Monday, January 30, 2012

5 Months

We went to the pediatrician office again 2 weeks back when both the kids down with mild fever. Samuel also had finally caught Daddy’s 2nd wave of the mightier bug :O

Samuel’s fever persisted for a few days but Alaina’s fever broke the day itself after a dose of paracetamol. All was good; according to the doctor, a fever register at 38.4C is slight, 37.4C is considered as no fever and is high if the fever is above 39C.
He does not recommend over-medication… in other words, no medication is required if fever is mild. But then, mild is subjective eh? Parents always tend to have different interpretation :p

Alaina’s weight has been quite static at 7.6kgs for the past 2 weeks. Still a very healthy number for her 65cm length.

She smiles a lot and hasn’t stop smiling since she discovered the art at month 2. But then she wails equally as much too, most of the time for company. The gal does not necessarily need to be picked-up or be carried around (although that’s her ultimate favorite pastime), she just doesn’t want to loose sight of us. She absolutely likes to see her big brother dancing and talking to her. This comes mighty handy when Mommy’s hand is too full. Samuel can take over baby-sitting for a wee while : )

Another of her favorite pastime is balancing on her tummy and her tummy only.

See, no hand and no feet

Like an aeroplane

She’ll fly and fly until she tires out

Her head and torso are quite steady now. We’ve tried to put her on the high chair cushioned with pillows and bolster. She ain’t liking it yet but getting there.

On the diet front, she is still latching on directly for breastmilk. Mommy is trying the bottle with water now and she is not rejecting it as violently already. We say that’s a victory, looks like success might just be around the corner : )

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ain’t Easy Taking a Picture

It ain’t easy taking a picture nowadays with 2 kids; a kid and a baby to be precise!

When Mommy is looking into the camera, the baby is not.

When the baby is, Mommy is not!

And when both of us are, Kor Kor is not

Another attempt but Baby is looking away

Finally, all of us look into the camera. But the photographer butters his fingers…


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Park Excursion Resumes

With Alaina’s nursing schedule falling nicely into a routine, we are now more comfortable to plan for longer outings at less restricted places.
The first of such places that came into our mind last-last week was the park.

If our memories serve us correctly, the last we went to Youth Park would be the week before Alaina was born.

Launching his special vertical catapult then

Yes, Mommy. It had been that long!

So, yah. We are ready to go back to the park again after so many months.

It was a beautiful Monday morning. We planned and timed ourselves well; not only we went to the park, we had our breakfast and lunch out too.

The boy was overjoyed.

Be careful. Watch out for termites!
Watch out for the termites!

Samuel was meaning to warn Mommy as Mommy and Alaina was following him and Daddy further from behind. But his cute little antics actually alerted a few passerbies to watch out for the termites.
They stopped to thank our Boy : )

A bit over-dressed for the park but hey, as long as the Boy is happy. He picked out this ensemble himself. Lately, his likes ‘em all matchy and color coordinated.

We are glad that Samuel is understanding and that why we gotta limit outdoor activities nowadays. We are hoping to go out more in the sun too. But that depends if Alaina is cooperative.

So far, she’s enjoying it.

See how relax she looks!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I See and I Want!

How to resist those eyes?

And the ‘lil cute beak mouth

Nay, Alaina is not looking at Mommy. But the burger that Mommy is holding.

Looks like our gal is heading for solid real soon!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Trivia Fan

Wow, it must have been very obvious that Samuel adores the Lord of the Rings shows.
Or is it that Aunty Florence took the bait …..err hint? :p

See what Samuel got for his Christmas present…

It’s the J.R.R Tolkien Lord of the Rings Trivia Game

It’s a game design solely for LOTR Fans, cos… oh man…. It ain’t easy

Both the game rules and the questions card. Mommy nearly gotta sit next to the dictionary in order to play the game!

But that ain’t stopping Samuel

He played and plays still. Yup, the questions might be extremely challenging and one has to read the book version in order to understand the stories fully. But Samuel is still killin’ it.

With intelligent guesses!

He still rules!

Oh Boy…. Now, Samuel is into the show Real Steel. He has been asking to watch it everyday.
Hmm… we wonder if there’ll be an 8 foot robot showing up at our door step soon eh ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

We did not plan for any travelling or dinner out this year but rather spend it at home. It’s a bit taxing to enjoy dinner and busy looking for nursing rooms at the same time :p

Pix taken this year are limited due to errr… some laptop-crashing-incidents but here goes..

