Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Month

It was a breeze, in term of waiting time those days when we brought Samuel to the nearby Pusat Kesihatan for his scheduled check-up and jab.

Nowadays the clinic is packed; so much that one hour waiting time is becoming a norm.
We brought Alaina for her first month check-up and the Hep B booster jab at the clinic last week. Though we have appointment set prior to our visit, it still took us near to 2 hours all-in-all for the visit which includes a brief postpartum check for Mommy too.

Alaina’s height and weight is recorded at 55cm and 4.3kgs. A steady healthy gain since she regained her birth weight a couple of weeks ago.

Growth and health is in excellent form and Mommy is encouraged to continue fully breastfeed the baby.

At home front, Alaina has yet to establish her schedule yet but she’s getting there.

She has found her own thumb but will only comfort suck for 5 mins top before wailing for us.

She can focus on our faces and respond to our smiles.

She takes a couple of short nap during day time.

Still need to be either; cuddled and carried or nursed to sleep. Especially at night, she’ll suckle for comfort for hours before falling asleep but when she does, she’ll sleep for 10 hours straight with ~ 3 feed in-between.

As for diet, she asks for direct nursing every 1 or 1.5 hours when she’s awake. Feeding time varies between 2 to 3 to 4 hours when she sleeps.

Other than the few formula feedings during her Jaundice time, we find little success on feeding her formula.
The girl does not like to take the bottle, even when we try with EBM.

She regurgitates often; so often that we are concern she nurses too much on one sitting.

We are trying short feeding at shorter interval whenever possible to minimize her spitting episodes.

She changes a very healthy number of diapers in a day with several generous amount of loose bowel movement.

We read that breastfeed baby stool will be regular to about once a day when she turns one month….
We ain’t seeing that yet with Alaina.
But then every baby is different or perhaps it’s just takes a while longer with our Angel.

Until then, Mommy gotta be contented in cleaning poo several times a day!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Triple the Birthday Fun

Boy oh boy….
And we were worried that Samuel would be attention deprived lately since we gotta juggle between the 2 kids…
Worry unfounded of course!

The fun is showing no sign of slowing down for the boy. Samuel had triple on his actual birthday!

First up, a short celebration at school with his friends. We brought Alaina along too

Another Transformer cake.
It’s Ironhide this time, Samuel’s favorite Transformer

Putting the candle on the cake while his friends watch on

The kids gather around the table admiring the cake

After 3 rounds of birthday song; English, Mandarin and Bahasa version, we are ready for the cake.

The birthday cake is so good, even the Birthday Boy himself has 2 serving!

A month long planning
A busy morning running
All for a brief celebration at school ….
But seeing how Samuel enjoying himself
It totally worth all the sweat

Happy Birthday Darling!

Second round continued after school after Samuel’s Grandparent picked him up.

Another cake cutting, another of his favorite…
Cheese cake!

To round up his celebration, we had dinner at Fridays as we promised.
We went to Fridays about a month back after a long hiatus and the boy like it then. Service was good, food was great and most importantly, Samuel was intrigued by the special birthday songs sang by the Fridays crew to the birthday boy then.
But the same cannot be said for last week … services and food wise. The service was so bad; we gotta cue them for several times before our orders were taken. Then the food was so slow, we gotta keep on checking for them. And when the food was finally served, they were cold; sizzling pan was not sizzling anymore, quesadillas were soggy and the pasta was almost dried-up.
Also, we gotta wait forever for Samuel’s birthday sundae.
It was only served when we called for our bill :O

But then, of course the Birthday Boy complained none of these. He was as cheerful as ever and nothing could dampen his super great spirit.
It's contagious really, nothing bothered us anymore seeing how happy he was : )

Samuel sang to amuse himself … and us

The dinner party

Yes, of course we brought Alaina along again

The sundae is served

And Samuel got his birthday song treat from the Fridays crew.

It must be a busy night for them, we heard them sang the song at least 4 times for night :O

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Excursion

Baby Alaina outings thus far have been mostly trips to and fro the clinic and hospital for her jaundice check-ups, save for a few short dinner excursion and stuff.
Last weekend, we decided that she is… or we are ready for a real outing, just the 4 of us!
We are not too ambitious, for our first few outings we are looking at places that are mostly baby friendly and more importantly, nearby.
Queensbay Mall fits the bill, so the mall it is then.

We gotta say, it aint bad at all…. for a first time. We were somewhat prepared to dash for the exit if the kids become too handful but nay, there ain’t no sweat… only imaginary tears over spill coffee :p

Here’s our drama-less chronicle

At 10 odd in the morning:
Reached the mall and headed straight for our coffee breakfast. Mommy couldn’t wait ….
About time for some serious caffeine finally, she said : )

After an endless half an hour long waiting at the serving counter, breakfast was finally ready.

