Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's Next?

As Yee Yee said it, wonder what Samuel will make us (yes, us!) learn when he is 7 eh?
‘Ya see,

When Samuel was a tad more than 2 years old, he made us pick-up dinosaurs; their labyrinthine names and their habits.

Now, he is making us picking up Transformers
And Mommy gotta tell ‘ya, Mommy has learnt far more about ‘em robots these few weeks than all Mommy’s previous years combined!
It helps when ‘ya have access to the internet with endless supply of pretty transformers images.
Samuel too has learnt to use the search engine to search for ‘em.

Since he likes them so much, we promised him that we would print a few copies for him.

The few copies though then turned into dozens…. and counting ….. (we could only imagine when Transformers 3 comes out later in the month :O)

And the printed colorful copies soon then turned into pretty laminated posters …

And then they found their way onto Samuel wall of fame …. A very crowded one no less!

Doing a Jazz!

The wall started with some baby posters
which Samuel still wanna keep for the new baby

Decorations then expanded with some dinosaurs pictures

And now Transformers …

What’s next?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Boy Haircut

We got asked this question quite often;
How come Samuel has to sit through an hour for his haircut?
Kids his age usually go for haircut that takes only 15 mins tops.

Well the reasoning is actually quite simple, though we have to start the story way back during his toddler days.
Although Samuel is OK with the shaver now, he did not like the buzzing sound back then.
It took quite a few trials and errors then before he found comfort with his current stylist; this stylist does his nipping and cutting magic with scissors. Shaver is used sparingly only for sideburns and rears.
He tends to Samuel’s hair as though he’s tending to his adult customers but with extra caution as he knows how much Samuel dislike hair falling into his eyes.
So, it’s understandable why Samuel’s haircut takes almost an hour every time.
Having lush locks perhaps contributed to the long sitting time too : )

Well since Samuel is not complaining and since Daddy’s haircut takes as long too if we were to cut our hair together, we just let it be.

No harm to get him to get used to the Big-Boy-Haircut now eh?

Saturday, May 28, 2011


It was a couple of weeks ago that Samuel got these four-angle beans from Great Grandma’s place.
Samuel is very excited about the idea of sowing and reaping ‘em beans.

The thing is, we don’t have a private garden at home nor the tool for ‘em to grow.
The solution?

Grandpa supplied us with a pot complete with earth

Next is to find a suitable place for the pot. We ain’t want it to be forgotten left surviving by itself by the balcony in the dark with no water …
So we settled for a spot where Samuel will get to see his plant every day and with ample sunlight; just right outside our apartment yard.

After days of care and lots of love, here the plant growing strong and mighty

and creep-y
….that explains the poles

They are fast outgrowing the pot, so we guess next in the list would be to move house!
The beans we mean, not us : p

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Project Code Name – Heart

It seems that Samuel’s school is having a flavor of the month; Heart.

Mommy received a Parents’ Day gift from Samuel on the first week of May.

If ‘ya can’t figure what it is on first try, you are in good company.

It’s the car rear mirror trinket or charm chime : )

We would have like it better if the school had let the kids to participate more on the making of this gift. According to Samuel, he only colored the wordings and wrote his name onto the trinket. The rest was taken care of by the school.
It’s a nice gift nevertheless.

Still on the flavor of the month, we’ve received a memo from his school to guide Samuel to prepare a heart theme gift for his teacher for Teachers’ Appreciation Day. Bookmark, cookies or card were some of the given ideas.
This is one of the many annual activities that his school has. And Samuel participates
every year.

Similar to past years, we encourage Samuel to involve as much as possible to prepare the gift for his teachers; from creative planning to budgeting and to the implementation phase.
Samuel had wanted to prepare small gifts for 6 of his teachers; past and present. Believe us when we say this Project Code Name – Heart is not as easy as we have thought! We have formed a committee just to help out Samuel.
Deciding on the gifts alone needed much deliberations, Samuel has to be totally onboard ‘ya see : )

This is what Samuel ended up with.

And this is how the project was carried out.

Allocate the heavy duty tasks to the adults;
dissemble and assemble the key chains, cut out cards, tie ribbons……

Samuel to do the papers and cards punching

Some of the paper shapes

Then glue ‘em cutouts onto cards

In midst of all the busyness, remember to have fun too

The final touch,
personally sign all the gifts to his teachers

End of Project Code Name - Heart!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dinner on Yee Yee's Day

It was Big Yee Yee Big day last weekend. We had initially wanted to wine and dine at a well-known fine dining restaurant; unfortunately the restaurant was closed for private functions for the weekend.

