Friday, July 30, 2010

Jungle 2.0 Reloaded

When we got Samuel a new bed a few months ago, we miscalculated 1 very important point.
Bed is for sleeping but for Samuel, bed is for jumping too.


As much as we would like and we’ve tried to prevent any jumping on the bed, in reality it’s just not possible with an active kid….
Especially with parents who also passionate about jumping :p

His new mattress started to gave way barely a few weeks in its tenure :p. Initially Mommy thought that Mommy is heavier (well that too :D. no questions about the heaviness) thus could feel the spring when Mommy laid down.
But when Samuel started to complain that he could feel the spring poking his feet when he jumps, we knew that’s our cue.

We went mattress hunting again yesterday determined to strike spring mattresses out of our shopping list.
We had 2 other type in mind;

  • Latex
  • Fibre coil/coconut husk

We found a few latex models that are soft but cost a whopping 2K or more. They are probably a bit too soft for Samuel’s jumping and thumping too.
As for the fibre coil mattresses, we have limited choices only since both the store we visited do not carry many of them. We also find the mattresses a tad hard. Samuel might hurt his knee jumping on ‘em :p

Hard to please parents eh?
Too soft cannot, too hard also cannot.

So how?

We fall back on the spring mattresses. But this time, we got an extra thick mattress with additional layer of high performance foam.
It’s a bit over our budget but it looks sturdy and strong enough to withheld thumping impact

It comes with a 10 years warranty ......
although we are not sure what it says about wreck due to hard blow la :p

Thursday, July 29, 2010


When Samuel favors some of his clothes over to others, we are not convinced. There’s a good reason to it. Most of the clothes that he favors really are more comfy.

When Samuel went through a spikey hair phase not long ago, we brushed that off as a sudden craze.

When Samuel likes to check out his own reflection every time he passes the hall whacking mirror, we see that as a trait. Afterall, Mommy does that all the time.

We are still not convinced when Samuel avoided the mirror recently during his rashes spell.

But when Samuel halted right at the hall mirror again the other day at Small Jiu Jiu’s place trying out his new spanking bike complete with a helmet gear and said to himself

So cuute….

We are almost convinced : )

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The last Samuel went to his pediatrician was more than a year ago. Mommy must have forgotten all about the long waiting time…. pure agony!
But then our bigger problem is not the waiting time, it’s the rush consultation given. We couldn’t have been more hurried away :O
Hmmm… perhaps we should consider bringing Samuel back to his previous pediatrician even though the hospital is twice the distance away.

Anyway, the doctor told us 2 very important things that we need to know:

  • It’s nothing alarming; not chicken pox, not HFM, not allergy. It’s a viral rash.

  • No medication required as there’s no fever and no itchiness. The doctor only prescribed Calamine lotion which Samuel refused as it’s too cold on his body.

We thought the rashes were already bad on the first night when we brought him to the doctor.

It got worse on the second day and only began to subside on the forth day.
All in all it took about 6 days for our boy to regain his skin color.

Other than some tiredness and lost of appetite, our boy is still a bubbly ‘lil fella.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What’s in the box?

Most of Samuel’s favorite toys are pint-sized and 'used' to be kept in the few storage boxes in our living room.
On good days, Samuel will organize them. On not so-good days, Samuel will still organize them but not according to their categories:
  • Teethed blocks
  • Wooden blocks
  • Mega blocks
  • Lasy blocks
  • Maze blocks

Couldn’t blame him eh? Mommy will lost in those seas of blocks too.

Samuel also takes ‘em out from the storage to play so often that keeping ‘em back is becoming increasingly tedious.

So we figure, why not just get him one big box and let him throws ‘em all in?

Crocodiles, Animals, Dinosaurs, Binoculars, Cars, Junks…

‘Ya know who else can go in too?

: )

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Ready To Talk Yet

When some love birds say this while having a cold war, we are not surprised.

Or when some teenagers trying to proof a point after being grounded by their parents, we can understand why.

But uttered by a mere 4 years old? We are astonished!

Mommy gave Samuel a piece of her mind when Samuel was being difficult yesterday. After Samuel settled down, Mommy tried to talk him into telling us why he threw a fit with no reason.
It was after a long silent and after persistent coaxing from Mommy that Samuel finally said,

I’m not ready to talk yet


Where did that come from? Even though we consider Samuel to be quite mature for his age, this is still too much to expect.

What is he going to tell us next?
  • I need my own space

  • You are treating me like a baby



Monday, July 19, 2010

Malacca Heritage Town

On our last day in Malacca, we checked out early from breakfast and made our way to the Malacca town for some sight seeing armed with Daddy’s GPS.

On top of our list was the Eye on Malaysia. Funny that it’s not listed considering how famous it is. We managed to hunt it down after circling the town in and out.

