Monday, July 25, 2011

Slumber Party

Not the type with booze and pillow talks…. though there’ll be a lot of talking where Samuel is concern.

Every week, there’s a certain day that Mommy will sleep over at Samuel’s room to keep him company. Once in a blue moon on special occasions, we’ll have Daddy sleeping over too.
And last Friday was one of those days….

Samuel was absolutely ecstatic!

So what’s our idea for an ideal Slumber Party?

Lots of rooms?

Lots of pillows?


Samuel will be ever so willingly to make small runs to our room to take more

Lots of toys?

That’s the complete collection of Transformers Standee from the DoTM Transformers Punch-Out Book

And lots lot fights….





My wrestling buddy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bon Odori Festival

After years of missing it; mostly due to the dreaded thought of parking woes, traffic jam and crowd heat, we went to the Japanese Bon Odori Festival last Saturday.

Mommy has attended once years ago and only vaguely remembers the paper-net-fish-scooping game that Mommy did not get to try due to long queue…
And perhaps the overpriced very few selections of food stall then.
It was not a good experience.

This year however, things were looking different. Perhaps due to improvements or perhaps we kinda know what to expect already….

We prepared some sandwiches just in case and set out from the house just before dusk. Traffic was at a snarled even before we were nearing Esplanade and we only managed to find a parking around the Little India area. A long walk was required but turned out that it ain’t a bad thing at all ‘cos it enabled us to escape the traffic later in the night when we drove out of Esplanade : )

To break the long walk, Daddy suggested that we have our dinner at an Indian Restaurant, Gem and again it turned out to be a good thing as the food was absolutely divine….
And also if we were to wait and take our dinner at the festival only, chances are we would just make do with our sandwiches. The queue to buy the coupons (which is required for foods and games at the festival) was so long we couldn’t see the end of it :O

The timing was just right after we’ve finished our dinner; the crowd was really happening there.

We proceeded to the main stage to watch the performance.

Daddy had to carry Samuel as we were standing quite a distance away.

After a few minutes though, we let Samuel find his way to the front.

Carrying Samuel is no easy feat ‘ya see :p

Samuel enjoyed watching the dancing very much. Visitors were allowed into the lower stage area to dance along with the troupe.
Samuel was tempted to when we watched the last round of the performance but decided dancing along outside the fenced-up area was just as fun too : )

One of the main reasons we went for the festival is to catch the much talk-about fireworks display at 10pm.

We were not disappointed.
It was really really pretty... and grand!

In between the waiting and the performance, we found fun playing a lastik-like toy calls the Amazing Arrow Helicopter. It’s quite an awesome design for such a simple toy we’ve to say.
Cost only at RM4, we were provided with a missile that comes with a LED light and a rubber launcher. The 2-propeller missile is to be blasted-off vertically. Its design enables it to fly high-up, land softly and the LED light makes it all more interesting when it’s launched in the dark.
Everybody was playing it then. The dark sky almost looked like it’s filled with pretty little flying stars.

Briefed by Daddy

This is the way

Test run

More test runs

Before Samuel finally got the grip

I did it

Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Visit to the Dentist

The last Mommy and Daddy went to the Dentist, we asked about the necessity of bringing Samuel in for a visit. The Dentist advised that it’s always good to bring a 3.5 years old kid in to have his teeth checked and get familiarized with but not necessarily need to undergone any teeth treatment.
We made a mental note then to tag Samuel along for our next visit.
That was more than a year ago.

When Samuel started to complain about toothache a few moons ago, we knew that we oughta make his dental visit happen … and soon.
The time came last Monday.
We picked him up from his school half day and got ourselves the first appointment after lunch break.
We went to our family dentist; Daddy and Mommy would be having their annual check-up as well.

Daddy was up first; Samuel was seated by the far side to observe. Mommy served as narrator and explained the step by step procedure to Samuel. Daddy required no filling nor tooth extraction; only the standard teeth cleaning.

Although it was Samuel’s first time visiting the dentist, he was not intimidated at all. He understands what is required from him. His turn was next after Daddy.

He lied himself down onto the procedure chair comfortably,
Opened with mouth wide
And let the doctor checked him.
No fear, no resistance.

Daddy and Mommy was standing near just in case he asked for us, he did not though : )

To have a better look at his teeth, the Dentist did a fast cleaning; flossed and gauzed
And as expected, found Samuel’s upper molars to have started to decay. Fortunately a mild case as we brought him in early.

The Dentist recommended tooth filling as the milk molar will stays with Samuel until he’s ~ 11 or 12 before his permanent ones come along.
On normal occasions for a child first visit, the dentist would only have their teeth checked. Any follow-up treatment is advised to be arranged again at a later time.
But since Samuel was so cooperative, the dentist was so impressed that he has no problem we get on with the procedure right away.

So yup. we went on with it. We explained to Samuel and he has no problem too going through it.
The Dentist cleaned his teeth thoroughly this time before the filling; don’t wanna leave any residue behind that might build-up germ ‘ya see.

The Dentist changed to a softer brush,
Did all the brushing,
The scraping,
The digging,
The flossing,
Before filling the teeth.

Samuel followed his instructions well.
He gargled as told,
Closed his mouth
Opened his month
And filling his cup with water ….. yup, the Dentist let Samuel ‘helped’ out a bit : )

All done in 15 mins.

