Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 KL Trip Write Up

  1. Road Trip to KL
    Driving and more driving. Fun assured

  2. i-City Shah Alam
    Lights and more lights. More fun assured

  3. Sunway Lagoon, Petaling Jaya
    Animals, water and rides. Fun to the max

  4. Wrappin' KL Trip
    Great memories left behind and brought back

Wrappin' KL Trip

On the last day of our KL trip, we decided to go to IKEA for some home shopping. And to think that the crowd should not be happening on a Monday in a KL mall like IKEA is totally delusional.

First, it’s next to looking-for-a-needle-in-a-haystack in terms of difficulty level in looking for a parking.
Second, it’s next to racing in Amazing Race in getting a table at their food court.
Then, it’s no less than 99 hours waiting in a line (yes, literally standing in line with no ticket-queue system) for the kids to get into the SmÃ¥land. Only a handful of kids are allowed entry each hour. We gave up after 40 minutes of waiting.
And then the queue to pay for our purchase span from the counter until the next building
: O
OK, I may have exaggerated a bit. But the fact is not too far out for our recent trip.

Anyway, the kids made do with playing around the Children Display Section and also the play area at the food court to pass time. We adults split into 2 groups; the shopping group and the chaperon group.

All ends well and we left for Penang right after the IKEA visit.

Samuel must have had drained his reserved after our last KL itinerary because he slept as soon as we hit the road and continued to with a short dinner break in Bidor until we reached Penang and continued to until the next morning.
It’s like a sleeping marathon.

The kids had a swell time. We brought back awesome memories and will definitely go back for more. We did .... errrr leave something behind in Big Jiu Jiu’s condo to stamp our mark too.
Borrowing the word from Fyone Yee Yee; a big mess! :p

Look what Samuel brought along with him


Friday, March 25, 2011

School Excursion - Organic Farm

As agreed the last time when Samuel went for his school excursion, we let Samuel went solo for his recent excursion. But not without a long deliberation. ‘Ya see, the school went very ambitious this time and had planned for a trip to a Balik Pulau Organic Farm :O

Mommy remembered vaguely that there was a recent incident where a visitor was badly hurt by a dog in an organic farm and wondered if it’s the same farm …
After clearing the doubt (it’s not; one is at the other end of the island and the other is in Balik Pulau) and after double checking with the teachers on the plan details, we were assured.
Although Samuel would have preferred Mommy to tag along, he agrees that he’s more than ready to go solo.

And he’s right. He’s more than ready.

Here’s Samuel when Mommy picked him up later at his school

Watching as his bus drove away

Our big boy!

He enjoyed his trip very much, he could tell us back every detail of his trip and he absolutely adores the Goat Milk he brought back from his trip.
We tasted a bit too; it does not have the strong sharp smell that’s usually associated with goat meat or mutton. Taste kinda good actually

Samuel wants to go back again and he wants to add goat milk into his daily diet …..
Now, if only it's that simple to find fresh goat milk in the market
and to find the way to that organic farm. We have no idea where it is!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Transformer Craze

Samuel has never watch any Transformer show, be it cartoon or otherwise until 2 weeks ago. We did not realize that too as he seemed to be somewhat quite acquainted with ‘em robots.

Thanks to all the hype and popular Transformer merchandises we guess.

2 weeks ago, Mommy finally dug out the first Transformer (2007 movie) DVD from the archive to watch with Samuel. We were a bit apprehensive initially as there are quite some violence fighting scenes there, but then those are only robots. So we guess it’s still not too bad.
Samuel is hooked ever since. He kept on asking for the show

and has already watched it 3 times since.

He started to pick-up back on his cars toy ….

Some of which resembles Bumblebee, Starscream

And he found creativity in transformer-fying his Lasy blocks…

Just look at robotic his caterpillar looks now
And how the filter turns into a weapon

And many many more …

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunway Lagoon, Petaling Jaya

It did initially cross our mind to stay a night at Sunway Lagoon Resort for the kids’ convenience should they wanna rest and clean-up after our planned excursion there.
We are glad that we did not.
Travelling to and fro Sunway Lagoon fro/to Big Jiu Jiu place was quite a breeze with only 30 mins drive on a not-so-peak hours and the kids could care less where they stay. What interest them were the attractions at Sunway Lagoon, not the hotel stay : )

It was a fine Sunday morning and we reached Sunway Lagoon around 11.30am as planned. Redeeming our ticket was quick too since we’ve already purchased ‘em online. We got ourselves the 3 Parks - Water Park, Amusement Park & Wildlife Park entrance tickets.

Our first stop was the Wild Life Park.

The wilder animals are kept confined or in cages while the more-tame ones are let loose around the park. Visitors are allowed to take photographed with some of them under the Rangers’ supervision.

Here are some candid shots of the kids….
and the adults braving themselves for some actions.

Some of the more proper shots.

Look at how Samuel posed.
No idea where he learnt that.