The Eye on Malaysia is closed for public

Malacca River

The inner part of the old town looks exactly like Penang. The pre-war buildings and the narrowness ….. almost like a déjà vu when we drove past those small lanes.
On other parts of the town however, we must say they are way more developed than Penang sans the factory area.
They have modern humongous malls, they have an impressive zoo, there’re historical artifacts right smack in the heart of the city….
Ok to be fair, we have fabulousness of our own too : )

Another attraction not listed (in the GPS map that is) is the A’Famosa Fortress. But with (ahem!) Sherlock Holmes skills like ours, we found it in no time.

It was actually very near to the Stadhuys Museum we visited last time, within walking distance. So we parked our car nearby on a legitimate parking bay (got ourselves a parking ticket but that’s another story) and began our leisurely walk.
From the Stadhuys to the pathway hiking up to St. Paul’s Hill, to the ruins of St. Paul’s church and to the A’Famosa Fortress itself.

Panoramic view from the top

The staircase to the church

Inside the church

The majestic wall

The fortress

There were more museums leading (we came from the direction opposite) to the fort, we skipped those and went directly to Jonker Street for some very expensive but little impressive chicken rice.

That was the last of our itinerary in Malacca and we headed back to Penang right after with an early dinner break in Bidor.

Making himself at home..... wait
He was at home!

Samuel first close encounter with real rainbow.
We spotted it right behind Po Po’s house when we were about to leave
A perfect lovely surprise to end a perfect holiday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Road Trip to Malacca

Samuel’s cousin got married over the weekend. Yes, you read it right; his cousin, Daddy’s nephew :O.

We made an extended road trip down to Malacca to attend the wedding and to bring Samuel around places we’ve missed last round.

We started our drive on Thursday night. We decided to break our journey with an overnight stay at Bidor to ensure enough rest for our little boy….and Mommy too as a matter of fact since Mommy is such a bad traveler.

After a night rest and a fulfilling breakfast, we continued our drive and reached Malacca around 3pm with a lunch break at the Seremban rest-stop. Samuel is already very familiar with travelling having to follow us everywhere we go. He was very cooperative and an absolute Angel throughout this holiday : )
He has no problem entertaining himself or socializing with others. He makes friends fast and knows his boundaries. Things that he’s not sure about, he’ll come to us.... Such as if he can eat more than 5 candies : )
Hey, that’s a big decision to make for a 4 years old kid.

We put up at the Kings Hotel for 2 nights. The first night at a 3 room’s apartment shared with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty Rose, Aunt Marie and family, and on our extended night, we moved to a single room. The apartment was more spacious but both the rooms were equally comfortable.

Our first 2 days activities were packed with Eve Dinner, Church Service and Wedding Lunch.

Mingling with peers.

Introducing Fluffy

We did not take any photos on the wedding day as we did not plan on bringing any camera. But we did have a few candid shots taken with camera phones, one of which by these cutie’s Mommy.

Samuel with his cousins.

They are dinosaurs enthusiast too. Samuel was with his bag of dinosaurs as usual and guess who also brought along some dinosaurs all the way from Singapore?
Their dinosaurs party extended from the church to the restaurant where we had the wedding lunch. They sat together on the same table too, how cute!

It was almost 4pm by the time the lunch was over. Exhausted, we headed back to our hotel for a rest and pushed the rest of our itinerary later into the night.

So, our initial plan to visit the zoo became a visit to the Night Zoo.

The night zoo opens from 8pm to 11pm. We reached a tad before 9 after our dinner and promptly boarded a tram for a guided tour. It was dark; we did not have our torch with us. We relied heavily on the big spotlight used by our Guide. The zoo is big and we have no doubts they have impressive habitants there, it’s just ain't easy to see ‘em all in the dark, especially on a moving tram.
The tram stopped and let us walked a short stretch though. There we could see the tigers, lions, panthers, crocodile and some-others-that-we-could-not-remember.
It’s a different kinda experience really. Exciting, mysterious and creepy at the same time.

Waiting for the tram

By the crocodile pit.
Couldn’t see the crocodile behind eh?

Here’s a close up

Our tram ride

Besides the guided tour, there’re a few other attractions open to night zoo visitors. We only went for those brightly lit and near the main entrance.

This is the Zoology Gallery

The gallery houses some stuffed and preserved real animal but most are mocked. Samuel did not mind. He’s happy just the same : )

The largest crocodile ever captured?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Learning to Read

Remember this dinosaurs book that Samuel adores?

Instead of reading to him now, Samuel is reading it together with us. He can read all the simple words which he pick up from his Peter and Jane Book.
The rest, we have to fill in for him….

for now.

It might take us a while to finish the whole book.
But we are not in a hurry.