular and plural almost immediately.

If Samuel has one toy, then Samuel says "toy"
If Samuel has more than one toy, then Samuel says "toyS"

If Samuel has one pillow, then it is "pillow"
If Samuel has many-many pillow, then it’s "pillowS"

And so on….

He was stuck when he reached 'pants'. It’s a bit tricky for him to get it now but he’ll come around.

Friday, March 05, 2010

A Celebration Almost Missed

Not to give any excuses for not remembering the day first thing in the morning but the week has been a busy one for Mommy.
Top with a fresh new crisis just out of the oven, Mommy thought Daddy was upset with the car problem.
Furthermore, we already have something planned out this weekend and got Daddy’s present last weekend itself.

So it’s forgive-able that Mommy forgot Daddy’s birthday… No?

Upon realizing the blunder however, Mommy worked fast to fix a simple celebration at home for Daddy.
Thank goodness the kitchen is still stocked well from CNY. Wth Mommy’s magic culinary hands… we managed to prepare

Baked Chicken and Bolognese Penne

And with nick of time to spare after dinner to get the cake. The shop was already closing by the time we reached :p

Samuel hand-picked this

No timer required this time. Daddy’s buddy was around to snap photos for us.

Happy Birthday Daddy!