Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Order for 3

It feels like it’s just yesterday that Mommy had to share a meal with Samuel when we eat out. And today like every other day, Samuel seems to have grown overnight. He shares food no more. Not because he does not want to but because we couldn’t let him.
He can finish up a whole meal by himself so often now, we are worried he’ll go hungry if Mommy eats half his portion.
But then we are worried too that he’ll get tummy upset from over-eating if Mommy doesn’t.

Kuey Teow Soup and Bandung
OK, ‘ya may argue that the serving is small.

But a full plate of chicken rice?

No, Samuel did not get any tummy upset. Mommy took credit for helping him out. ....
Hey, Mommy did eat all his cucumber. That’s helping right?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Samuel received his first mail last week.

It was not his first postal encounter. We attempted to post a letter last year but it never reached its destination. It’s a case of either Mr. Postman did a very bad job or Mommy’s handwriting was too ugly.
We are going for the former : )

Mommy already saw the postcard in the mailbox earlier but did not pick it up. We wanted Samuel to experience it first hand.

The moment he helped pick the mails…

Then proceeded to sort them out …

And saw one that addressed to him ….

And he read it out loud….


He can read almost all the words including the sender’s name.

It’s specially hand-written by Hanxin Kor Kor all the way from Taipei 101!

Friday, June 25, 2010

That Baby Passport Photo

After 2 reminders from the Airport Immigration on Samuel last 2 trips out of the country, Mommy finally found the time to have Samuel’s passport photo updated yesterday. We don’t mind a third reminder as long as no barring out of the country :p
But we wouldn’t wanna go there, would we?

One of the secondary reason on why we have been delaying it was because Mommy was under the impression that the old photo would be replaced during the update (it was not, the new photos is added as attachment).

Look at his old passport photo

How to resist?

Another reason was because of the timing. We were trying not avoid Samuel’s nap time when visiting the Immigration Office.

But the main reason was because, we were dreaded to think of the hassle we would be made to go through for a simple photo update application.

We were half correct about that. There were aggravations alright, but once we have submitted the application, the rest was pleasant.

Mommy, Po Po together with Samuel made 3 trips over 4 hours to the Immigration office to get the passport updated:

  1. We did not get to submit the application on the first time. Samuel’s photo was rejected due to security purpose as he was wearing his school uniform in the photo.
    They needed Samuel birth cert. too which Mommy did not bring as Mommy thought a Mykid would be sufficient.

  2. We submitted the application on our second trip there, it took us less than 20 mins. Both the front desk officer and the processing officer were efficient. It was good too that they have earlier informed Mommy that there would be no lunch hour. The office is opened from 7.30am to 5pm.

  3. The third visit was to pick-up Samuel’s updated passport. Exactly 2 hours after we’ve submitted the application. That’s efficiency at its best.

It was a tiring few hours running up and down to get the new photos taken and to get all the document photocopied but we were just happy they were not dragged on any longer.
Samuel heaved a sigh of relief when we were all done too. He finally got his nap on our way back home.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy TV

Our living room TV is busier now as compared to the pre World Cup season. But World Cup is not the only reason. It’s the National Geographic, Wipeout and a few other shows that Samuel has recently found interest in.

Guess who is also interested in those shows?

We couldn’t figure who is more busy, the TV or Mommy :p

The house will be even more merrier when Samuel’s show time is clashing with the World Cup matches. ‘Cos, we will then have 2 TVs switch on at the same time.
And guess who gets the better TV in the house?

; )

Mommy couldn’t wait until this craze is over!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story 3

Continuing our good track record of keeping a photo for each of Samuel’s cinema outings, here is the latest addition to the collection.

Hard to spot us in the busy crowd eh?