We were very proud of Samuel. The Dentist and Nurses were very impressed. They only have good words to say about Samuel. As encouragement, the Dentist gave Samuel some free gifts; Vitamin C and an Oral B toothbrush : )

Samuel holding his free gifts while waiting for Mommy having her teeth checked!

It was 3pm by the time we’ve done with our check-up. Samuel fell asleep on our way back home…

And woke up to a surprise prezzie for being such a brave Darling.

Ratchet added into his collection!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Play Buddy

Sharing tricks with Daddy

Father and son time

Every night

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Transformers 3 The movie, Dark of The Moon

After the rather let-down Transformers Fan Expo at QB Mall the weekend before, we were really looking forward to watch the Transformers 3 – Dark of The Moon Movie last weekend.
And yes, the movie did not disappoint.

Well actually, the Fan Expo showcased some impressive collections of toys; true Transformers fans would dig it.

It has way more toys from the animated range than the recent movie series. Recent convert may not identify with ‘em as much, but the collections are still undeniably amazing. Although then again, the collections have lots of missing bits and pieces. They are not all complete or of full collections of the same toys series.

The problem with the expo lies with the exhibition setup itself. Not all the toys were stored in confined Exhibition Stands, some were placed on open tables which was not all bad news. The thing was, there’s an at least 5 feet cordoned off area and visitors could only view the toys from afar.
We adults had to squint our eyes in order to see ‘em details of ‘em Transformer toys.
As for the kids we would say, it’s impossible for them to enjoy as the big kickin’ red tape that barricaded the exhibition area was blocking their view totally.

The only 'toy' they could see in full range was probably this 8 feet Bumblebee.

Samuel enjoyed browsing the Toys-for-Sale section more.

Anyway, back to the DOTM movie, we had to again plan to watch it at Gurney Plaza as QB Mall only screens it in 3D.
We went early for the Saturday afternoon show after our lunch. There was like a thousand adverts before the show ….
OK, Mommy is obviously exaggerated here but really, what’s with the advert? So many until we lost count!
We are not sure if we or Samuel were more glad when the show finally started :p

Already a fan of Transformers 1 and 2 The Movie, Samuel has no problem identifying with this DOTM show. Armed with some prelude he has gotten from his new toys and books, he recognizes almost all the characters instantly and could follow the storyline closely.
He is sad that his favorite character is ….err badly damaged in the show but still likes Ironhide the best nevertheless.

This show has awesome fighting scenes and better camera angle we would say. Less close-up and slower shot changes. At least Mommy did not get all dizzy at the end of the show unlike ROTF :p

All of us enjoyed this movie outing very much…..
We the fussy adults, still do find some obvious weakness in the show….
But then hey, it’s a show about alien robot. Sense oughta take a backseat!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Guang Ming Charity Carnival

Organized by Samuel’s school, Samuel was eager to attend and was talking about it for weeks leading to the event. He has picked-out a few of his soft toys and a book to be donated as gift too; nicely wrapped in bow : )

Here’s the carnival in pictures…… our pictures : )

Our boy. All grown up

Apparently, not grown up tall enough :p

Making good use of the charity coupon we’ve purchased upfront for fun fair games and snacks.

Working hard to get all stamps required for the gift redemption.
Having fun amidst of course

Some help from Daddy to scoop the fish

Finally, all stamped out!

Queuing up for his gift

I chose the Robot

There’s a lot of interesting deco around the carnival

And nice caricatures

But Samuel did not want to take pictures with ‘em much.
Save for one or two

Supporting a Snack Theme Stall put up by his school

Just nice for a munch before dinner

Bye Bye Carnival

Monday, July 04, 2011

Much Ado About ......

Mommy was probably the more panicky one when Samuel lost his Instructions Sheet for his Transformers Demolisher Toy.
It was a long story; to cut it short, it was forever gone. Samuel couldn’t get it back from his friend as the precious piece of paper has been thrown away.
Mommy couldn’t find the copy from Hasbro Official Website or any other site. Perhaps rare for a not-so-hot Transformers Toy?

Anyways, Samuel is not too upset with it, he asks Mommy to print 2 copies of the Pictorial Instructions Sheet; for him and his friend if Mommy ever manages to find one in the internet : )
He also further consoles Mommy by suggesting that maybe we can transform the Demolisher Robot to its Excavator Vehicle mode without the steps by steps instructions : )

Well, Mommy is not confident but fret not, Small Jiu Jiu can having helped Samuel to transform it several times before : )
Much ado about nothing eh, Mommy?

And ‘ya think Mommy has learnt her lesson from this little story about lost pieces of paper?

Nooo…. It happens again for Ironhide.
Only this time, it’s not lost. We left it behind in Bidor when we sent PoPo back last weekend.

But then Mommy plays it cool this time .....
Mommy tries playing with the toy transformation … falling here and there a bit

..OK … Not quite right yet.
But Daddy is around to help out. Daddy knows by heart already how to transform this toy :p

Geezz.. these Transformers toys really getting into us eh?
Samuel plays with them everyday and we couldn’t stop talking about them :O

Here’s Samuel with his Hasbro Collection; from ROTF and DOTM series.

They are growing but psssttt…..

don’t tell Samuel just yet !

Friday, July 01, 2011


We are busy at the moment and this is the sole reason why…..

Samuel’s favorite Transformer Robot, Ironhide
all the way from the States.

Daddy is back!
Yeah, this is the reason if ‘ya wondering.
Not the Ironhide :p