Friday, December 30, 2011

From Tummy to Her Back

Alaina actually did the little stunt once quite a few days back but Mommy attributed that to the tilted mattress. With a little push, Alaina managed to roll from tummy to her back position then.

Today though, she’s on a flat surface and is in her bubbly mood. She coos and she pushes…
And just like that, rolls herself from tummy to her back position : )

This picture is taken by Samuel using Mommy’s cell. We did not teach him how to take his own close up picture by extending his hand and place the camera right in front. He somehow figured it out himself.
For this shot, he’s meaning to take a picture of himself together with his sister.

Not bad eh?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Small Jiu Jiu Big Day, the Wedding Ceremony

After 2 days Cameron Highlands vacation break, we continued with Small Jiu Jiu’s big day hype.
It’s finally the ceremony itself.

Our morning was greeted with lots of happy voices from everywhere;

boys and gals

old and young

pals and buds…..
errr…dads and dots

Wedding Car bouquet using pretty fresh flowers especially bought from Cameron Highlands.
Yees ees and Jiu Jius stayed up late the night before to do all the flowers arrangement

Pretty Bridal Bouquet

Small Jiu Jiu with his 6 cars Entourage left the house as schedule to pick-up the Bride

Of course the older kids went along as Page Boys and Flower Girl to gatecrash….
errr… invite :p the Bride home

Cool and steady

Some refreshment while waiting for the Groom and his Bride

Still cool and steady

The kids stayed close to each other through out

Samuel offered to sing to Small Jiu Jiu’s Bride when challenged by her Maids

Eh… how come the door is still not opened one?

After many rounds of challenges, Small Jiu Jiu heaved a sigh of relief…
Mission accomplished

The kids with the new couple

Meanwhile, back at Po Po's place....

We were all busy...
not busy posing but

Preparing lunch and setting-up the place for the Bride and her Entourage arrival

Table for the Best men and Bridesmaids

Favor for the Best men;
Wine glass with fragrance soap

Favor for the Bridesmaids;
Pretty Potted Plants

The Grand Arrival

Serving tea to Po Po and Kong Kong
 Skip, skip and skip

Tea for Daddy and Mommy

Red Packets from the new couple

Not forgetting Alaina too

A picture with the Bride and Groom

This is an actual part of the ceremony.
Can you guess what the kids are doing?

One Big Happy Family

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Rain and More Jams, Among Others at Cameron Highlands

We have big plans for our day 2 in Cameron Highlands. We were thinking about visiting the Rose Valley, checking out teas, grapes and cactus and stuff….. but alas, almost all did not materialize. Marred by bad weather and bad traffic, we could barely find time and the strength to make it to 2 attraction stops!

We checked-out from our hotel after breakfast and made our way further up the hill.
Although it’s already a weekday then, the holiday crowd there still had yet to disperse. It was crawling snail once we reached Brinchang. After what looked like an eternal drive after 2 or so kilometers we decided to turn into the next tourist stop we saw and made a u-turn back to Brinchang.
It was Sconers (or something that sounds alike) Kea Farm then,
we stopped by,
checked out the market,
got ourselves some strawberries cheese cake

checked out the mushroom farm
and u-turn back.

Back at Brinchang, we found our way to the Cactus Valley; also known as (or renamed to, we are not too sure) Taman Agro Tourism.

Love this spontaneous shot of Samuel

We got to see how these vegetables are grown

The obligatory strawberry shot :p

The place is huge. It took us quite a while to find a parking and a very long while to walk from the top to the bottom where the Chinese Restaurant is.

We took our lunch there; food was so-so but super reasonable. Less than RM40 for a fish dish, a claypot dried Bak Kut Teh, eggs and rice and drinks :O

After lunch….
yes as ‘ya guess it, it rained.

Most of the areas in the valley are sheltered but the walk to our car park was not. We timed ourselves and tried to make it to our car when the drizzle seemed to stop but still missed it by a couple of meters. Samuel was happy to run in the rain….. it was us worrywart adults that’re a tad distressed.
We left our umbrella in the car ‘ya see.
And we certainly wish not the kids catch any bugs.

Anyway, we made it safely and fairly dry to the car. We decided then we had enough of Cameron Highlands for that trip and made our way back.

