Monday, May 31, 2010

Starter, Junior, Expert and Master

The multi level logical game took a seat back since Chinese New Year as we’ve lost a piece of the puzzle back home then. It was only recently that Po Po found the missing piece, Small Jiu Jiu too had gotten Samuel another set some time back.
So now, Samuel has 2 of the similar sets with different themes.
The more reasons for him to pick up the game again : )

He does not has a favorite, he switches between the 2 sets.
Normally Samuel plays the Starter and the Junior Level. On rare occasions, he’ll try his hands on the Expert Level.
On once-in-a-pink-moon bizarre occasion, Samuel might consider the Master level puzzle.

Last Thursday was one such occasion.
He just quietly played his game and it wasn’t until a good few minutes after, that he broke his silence.

This is what he had to show Mommy.

By luck or not, it did not stop us from feeling proud : )

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big, Green And Friendly

Bringing Samuel to the cinema now has become a norm, we might as well create a category dedicated for only cinema outing post : )

It was Shrek Forever After last weekend. Samuel has been asking about the Toy Story show ever since he saw the promotional poster in the mall a few weeks back. But the new show will not open until next month and the current limited screenings are only on 3D.
So while awaiting for the Toy Story, we brought him to Shrek 4. We had got him a copy of the first Shrek DVD earlier to introduce him to this franchise. In our opinion, the first is better of the first 3. We couldn’t even remember what was Shrek 2 and Shrek 3 about.

Samuel responded well to the show initially until Shrek was attacked by the witches. He couldn’t sit still then and buried his face into our chest every time there’s a hostile scene.
But we survive. Although Samuel may not have like this show as much as the first, Mommy and Daddy find it entertaining. At par with the first if not better.

Posing with the Ogre. The one at the back, not by the side :p

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 Mid Year Parents-Teachers Dialogue

It’s half way through Samuel’s schooling year and as usual, his school organized a mid-year dialogue last weekend for the parents.

For Samuel’s year, the dialogue session started later in the morning only. We reckoned that the teachers have already changed the foyer display after the early morning session ended. We walked into a foyer show casting only photo frames made by the students his year (perhaps his seniors too) and not art-work by others.

Compare to the year-end dialogue, mid year event is simpler. There were progress updates from his class teacher, Teachers’ Day Thank Yous counter and a reward collection counter.

Samuel had no problem spotting his among the sea of photo frames.
Gladly posing with it too

The progress update session was quite brief. Samuel’s class teacher is a lady of few words:

  1. On the 3 tests held earlier in the week; Maths, English and Fun IQ.
    We had been informed on the tests and were given revision material weeks earlier but we decided that we do not want to make it a big deal. We did not prep Samuel and did not make him revise. Samuel should just treat it as his usual school work; no more and no less.
    He scored 100 for all the 3 tests but we have no doubts that all the children scored to perfection too.

  2. On the Semester Report Card
    Same as last year, the school will chart Samuel’s development in a few categories. We could not remember all of them but they are the usual suspects; Social Development, Oral, Art, Reading and such.
    The scores are good with the weakest B in Art and B.M. Lisan. He colors out of lines :p
    The teacher commented that his is very strong in English reading; he reads with passion and good intonation.

Other update was on the social development front. Samuel mixes well with his friends but still a tad sensitive. He’s the gentle one aka not-the-bully.
Although we noticed improvement from last year, we would think that he could still do with a ‘lil more toughness in him :p

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Samuel currently is picking up on comparatives. He knows that –er is added at the end of an adjective to compare 2 objects such as
The book is thicker than the paper
Daddy is taller than Samuel
Big Jiu Jiu is older
Mommy is fatter …. :O

While waiting for Mommy to finish with her shower yesterday, Daddy and Samuel killed the time by asking comparative questions.

Daddy: Who is bigger, Samuel or the bird?
Samuel: Samuel is bigger than the bird

Daddy: Who is faster, Samuel or the bird?

Without skipping a heartbeat Samuel answered:

The bird can fly, so can fly faster.
If the bird walks on 2 legs on the ground, then Samuel can run faster


That’s not just good answer, it’s excellent, it’s accurate! (birds generally la).
We did not expect that.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Song for Teachers

Samuel did not sing this in the house until on early morning last weekend .....

He walked to Daddy who was in the study room and said;

Daddy, I sing you a song ah......

It's a difference version to his last year Parents Day song.
Not recycled but re-created

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Operation Photo Frame

Although parents were not invited, we are quite sure that the school had a little party going on yesterday for the Teachers Day celebration as Samuel was not required to bring his school bag along.
All he was asked to bring was a handmade photo frame for his teachers.

His school did not give any instruction what-s0-ever on how to make the photo frame.
The children were free to use their creativity and material to make one. Parents were of course, encouraged to help their kids in doing so.
The school did provide a photo of Samuel taken together with his teachers to be put into the frame though.

So after a short deliberation with Samuel, we decided to do something that Samuel is interested in currently. Paintings.
Or more accurately Pressed Art where minimal effort is required.

First we put some poster colors on a piece of thick drawing paper

Then fold and press on the paper

This is how it look after the colors dried

Mommy helped with the cutting while Samuel did the taping

Fold the thick paper into a triangle with base so that it will sit nicely.