On Christmas Eve, we went over to the kids’ grandparents’ place (wow, that’s a long way to say hubby’s parent eh) for dinner.

We brought dessert.

Strawberry Meringue from CB
We spent quality time chatting and relaxing.

Alaina took a nap in between.

On Christmas Day, all of us made it early for the Sunday Mass where Alaina took her first morning nap.

After mass, we went over to great grandma’s house for her birthday cum Christmas celebration.

Alaina took her second nap there : )

But not before wishing Great grandma Happy Birthday

and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Friday, January 06, 2012

4 Months

Funny how things happen the way they do…

During Alaina’s 4th month check-up with her pediatrician last week, Mommy updated her doctor that Alaina has yet to roll-over and then pop…. she rolls over almost immediately.
Mommy also raised her concern on Alaina’s bowel movement where at times, Mommy still sees a few per day… and then suddenly now Alaina hasn’t been producing any for 2 days.

Anyway, all is great as per the Doctor check-up; Alaina’s weight is recorded at 7.38kgs and length at 63cm.
She has finally caught Daddy’s month long bug; it started with a cough or two but progresses to cough with phlegm since last week. The doctor did not prescribe any medication for her as her throat, lungs and ears are clear. He commented that medication at this stage will do more harm than good as the Baby will be drowsy and sleeps all the time. After a week or two, the cough should go away by itself he says. He advised Mommy to continue with breastfeeding exclusively and more frequent to provide more fluid intake for Alaina.

Yes, Alaina is still on breastmilk diet; direct feeding fully. We have plans to introduce the bottle to her but somehow couldn’t find the right time for it…
Well, no hurry, perhaps after Chinese New Year : )

At 4 months, her routine has almost set. She takes several naps in a day but perhaps one too many as she sleeps quite late in the night. Her feeding time is quite regular too, making it easier for us to time ourselves when we are out and about.

There was one point when she started to recognize her surrounding that she only wants Mommy to carry her, she would wail if anyone else attempt to. Now she’s calmer and less selective and in her better mood, will let Yee Yee carries her : )

Her grip is very strong. She is not interested in picking up object in front of her but when it comes to pinching and pulling, she uses all her might.
The scattered hair around our house attests to it….

Ok ….. may be not.
May be it’s postpartum hair loss.

But hey, it ain’t easy getting Alaina to let go once she gets hold of our hair!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

One Day Penang Rendezvous

Back to our holiday earlier last month, it ain’t over yet…

The frenzy on Small Jiu Jiu’s wedding slowly quite down after the ceremony. We came back to Penang on the evening itself; those staying down south and center had also made their move except for Yee Poh. Yee Poh extended her stay here for more sight-seeing, she followed Small Jiu Jiu and Po Po back to Penang the next day.

Of course then we joined Yee Poh for some Penang rendezvous.

First in our itinerary was Penang Butterfly Farm. Mommy and Alaina sat this one out, literally. We went to the farm alrite but we did not enter the exhibit areas. Don’t wanna stress Alaina out with all the pollen that’s flying around ‘ya see.

We rest at the cafĂ© joined by Aunty May, Mommy’s friend who is working there. It was a really great catch-up for us, must have been ages since we last sit down for coffee : )

The following shots are all taken by Small Jiu Jiu since Mommy did not go into the farm…. not that Mommy has any free hand for the camera anyway :p

We are going to see some butterfly

Lots and lots of 'em

Interesting insect

Mandarin ducks, ain’t they sweet?

The tortoise has just lay eggs recently (cue to the right, the staff are taking good care of ‘em)It would be interesting to see ‘em hatch but that will only be in another couple of weeks' time.

We left Butterfly Farm around noon and headed to the beach.

Although it was not scorching hot, it wasn’t pleasant to walk by the beach at that hour either.

We barely hang for 10 mins before walking over back to Sigi's by the Beach for lunch, a nice one inside the cooling restaurant :D

Next in the itinerary after lunch was Peranakan Museum. Mommy and Alaina took a raincheck to head back home for a rest… Mommy needed the rest :p.
Gotta recharge back some energy to make it for dinner outing later :p

Samuel as though has bottomless energy, followed the rest to the museum. It was not his first visit; he went before last year with Daddy and Mommy.

We couldn’t recall there’s a piano there though

This we remember ….

A group photo to end Day 1 Penang Rendezvous