Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Year-end Parents-Teachers Dialogue

Samuel’s school held the second Parent-Teachers Dialogue Day last weekend as soon as the schooling semester ended for the year.

The event was organized similar to the year before; with

  • Counters allocated for the 1-1 dialog according to the children classes
  • Reward counters where children can collect their rewards
  • Prize counters for prize collection for competition held earlier
  • Exhibition counters show-casting the children’s work and stuff

Being a regular, we headed straight to meet Samuel’s class teacher when we arrived.
The dialog was brief; the teacher commented that Samuel copes well in school.
He has been more vocal lately as compared to the beginning of the year, big in English reading and the only minor improvement required is perhaps on his coloring.
We suspect Samuel does not do pretty writings too but the teacher mentioned nothing about it. We did not bring it up as we do not want to put too much emphasis on pretty writings. After all Mommy 'was renowned' for her errrugly writings. It won’t be a surprise if Samuel takes after Mommy eh? :p

Samuel’s progress card is well charted.
Areas that he’s charted good beginning of the semester are Oral English, Hygiene Care, Compliance, Politeness and Helpfulness.
Areas that he’s charted fair then are Oral BM and Art & Craft.
But of course by end of the schooling semester; he scored A and A+ for everything under evaluation. (As with all the other children : ) )

Samuel with his ‘lil rewards and free ice-cream from the school.

We think that the school is very thoughtful to have a Reward Day for all the children. They gotta pick the gifts they fancy accordingly before the Dialogue Day. Then on the day itself, all the children will at least get a present. None will be left out.
In a way, all the children will be rewarded. And all the children will be happy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When We Were Not Looking

Amidst the board games craze, Samuel did not forget his other toys as well.

These are built entirely by Samuel, with no help what-so-ever from us. We did not know that Samuel is into block-building interesting stuff that he has come across.
Building animal models? Yes
Fleet? Yes
Robot and monsters? Yes
But random stuff that he sees? Apparently, yes!

Can you guess what this is?

We couldn’t until Samuel told us.

Samuel: It’s a filter
Mommy: What filter?
Samuel: The one that wash the car, the one that turn and turn

Clearer now eh?
It’s not often that Mommy send her car to the drive-through. In fact, Mommy has brought Samuel perhaps only 2 or 3 times. So yeah, we think it’s a big deal that he uses his imagination so creatively.

We fared better on guessing his other work though.

It’s a caterpillar

Caterpillar moves like this : )

Some touch-up

And became a long tail caterpillar


Monday, November 22, 2010

Board Game aBuzz

Well, we are not sure if it will be just a buzz but it’s certainly the buzz at the moment.

We were at our usual rounds of book shopping a few weekends ago when Samuel came across this.

It caught his eyes immediately; the Snake-&-Ladder game is familiar to him but it’s the other 9 new board games that formed the base of his arguments to get us to buy the whole set for him.
Very clever eh?

He has 2 Snake-&-Ladder game now and still plays with them both. The one that really kept him occupied for hours now is the LUDO game.

The idea behind this game is great because Samuel will never get too upset if he loses the game. There are 4 counters for each player and no player will ever (in an ideal world of course) get all 4 counters into its home before the opponent gets at least one of his to his home. In a way, everyone will win.

And that’s a very important criteria when ‘ya play with kids : )

Another reason why we agreed to get all 10 games for him besides the obvious fun reason is that, several of the board games look interesting. Mommy has not seen half of them.

Roll-and-move might be a pure Chance-Base board game but the few others are Strategy-Base. Such as this.

The Fox and Geese

And ‘ya think it’s easy to win a 4 years old?
Mommy and Daddy have yet to beat Samuel in this game…

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DinoTrek 2 in Penang

Perhaps it’s not a heavily promoted production or perhaps we missed it when it was first introduced to the public back in 2002/2004 but we have never heard of Petrosains DinoTrek until last week.

By the Apatosaurus

Knowing how much Samuel adores dinosaurs, Daddy’s friend recommended the DinoTrek 2 exhibition at the Aeon Bandar Perda in Seberang Prai.

It’s a branch-out of the DinoTrek exhibition presented by Petrosains in KLCC, we are not sure if they are the exact same exhibits though.

We googled it but the official site mentions none about the Penang exhibition. Anyway, off we went there last Sunday and we were not disappointed.

It’s not a grand gallery or anything but impressive enough for the admission price we paid and definitely more than fascinating for kids.

Samuel had a great time observing ‘em moving dinosaurs’ replica and trying out some of the interactive activities.

The Pterosaur at the entrance

The Stegosaurus

Moving the dinosaur body parts

The protective Mommy and babies Maiasaura

The very realistic T-Rex

Samuel 'talking' to T-Rex :O

A battle scene between Protoceratops and Velociraptors

There’s a Dino-Dance Station where we can get our photos taken for free; superimposed onto several dinosaur backdrops and emailed directly to us. Great idea!

