Thursday, June 23, 2011

Afternoon Tea at the Suffolk House

It was a long plan outing. We had wanted to go to the Suffolk House for months; not only for dinners but also to tour the much talk-about Great House of Penang.

After a few misses, we finally made it there last Sunday. We decided to go for their afternoon tea instead of dinner as we wanted to pick-up their tours option.
But then, we dropped the idea as soon as we hit their Garden Restaurant….

This is why.

Less than appetizing open-air dining area with cobwebs all over.

The place is very poorly maintained. We are so disappointed with our overall experience that we decided it’s just ain’t worth it to pay additional RM12/pax to tour the House :O

Lets start from the moment we reached there.

It was around 4pm, the sun was not too bright.
The area was very quiet; we could almost hear the buzzing of ‘em flying creatures from the surrounding greens.
The first sight of the mucky Air Itam River was not pleasant.
We checked through a security point and walked into the 200 years old Anglo-India Architectural Building.
A Hostess greeted us; led us through the lobby and front hall before settling us at their Open Air Dining Area; aka the Garden.
We were promptly seated and were given the menu.

The menu for Afternoon Tea is actually fixed; a pot of tea of our choice to be served with mushroom pie, scones, cucumber and salmon sandwich, brownie, butter cakes and cookies.
All of which was not good except for the cucumber sandwich and the specialty jams.

We ordered tea for 4; 2 types of flower flavored tea, English Breakfast for Mommy and Fresh and Mint for Big Jiu Jiu.
They brought Big Jiu Jiu a pot of Darjeeling instead :O

Now, we are not too particular about the food. After all, we were there for the ambience. But like we mentioned, the place is so poorly kept, it borderline irking us.
The nature is pretty; we even saw some colorful birds chirping happily around the shady trees around the greens.
The House is a tad rundown which is OK….. but filthiness is not. Thick dusts were seen everywhere, flying creatures were buzzing under the table biting our legs, flies were checking out our food, the cafĂ©’s tables and chairs were giving out vibrating creaking sound that’s fighting with the evening breeze.
It’s not all that comfortable sitting at the table for our afternoon tea!

But then, only the adults sighed. Samuel on the other hand, enjoyed himself tremendously.

I am strong

I am strong


Our party of 5 + 1

The bridge over Air Itam River

Perhaps dining there will be a different experience altogether since diners dine in a more kept and decorate dining hall. But our Afternoon Tea at the Garden was certainly ain’t nothing we thought it would be.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Charm for Father’s Day

The teachers let the students involve more this time in the making process. The boy did the coloring and all the writings. His hand-writing ain’t too bad after all ….

Well, you know where the Boy wanna put the charm chime.
We are waiting for you to officiate it : )

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

From picking the card,

To paying for it To hearts and flowers deco adding,

To wishes writing (ok, his hand-writing still requires a lot of work) ,

All are Samuel!

Mommy just got the stamp : )

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Transformer Movie Toys

Samuel has a new favorite hang-out place in the mall. Previously he would ask to go to Borders or the Jusco Kids Playground when we go to Queensbay. Nowadays, he wants to go to Toy R Us. Specifically, the Gurney Plaza’s Toy R us.

Because of the Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon Movie Toys!

The official toys are being launched ahead of the movie premiere and of course Samuel is most fascinated. Both by the toys and the movie. We are still undecided if we should and could bring Samuel to watch it in the cinema though.

Anyway, Samuel knowing that he cannot asked for toys at his fancy… and also he knows that his Daddy has already got him some from the States; he assures us that he wants to only see the toys and not buy them.

Mommy, I will only see the toys. I will not buy the toys.

And that’s what he did…. still does actually.
He browses ‘em, touches ‘em and even hugs some of ‘em but he has not once pester us to buy one for him.
He knows the retail here doesn’t come cheap.

Now after several of such visits, wouldn’t it breaks your heart seeing him adoring the toys from afar?
Those adoring baby eyes did wonder…

It helps too coincidently that Po Po, Jie Jie and Jiu Jiu found a transformer set from the older Revenge of the Fallen range that priced at a steal!

Samuel has been playing with ’em non-stop since : )

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

State Art Gallery

Nope, not even a weekday can avoid a holiday crowd at Penang Hill during the school holiday. We had already reached the station last-last Friday when we made a U turn back to town. There was a long queue for tickets; spanned from the foot-of-the-hill till the roundabout turning to Kek Lok Si….
Ok, maybe not. But it was really really long.

