Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Rest of the Holidays

Quiet and peaceful as Mommy requires her much required rest….

Playing paleontologist

Newfound peasure, massages!

Toys and more toys

Lunch at Eastin Hotel a day after the New Year

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Christmas in Bidor

Po Po’s house was almost ready for the weeks-in-planning Christmas BBQ Party by the time we arrived on Christmas Day.
After the kids had done with their squealing and greetings, we adults worked on the finishing touch; set up the BBQ pits, laid out the food, the tables, the prezzies ….

By 7pm, guests started to arrive and by 8pm, we were in full blast party mode.

Some, a mix of Po Po’s friends and their grandkids and Christine Jie Jie’s family and us mingle around the pits to barbecue food
and some had settled with their food palate on the table.
Some were seen not familiar with the barbecue method of cooking,
some appeared to be pro
and some were seen helping the others.

But all seemed to be having fun.
Especially Po Po when she catches up with her friends : )

The bbq party ended when it was near to 11pm and after some quick cleaning, we continued to errrr…. party.

With cake

And party spray

And of course with prezzies opening

The kids went over frenzied!

Thank you Po Po

On Boxing Day, we made a trip to the Sg Klah Hot Spring in Sungkai where Mommy had another panic attack.

Long story… lets just say Mommy learnt her lesson and will take enough rest in between hectic activities from now onwards.

The rest of the holiday …

As peaceful as it gets!

: )

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas in Penang

Seemed awfully quiet…
Decorations at the malls and main attraction places are mostly less than underwhelming…..
With lots of ‘em with recycled deco from previous years
: O

On the eve of Christmas Eve, there was a Christmas Caroling at our apartment. Samuel was looking forward to meet Santa Claus again since his school Christmas Party, which was awesome….
But the Christmas Caroling? Not so much!
It was a bit disorganized and the game session was a bit slow. We did not make it until the Santa Claus appearance. Samuel still had lots of fun playing with his school friends who stay here too though.

On Christmas Eve, Samuel’s school had an excursion to USM Museum. As with other school excursions, Mommy picked Samuel up directly from location. But having to observe how the school organized the children several times and how well Samuel coped with these excursions, we’d say Samuel is ready to go solo next time.
No need Mommy to tag along or picking him up early : )

We went back to Hotel Equatorial for Christmas Eve Dinner again this year to avoid the city crowd. Food was OK, same ‘ol same ‘ol, and music was great as usual with Rozells playing that night.
What missing was (well actually we missed it by a few minutes as we reached at 8pm) the Santa Claus appearance (sigh…again!).

Samuel was not too disappointed; after all there were clown and balloons and trees.

On Christmas Day, we went for the Morning Mass before meeting up with the rest at Great Grandma's house for her birthday and Christmas lunch.
After that, it’s present opening and a long drive down back to Bidor with Mommy and Big Yee Yee.

Our Christmas celebration continued there then ....