Friday, April 30, 2010


Intentional or not …… it’s still very cunning of him : )

This incident took place the other night over a birthday dinner for Po Po.

On the way to the restaurant in the car, Po Po gave 2 packets of jelly candy to Samuel

Mommy: Samuel cannot eat the candy in the car. Samuel can eat 5(pieces) when we reach the restaurant later.

Samuel: OK.

Samuel: Jiu Jiu can have 1(piece), Jie Jie also can have 1, Po Po can have 1, Daddy can have 1 and Mommy can have 1. Everybody can have 1!

While we were waiting for the dinner to be served in the restaurant, Samuel helped himself with 5 pieces of candy; no more, no less.

After dinner, Samuel pressed his luck and asked for more candy but was politely declined by Mommy. Samuel did not press further after that.

Instead, while the rest were waiting for Mommy to finish hers (bad tooth, remember?), Samuel took out the biggest piece of the candy and offered to everyone. As though Samuel had expected it, everyone said;

No thank you. Samuel eat la!

So at the end, can you guess where the big piece of the jelly gone to?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Penang World Dance Day

We are not sure if it’s something new or Penang has it all along, but it was certainly the first time we heard of it 2 weekends ago.
There’s this event last Saturday called the Penang World Dance Day and was organized by the Penang Arts Link together with USM, Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negeri Pulau Pinang and the Ombak-Ombak ArtStudio.
Well, the term World Dance Day is a bit misleading we thought but we reckoned it might be fun to attend their open performances.
The performances program really sold it. The line-up sounded exciting with modern dance, belly dancing, street jazz and contemporary dance.

It took us a while to get to the venue which is a relatively new place in the campus; a court in the USM School of Art. We were required to leave our shoes by the door before entering the court. Gosh, there must be hundreds of pairs of shoes unattended there.
There were only a few chairs set-up for either the VIP or the elderly, others were to be seated on the floor. A very comfy setting we’d say, though not necessarily organized. We supposed, perhaps the organizer had under-estimated the response for the event.
We see it as an event that’s not commercialized nor targeting grandeur.
There was no ushers, no black-tie MC and no VIP speeches … (actually we reached late, perhaps there’re some boring speeches which we have missed :p)
Just some students and performers doing the thing they know best…. dancing : )

Samuel being his fidgety self that evening, could not sit still. He scooted between us, his Aunty Florence and his ex-half-nanny, Cally who we happened to bump into then. He loved the crowd though. He joined them clapping and cheering every performances but we are quite sure Samuel had no idea what were they about. The pieces were too contemporary, or as Aunty Florence put it, Sapu Lantai dances that’s deep…..

A special and moving piece
by the Instructors and People of different needs

Tarian Semerah Padi

Belly Dance by that girl who
won the Nescafe Kick-Start project (if we are not mistaken)

The crowd;
young and old
Photo opportunities
We were sitting right in front of the performance court but at an awful angle where the spotlight was shinning directly at us. Not only it was painful to our camera, it was literally painful to our eye. The spotlight should have better effect operating from the top, not at eye level.
Thumbs down for the lighting department.

We gave up taking photos after awhile.
Samuel was signaling us to leave right about the same time too. The contemporary dance is not his cup of tea.
Besides, he did not take his afternoon nap that day. He needed his dinner and an early rest.

We left the event at about a quarter to eight and headed to a new Italian Restaurant nearby. Daddy was craving for some pizzas and tiramisu : )
Mommy ordered the Lamb Shank Dinner Set which came with soup, mango pudding and coffee.
No photos of the food as usual. No reason, it’s just that we don’t have a habit of taking pictures of outside food. Sans homecook food that is. Or may be on special occasion, or may be …..

Mommy did not eat much not because the food is not nice, but because of this. Samuel on the other hand, took half a cup of mushroom soup, one garlic bread, one slice of pizza, generous portion of lamb shank and tiramisu.
We have a big eater here, would you say?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pièce de Résistance

Thus far, Samuel’s coloring activities have been confined within coloring pencils, crayons, magic-ink color pens and marker pens only. We have yet to introduce him to watercolor saved for some observations and try-out.
One of the reason is because, we doubt Samuel would appreciate the use of watercolor at his age and more importantly if he can use the color without smearing the whole house out.

The time came last week when we were in a stationery shop and Samuel was genuinely interested when he asked Mommy about the poster colors.
Mommy thought, why not then? Color tones and combinations are fun.
We went around and pick some up together with extra thick drawing papers, drawing plates and some brushes. And we are all but good to go.

After 2 practices with repeated reminders to

  • Not mix all the colors together
  • Wash the brush before selecting another color for the painting
  • Not to dirty the floor and the furniture

This is what we have accomplished ….

The painting tools

Samuel painting intensely

A tree……
Oh, this is by Mommy :p
Samuel's critique?