All done

The writings on the wrapper are all done by Samuel.

He’s very proud of it.

So are we!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mothers' Days

Yes, days. ‘Ya read it right.
We celebrated the days with several dinners;
One with Daddy’s parents at an Italian restaurant
Another one with Po Po at a Chinese restaurant
And one with Mommy and Daddy …… actually we eat out often :p

This year as usual, his school prepared a little something for the parents for the 2-in-1-Mother-and-Father, Parents’ Day.
It’s a CD with a powerpoint presentation completes with narratives and photos of the children’s activities in the school.
We think it’s awesome.
The photos are selected well, all the children have a fair chance to be in the limelight. The school even throw in a group photo of the children. This might save us a couple of $$ as we might skipped the annual photo session….

Or may be not!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Just a Sketch

Samuel is into sketching dinosaurs nowadays besides clouds and trees and octopus and sharks and ….
Errr… actually he’s into drawing almost everything.

His dinosaur sketches always consist of 3 main parts; the head, the tail and the body with subtle touches yet significant enough to tell us what type of dinosaur it is.

This should not be a hard guess.

The spike on the back gave it away eh? It’s a Stegosaurus.

He was drawing dinosaurs again 2 weeks back when Po Po was here. We don’t think he was trying to impress Po Po on purpose but boy, we were all did. We mean, we were really really impressed.

Lets break it down shall we?

There’s a dinosaur here

And there’s a stick figure sitting on it.

And she’s Po Po.

Because she has curly hair!

There’s a boy with spikey hair running around on the ground.

Why spikey?
Because Samuel had just comb his hair.

Everybody says……..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Samuel is 3.5 Years Old

Samuel is 3.5 years old and it’s time for the half yearly check-up.
He’s growing steadily …. and cool-ly if we may add. Learning at his own pace in his own way, we are not pressurizing him to pick-up anything that he does not fancy in any way. Not that he needs any…. for now.

Posing with his shark

His height and weight is recorded at 106cm and 16.1kg, not as weighty as we’ve thought. But when we carry him, it sure feels so.

He hit 2 big milestones some half a year ago;

It’s safe to say that, Samuel has acquired most if not all the skill that a kid his age could have. There’s nothing more we could have asked for. We are one happy parents and a very proud one.

Interest wise, Samuel shows potential in reading and painting. He is far from Picasso or a great scholar but hey, again what else can we asked for from a 3.5 years old?

Reading to perfection with the plural and the singular and the ‘th sound.

Look at the vivid colors.
We sketch, Samuel paints.

Samuel is picking up more TV shows now besides cartoon and children shows. One of his current favorite is the game show, Wipeout. Samuel calls it the Big-Swimming-Pool-Game-Show :p
He’s thrilled by the funny and tough challenges. We won’t be surprise if the day when he’ll be daring enough try ‘em challenges himself comes sooner than we thought.

The tough cookie in him is showing day by day. He’s strong, he is loud, he fights us…..but only us. He’s still quite gentle when confronted by others. There was once he was knocked down by a gal in his school. We did not quite get the story on how the commotion started but it ended with a small bump on Samuel’s and a terrifying cry from the gal. Samuel did not fight back but the gal was too scared when queried by her teacher, hence the crying.
We did not make a big deal out of it but his teacher said the school required them to record down all these incidents.

Hmmm…. are they making a Santa list to share with the parents on who been naughty and who’s been nice by the end of the year?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Car Ride Up to the Hill

Well, well, we have a lot to catch up, don’t we?

Lets start brief with some pictures from last week. There’s no long story, just long silence as Mommy has been tight up with a little project of hers and a little bug calls moody : )

Samuel took a day off from his kindy last Monday since we too were having a day off from the office. Po Po wanted to visit the new Kuan Yin Statue in Kek Lok Si so off we went then.

Unfortunately the section was closed for renovation. We could only see it from afar. Since we didn’t have plan to visit the Pagoda section then, we fed the fishes for a while before leaving for some lightings shopping.

The trip was a 'lil uneventful since Po Po couldn’t visit the statue we’ve came for.
It’s pretty much just a ride up the hill straining Mommy’s car to the core ……
The fishes were pretty though.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

On Po Po's Day

Po Po had her second round of birthday dinner in Penang the other day (edited to update: not last week but rather the few days before. This absent minded thingy is really getting into Mommy!). The first sumptuous round was in Kuala Lumpur the week before but that’s another story.

Since Po Po favors Chinese feast more than others, we chose the Starview Restaurant this time for their famous fish steamboat. Peking duck, mushroom and broccoli, chef recommended eggplant with egg white and spring roll were in the menu too. Food was ok with the fish steamboat being better than average.
The waitering? Exceptionally good! There were at least half a dozen of waiters waitered us that night. Prompt and attentive.

The highlight of our dinner of course was the second part-er; the cake cutting.
Let the pictures tell the story shall we?

The Lychee Cake.
Fresh and refreshing

The dinner party

Blowing the candle

Cutting the cake

The restaurant served the cake with chopstick :O

The evidence!
Icing on top courtesy of clumsy Mommy :p


The birthday kiss

Happy Birthday Po Po