Lousy photos though. Imagine how impressive it could be if only the lightings or the picture resolution or the backdrops could be better.

The Dino-Dig;
a sand pit where kids can dig the fossils.
We did not let Samuel try this though

The roaring Spinosaurus.

We got ourselves a few souvenirs too. Similar puzzles we saw at the Jurassic Park in USS at less than half the price.

Good buy eh?

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Many Faces of the Snake and Ladder Game

It was on our flight back from Australia that Samuel was first introduced to the Roll & Move Board Game. The mini board game came together with his kiddy meal.
With 8 hours time to kill, Daddy decided to teach Samuel how to play the game. Besides getting him to understand that there will always be certain rules that apply to certain games, Daddy got Samuel to practice his counting as well.

Samuel was intrigued immediately. His interest did not fade there, so we schemed to extort (hah!) a set of Snake and Ladder Game for him for his birthday present 2 months back :p.

And guess what has been his favorite game since?

He plays it day and night. Even when we are busy, he fancy playing the board game by himself; ‘ya know the left hand wins the right hand :p.

Like every other kids, Samuel will be upset if he’s beaten in the game. So when we play with him, it takes certain skills in us to lose the game. But more often than not, Samuel wins ‘em fair and square.
He’s slowly learning; especially on accepting defeat. He used to throw a scene when he lose but now slowly understand that it’s just a game : )








Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lazing in the Weekend Sun

What better days to spend your time outside if not when it’s not too hot and not too cold?

Errr… actually Samuel likes to spend his days out regardless. He doesn’t mind the heat.
But last Saturday morning weather was too good to be missed. We went to the park; played football, read the news paper, slow-walked under the cloudy weather …..
Just amazing and therapeutic

Daddy I wanna jump there


Here I come …


OK May be not


Amidst all the fun, Mommy and Samuel learnt something new that day. We’ve seen this plant many times before but never bother about it until Daddy told us its name.

Care for a guess?

Nope, we are not talking about Mommy’s shoes

It’s the Love grass.

Not only had the seed stuck on our clothes, the name stuck on our mind like glue :p

Sunday was another cloudy day. This time, we went to the beach near the Jelutong Highway for some cycling.

Samuel is getting very good with his bicycle now. He cycles with more confident and at the speed of not-lightning
: )

We no longer can catch-up on foot.
Christine Jie Jie accompanied him with her cool scooter.

Although Samuel is confident with his cycling, he is still very wary on his surroundings. He does not cycle through a crowd; he will pause even though the crowd is still a distance away from him. Perhaps fearing on knockin’ ‘em down. Or perhaps fearing ‘em knocking into him :D
Whichever it is, it’s a good thing as we always tell him that safety comes first.

He listens!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Samuel is FOUR

We are still continuing with Samuel’s yearly visit to the Pusat Kesihatan. Not for medical attention, just to check Samuel’s growth percentile and to take his deworm medicine.
We are not against visiting the clinic for medi-care. If anything, we think it’s actually good that the Pusat Kesihatan provides basic care for the public. But well, we'll save these boring stuffs for another day :p

For now, lets check into Samuel's recorded height and weight; 108.5cm and 17.4kgs. From the outlook itself, we thought Samuel looks a bit slim but his weight is growing steadily, so no worries there.

Continuing from his 3.5years update; Samuel shows notable progress. He may not be top in his class academic-wise but we are not working towards that direction. So, there’s also nothing to worry about.

We did however, had a ‘lil worry about his recent eating habit. It took us a while to figure out a solution to it. He still eats a wide variety of food and he still stays away from food unfamiliar to him and also still staying away from chocolate.
It’s the main meal that he’s having problem with; particularly rice. He’ll take forever to finish a bowl. He’ll keep his food in the mouth with no chewing and no swallowing until we give him a nudge. We reckon this is a common concern among growing kids and thought Samuel will out-grow it. But after a few weeks with no progress, we began to track-back and examine what went wrong.

Samuel can take his nuggets with no problem; quite speedy too

He can take pasta; fair better on pasta with gravy

He can take porridge with no problem

Noodles is another of his favorite.

We concluded that he just needs some liquid to take his rice with. We have been experimenting with clear soup and so far yield great result.

We are not declaring victory yet but from now on, soup will be a regular on our menu : )

Another update worth mentioning is that Samuel absolutely adores reading. He reads almost every night before this other craze hits him.

But this warrants another blog post by itself, so more about that later.

He still pauses and refers to us when he bumps into word that he does not know. Otherwise, he’ll read a whole book by himself. He’s also good at suku kata; there are bunches of BM words that he can pronounce but has no idea what it means.
But again we are not dwelling much into it.
What important is, he is learning.

Friday, November 05, 2010