Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Samuel is 4.5 Years Old

Samuel was down with fever last week. We noticed that he was bit lethargy after Po Po’s birthday dinner but thought that he was probably just tired from all the weekend long travelling.

He was all OK during the day on Monday and Tuesday too though registered a slight fever, ~37C during the night. When his fever shot up to 38C on Wednesday morning however, we decided then it’s time to visit the pediatric.
We knew it was nothing alarming but we were reluctant to give Samuel the fever medicine we had at home then. It was a 1 year old Ibuprofen from his last visit, so we thought we probably should get some fresh supply.

Samuel was not in the favor of visiting the doctor initially but he’s a big boy now, he knows what is good for and required of him. So when his fever still had yet to subside after some rest and cooling sponge, we made the much required trip to the doctor late in the morning. This time we went back to his old pediatric at the hospital where he was born.

When Samuel was almost 2 years old we changed him to another clinic at a nearer hospital; simply due to the distance and also because his then Pd (another Pd, long story) has moved on to this nearer hospital.
But since our last 2 visits there, it had been pure agony of long waiting, poor staff services and rush consultation.
Can you believe it? We were called in to the doctor’s room when the doctor was still engaged with another patient and the same happened to us. Other patients were called in, standing and waiting in the same room when we had yet done talking to the doctor.
: O
It’s probably due to the big crowd but still… we don’t feel comfortable.

So for last Wednesday visit, we went back to old pediatric although the hospital is twice the distance away.
Oh, how we miss the easy-breezy-fuss-free hospital visit. We were promptly attended and Samuel was given a dose of fever medicine (orally and not rectally upon our request) per the doctor’s order there and then.
We waited a while for the medicine to kick in and by the time the doctor checked him, Samuel was almost his active self again. He was very cooperative, answered all the doc’s queries himself and did all he was asked for.
Mommy couldn’t help but reminded of how big a boy Samuel is now.
: )

As suspected, Samuel lost a tee-wee-bit of weight. Down 200g to 17.2kgs. Perhaps due to appetite lost during his fever bout but we think it has something to do with his eating habit too.
He has improved a lot in the self-feeding department and is not eating as slow now. The thing is, he tends to eat only half his given portion and that is a concern. We don’t think he eats enough!
He still shy away from chocolates and most sweet confectioneries. The only sweet tooth he has is for gummy jellies. Even that he only takes what he is given; no more and of course no less too.
We are trying to introduce more snacks to him. The tricky part is to get him to take more healthy snacks without meddling with his main meals.

Well, we guess as long as Samuel is healthy, we should not be too concern about his weight gain.

Perhaps it’s ‘em heavy activities running up and down that keeps Samuel’s weight in-check!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Celebrating Po Po’s Day

With another Chinese feast of course! This time at Noble Seasons Restaurant located inside the Penang Plaza.
We had wanted to book a dinner at the Maple Gold Restaurant but decided against it after knowing that they’d be having a wedding function at the same time. Although the chef said the restaurant would still be opened for other guests, he did warn us that services might be impaired. How thoughtful!

Our dinner menu at the Noble Seasons had been pre-ordered; hence dishes were promptly served once the dinner party arrived.

  • Peking Duck
    The first preparation was OK. Duck skin served with egg crepe, cucumber and spring onion. Could use more of the spring onion sticks though.
    The second preparation was awful. The Gung Pao duck was so sweet that it might as well been called sweeter-than-sweet-soy duck.

  • Steam Garoupa
    Another big disappointment. The fish was probably overcooked. Rough and tasteless.

  • Four Heavenly King Vegetables (Direct translation from Cantonese. We have no idea what this dish called in English)
    The sambal used to fry the vegetables was nothing to shout about. Oily, dry and the shrimp was tough.
    The veges ‘emselves were good though.

  • Chef Recommended Tauhu
    The tauhu was smooth enough. We don’t think the minced meat sauce does any justice to the tauhu.

  • Braised Abalone with Mushroom, Broccoli and Bean curd
    One of the better dishes. We wiped this clean. Complemented our white rice the best.

As usual, the highlight of our celebration was the second parter with the cake cutting.


And after shot.
Yup, the cake was wiped clean.

Samuel downed 2 big pieces :O

Happy Birthday Po Po!

And these are shots of a playful Samuel giving Po Po a Birthday Peck …..
So playful, we couldn’t get a good shot.

Ready .....

Get set .....