A while later Daddy and Samuel went to take away donuts to complement our breakfast

At 11 odd, time to nurse Alaina. Mommy gotta head to the Baby Room at the Jusco…. breastfeeding, remember?
In the half hour in Coffee Bean, Mommy barely touched her coffee but managed to bite half a scone and half a bagel.
Daddy and Samuel stayed back to finish their breakfast before setting off for Borders but not before packing Mommy’s half chewed breakfast : )

Mommy and Alaina joined the boys later but arghhhh… no coffee. The coffee cup spilled under Daddy’s custody spoiling everything. So no pastries either..
Arghhhh… no caffeine fix for Mommy….
And for laying low on milo and decaf for the past days just so to have a dose of coffee this weekend…

At a tad before noon:
We went for some quick groceries shopping

Then to the food court for lunch.

And halfway through lunch, Alaina cued for a feed again.

Again, off Mommy went to the Baby Room after some very fast lunch chomping.

By 1.45pm, everybody was ready to head back home.

By 2 odd in the afternoon:
Home sweet home

So all in all, it ain’t bad at all. We’ll surely make our way to the mall again and soon.
Only this time, perhaps Mommy will bring along her coffee to the Baby Room : )

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday and Fullmoon Luncheon

We had Samuel’s birthday and Alaina’s fullmoon celebrated together over the long holiday weekend just passed.

It was a bit early but since everybody was in town, it was the best possible time.

Again, the party planning started very early due to time interest; the pâtissier and the cafĂ© owner couldn’t help but chuckled a bit when we placed our order for cakes and food weeks prior to the event :p

All was well and we have to say, the party was perfection! We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

We had the lunch party on Sunday noon. The timing was just right after Sunday mass.

Here’re the stars of the party

Not Daddy and Mommy :p

Menu for the party;
Nasi Kunyit, Curry Chicken, Green Vege, Cucur Udang, Mushroom Vege Mix, Fried Vermicelli, Crackers, Salad Roll, Jelly, Watermelon, Red Eggs, Ang Koo
And home-made Egg/Cheese/Tuna Sandwiches

This year the sandwiches making was "outsourced" to Christine Jie Jie : )

The red eggs were a hit with the kids

Guests helping themselves to the mini buffet

The kids were very creative and setup a few entertainment stations (but of course!) for err… entertainment!

The Transformers station

The Angry Bird vs Spider station

The iPad station

The baby adoring station :p

Baby Alaina slept through half of the party

Until it was getting too warm in her carrier
Naturally then, she wanted to be carried remaining of the party

Mommy and Daddy

And the camera lady



Distributing party packs.... kids only affair :p

Cake cutting was last after everybody had their bellies filled

It’s a transformer cake this year.

Printed images as requested by Samuel.
He favors the printed detail over handdrawn transformer caricature

Doing the honor of putting the candles himself

The wind was strong;
Big Jiu Jiu gotta shield the candles while we sang the birthday song for the birthday boy

A group photo for the happy occasion

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lantern Party by the Pool

Since last year Lantern Party by the Pool was such a huge hit, we decided to have it again this year when everybody was in town for the long holiday.

Well…. what’s not to like?

Huge space?
You got it

Breezy evening?
Got it too though we doubt rain would dampen our party :p

Great company?
You betcha!

Loads of lanterns checked!

Good food?
Any food is great since we are not fussy about food….
OK, maybe we are but belly comes first right?
We ordered pizza this year with take away nuggets, cupcakes and stuff.
Mom cooked some porridge and chicken wine
And not forgetting, endless supplies of mooncakes from all over!

The party required not much party planning actually, coordination is key. Everybody would just step in to do anything that needed attention. For Mommy, Mommy just needed to show-up with Baby Alaina when everything was set :p

September and October babies early birthday celebration

The party

Kids doing their lantern rounds

Catching a breather…
well more like pause to pose :p

Some candid shots!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Party Packs

Knowing that time will no longer a luxury, we have parties and stuff planned ahead of their time.
Shopping and packing for Samuel’s party favor started several weeks prior to his bash.

Mommy was on-the-fence between printing some stickers or get Samuel to hand-write personal thank you notes for all his party packs…
until Samuel came up with the idea of making some transformers pocket cards.
He already has lots of these cards and he would very much like to share some with his friends!

mini-size version of his transformers laminated poster

Mommy couldn’t agree more. It’s a great idea.

See how pretty the cards are!

Samuel has a hand on picking what to be included into his party packs too; as expected no chocolate but gummy jelly, wafer and snacks of his choice.
Of course then Mommy has to include some stationery too. The school encourages us to lay low on unhealthy snacks 'ya see : )

Christine Jie Jie and Smal Jiu Jiu found this awesome stationery set at a great price!

Due to time availability, we gotta break the packing into a few sessions. But after a long day work with Samuel breaking quite some sweat, we managed to pack everything to Samuel’s satisfaction.

Pretty pretty party packs!