Friday, February 17, 2012

KL Trip 2012 - Night Lights

Mommy contemplated for quite awhile if we could join the rest for another get-together planned during the Chinese New Year just passed. We have no doubts that the kids would have a blast but since Mommy is still fully breast-feeding Alaina, it would be tricky to go out and about freely….
Would it?

After some thoughtful and careful planning, we went ahead with the trip. This time, off all of us went to KL

Our Chap Goh Mei 5 days 4 nights holiday began the Friday before the long weekend with a late evening drive back to Bidor for an overnight stay.
Yup, we planned our trip with lotsa break in-between drives. The kids; Alaina and Samuel needed the rest. Mommy and Big Yee Yee too, gotta re-charge our battery for more days ahead…. Cos, more kids to tend to when we reached KL later :D

Before that, since Mommy’s blog is on temporary hiatus, lets check back on our pot of pussy willows here shall we?
The story is like this, Po Po woke up one morning to a front yard floor full of hairy caterpillar. Quite a bit of scare there if you can imagine…..
Po Po was wondering why they were all lingering by the door by the pot of pussy willows.
Upon closer inspection, they were the pussy willows :O

We have never see pussy willows grow beyond the white-cutesy flower bud they are. When they bloom further, this is how they look like

Imagine dozens of them on a potted plant

And some of them wilted and drop onto the floor

Looks like hairy caterpillar invasion eh?

We kid you not,
Mommy had goose bumps when Mommy first saw ‘em….
Still having ‘em.. the goose bumps.

OK, now back to our holiday. We continued our drive down to KL on Saturday morning after a lazy morning walk and breakfast in Bidor.
We reached KL just in time for lunch with everybody already reported to Big Jiu Jiu’s squatter.

After lunch, it’s free and easy for all; some went for facial, some went for CNY reunion, the kids hang out in the house and Mommy and Alaina of course, spared no moments and had their nap. Both slept after 2am when we break in Bidor earlier ‘ya see :p

The itinerary for the evening was night-lights at the Go Guang Shan Malaysia, Dong Zen Temple. It’s a must-see it seems, the once-a-year festive-lights and deco only available and open for public for 15 days during the Chinese New Year.
During that period, the crowd was madness, everyday. That Saturday was no different. We had dinner at a restaurant a few hundred meters away.

The food was super!
May be cos everybody was hungry :p

From the restaurant to the temple, the traffic snarled so badly that many alighted from their cars and walked to the temple.

It was past half past 9 by the time we reached the temple, sparing us only half an hour before the temple official closing time. Fortunately we guess, the Officials extended the opening hours. We stayed until past 11pm.

We broke into 2 groups; Po Po accompanied Mommy and Alaina while the rest went for their sight-seeing.

Mommy and Po Po wanted to avoid the crowd and find a less busy space for Alaina to nap but then, it was people-mountain-people-sea. Hard to find a comfy space. We did quite a bit of sight-seeing ourselves and managed to watch a float parade before Alaina dozed off. After then, we just stayed near to the entrance to wait for the others.

The others though, had a blast of time admiring the deco.

They walked and walked until they couldn’t walk anymore. Samuel, who skipped his afternoon nap, was visibly tired and dozed off not long after he hit Big Jiu Jiu’s shoulder.

Yah, Big Jiu Jiu had to carry him : )

He slept all the way back to the house until the next morning. Unlike Alaina who woke up from her nap and slept past 2am again! :O

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Perfect Shape... err Shade!

Is it a bird?
Or a frog?
Is it a plane....

It's shadow-playin'

Friday, February 10, 2012

Introducing Solids

We are aware that Alaina is still 2 weeks shy from 6 months old, but we introduce solid to her anyway. Mainly because she shows signs that she is ready to try. Since months 5!

Besides the usual cues where she has more than doubled her birth weight, good head control and stuff, she also

  • is not interested to latch on long during the day; each feed lasts a couple of minutes only and she’s back to asking feed 2 hourly
  • wakes up more frequent during the night looking for the breast
  • is very curious about the food that we eat!
So 2 weeks back, we prepared some rice cereal for her to try.

Just a wee tea spoon

All propped up

Bit by bit

Still steady

processing the new taste!

It was a good first try. Alaina took quite a few bites; willingly opened her mouth wide to be fed.

We have since tried plain rice porridge, cooked pumpkin and pumpkin porridge; half to a teaspoon each time. She’s not eating much yet but we are getting there.
We get that it’s a slow process and we are not rushing it.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Big Brother Reading to Little Sister

Although the sight of Alaina enjoying her big brother company is not uncommon,
we just couldn’t resist taking these pictures.

See how happy, the kids are!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2012 The Year of the Dragon

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record but yeah, our Chinese New Year celebration routine has yet to change.
We spent the eve and the first day of the New Year here in Penang and travelled back to Bidor on the second day. The only different this year is that our trip back to Mommy’s hometown was a short one….

Actually, that’s not totally true. 2 other noticeable differences; though not in terms of routine, are the volume of noise and the size of our family. They are getting higher and higher.. errr.. bigger!

What could we say, we aim for the sky :D

Po Po’s house is in full force celebration mood. The decos are all up and ong! The house is dolled up even more with lush and bloom.

The pot is not for pretense.
These are actual live Pussy Willows; with roots and all!

These are cut Pussy Willows.
In a Dragon theme gigantic vase, how fitting!

The rare Little Bird Flower Plant.

The pretty bloom resembles the shape of a bird. That’s where the plant name comes from!

More pretty bloom….

Mommy better stop now before this become a post on flowers :p

But they are just so pretty!

Back to the kids ….. The kids’ playtime nowadays revolved around the iPads. We are not crazy about it but these gizmos are fast becoming an important part of our children growing up life. It’s hard to ignore and hard to prevent contact with ‘em. And we couldn’t deny that if they are used in a controlled environment, they actually could do more good than wrong to our children…..

But thank goodness, they are still all in for some good ‘ol fashion fun…

With toys

And water

And Pop Pop

And chit-chat time under the moon

Due to time constraint, the once a year gathering for Mommy’s childhood friends (ahem!... childhood make it sounds as though we are still young eh?) was held on the second day this year.

It was great catching up with friends; for both the kids and adults

A rare appearance by Mrs. Lee : )

Back in Penang over the weekend, we went to the Little Penang Street Market for go-see and were treated to a pleasant surprise. We heard loud thud of drums and cymbals after we’ve parked our car and were secretly hoping that there would be some lion dancing..

We’ve got more than that : )

The lions were making their rounds when one of ‘em saw Mommy and Alaina observing from the side.

She came and rubbed her fur over Alaina :O

The baby was not intimidated, just non-chalant. It was Mommy that couldn’t control herself and chuckling non-stop.The lion was sporting and patiently posed while Daddy wiped out his iPhone.

Not once

But twice!

There was a special dance by a ‘Chinese Unicorn’ (no idea what is that) too. The dance is a ‘lil different from the usual lion dance. The unicorn favors rolling on the floor….. We have not seen anything like that before. It’s kinda like a wriggly worm

That’s not the end of our celebration yet. Since the kids claim they didn’t spend enough time together during this Chinese New Year, we are planning another get-together.

So…. more to come later…