The stalk (trunk) is nice,
The green leaf is nice,
The yellow flower is nice,
Only the orange leaf is not nice!


Samuel’s masterpiece

Adding some beauty touch to Mommy’s tree

Samuel posing ever so willingly

It’s credit to Samuel that he still can paint without any sketches.
All these are painted free-hand!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Putting in the Words

Besides typing 123 and abc on Word doc, Samuel likes to work on Wordart. Courtesy of Big Yee Yee. Thus far he has only worked on the word he is most familiar with, his name : )

So the other day Daddy nonchalantly helped Samuel to spell out the word boy too before leaving him to practice on his own.

There were a few minutes of silence when Samuel called out in joy for us again.
This is what he showed us.

We were amazed. He must has picked the word is and a up from his Peter and Jane book. And to know that he could structure them correctly in a sentence……
That’s really something.

Bravo Boy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Leaps and Turns of a Ballet

We went to a ballet performance the other day, Spotlight On Singapore Dance Theatre presented by the Singapore Dance Theatre. It’s a first for Samuel while Daddy and Mommy have attended a few before. In comparison, last Thursday show was among the better ones.

We only got to know about the event earlier in the week through some promotional poster. A call to the ticketing hotline did not enlighten us if children were allowed admission. Although the ticketing lady took trouble to call us back after further checking with the authority, she still gave a very blurr-ish answer;
We are not sure if children are allowed but better not la!

So we thought, we also better not purchase any ticket upfront la!
And we did not.

We planned to just go ahead and check with the ticket counter on the day itself. After all, the performance was 2 days away only.

We reached Dewan Sri Pinang a few minutes before 8pm. A big crowd had already built up there, amidst we saw a lot of children around. We were in good company : )
Mommy quickly made a beeline to the ticket counter to inquire and got the ticket without any hassle. We got 3 tickets altogether, one for Samuel as well. All tickets were priced at RM10 and RM20 which surprisingly, not excessive.

There were prints on the tickets that actually says children under 6 will not be admitted into the auditorium. But the Organizer did not enforce this. So we reckoned, those are more like guidelines rather than strict conditions.

We did not take any photos during the show, so no performances photos to share. This is taken before the show at our seats; the first row of the Gallery area.

There were three act altogether with two 15 minutes intermission in between. Great programme we’d say. The kids got to stretch their legs over the 2 hours long event.
There were food and drink stalls setup outside the auditorium for the guests too. Thumbs-up for thoughtfulness but a slight thumbs-down for execution. There were no lines and the crowd was disorganized, making it hard for everyone to get the drinks and the food.

Anyway, that’s minor.

The ballet performances were superb.
The first act was made up of a few dances; clean, basic and romantic with fine piano.

The second was mine and Hubby’s favorite. It’s ballet with a taste of martial-art…. or was it martial arts with hint of ballet? :p
This was a fast piece with a lot of hand movement; centered on the guy performers rather than the girl performers. The whole black backdrop and minimal spot lights setting compliment the dance.
Music was great too.
Dramatic will be the word we would use to describe this dance.

The last was the Swan Lake Act, Samuel’s favorite. He likes the Swans but no love for the Hunters and the Black Bird aka Rothbart….
They were too fierce a character for Samuel : ).
Mommy personally is not too excited about this piece. A bit too slow moving and not as classical as we would imagine it to be.

Overall, it’s a great night. Samuel has been an Angel as an Angel could be.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Heavy Machinery

Putting his new skills at good work,

This is what Samuel has been up to when Mommy is not looking….
Well, actually Mommy was taking her afternoon nap : )

The good news is, Samuel only shredded the left-over yarn and left the knitted piece intact.

The bad news is… well it’s still the scissors we are talking about here. And he’s only 3.5 years old.

Before we had our lengthy talk with Samuel which he had 'agreed' not to operate heavy machinery without supervision again, we got Samuel to show us how he cut the yarn.
Curiosity got the better side of us ‘ya see.

The scissors is this tiny. How he manage to cut anything with it, is anybody guesses.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The End of the Cretaceous Period?

Samuel just couldn’t stop loving ‘em and he couldn’t stop asking questions about ‘em. Our dinosaurs story telling session has evolved from, Type of dinosaurs to How the Dinosaurs saved the day to The Meteorite theory.

Samuel seemed to have accepted the fact that Dinosaurs have became extinct at first. But over time he slowly throw back the theory and simply said that all dinosaurs are asleep at a place far-far away.
He does not have the heart to see all the dinosaurs have died.
And we fully understand his sentiment. Sometimes, we will just play along and agree with him instead of breaking his heart with the fact.

A book on Dinosaur which Samuel absolutely adores.
A Christmas gift from his Aunty last year.

He reads this book very often.

And he knows a lot of these Dinosaurs name by heart. Mommy is feeling the pressure to catch up with him.
Why is it with the Dinosaurs, couldn’t they have less labyrinthine names?