: D

Thursday, April 21, 2011


We have no idea what is the Rio show about but it has been months since our last cinema outing. So, with no expectation (seriously…. Mommy and Daddy couldn’t figure out if the show is about birds or chicken from the poster :p) we went for the show last weekend.

Our plan was to camp at the mall for the most part of the day;

Starting with a coffee breakfast.

Samuel has grown a penchant for bagel with cream cheese recently

And that’s what he ordered

And savored

Until he saw Daddy’s egg’s sandwich….
Perhaps tempted by how much Daddy was enjoying his, Samuel asked for a bite.
And became a convert since…
Other people’s food just tastes nicer eh?

Then how come still no loves for Mommy’s scone?

We went to Borders after that to fill the time before the show where another temptation awaited Samuel.

Since Samuel is not due for another reward soon (well, we don’t have a timeline for it but definitely not too frequent),
Samuel decided to use-up whatever coins he has saved for the book himself rather than pestering us to buy for him.

Yup, we emptied his coin jar right after that to make a point.
Money has to be spent wisely!

Soon it was time for the Rio show

Inside the cinema.
We were early and lights had yet to be switched off for once : )

We were surprised by how entertaining the show is. So colorful; literally and cultural-wise. Educational too; we actually learnt a thing or two about wild birds and smuggling businesses.
And the parade!
: O
Wow, sounds like a fun holiday destination. May be Mommy and Daddy could consider Rio next : )

Samuel’s recollection of the show?
I like all the birds; I like Blu and Jewel the most
The white old parrot is too naughty

Yup, that’s pretty much it : )

Friday, April 15, 2011

I’ll be back!

I am back

2 weeks in a row!
There’s a reason why Samuel insists our picnic to be by the beach and not by the garden or the apartment swimming pool.

But first, as usual find a shady spot and treat the tummy with some yummy breakfast.
Scramble and butter-cheese egg Sandwich anyone?

Then stroll along the beach in search of treasure.

So many of 'em that Mommy may soon need to throw some away to make space in his container

Having fun toasted under the sun

While Mommy seeks shelter shooting nature

What’s that in Samuel’s hand?

A live snail!

Moving on, the highlight of our picnic

Dinosaurs bone digging!

Samuel reckons that the beach makes a better excavation site.

We agree totally!

Paleontologist hard at work

Dig, brush and clean

Fossils find of the day

With that, Samuel graduates from his first course and looking forward to play-pretend more paleontologist role!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes 'Ya Don't Have to Ask

Although Samuel is very fascinated by Transformers now, he does not ask for more transformer toys.
In fact, Samuel rarely asks for toys. Even when we browse the toys section at the mall and he sees dinosaurs that he adores, he would be contented to just adoring them there and then for a wee while without pestering us to buy for him.
Perhaps, that’s his strategy eh? As more than not; on special occasion such as birthdays and festive seasons, he’ll end up with toys of his choice.

So anyway, Samuel has watched the Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen recently and has expanded his Transformers encyclopedia. One notable addition is the Devastator.
He loves to play Transformers kingdom now, at times clashes with Dinosaurs land. When he ran out of fleet toys to play pretend Devastator, he uses 6 baskets as imaginary Constructicons.
: O
We are both amazed at his creativity and at the same time proud that he did not ask for new fleets; least asking us getting him the real Transformers’ robot.
And since Samuel has been very good lately…. as he always has been; we decided to reward him a ‘lil.

So what is Samuel smiling about?

It’s the Optimus Prime from the Transformers Metal Heroes Series.

Thanks Daddy!

We are having a feeling that he’ll be getting another reward soon : )

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Still at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

Mommy would have loved to sleep in late but there’s something about hotel’s bed that bug Mommy.
Not the biting bug, just bugging type of bug.
Mommy of course was the first to wake up early in the morning. Samuel and Daddy only greeted the sunlight when Mommy was well into her morning coffee … errr… tea : )

The itinerary for the day was leisurely Hard Rock. We had a long breakfast at the Starz Diner, strolled along the beach, checked out their Lil’ Rock and Body Rock and checked-out by noon.

Sunny on the second day


Found a treasure

It’s a shell, Mommy

At the Lil’ Rock

Spacious walkway to our room


More Beatles


To us, the hotel itself is nothing outstanding. What impressed us are the added services and facilities.

Their swimming pool is of interesting design with slides and sand pool and private cabana, suited for both adults and kids.
Their Lil’ Rock offers babysitting whole day through….
Their Rock Gym is not restricted to only adults
Their Rock Agents sing and dance by the poll for… erm… with you :p
Their crews are mostly friendly ….

