Saturday, April 28, 2012

8 Months

What I’ve been to lately?

Besides manja-ing Kor Kor when he does his homework….. 
I’m practicing my leg’s muscle

Pulling and pulling and…


Yes, Alaina is pulling herself up to standing position now. She will do so at every opportunity that she can find. It’s a bit worrying as she wants to do it all the time; aided by the couch, by the TV cabinet, by the mirror, by us…. By anything that she can grab hold off including the not-so-sturdy dining chair. We really gotta watch her like a hawk.

At 8 months, Alaina has perfected her clapping skill. She absolutely loves to clap now, especially when there’s a familiar song playing at the background. She’ll clap and she’ll smile to us. She loves the attention!

She did not gain much weight since her last check-up at 6 months. Perhaps due to the change in her diet. Now she weighs 8.5kgs and 71cm tall.

Besides the few ounces of formula milk intake during her jaundice days, Alaina has been on direct breastfeeding fully up until she’s 8 months old.
She rejected both the bottle and the formula milk since her early days. Although we have not been regular in introducing the formula milk to her, we have however, tried to offer her some on and off just to get her accustom to the taste. Alaina has none of them though.
Big dramas would ensued every time we tried to feed her the formula milk; she’d cry, she’d wail, she’d spit ‘em out, she’d pretend to sleep… she’d do everything to keep the milk off her throat.
We often gave up trying after a while.

When Alaina turns 8 months old earlier in the month, we are determined to wean her off the breast.
We carved out a plan; starting with only one feed a day during the day, we'd try to offer her everyday. We will not cut her off the breast abruptly of course.

We failed miserably for the first 2 weeks; Alaina still wouldn’t want any of it.
We tried changing to another brand too but to no avail.
We thought we were heading somewhere when Alaina took some liking when we mixed some apple juice into her formula milk. It was not long before she figured out and started to reject ‘em milk again.

But we are not giving up this time. We try everyday still; there are good days where Alaina would take 2 ounces and there are not-so-good days where she would take none.

The past 2 days have been good; the 2 ounces of formula milk that we made did not go wasted down the drain.
And today Alaina took 3 ounces, all sans the apple juice : )


Friday, April 27, 2012


Besides Angry birds…. err actually, the Angry Birds craze is almost settling already.
Nowadays, Samuel is into Plant vs. Zombie

Just like the Angry Birds game, we limit his computer game time; be it on iPhone or on the computer itself.
Unlike Angry Birds though, there’s no non-computerized Plant vs Zombie game (at least non that we are aware of) that we can get him as substitute.

So how?
Not that we are scratching our head
And not that Samuel is asking for it…
‘Cos there’s no reason for him to....

Mommy, Daddy, No worries.
I’ve got this one

I can draw out the game and play it manually


Amazing how kids can improvise eh?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KL Trip 2012 – KLCC and Petrosains

Continue from where we left off weeks ago….
about that Chap Goh Mei 5D/4N holidays, of course KL Night Lights was not our only itinerary for the trip.

We planned to spend the whole day at KLCC for our second day in KL; first half of the morning at the Water Park and second half of the day at the Petrosains.
Both of which most suited for the kids. Alaina couldn’t really experience or appreciate any of ‘em yet of course, for the obvious reason that she’s still too young … So Mommy did thought of staying put at Jiu Jiu’s place and not joining the group but alas, Mommy couldn’t resist.
We went along to join the fun : )

Those days, Alaina was still relatively OK when others carry her.
See how innocent (and tiny as compare to Big Jiu Jiu :O )

On our way to the Water Park

A few obligatory properly-posed shots

 And now the fun non-posed shots : )
Not to be out-done, Mommy and Alaina had our shot by the Twin Tower too : )

We had lunch at the food court before the rest continued with the Petrosains tour. Mommy, Alaina and Po Po sat this one out to opt to roam around the Baby Room instead. We did a ‘lil bit of window shopping and tea in midst too.

It was during dinner time that we all reconvened at Chili’s. And the kids had loads of fun stories to share. Mommy has no idea as to what is what and which is which. But Mommy has a pretty good idea on how much fun they all had.
There are pictures to tell : )


Artful mirror shot


Pre-historic animals in the valley


Wouldn’t miss a shot

Besides exhibits, there are loads of games for the kids to try out too

The kids spares no time of course!  

This is Samuel’s masterpiece

Oooo, what’s the kids looking at?


 Big Jiu Jiu said…. Game on!

Too cute to resist this picture :p

Cool eh?

We’ll be back again…Next time with Mommy and Alaina!

It's Raining, We See the Blessing

Samuel has always been the kind of kid who does not call for much concernment. He learnt what he supposed to learn and does what he supposed to do.
He is getting better in term of speed when comes to eating too!

When we were expecting Alaina last year, we have asked Samuel to be more independent and explained to him that he’s a big enough boy to take charge of his own daily routine.
Day by day; Samuel does his bit.
It becomes very apparent that he is indeed an independent boy after we’ve Alaina.
And today we are so proud; we simply just wanna pen it down.

Mommy has put a small umbrella into Samuel’s school back since a few weeks ago.
We were caught unprepared then when it suddenly rain and we had only one umbrella in the car at our disposal.
Imagine the chaos; one fierce rain, one umbrella, an un-shaded car park, a school boy with 2 school bags, an infant in the car carrier and a Mommy with a messy hair….. oops :p

Today, it was raining again when we picked Samuel up from his school. This time though, we had more than enough umbrellas : )
Mommy being her typical-self, rushed to organize the kids and wanted to immediately clean them up upon reaching the house.
Samuel though, was more cool. After all, it's only mud.
Still very chatty, he calmly walked together with Mommy and Alaina holding his umbrella back to our apartment.
Helped Mommy to carry both umbrellas up to our unit
Tidied up his own shoes before entering the house
Bathed and washed his hair immediately
Put his clothes on
And took care of his wailing sister while Mommy quickly washed herself.

After then, Samuel played for awhile, did his homework, had his afternoon snack and proceeded to his room for his afternoon rest…. All according to his daily schedule. No push-back, no cajoling, so independent! 

: )

We are proud beyond words. He has grown so much!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Not a Holiday

It’s seasonal.

It’s not rare to see Samuel’s school Welcoming Teachers doing a pre-check on their students when the parents drop them at school. The pre-check includes visual check on hands and mouth (inside too) for rashes or ulcer to rule out HFMD. If there’s symptom, the teachers will ask the parents to quarantine their kids.
According to the school, there’re Coxsackie cases all year round but the number reached an alarming high a few weeks back. So the school had to be closed down for 10 days. Samuel is clear though. We got worried and checked him everyday since we got the news; all is good and he’s still in the clear.

He’s not elated that there’s an outbreak but he’s super ecstatic that he does not need to go to school for 10 days. More so with Po Po’s company here.
It’s great that Po Po is in town as Daddy is not; a pair of extra hands is always welcomed : )

So, what has Samuel been up to for 2 weeks?
Besides an unplanned day trip back to our ‘lil hometown

He plays

and plays

(Dim Sum Breakfast at Cititel)
and we eat

(Yay! Daddy is back and we had lunch at E&O Sarkis's)
and we eat…

School has re-opened yesterday and we are falling back into our routine again. Surprisingly Samuel is not upset that his err…. ‘freedom’ has ended.

After all, there’s always weekend ; )