Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 Months

A few weeks back, Mommy was down with fever with breast lumps that persisted for quite a few days. Although we doubt they were related as Mommy had run into the rain the afternoon before, we still decided to go to see the ObGyn to be sure.

Bad timing, we did not know that the day after was 11 Nov. Mommy’s ObGyn was on long leave and the waiting list to see the ObGyn on duty that day was so long, we might as well come back after the weekend :p
Anyway, Baby Alaina was due for her 3 months check-up. So our trip to the hospital was not all wasted.
Furthermore, her doctor suggested that Mommy could refer to the Lactation Nurse instead in the mean time : )
That’s a great idea, as it turned out, a doctor consultation was not required. Mommy was not down with breast infection of some sort. It’s just pro-long engorgement led to some lumps built-up. The nurse suggested Mommy to massage the breast and continue to breastfeed Baby Alaina as often as required. She also eases our worries on some fever medications that we’ve took earlier as that are safe for nursing mom consumption : )
But of course if fever persists with stubborn lumps, then a visit to the doctor shouldn’t be put-off any longer.

Alaina’s 3 months check-up was great. The Pediatrician did a routine health check and informed us that Baby Alaina’s development is on track. Weight gain was good at 6.26kgs; it’s one of the reasons why the pead was not worry when we informed him that Alaina was still producing several big poo per day : )
Her bowel movement has reduced to once or twice most of the days now but at times still irregular at several poos. We suspect Mommy’s diet might have something to do with it. Could be the cheese, could be the coffees,…. it could be anything. We couldn’t figure it out!

At 3 months, Alaina is not asking for the breast as often anymore.
She nurses at about 2-3 hours interval during the day and longer interval during night sleeps. With some cluster feedings still, before retires for the night.

She is in her best mood when she wakes up and gives us the sweetest smile every morning. No whines and no cries. Just squeal and hand flapping and legs kicking : )

We are quite sure she has learnt to watch the TV. At times, she’ll be contented be left alone for a short while in front of the running TV.
With companies, she could even watch a whole episode of TVB drama at sitting position :O

Alaina is exercising her torso often now. She wriggles and wriggles and is able to move herself up by pushing her little feet against the bed.
She caught her face under our pillow once but did not wail for us. Not too sure if she was too stunned or was not frighten :O
Mommy was not as calm. Mommy reacted with a high pitch shriek :O

Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Jiu Jiu's Day

We are starting to liking Fridays again

Mainly cos Samuel loves their mac and cheese bite.....
and also the birthday song treat from the Fridays' crew!

Happy Birthday Jiu Jiu!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jydda Eluchíl

Three Rings for the Elven-Kings under the sky,
     Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for the Mortal Men doomed to die,
     One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
     One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
     One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie

(From J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord Of The Rings)

Daddy has been a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work for decades err…… years :p. Daddy especially likes The Lord of the Rings stories. So of course Daddy wouldn’t want to miss it when the novels made their ways to the big screen. We did not miss a single show; not only had we watched ‘em all at the cinema, Daddy bought all the extended collectable DVDs.

Every now and then Daddy will watch ‘em bits and pieces again and again.

And it has been long since the last time Daddy took ‘em out from the storage. So a few weeks ago Daddy decided to reminisce the ‘ol show and asked Samuel if he would be interested. Daddy showed Samuel a few snippets of the shows from YouTube and with no surprise, Samuel clicked immediately.

It’s good that Daddy introduces some of the characters early ‘cos this minimizes the need of Samuel asking repeating questions during the show.

Samuel is becoming a fan fast;

He recognizes the characters at lightning speed

He understands the story flow

He knows who is who from where and where to who is the who of whom :O

He’s like a walking LOTR encyclopedia. He asks us often which are the characters from LOTR that we like and which locale is which;
From Balrog to Nazgul, to Rivendell, to Mines of Moria, to Uruk-hai, to Ents, to Helm’s Deep, to Minas Tirith, to the Cave Troll to ….

Mommy is lost.
Mommy was not and still not able to speak LOTR ..
But is slowly catching up though.

An Elven in action?
Well Mommy, ‘ya better be fast ‘cos Daddy has started the Boy with Star Wars fever and in its episode 2 now!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


It’s not only the smiling and the LOL, our girl blank stares are equally fascinating. We couldn’t resist. We could spend hours and hours playing staring at each other :D

Manja Daddy’s gal

Firm hold

Hey, my cheeks!

Checking me out?

Checking us out!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It’s a Mickey Party

And we thought the school was taking a rain check on its annual Children’s Day party. We did not receive the notice from the school until last week and only realize that the party is to be held today then. The theme for this year party is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Samuel is not a fan of Mickey Mouse nor has he watches a lot of the carton before. Mommy gotta surf the net to show him what Mickey Mouse looks like when we were deliberating his costume for the party.

He is very selective and firm on what he wants to wear. He does not favor the glove, not handsome he says :p
He does not want the Mickey ears and the Mickey tail....
He just does not want to look like Mickey.
He actually requested to wear his transformers shirt to the party :O

Anyway, after some deliberation, he finally finds liking in the bow tie, the Mickey pants and a vest.
He couldn’t decide if he wants a red or a yellow bow-tie though.

