Monday, September 06, 2010

2010 Winter in Australia

Yup, Mommy has been slow in our Australia holiday posts. It has been weeks since we came back and we still have yet to get to the final post of this trip.

In summary, the trip has been great; a well planned holiday with a very cooperative kid. Samuel is such a good traveler that we have no doubts at all to bring him along on tougher trips. Perhaps, we could try out back-packing holiday next : )

Here’s the write-up for this super satisfying trip.

We couldn’t stop grinning still : )

Winter in Australia
We went to Australia

Road to Australia
Holiday planning in a tad more than a month

Hello and Goodbye
The travelling itself was surprisingly pleasant

Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria
Close encounter with Australian animals

City and the Aquarium
Melbourne City

Philips Island Nature Park
Close encounter with the nature

The Great Ocean Drive
Close encounter with the rain. Err...... we mean the beach : )

Lorne on Great Ocean Road
Really close encounter with the rain .... and the beach

Queen Victoria Market and European Masters
Arts unexplainable

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