Sunday, October 30, 2011

2011 School Graduation and Concert

Although Samuel had been practicing and showing us his performance number weeks prior to his concert, we only knew his concert was to be held last weekend when the school started to do the costume fitting.
Blame it on Mommy for forgetting to check his school yearly activities planner ….

Anyway, we are glad that we made it to his concert, albeit some last minutes time-planning here and there.
Not only Daddy, Mommy and Baby Alaina made it but his grandparents and Small Jiu Jiu and Christine Jie Jie too.
Yep, the whole convoy showed up : )

The concert was held at Dewan Sri Pinang from 9am to 12 noon. A very well organized event we have to say. We reckon the school must have put great deal of effort into preparations.

Daddy left the house with Samuel first as kids were required to report at 8am at the Dewan.Small Jiu Jiu sent Mommy and Alaina later only and we arrived just nice when the graduation session was just about to end.
The concert performances followed right after that. Samuel class performance was the third but all performers were not released until the finale piece.

There was a surprised appearance by our Chief Minister too, YB Lim Guan Eng with companies. We did not know that our CM would grace the event beforehand. It was a nice surprise indeed.

There was a thoughtful touch by the school which we really appreciate. All the parents would have the chance to take picture up-close when their kids performed. The school had 2 front rows seat reserved and would make announcement before each performances asking the parents to fill the seats. Of course then after their kids finish performing, they have to vacant the seat for next parents. A very nice small gesture don’t ‘ya think? It would definitely make all the parents happy.
Unfortunately we did not manage to take a lot of pictures as one camera ran out of battery and the other ran out of gig….
But that’s OK as we’ve already placed order for the official video.

The stage props for Samuel’s class number; The Wild Wild West

Samuel as the very handsome Tonto.
He has 2 lines too on top of the dancing

In midst of the dance

Samuel with his Susannah

Close up

All the kids on stage singing to the song You Raise Me Up.
It’s the finale piece actually but they performed it first for the Chief Minister and company.
And again later at the finale to close the concert.

Our CM gave a very short speech; just a few lines.
The event, afterall was not about speech but about our kids : )

Our CM distributing recycles bags to the children

A group photo with the children
(tiny but see the gentlemen in yellow batik in the middle)

Mommy spent half of the time outside the hall as Alaina was sleeping

The concert ended right on schedule and we were all out of the dewan into our car on our way by 12.30

Yes, a very wonderful morning indeed!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Those Angry Fellas Err... Chicks

Samuel does not have an iPad or any techno gadget that plays Angry Birds but that does not mean he is oblivious about Angry Birds. With the current craze, it’s almost impossible to not know what it is actually.
Samuel has played the games a few times and loves it… so much that he tried negotiated with us to have the game installed in our home terminal.
Samuel: Mommy, can we install the Angry Bird application to your laptop?
Mommy: No. Cos then you will always wanna play the game
Samuel: I will play once a week only
Mommy: Err…. lets go and ask Daddy

Samuel: Daddy, Can install the Angry Bird games into the computer?
                I will only play one time a week.
Daddy: No
Oh o…

Go back to basic, that’s how! Build and play everything manually.

Yee Yee got Samuel the Angry Birds table game and Samuel is loving it as much
The Angry Birds…
ops... wrong photo
this should be the one
the pigs in position
the catapult to be launched manually

see... just as happy

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Making way for new locks to grow : )

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still An Outdoor Hunk

Now that we are less mobile… how?

Fret not!

Big Yee Yee, Small Jiu Jiu and Christine Jie Jie to the rescue.

Quiet time at home doing stamp art

Fun at the Kids Arcade

And one of his favorite, picnic by the beach

Can you guess what Samuel is doing?

Or this?

He is stamping his mark!

Playing Beach Balls ….But he likes not moving around barefoot on sand

So Big Yee Yee has to do all the heavy lifting

And Samuel gets to stand still catching errr… balls :p

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011



Get set

 One more time


Get set


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alaina's Baptism

Baby Alaina was baptized last weekend and following is the Rite of Baptism photolog.
(The captions are borrowed from Godma's Facebook Album)

Everything ready including the baptismal font on the left. Some of the early baptismal fonts had the shape of "a womb," to emphasize the new birth/new life aspect of the sacrament.

Samuel was very excited with the candles

Outside the church; Father Bernard again emphasizing the importance of the Rite and also the role of the parents.
And the role of the godparent is to remind/intervene when the parents 'forget'

Receiving the sign of the cross from Father

Anointed with the chrism; sealed by the Holy Spirit

To be baptized is to be given new birth and new life (John 3:5).

Godma lighting the candles

The lighted candle symbolizing the Light of Christ passed on to the parents

Daddy saying the "Parents' Prayer and Wish" that includes the hopes and dreams for baby.

A bit hard to see from this angle; Father is giving us the Baptism Cert

A group photo before we adjourned to Grandma and Grandpa’s place for tea

Marble cake baked by Grandma

Caramel Pudding by Grandpa

And Egg Sandwich by Godma

And a smiley Baby Alaina
: )