So Mommy made him both.

He chose the red one ultimately

Mommy also modified his old red pant into a Mickey pants

And with a vest …
here is Samuel looking all smart and handsome for his party : )

We have no idea where he learnt the pose. He’s so natural, no instructions required.Just get ready with the camera, and he’ll pose :O

Saturday Night Fever

A Model no less
This year, the school decided on potluck as oppose to catered food last year. With strict instructions on no titbits! Samuel has requested us to prepare some sandwiches.
Some healthy food he says…
But that does not mean that we cannot make it fun for him.

Here’s what Mommy has prepared

Circles and Stars ham-cheese sandwiches.
According to Samuel, the sandwiches are a hit. We think the pretty shapes have something to do with it : )

The school really knows how to throw a great party.
There ain’t any short of pretty deco.
There ain’t any short of cartoon characters.

We are sure that all the kids had great fun.

Samuel did!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

When The Toys Are At Stake

Gone were the days when Samuel will take everything we offer him, nowadays he will only eat food of his liking only. He is shying more and more away from the greens. That said though, he is still on a pretty wide range of diet; from veges to meat to tohu to pastas.

We don’t really have a problem with his food selection, what we have issue with is…. his eating speed!

We acknowledge that generally children will eat slowly; they tend to keep food in their mouth and chew ‘em for hours and sometimes will not gobble down unless the food are chewed mash potatoes fine…..
Well, sometimes is fine but with Samuel, it is not sometimes. It’s often if not always.

We’ve tried serving prettier food
We’ve tried serving soup with rice
We’ve tried giving him a timeline
We’ve tried letting him learn on his own ....
Nothing seems to work!

He will eat fast for a few days and then will fall back into his ‘ol habit of keeping food in his mouth. It’s really getting into our nerves.

Mommy lost her cool last week and decided to take away all his toys as a disciplinary measure. Yes, all of them.
And only intend to give him back when he eats properly on the table…

It turns out to be a brilliant idea. We have agreed on a scheme.
If Samuel finishes his meals within half an hour, he’ll get back 8 toys.
Less than 40 mins will be 6 toys
No toys for a mediocre 45 mins but will start taking away his toys again if he takes more than 45 mins.

So far, he has gotten back most of his favorite toys and has yet to have his hard earned toys taken away.
We are hoping to keep this up!

Friday, November 04, 2011


The trigger?
Mommy's high pitch voice!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

It’s Mommy’s Birthday

Nope, not having the bandwidth is never our excuse to not have a grand celebration….. But of course, grandness is a relative term here.
We are not talking about big and lavish and flashy celebration but the mere effort to find time to celebrate it.

Mommy got more than just the butter cream cake that Mommy had asked for, Mommy got the whole day. An awesome lunch at the CRH followed by a fantabulous dinner at the comfort of our home later…..

We decided to go to Gurney Plaza for our mall outing last weekend for a change. Daddy heard that the food at Chicago Rib House is good and it did not disappoint.

The food was awesome… either that or Mommy was too hungry. Mommy wiped clean her Pork Ribs plate : O
But we will think twice again going so far with a newborn and a kid in tow just for good food. Driving on a Saturday morning to a busy mall with limited car park ain’t exactly spells bed of roses. Half of our morning was spent just driving to and fro the town.

As for the evening celebration, Big Yee Yee, Small Jiu Jiu and Christine Jie Jie did all the heavy work preparing the dinner ….
Hopping several stores to take away several food of choice is by no means, an easy feat!

Happy Birthday to Mommy

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

2 Months

At 2 months, Alaina is slowly falling into a routine. She had her Triple Antigen jab last week and we are happy to report that she did not develop any fever following the jab.

Her weight is 5.5kgs and height is 59cm.

She is still on fully direct breastfeeding and still rejecting the bottle. It’s heart breaking to see her wail when we try the bottle so we are taking a break from that for a while.

Her favorite past time now is sucking her own thumb; sometimes with both hands together and at times for a good 15 mins while watching Mommy catching some eye-shut. Giving Mommy her much required breather : )

She dislikes tummy time and does not sleep on her tummy.

Thus she seldom practices lifting up her head while on belly. She could lift up to 45 degree so far.

She is very vocal and chatty…
There’s a lot of coo-ing sound, ah-goo and ah-geh and the oh-so-cute-purr sound. It almost seems like she understands us and wants to chat back to us when we talk to her. She always responds, if there ain't no ah-goo, there’ll definitely be a smile : )

There’s no change to her napping and sleeping time. We’ve learned and are now better at identifying her cues. Making it easier for us to carry or nurse her to sleep.

Her regurgitation episode seems to be less now but another problem surface. It could be due to forceful letdown; there are times that Alaina would choke and gasp during nursing. Sometimes several times in one sitting. Mommy is trying to control the fast milk flow with different nursing position now.
We read that generally forceful letdown will gradually go away by the third or fourth months. We’ll monitor to see if situation improve in the month to come before trying other measures.