But the pressure hits the roof when Mommy comes to this page.

And a place far-far away?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Below the Deck

We celebrated Samuel’s Grandpa’s birthday a few weekends ago with a cozy lunch at the Victoria Station.
(Edited to update: Don't know what got into Mommy. Mommy mix-up the Ship with Victoria Station :p. Thanks to Daddy for sorta reminding Mommy on the blunder)

The restaurant was awfully quiet during weekends…..
Perfect we’d say : )
As we won’t have to worry that Samuel would bump into any crowd while he walked in and out and round and round the Train’s cabin.

He insisted of standing a few steps ahead of us for this photo.
Quite clever of him eh?
He’s really a err…. standout!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Ice-creams, Sea Wonder, A Garden, Geometry and A Dinosaur

It’s good that Samuel is not particular on safe-keeping his art pieces. He does not insists to draw on papers and with pencil colors.
Else with the rate of his drawing lately, we might have to stock-up tons of papers :O

Samuel is happy the same drawing on his magnetic board or his whiteboard.

Here's some of his recent craze

Can you guess which is vanilla,
which is strawberry
and which is chocolate?

Samuel will draw the sea first before the creatures because he said
"Octopus and jelly fish live in the water! "
There are worms and sea-weed under water too.
Above it, is the sun and the butterfly.

Can you spot the caterpillar, the flowers and the clouds here?

The various shapes including the trapezium and a big apple

And his favorite

The Seismosaurus!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Slumber Intermitter

Samuel has been doing very well sleeping in his own room initially when he moved there end of last year. Of course that was after months of him being able to fall asleep without our company albeit in our room.
We are glad that he is transitioning well into independence.

Just as we thought that things were falling nicely into routine, Samuel has this phobia of sleeping alone right after Chinese New Year.
He was scared of the monster that comes out in the dark; the Nien Monster :O
Apparently, he had heard this Nien story and why the Chinese celebrates Chinese New Year in loud and in red from his Kindergarten.
He was scared that the Nien Monster will come to our house in the night. Though we assured him otherwise, Samuel still had this phobia then and brought out all sorts of monster stories known to him.
He demanded Mommy to accompany him to sleep every night. There was a time then where Samuel would wake up in wee hours every morning and walked over to look for us; either to continue sleeping in our room or to ask for Mommy to sleep in his room.
He was not making big scenes or kick-up any fuss during these morning escapades but we were concerned that he might knock onto the wall or furniture while walking in dim light. So, for the many-many following nights, Mommy co-sleep with Samuel in his room.

Daddy too has been spending more time in his room to accompany him, just to let him know there’s nothing to be scared of.

It has been a few weeks now that Samuel has not bring up the monster story and his wee hours visit to our room has almost stopped.

There are times still where Samuel will just wake up, run to our room and snuggle up to us nonchalantly : )

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Remedy for a Splashy Happy Baby

Put your baby for an hour of water splashing.

With other splashy bubbly babies.

Twice a day.

A dose in the morning

And a dose in the evening

There… done with the trick!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dragons Are Not Dinosaur

Even though we have not heard of the show How to Train Your Dragon then, we made plans for another movie day last-last weekend.
‘Ya see, Samuel would certainly enjoy a dinosaur or such show; regardless if it’s a cartoon or a documentary or a puppets show.

And we were spot on. Samuel enjoyed the show tremendously albeit some 'scary scenes' : ) We’ll get to that later.

We had already made a trip to Gurney Plaza earlier in the week to get the tickets knowing that last-last Sunday was the Palm Sunday. We would have a long mass and we might not reach the cinema on time for their afternoon show.

That Sunday morning started with a beautiful Mass. We arrived at the church fairly early before 10 that day and only left at noon to head to the cinema.

It was the usual Pastamania lunch again then with the usual popcorn and snacks and drinks treat for the show again. What was unusual is this recyclable bag.

Mommy knows Samuel would dig it. : ) He has been spotted everywhere with it recently.

This is the first show where Samuel sat through the whole show. At no point of time he fidgeted, or asked to be excused or even asked to stretch his legs. Yes, he loves it that much. Even when he was terribly frightened of some of the scenes.
He was not scared of the scary dinosaurs,

he was not scared when the dinosaurs were fighting each other

or when the dinosaurs were catching the human.

But he was scared of the Vikings :O

And he was scared when the Vikings hurt the Dragons :O

Ya. He loves the Dragons that much : )

Samuel gives the thumbs-up for this show

Oh ya. There’s a reason why we still prefer Gurney Plaza and why we only go for the afternoon show.
The cinema there is the only one around that has couple seat and Samuel still takes his afternoon nap albeit skipping one or two occasionally.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Frolic Too

And Mommy thought hats would do the trick

And Mommy thought Mommy has grow wiser after the last time.

And Mommy thought Mommy is extra alert on April Fool’s day

Apparently not!

"Lizards" are falling from the ceiling again!