It was not long ago that we had our heavy dim sum (yes, again!) breakfast but our tummy started to rumble barely an hour into our tour. Must be all the walking …

Here we were taking an ice-cream break!

Our Wild Life tour then continued with a visit to the Pet Village. Where the kids get the chance to be up-close and personal with farm animals.
Vegetables were available FOC for the visitor’s pleasure…. To feed the animals of course! Not for own consumption :p

The Ranger was very accommodating; he kept on replenishing our supplies as the kids were feeding the animals at lightning speed.

Samuel shows no fear what-so-ever

This is a skunk….. sleeping.
Ain’t interested in spinach.
We gotta know from the Ranger that he diet on more errr…exotic diet.

Mommy forgot to snap a photo of the Ranger and the kids. The Ranger though, was very sporting and posed for Mommy while on our way out.

The Pet Village was kept well. It’s very thoughtful of the Management to provide a cleaning area complete with soap for visitors to wash ‘emselves after the feeding session. Thumbs-up for that.

We had our lunch picnic style outside the Pet Village area before proceeding to our next stop. Oh ya, outside food are not allowed. Be sure to leave ‘em at home or hire a locker to keep ‘em before entering Sunway Lagoon. The Management conduct bag search at the entry point.
Food and drinks are a bit pricey in Sunway Lagoon but they have enough varieties to serve all visitors. Both fast food and local flavor.

Our next stop was the much awaited Water Park.
We kids just couldn’t wait to get into their gear and into the water. Each kid was assigned a chaperon.

Mommy and Small Yee Yee served as Bags-Bearer

We were lucky to find a comfy-shaded-seat in front of the Surf Stage to park ourselves. A perfect place for us ladies to rest & relax.

After hours of water fun, we were ready to move on to the next attraction. The Amusement Park.

We did not try a whole lot rides, just a selected few as we adults were seriously low batt at that point. Even Mommy, the photographer hardly could find strength to click on the camera. This explains the lack of photos here.

The courages few tried the Apache Pots.
The turning and the whirling were just too much for Mommy and Big Yee Yee

All of us walked the World Longest Suspension Bridge.

But it was just too long a walk.

We u-turn half way as we did not want to reach the other end which was the Water Park.

We also tried the Wagon Wheel and the Carousel.

The most adventurous ride though, has to be the Butch Cassidy Trail….. For both the adults and the kids!
‘Ya see, we were the last few that enter the ride. The chaperons; Big Yee Yee and Fyone Yee Yee had no seats, so we let the elder of the kids went solo. Hanxin and Samuel sit together, Xuan Yi and Xuan Le were accompanied by Big Jiu Jiu and Small Yee Yee. The rest of us adults reduced to the visitor area to see the rides. Little did we know, the Butch Cassidy Trail is actually wicked. It’s fast… super fast circling the up and down trail.
Our heartbeat stopped when the ride started : O
The kids, caught by surprise screamed in excitement too.
Well, they claimed they only scared a ‘lil bit. If they really were, then they are really one tough cookie!

We left the theme park then and made our way to Sunway Pyramid for a fast dinner before headed home. The kids, no surprise there, all slept on the way and slept through until the next morning.

The adults, surprisingly still could find some reserves left to watch some DVD until later in the night : )

Friday, March 18, 2011

i-City Shah Alam

We took time to re-compose ourselves the morning after we reached KL. We leisured around Big Jiu Jiu’s apartment, had Dim Sum breakfast at a posh restaurant and shopped at a boutique (yes!) … all within the vicinity, all within a few steps walking distance. Parking is not yet an issue at this new area here, visitors can park their cars overnight at designated parking for RM3 per entry per 24 hours.
Now, why do we don’t have this system here?

Later in the afternoon saw us made a trip to LCCT to pick-up the downsouth convoy and later-later in the afternoon… or rather early in the evening, saw us making a trip to i-City Shah Alam to see the famous night lights.

Visitors are not charged to enter the common lights area however RM10 is charged for each car that park at their parking area. We parked in of course, not a fan of walking long distance especially by the side of the busy road.

Our 3 cars convoy

We are not sure if the carnival is a permanent setting there or they have it only on weekends. Kids are treated to endless game fun…. provided of course you pay endlessly for the carnival games :p
They are not as easy as they look. We, adults tried ‘em too but with no luck :O
Hanxin however scored his first carnival toy and he’s very proud of it : )
The carnival was a side attraction,

With the Clown

And the balloons
that have caused much joy and heart-breaks.
The kids waited 15 minutes until the clown finished his break to queue for the balloons.
And they adore ‘em, played with ‘em.
But when the balloons burst…. their water well burst too.

The main attraction was the lights. We did not tour the whole area….. it was huge.

Some of the lights

Some close-ups

Samuel was in an exceptionally pose-y-mode that day

Joined by Xuan Yi Mei Mei

And Hanxin Kor Kor later

We did not go into the Snow City, just the foyer. We kids did not ask for it too. They are contended with just the deco outside : )

Sometimes it’s not the venue that matters, it’s the company. And it’s especially true for kids.
All of them had a great time!