After deliberating a few alternatives, we decided then to head the Penang food bloggers recommendations and headed to the Agua Mediterranean Restaurant at Straits Quay.
Our take on this restaurant?
Hmm… Lets just say we ain’t feelin’ the big fuss and raves by ‘em food critics.

All of us arrived early on a Saturday evening and broke into 2 parties; the shopping party and the cake-hunting party.
Could you believe it? None of the 2 bakery outlets in Straits Quay sell whole-cake. They have slice-cakes and cupcakes but nothing over an ounce :O
We ended up with one from Secret Recipe; the Chocolate-Cheese-Hazelnut Cake.

Happy Birthday Yee Yee

Presenting a photo by Samuel on his present to Yee Yee
: )

Another shot by Samuel.
He had already done with his camera placing when Christine Jie Jie wanted to be in the shot too.
And he did not re-focus the camera; that explain why the subjects are not-centered.

Now about the restaurant; service was prompt, menu was wide too, ambience was good but not too quiet as it was a busy night.

We ordered

  • PaellaThe best of all the food we ordered. It has that Mediterranean flavor with mussels and prawn and savory vegetables. We would have loved to finish it if it was not last served (due to cooking time). Our tummies were near full by then ‘ya see.

  • Spanish Ribs Tapas
    Another winner. The salad that came with was good.

  • Rocamar Salad
    We agree that their salads are one of a kind. All the salad served that day was above good. Fresh and interesting.

  • Classic Macaroni
    Specially ordered for Samuel. It’s an expected classic dish but not as tasty as expected considering they specialized in cheese. The macaroni was too bland.

  • Fish Set Dinner
    The fish was the worst among all our food. Overcooked and under-seasoned. The wine that came with was ok though, thanks to the house wine selection that day.

Now, we admit that we are not too much of a fussy customer and not too cautious when we browse menus. But when it is stated in the menu that a particular dish is for Minimum-2-Persons follows by the price, it’s fair to assume that the price stated is for a dish which portion is good for 2 persons, no?

Furthermore, there’s another in the menu that state the p/p price, which we assume is the price-per-pax. So, it’s safe to assume that those with no additional remark are full prices?

We were puzzled when our bill came though. We were charged double for dishes with the Minimum-2-Persons remark but no price-per-pax tag!
Ah well, like we said, we were not fussy customer. We paid up and continued to enjoy our evening : )
It was good food after all.



While on our way out

Why was Samuel so engrossed?

Some light music to end a good night!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Everyday Things

While Samuel has acquired all essentials skill his age, there are certain aspects where we still indulge and help him with. Simply because it’s just simpler that way.
He knows how to eat by himself but there are times we still feed him just so it’s quicker.
He knows how to wear his jeans, buckle-up, zip up, button up, put on his belt ….. but again there are times we will help him just to save a minute or 2.
He may know all but yup, meddling is every parent’s nature :p

Knowing that we will need all the spares bandwidth possible when yearend comes, we are preparing Samuel to be more independent…..
Not that he is not now, there'll never be too much eh?

Here are 2 of his more notable new routine:

  • Early to bed early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise
    This is more of his school requirement actually. His school ran a punctuality campaign recently. Student that’s late for school will be punished. :O
    Personally we are not too comfortable with the idea, we detest negative reinforcement for such young kids. We prefer positive reinforcement; if the students are early, they can be rewarded. If they are late, then simply withhold their rewards, ‘ya don’t need to punish them right?
    There was a short period where Samuel was terrified and kept on reminding Mommy to prepare him early for school.
    And it’s like a tidal effect or something, every ‘lil things then became a concern and he’s very cautious about what he does in his school. :O

    Thank goodness situation has turned now that we’ve established a new routine. We wake up earlier and cut down unnecessary dilly-dally during school days.

  • Grooming matter
    A new routine that Samuel absolutely loves. He bathes himself!
    We just have to lay out all his toiletries and prepare 2 buckets of water for him.
    He will so proudly then makes sponge bubbles, put on the toothpaste on the brush, wash, dry and suit-up all on his own.
    The only department that he needs help is the hair washing. He dislikes water running down from his head to his face.

We are happy that he is receptive on changes. Next in the list will be getting him to clean after himself after errr…. his big business :p
Of course washing his own hair too.

And oh, we are replenishing his toiletries twice as fast now.