Both the kids tired out and slept almost the entire journey. It was good that we reached Bidor early as Mommy really needed her much required rest. It would another long day the day after that.

We checked ourselves back into the same Bidor hotel later that evening.
Samuel, as though recognizes no tiredness when it comes to playtime with his cousins, spent the night at Po Po’s place and played till past midnight before calling it a day.

And what’s more…:O
He woke up before dawn the next morning for Small Jiu Jiu big day.
:O :O

Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Cameron Highlands Trip

After a good night rest at the hotel, all of us woke up fresh and energetic the next morning ready to continue with our vacation.

The itinerary for the day was Cameron Highlands. We left Bidor in 3 cars late in the morning after breakfast. Small Jiu Jiu and Po Po did not join us…. for the obvious reason of course; there’s a wedding to plan!

The journey up the hill via the Tapah entrance winding road was wicked as expected. We gotta stop a few times to catch breather….
The adults needed 'em, not the kids. The kids did not seem to be disturbed, Samuel chatted with Mommy all the way up and Alaina slept most of the drive.

Break at Lata Iskandar

It was near to 2pm when we reached Tanah Rata, we headed straight to Hotel Heritage. The rest of the 2 cars continued to Brinchang and put-up at Rosa Passadena.
Since we had snacked our hearts out earlier, we decided to skip lunch and had an early tea instead;
Scone and tea at the hotel.

One of the best scones we’ve tried…. Probably second to the ones served at Nobbies CafĂ© at the Australia Philips Island Nature Park.

Weather was cool, we were contented loiter around the hotel more breather before continued with our sight seeing.

It was to the Healthy Strawberry Farm later where we had waffles…

with strawberry (but of course) and ice-cream : )

It’s good that we had 2 teas before dinner cos, boy was it jam on the way to Brinchang :O. It’s the school holiday and the holiday crowd was madness there.
We joined the rest of the party at their hotel and then dinner at the Organic Steamboat Restaurant.
This restaurant is sorta famous and highly recommended by food critics. Even celebrities dine there. The vegetables are all organically grown and they use charcoal base steamboat pot. All of us had tears in our eyes while we ate……
Not because the food was good (it was OK though) but cos of the charcoal smoke!

It rained half way through our dinner so we had to scrap our Pasar Malam plan. The remaining of the night sees us running to our car shielded by Daddy’s coat with kids in our arms …. The kids again were not complaining. We know that Samuel can be a tough adventurer when he wants to but Alaina? A tough cookie in the making too?

Well, both the kids tired out and hit the pillows once we reached back our hotel. Daddy followed suit after a while too leaving Mommy counting the sheep all night long. Mommy hardly had any eye-shut :O 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

Friday, December 23, 2011

Small Jiu Jiu Big Day, the Dinner Reception

The much anticipated Small Jiu Jiu’s big day made its grand arrival two weeks ago. Both the dinner bash and the tea ceremony were held at our hometown, with a 2 days break in between. We took the opportunity to plan a short trip to the hill resort nearby; knowing how much a vacation would cheer Samuel up.
We do understand, with all the mobility restriction and the err… 'less' attention he’s getting for the past months, it’s hard for Samuel not to whine a little about it.

We drive down from Penang on the Saturday morning and reached Bidor right about 2 something for a late lunch. Everybody had arrived, including Yee Poh from Singapore.
Although the day itinerary was only dinner later in the evening; we hardly could find any free time to kill. It’s busyness madness having to get everything in order and everyone ready looking handsome and pretty.

Of course we managed to though.

Samuel and Hanxin looking all handsome as the Page Boys

Baby Alaina is still too young to walk as the Flower Girl

Some final touches

All poise and ready

Walking down the aisle to the music beat

With all seriousness

Safely led the newly wed couple to their table

There were a lot going on during the dinner. Daddy was busied behind the camera. Yee Yees and Jiu Jiu and Po Po busied with hosting.

While Mommy juggled between the baby and stuff

The kids busied themselves with iPads

and err... chats

This is one of the more proper photos taken

As for the toasting and family photos… that’ll have to be continued in later chapter.

We left early as Alaina was calling for her bedtime …

Looking all chirpy and bubbly and happy in the hotel.

Yup, there’s a new hotel in town; presentable and decent. But the reservation service needs some serious nudge though.