It’s a hotel where you would rather stay-in than go about outside roaming. But are we going back again? …

Perhaps only if we can get a better room deal!

Bye Hard Rock. We had a Rocking Weekend indeed!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maturity is ....

Maturity is simply being mature when the occasion calls for it.

Maturity is giving Mommy the much required break when Mommy needs it.

Maturity is accompanying Mommy to his room although it’s not his nap time yet.

Maturity is playing quietly by himself when Mommy falls to her nap unexpectedly.

Maturity is greeting Yee Yee by the door when the door’s bell rings knowing that Yee Yee will drop by.

Maturity is ….

after Yee Yee left,
he goes to the kitchen,
takes his bowl,
takes out the kuih lapis from its packaging
and has his own snack
: )

OK :p
Perhaps Samuel just couldn’t wait to eat his kuih lapis but hey, we would like to think it’s because of the former.

Mommy only knows that the little Angel is savoring his snack when Mommy hears long silence from the outside the room.
Of course then Mommy wakes up, kisses the boy and has tea together with him.

Much much loves!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

After 2 misses and to catch up with some vacation before the busy months come later in the year, Daddy proposed for a weekend stay at Hard Rock Hotel.

2 vacation in a row? Double yay!
Nobody was more thrilled than Samuel……

OK…. Perhaps there’s one other person who was as thrilled too :p Mommy has yet to stay at a Hard Rock Hotel; not in Penang nor in any other parts of the world. Mommy must admit that Mommy is a ‘lil curious about the raves these fame hotels have garnered.

We got a hillview room package that comes with breakfast for 2; the rate is rather steep as it’s a weekend rate. We checked-in at about 2 pm on Saturday,

We are here

Enjoying his Welcome Drink.
Errr … actually pretending to take a sip as Samuel does not take carbonated drinks.
He did enjoy the warm welcoming extended by the hotel crew though : )

And after a quick tour around the there’s-nothing-much-to-be-checked-about small room,

Samuel OK-ing the comfy king sized bed

The rather kinkily-designed bathroom. The walls are to be slide to the sides to form a partition wall or to the center to form a dressing mirror exposing a whole view of the bathroom.

Flat screen TV and business area

we changed into our gear and headed to the much talk-about Swimming Pool.

With his new favorite balloon dinosaur toy. A gift from Aunty Carolyn on her birthday (Yes, you read it right. Samuel got a gift from the birthday gal :p).

Trying out the slides

Samuel started with the smaller ones and worked his way to the adventurous slide.

With chaperon initially but going solo soon afterwards.

Mommy had her rest while the guys went wild

When Daddy tired out however, Mommy took over the shift

It was a nice warmth afternoon, we were worried earlier that we wouldn’t make it to the pool as it was raining the few days before up until that Saturday morning

Luckily the sun made its appearance at just about the right time : )

We retreated to our room after some afternoon snack by the pool

Excuse us for the empty bowl. This photo is significant because it’s the first time ever that we managed to finish a whole basket of wedges ordered!

Our next itinerary for the day was dinner at Hard Rock Café.
Do remember to make a reservation as there’s no guarantee you’ll get a table even though you are a hotel guest. We almost miss our reservation time again as we were hooked onto the TV….
Watching So You Think You Can Dance
But that’s another story.

The dinner at Hard Rock Café was …

the word that we are settling for is typical.
Almost-good food with almost-good service as expected. Samuel had his own fish and chips kiddy meal and we shared out our soup, bread, fajitas and twisted mac, chicken with cheese.
Too much meat and too much carb…
Too much for a party of 3…

We visited the Rock Shop after the dinner with the intention of getting a kiddy tee for Samuel. Sadly, they don’t have many choices. We ended up getting a cap each; Samuel preferred the cap anyway : )

Sporting our new caps

Knowing that kids are not err…. ‘welcome’ after dinner hours, a.k.a during band hours at the café, we planned to chill at the Lobby Lounge.
A familiar singer voice was heard miles before we reached the Lounge….

Ray Rozells
was performing that night with the Jazzhats Band. What a pleasant surprise!

Samuel was visibly tired after the long day but Mommy and Daddy hate to miss the music. So we stayed and we carried Samuel to sleep until the jamming time ended at 11pm.

It was a great day with good mixture of entertainment and food. We looked forward to more fun the next day.