Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Brother Samuel with Baby Alaina

We welcome our second bundle of joy, Baby Alaina on 11 August 2011. We are still as proud this second time round…….
Equally proud, is her Big Brother Samuel.

Days before the big day, we asked Samuel if he wants to gift away one of his toys to her baby sister but he declined. He wants to only share his toys :p
He decided instead then he wanted to make a card for her.

The Transformers images are hand-picked by Samuel

The front of the card is drawn by him too

So are all the wordings inside.

Of course then, we also prepared a gift from the Baby Sister to her Big Brother

Voyager Class Transformer Shockwave

The Big Brother absolutely adores his Baby Sister!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A ‘Lil More on the FlashBack

Samuel was born via emergency caesarean section almost 5 years ago

A few weeks prior to our expected due date we seek our obgyn’s advice on our delivery options.
Our doctor was quick to brush off surgery of course. In her words then; the delivery method is determined by the baby. Not the parents at this moment. Always try to go for natural birth.

We were on our 39th week when Samuel decided to greet the world. Mommy had bloody show for 2 days before we checked ourselves into the hospital when contractions started on the second day.

When we started to time the contractions, they were 20 mins apart. After 12 hours of manageable pain the contractions progressed to around a few mins apart. But Mommy’s dilation was still a mere few centimeters only…. if not millimeters.
It was after another few hours of uncontrollable pain that we requested for our Doctor to come in wee hours in the morning for the caesarean consultation. It was a tad after 2 am then.

Our doctor must be on standby shift that day as she showed up at lightning speed :O
After a fast check, our doctor then agreed it was time for emergency c-sect as dilation was very slow and Mommy was almost stressed to the max.

The hospital crew was fast at work..
The anesthetist, nurses and surgeon (our obgyn) all check-in and operation theater was setup within the half an hour.
Mommy was given the General Anesthesia for the operation. We guess then it was administered over the epidural or other type due to Mommy’s condition. There’s no way Mommy could sit still to have the procedure done via spinal.

The operation itself was short and smooth. Daddy was waiting outside the Ops Theatre the whole time when Samuel was wheeled out in his baby trolley after all the cleaning up and checking by the doctor.

It was a wise decision by Daddy to stay back in the hospital the night before actually.
Earlier, the nurses had advised Daddy to take a break and go back home to refresh himself since Mommy’s dilation was slow and it did not seem then that Mommy would be delivery anytime soon. Daddy had not leaved the hospital since we got admitted ‘ya see.

It was a long night for all of us …
With everything turned out fine …
The very first glimpse Mommy caught when Mommy opened her eyes the next morning was an angel.

Our Angel no less!

Friday, August 05, 2011

State Public Library

After the last blunder, we are more cautious now and do our research before making our second attempt to visit the State Public Library.

We do not know why, we pass by the library very frequently but never notice it there until … well perhaps we were just not looking previously : )

The Public Library is divided into 2 sections, to 2 different building next to each other actually. One building is dedicated for children and the other open for public. Children are allowed entry to the general library too but of course only under parents’ supervision and with discretion only. Voice level has to be kept down.

We went straight to the Children Library last Saturday and were very impressed with how well the library is maintained.
Reading material is aplenty with appropriate suitability and the environment is commendable. Although parking spaces are limited and although it’s a weekend, we don’t have problem getting one. The place is surprisingly ….. err quiet :O

Samuel enjoys himself there and has asked to borrow some books. But since we do not know when will be our next visit, we decline his request. We anticipate that we’ll be caught up with the new baby for a very long while ‘ya see.

Well in any case, if Samuel needs his reading fix, we can always stop by Borders for a quick visit : )

Monday, August 01, 2011


So, thus far, how’s Samuel coping with the news of his coming sibling?

We involved Samuel very early when we got to know we’re pregnant. He was the first few we broke the news to actually.
Samuel did not show much reaction; big or small initially. We reckon he couldn’t process the news still then. He went on his business as usual for quite some time; no extra naughtiness, no special drawing of attention, not upset… just nonchalant :p.

As time goes by when Mommy’s tummy is getting bigger, we would ceased opportunities every now and then to tell him that he’s going to be a big brother soon. Not so much of reminding him but to get him to be extra cautious when going about and around clumsy Mommy. Gotta take good care his Mommy ‘ya see : )
We guess seeing the growing belly helps him to comprehend. He started asking how he came about after a while and that if the new Baby too now is growing inside Mommy’s tummy.
And of course, real excited after he has digested the news.
He has been great in accommodating us so far and shows great maturity beyond his age… until sometimes we feel bad for asking too much of him ..

We’ve asked him to be more independent to free up our bandwidth as we will definitely need them later when the new Baby arrives.
Samuel does so without qualm.

We’ve asked him to adjust to new bed time, nap time and morning time schedule… twice :O over the last few months as we gotta switch our roles and activities around the house to prepare for the Baby.
Samuel understands what is required and follows the new schedule.

We’ve cut down outdoors and play activities with Samuel due to Mommy’s mobility. Although Samuel has difficulty yay-ing to this, he restraints himself from asking too much.
But then luckily, we’ve got ourselves a lot of help in this area.

Everyone is more than willing to make the time for Samuel : )

We ask Samuel to help around the house. And he has been helping a lot. Believe it or not, trivial matter such as helping to pick up the newspaper, setting the table, throwing the rubbish or bringing a cup of water for Mommy actually load off a lot of our burden. It ain’t an easy feat nowadays for Mommy to get up on her feet and move about the house!
Sometimes, Mommy even needs Samuel to help pulling Mommy out from the couch :p

And we’ve asked Samuel to put up a lot with Mommy’s mood swing. Not that Mommy has a lot, but then it comes, it pours!
At times, Mommy gives leeway and will not reprimand Samuel if he behaves a tad naughtily. Hey, kids! Remember?
At times, Mommy will reprimand Samuel for naughtiness much less severe…
And at times, Mommy just blurted out at Samuel for reason so trivial… Samuel couldn’t help it but startle. We feel bad. Although we always make-up and apologies to each other afterwards… it’s still too much to ask of him.

Thanks Darling!
We love you!