And here is Samuel’s review of the Toy Story 3:

  • I like Buzz. He is very strong. Can fly and carry the train
  • I like Rex. He is big. He can come out from the ground.
  • I like Woody too but what can Woody do?
  • The bad guy put all the good guy in the cage except for Mr. Potato.
  • The bad guy put Mr. Potato in a box of sugar (sand)
  • There is 2 Andy. Small Andy play with the toy. Big Andy put the toy in a box and give it to a small girl.
  • The show is a bit too scary for Samuel.

Yup, that’s the word we were looking for, scary!
We too, find the show a bit dark. There were a lot of good moments but all we could think of now is the creepy toy baby......

What is it with kid’s show nowadays? Aren’t they suppose to be for the kids? Or is it for us adults?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ball Talk

Let us assure you that although the title may sound vulgar, the talk that transpired was not. It is what it says, a talk about balls.

It’s the World Cup season now, we eat and sleep balls like millions others....

OK, may be not!.
We are not watching as much as we like too (as we couldn’t), just enough to interest our curious pot. We were explaining the basic rules of the game to him the other day:
  • Players cannot use the hand to play in the field.
  • Players can use their hand to throw the ball from outside the field.
  • Only goalie is allowed to use his hands.
  • Although players in the field can use their head and chest to touch the ball, they mainly kick the ball with their legs.

    That’s why this game is called Football.

Naturally then Samuel asked if Handball is a game where the players play with their hands.

Yes was the short version of our answer.

Samuel then moved on to Head Ball.

Head ball is a game but not a sport is another short version of our answer.

Out of nowhere, Samuel asked then,

How about Fish Ball?


He got us there …..

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Samuel has a roommate since end of last month : )

Big Yee Yee is temporary crashing at Samuel’s while waiting for her new apartment to be renovated. No one is more thrilled than Samuel.
Nope, not due to the new house (well, that one too) but because Samuel has company for the next few weeks who not only plays with him, she also pampers him to the core!

Samuel plays all the time now and we mean, all the time. Even his bed time. Suffice it to say, the toughest time of our day now is getting him into his bed. Once he settles, it’s another level of difficulty altogether on keeping him there.
He has night cries more often and we suspect overtired may have something to do with it.

Mommy would be joining the night cries too if this persist. Cos Mommy soon would be overtired too…. :p

Monday, June 14, 2010


We remember how Samuel disliked hair-gel some time back when we wanted to style his hair for a photo shoot. He did not like his hair spikey then.

Things took a turn a while back when he discovered how (ahem!) cool he looks when he combs his hair back.

But the fetish really started a few days back when he spotted a Mohawk on his favorite TV game show, the Wipeout.

He has asked us to set his hair ever since. From morning till night and refused to wash the gel away.

A very cool look, we won’t deny but we are reserved about the unwashed hair.

So, Daddy came out with a little white lie…. that Samuel’s hair might fall off soon if the hair is gel-ed everyday.

It did the trick but somehow we doubt that’s the end of the spikey hair era :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Looking Over My Shoulder

Mommy was not feeling well this morning; not enough to wake up in the morning to send Samuel to his school. So, we decided then to skip school. Samuel was cool with that.

In fact, Samuel was more than cool. He let Mommy slept in with minimal disturbance and total independence.

He did his small business in the toilet by himself,

Helped himself with the simple breakfast prepared by Mommy,

Cleaned after the biscuits mess he’d made on the floor,

And if he could drive, he would have sent Mommy to the doctor : )

Who needs aspirin when you’ve an Angel?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

We Are Old

Much like his Daddy, you can rely on Samuel for out-of-the-blue questions at out-of-the-blue times . These questions vary from silly to funny to repeating to spot-on serious. Don’t ask us why, we have no idea too. Curiosity might be it for the fresh questions but for repeating questions? Perhaps just for the kick of it.

We don’t mind the why-s and the how-s actually. But we will enjoy it more if Samuel can notch ‘em down a few inches.
Like, saving his “How old are you, Mommy?” questions behind closed door instead of out loud in the open?


Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Long Hair and a Nib

Daddy teases me

Says I look like a certain type of bird ......