We guess, kids just couldn’t resist ‘em bubbling temptation eh?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Penang International Lion Dance on Stilts Championship

We are not sure who was more disappointed when we missed the lion dance appearance during the CNY just passed; us or Samuel.
Well, Samuel did catch a mini one at his school …
Perhaps it’s Mommy who was yearning for a glimpse.

So when we got to know there’d be an International Lions Dance on Stilts Championship in Penang last weekend, guess who was jumping up and down in joy pestering Daddy to bring us to there?
Actually not much pestering was required. Daddy was as excited too!

This international event, jointly organized by the State Government and the Penang Wushu, Lion and Dragon Dance Association took place at the Han Chiang Indoor Stadium. It’s a 2 days event but we could only make time for the first day competition.

We went after our lazy Saturday breakfast and were prepared to park our car outside at a distance further away from the stadium entrance when we were surprised by the guard cueing us to park inside the college area.
Equally surprising was how well the indoor stadium turns out to be.
:O :O
It’s equipped with air-cond, seats are aplenty and very well maintained. The restrooms are in great shape too!
We couldn’t see many crews on duty that attend to the public guests; no ushers or fancy red carpet, but there were many that tended to the competition matters.

It was around 11.30am when we seated ourselves, just in time for the official speech by our Tourism Development and Culture Committee Chairman.

The invited VIP Guests

The errr…. guests
: )

Waiting for the competition to start

Marching of the participating teams

The stilts stage

A closer look

First team taking the podium

Up on stilts

In action

And more action

Another lion

All these non-flash (flash photography was not allowed) pictures were taken by Daddy, Mommy’s non-existence skill just couldn’t cut it :p.
We did not take a whole lot of photos though, we wanted to fully enjoy the competition and not fussing with our camera.

We gotta say we were really impressed with some of the performances. Solid and… just wow, just awesome!
We had not seen anything this scale before. Simple jumping and dancing on stilts? Yes.
But kickin’ towering stilts with fiery lions? This gotta be a first.

Too bad we couldn’t stay beyond the rather late lunch intermission.
‘Cos after a lunch out under the hot sun and busy traffic, it’s simply too much a hassle to go back to the stadium with a tired kid.

So we retreated to the comfort of our home.
And looking forward to next year event.

We hope to catch it again

Thursday, May 12, 2011

No Tips

Since we are not planning any vacation that involves distance travelling for some time to come, we are very cautious about filling up Samuel’s coin jar.
As soon as he has accumulated some significant amount, we’ll make him use up ‘em up to buy his own essentials.
We have also spared him our loose coins less…
And Samuel notices that.

Nowadays he resorts to more than just being cute to earn some extra coins.
When he remembers it, he’ll ask for wages-in-kind after helping out in the house.
When he sees coins lying around the house, he’ll save them into his jar too.
But his biggest 'paycheck' comes from helping us to call for the bills after a meal out.

More often than not, the tips will find their way to his pockets!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Yacht and Friends from the Past

We have yet to see any yacht show in Penang before, not too sure if it’s a rare event but when we heard that there’d be a Nautical Lifestyle Show in the Straits Quay Marina last weekend, we made time to attend.

Straits Quay is a fairly new retail marina, we’ve been there perhaps only twice before and each time for food only. Most of the spaces are still unoccupied. Surprisingly though, the crowd is still large considering there’s only a handful of boutiques open. Must be the ambience that's attracting the crowd.

Last Saturday, we were among the early patrons. We reached before noon and were a tad disappointed with the show.

The marina area was cordoned off, there were very few yachts on dock and we could only see the ‘em from afar. We knew that there’s boat ride available and were game for a trip but Samuel was just not interested then.
He’s more into the sap

We abandoned the idea and decided to check out the mall which did not take long; again very few open stores ‘ya see.

Interesting wind wheels deco at the entrance

A closer look


There’s a restaurant that caught Samuel’s eyes though.

So yup, we tried it out.

Ambience was good but the best seats area was again cordoned off.
So we resorted to second best seats.

The restaurant practices counter-service-style with less than professional servers.
Oblivious and unfriendly service
The food was terrible. We ordered

  • mini burgers which patties taste like stale straws

  • pizza where pita bread was used instead of pizza crust

  • cookies and cream shake which tasted like cookies dug in water

  • strawberry shakes which was average

  • and cheese cake which was the only food that we finished.

The only saving grace about the lunch was that, Samuel enjoyed the Charlie Brown cartoon shown throughout.
Well… that and the interesting character deco.


Hello there!