Friday, October 29, 2010

Snails and Shells

Remember these shells that Samuel picked up from the beach a couple of weeks ago?

He still plays with them. He keeps them in a container and will take ‘em out every now and then.
And the other day, we decided to name them.

Samuel: Mommy what is this shell called?
Mommy: How about we call it pokey shell since it’s pokey

Samuel: This one le?
Mommy: Spiral shell?
Samuel: Or curly twirl-y shell

Samuel: This one is Broken Shell

Samuel: Is this a Petrol Station Shell?


‘Ya didn’t think of that too, did ‘ya?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hanging out at the Airport

After days of fun packed adventures, it just seemed right that we slow down a bit on the day we left Singapore…. No?
Well, at least it’s true for outdoor activities.
Indoor wise, the house was still as clamorous with everybody had something on hand to do.

Big Jiu Jiu was kept busy by this…..something to amuse the birthday kid : )

The rest of us were busy packing, photo sharing and little stuff here and there.

Before we knew it, it’s time to catch the flight back to Penang.

Lunch at the mall

Snack at the airport.

Big Jiu Jiu completed it in nick of time before we left.
No kidding…..Big Jiu Jiu had to bring all the puzzle pieces to the airport and continued there

The trip back to Penang was smooth. No trembling plane and no sick Mommy.

Only a tired-out Samuel : )

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

The day itinerary was Universal Studio Singapore and USS only.

The plan was to leave the house early in the morning, have breakfast at the mall, catch the train and take the shuttle to Sentosa.

We did just that. All 13 of us left the house at 8.30am odd. Not bad eh?

All geared-up for adventure

A long train ride

Finally reached around 11am

Sold out!

No surprises there.
But then this a 3 months in-making trip, there’s no way we’d pass on this. Fyone Yee Yee had the tickets purchased months back already : )

Grand entry

Fooling around with popcorn cups

Photo time with the rich and famous!
Errr… not too sure if they are rich but definitely famous ; )

The Panda who Kungfu


I like to move it, move it


Alex the Lion

King Julien

Shrek and Princess Fiona

There’re only a handful of child friendly attractions. The kids tried most of them. There are more rides meant for adults but just. We, the adventurous few :p went for some, missed some due to time constraints and some were closed for don’t-know-why.

Our first stop was the Pantages Hollywood Theater to watch the Universal Monsters in a musical of trending songs. We find nothing theatrical about it, sound systems were a bit blah and performances were a bit puzzling. Samuel too has little to say about the musical, he was neither scared by the monsters nor impressed by the blasting stage.

Next stop was a long one at the Madagascar World. We watched a short dance performance by the Madagascar casts, had photo session with them, hand our lunch break and went on the King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round for we-also-lost-count rounds : )

The carousel moves round and round and also up and down.

Not a slight sweat.

The carousel is for adults too

It was a sunny bright day at USS that day. After the long hours under the hot sun at Madagascar, we were relieved to reach The Far Far Away Land

.... into the castle for the Shrek 4-D Adventure. This is a movie screening that offers the Feel sensory on top of the usual 3-D visual. This is achieved by props; moving chairs, spraying waters, ticklish air among others.
There are seats that are spared from all these but of course Samuel chose to fully experience all.

How fearless!

Moving on was The Lost World. Samuel’s favorite stop for the obvious reason. They don’t have as many dinosaurs as we’ve liked and there’s no dinosaur character running around but Samuel was thrilled nevertheless.

He gotta pilot a Pteranodon on Dino-Soarin twice,

he had his close encounter with 'em dinosaurs

with ‘em skeletons,

with ‘em eggs,

played with waters …

had a blast terrorizing err….. other dinosaurs :p

This park offers quite a few attractions; one of it is the Canopy Flyer. It’s an open-air fast moving cable chair ride.
Hmmm… moving!
That’s no good reason why we wouldn’t want to try it. Big Jiu Jiu round up Mommy, Small Jiu Jiu and Uncle Ken for a ride up in the air then.
The ride was awesome. Mommy screamed so loud up there that Small Jiu Jiu eardrums might have over vibrated for that few minutes. Mommy swears Mommy’s legs were shaking a bit when we landed.
One of the most thrilling rides ever!
Or so Mommy thought.
But wait for it……….

It was a long stop at The Lost World too as we waited for the Waterworld Show. We were half expecting the show to showcase some pretty swimming and splish-splashing…
Instead we were treated to this

Full blown explosion

Smokin' hot!

still smokin' ; )

kickin' stage

One of the more heavily invested live show we’ve ever watched. There were cleverly staged stunts, skillful performers and realistic props.

Very entertaining but the kids could use some earplugs here.

After the show, we settled for a quick dinner in Jurassic Park as we wanted to visit the Ancient Egypt before the park close at 7pm.

It was at the Ancient Egypt that Mommy really experienced her scariest ride ever. The Canopy Flyer ride earlier was nothing compare to the Revenge of the Mummy psychological thrill ride.

But before that, we went for the Treasure Hunters ride with the kids. We were brought through an abandoned Egyptian excavation site. Interesting enough, the kids enjoyed it.

A group photo by the end of the ride.

That's not a statue

The sun was setting

We were heading for the park exit when Big Jiu Jiu again rounding kaki-s for the Revenge of the Mummy Ride. Uncle Ken, Small Yee Yee and Mommy took up the challange..... Mommy had no idea what Mommy was signing up for.

But then Mommy should have known given the hints:

First, the crew told us Hanxin Kor Kor is too young for the ride

Second, it’s an indoor roller coaster ride. We cannot see the track from outside. Heh we couldn’t even see the track from inside.

Third, there were lockers available for us to keep our belongings; we were not to bring any bags, caps, fake hair :p

Then, we were lead through a long dark maze before arriving at the starting point of our ride.

Mommy tell ‘ya;
Mommy was plunged free fall,
pulled backward and forward,
swayed left and right,
brought up and down…Mommy screamed and screamed until the voice ran out…
It was so dark, we couldn’t see even with our opened eyes…. Not that Mommy’s eyes were opened though
Mommy was speechless.It’s really one of Mommy’s scariest rides.

This is how Mommy look after the ride; pale and dizzy
Definitely not for the weak hearted.

We headed for the exit after that and passed by the Sci-Fi City on the way. While Samuel accompanied the sick Mommy, Hanxin and Xuanyi managed to catch the Accelerator ride.

It was well past 7 by the time we crossed the park exit point.

We hung around New York for a while

enjoyed the neon light

and jumped onto a cab by 8pm.

Bye Bye USS!