Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That Empty Jar

Why is Samuel so happy?

And giving a thumbs-up for himself?

I did it!

Yes, he did it. Not without hard work though. Literally, because he earned most of his coins by working for us.

It does not matter that some of the time by working virtually on his Facebook Farmtown

Or helping Mommy to fold the clothes

Or clean the house

Or simply being the adorable Darling he is.

Ever since we told him that he can go to Singapore when his coin jar is full as he will have enough coins to buy a flight ticket then, Samuel has been saving coins diligently.
He saves all the 50 cents coins we give him and is very careful on how he spends ‘em. Not on toys, not on gummy jellies and not games. He does at time, give ‘em away to his Yee Yee or Po Po or whoever that’s teasing him though : )

Well, that’s one mission accomplished for this year. Samuel is now looking for more jobs (hint! Hint!) to save a fresh new jar for next year trip!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Ok, it coulda shoulda woulda been a bird. We could argue all we want but Samuel is calling it a chicken.


Courtesy of the awesome story telling by Dr Margaret over last weekend.

Samuel is having a swell time terrorizing everyone with his

Where is my diamond button?

He brings it everywhere he goes. It’s his favorite toy …. for now.

Well, at least until another craze comes along : )

Friday, September 24, 2010

Penang International Kids Storytelling Festival

Penang had its inaugural International Kids Storytelling Festival last weekend. We already had plan to drive back Po Po back to Bidor then but would very much like to attend the festival.
So after breakfast last Saturday, we made quick stop at the Youth Park for a go-see session.

It was already half past 10 by the time we reached, barely a few minutes before the storytelling session start. Samuel had just warmed up to playing football with Daddy when we settled him down on one of the storytelling tent.

Waiting for the session to start

Children story books on display

We settled at the AMD tent where Dr Margaret Read MacDonald, an author and profesional storyteller led the story telling.


Perhaps used to the storytelling sessions since Samuel’s school had just had a few, Samuel did not ask to excuse himself nor ask us any question during the storytelling.
He listened and cheered as a good spectator would : )

Our session ended quite early and Samuel was not tired by the end of it yet. After taking his sticker from the crew, Samuel made his way to another tent for another round.

But good things have to end somehow.
We had to go back to Bidor, remember? The sun had just rise up right above our head then too.

So, we made our way to the exit as quick as our entrance earlier. Samuel did a tiny protest as he did not have as much fun as he would have wanted but hey,
there’s always next year : )

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is that a prezzie for me?

If one does not know better, one would think that Samuel does not like to receive present.
‘Ya see, Samuel does not go all goo-goo and gaa-gaa over prezzies. He does not normally ask for prezzie, nor go all excited when receives one nor throw tantrums if we are not buying him things he has set his eyes on. That being said, he rarely sets his eyes on anything.

He always seems to get it when we tell him

no money to buy this or that

and that he has to save up coins in his coin jar to do this and that

When we asked him what he wants as a present for his birthday, he told his Daddy

Buy me the Dinosaur cake la.

If you are wondering why he said that, it’s because earlier Mommy had told him that the Dinosaur cake was too expensive :p

When we ask him what he wants as present since he has been such a good boy lately, he asks us back;

What do you want to buy for me?

We are counting the days when day comes and he knows better (or not) to ask for iphone and gadgets.
Until then, we are not complaining : )

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Picnic, among others by the Sea

We went picnic by the sea again on the 1Malaysia Day holiday. Daddy did not join as Daddy’s office already had a replacement off-day earlier.

OK, before Mommy forget; let’s jog down the direction to the beach here:

  • do not need to U-turn on the road in front of Toy Museum.
  • keep going further less than 10 meters ahead, there’s a traffic light in front of the Flamingo and Paradise Sandy Bay Hotel

  • turn to the right

  • there’s a sign that says "Public Access to the Beach"

  • drive left or right when ‘ya reach the end of the junction

  • park the car there and use the side walkway to walk to the beach


First up; filling the tummy

Next in list? Run wild!

As usual, Samuel was reserved on putting his feet on the sand initially. But as usual again, of course he couldn’t resist.


Stomping his mark

Really running wild

Going solo


Look at what we found

Live snails

Sea and snail shells.

Took us a bucket load of sweat picking these : ) On one hand, Samuel wants to give it to Big Yee Yee as a present. On the other hand, he wants them for himself too.

So how?

Samuel figured it out himself; it’s still a present for Big Yee Yee but the shells will be kept at with Samuel. Big Yee Yee can only see them but cannot to bring them back home : )

And finally the group photo before we left to meet up Big Yee Yee for lunch.

Sea ‘ya again!

Friday, September 17, 2010


We tried something new in Australia; Riddles! Daddy came out with the idea over our long drives to keep Samuel companied.
It started with Daddy giving the riddles and Samuel answering them. There are not just any riddles; but animal riddles that we know Samuel would be able to apprehend.

What is found in Australia and can hop?

What looks like a durian walking and is not a porcupine?

What animal has long neck and can eat leaves on top of trees?

It did not take Samuel long to figure out giving the riddles himself. Well, some of ‘em may not come with best sense but we played along.

And now, Samuel is becoming a pro.
His trick almost left Fyone Yee Yee speechless over the weekend.

What jelly lives in the sea?


What can fly and can sting you, and don’t eat honey?


And ‘ya thought the answer will be bee?

: )
Guess again!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What the kids did over the long weekend in Penang

A ferry ride

Hanxin had yet to touch down then

Fun at the Beach

The kids want to sit together at the back of the car

And walk together

Everything together

Run! Run away from the wave

Fun at Fair

Train rides

Mini Viking.

The kids were very brave, we’ve to say.
They went solo sans us adults.
While they were squealing in thrill up there, we adults were biting our nails down here.

Water therapy post ride

Ai sey, kacang putih la

Bumper Car Ride
The VIPs of course had a chaperon each; Big Jiu Jiu, Small Jiu Jiu and Fyone Yee Yee.

More like a bump than a ride :p

Highway Truck Ride

No bump this time

And finally, how could the kids miss any of the splish-ing and splash-ing?

‘Ya gotta hold your breath
Then go in the water
Hanxin Kor Kor giving a tip or 2 to Small Jiu Jiu
: )

Swimming Xuan Yi’s style

Ler Ler style

Samuel’s Style

Taking a break

The toughest part of our vacation together is always to say goodbye.

The kids hugging each other

The kids hugging Fyone Yee Yee

The kids : )