We thought of going to the Penang State Library then since Mommy has yet been there and Daddy’s last visit was years ago at Dewan Sri Pinang.

Yup, you guess it right! Clumsy us did not aware that the library has moved to a new location. We only realized it after we’ve searched the dewan high and low, up and down, left and right :p
The State Art Gallery is still there though.
We ended up paying a short visit there. A short one as the gallery would be closed for lunch break soon. But enough time for us to browse through almost all the paintings and art work. It was a small gallery after all.

We are impressed by a few of the aged pieces; dated as old as more than 60 years ago just after the WWII. They are preserved well.
The rest are mostly recent work by local artistes; not too abstract as Samuel still could appreciate most of the motives.

That’s a painting of Penang Island

Cosy seats in midst

A macho pose on our way out : )

Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Mid-Year Parents-Teachers Dialogue

Only Mommy accompanied Samuel to his dialogue this time, Daddy has prior engagement.

There was a long waiting queue and although we arrived half an hour before the K1 window session end, we were still a tad late to collect Samuel Reward Bag after our dialogue with his teacher. Samuel is quite happy with his rewards this time; he hand-picked all his presents.

Our meet was a brief one; we were given Samuel’s assessment work for review and were provided a quick update on Samuel progress at school. There’s no out-of-the-ordinary happenings and no over-the-top accomplishment too. His class teacher is neutral and happy with Samuel’s progress.

We find her a bit err…. intimidating though. Samuel talks very little in front of her and when asks a question, Samuel prefers to give very short and soft answer.
We’ve heard from his school that this teacher is a bit strict and does not hold back on punishments. Although Samuel has yet receive any major scolding, Mommy still takes precaution and explains to the teacher that sometimes we need to practice leniency when it comes to children. Especially on trivial rules such as coming late to school which may not be the children’s fault at all. Or forgetting to bring a book to school which may be due to the absence-minded Mommy rather than the child himself. We couldn’t possibly expect a mere 5 years old to shoulder the fault for everything right?

It breaks Mommy heart seeing Samuel losing sleep over something so silly.

Another update from his teacher with regards to Samuel’s Social Development is that, Samuel still a very gentle little boy he his. He does not fight at school and does not fight back when he is bullied :O
He rather let his teacher intervenes.
He also exhibits fear whenever the teacher questions him.

We have been trying to tough him up; he can actually be quite rowdy around us but somehow restrain when with others.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


Although we seldom speak Mandarin at home and that Samuel prefers to talk in English to everyone regardless how remotely they understand the language, we know that there’s great improvement in his Mandarin vocab. Especially since he has started with his school Mandarin classes.

It’s more evident lately when Po Po is in town. Samuel always tries to speak to Po Po in Mandarin and he has been struggling in the past. Well… he still does but like we said, he progresses.

At times, Po Po will seize opportunities to practice a word or two with him too.

Such as when we play Bingo.

Samuel assumes the role of the Caller

And Po Po will make him calls the number out in Mandarin

See, learning in midst of having some fun!
One of the many reasons why our Darling adores his Po Po so much : )

Friday, June 03, 2011

Kung Fu Panda Po

We have doubts earlier if we should bring Samuel to watch the Kung Fu Panda 2 in the cinema, mainly due to its PG ratings. Secondary reason was due to the difficulty of getting a ticket. The cinema near us has only 3D screening for this show.
Again, why? Just because they wanna push for the 3D trending? We personally find 3D screening hardly amusing and we are dreaded to think what it will do to kids having to sit through a 2-hour show….

Anyway, since we’ve built up the hype as we’ve told Samuel weeks earlier that we’d bring him to the show, we ain’t gonna let him down eh?
So after the parents-teacher meet last Saturday, Mommy and Samuel made a trip to Gurney Plaza just to check out the cinema.
To our delight, the show is actually rated U as opposed to PG 13 we’ve made to understand earlier and the screening is not limited to only 3D.
But then all the better seats have been snapped up already. We did manage to get a few fairly good ones for the Sunday show.
So, yup. Mission accomplished!
We’d get to watch the show in cinema after all : )

In action!

Another one.

Love this shot : )

Samuel likes the show a lot. We reckoned it has something to do with the pretty graphics and vivid colors. Not so much on the kungfu since he couldn’t put together what’s kungfu all about yet. But he did like all the high-flyin’-kickin’ actions.

He likes the Tigress and the Panda the most.
Ask if he knows what the Kungfu Panda’s name is, he’ll tell ‘ya, Jack Black! Ha!
Courtesy of American Idol and the Gulliver’s Travel show he has watched earlier : )