Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project Code Name: Heart Too

It’s a good theme, no complain there.
This year’s Teachers Day celebration is a repeat of last year theme; Heart.

Same as last year, students are required to prepare a heart theme gift for their teacher/s.
And same as last year, Samuel wants to be very involved in preparing the gift; from creative process to budgeting to the implementation.
But unlike last year 6 gifts though, Samuel wants to prepare 10 this year :O

With given a tight budgeting of RM7 from his own money (yup, he paid for the presents with coins from his coin jar :p), we had a though time cracking our brain on what to buy as suitable gifts.

As though understand that we shouldn’t and couldn’t spend lavishly, Samuel suggested key-chain again.

Still a feat to spend within the budget eh?

After some searching, we managed to find 10 heart shape paper clips and key rings from the bookstore; cost circa RM8 something. Phew…. That was close!
Samuel is happy with the purchase : )

A few days later, while Mommy was doing some shopping of her own, Mommy stumbled across these….

So perfect and so cute.

The pricing is a bit steep for Samuel to pay… and furthermore, he didn’t ask for any additional gift.
But we thought these heart shape candles would definitely be a nice addition to his key chain presents. So we got them for him.

With all the key chain parts and candles ready, next up would be the gift wrapping phase.
As usual, we formed a whole committee for this little project.

A busy scene

The Baby finds time to pose for Mommy : )

Samuel personally writes all the cards for his teachers

Having fun in midst

The nicely wrapped ‘lil gift.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

To The Penang Aquarium Again

We are not sure when the Penang Aquarium re-opens its door to the public, but we haven’t go back to the main gallery area since its closure back in 2009. We did go back a few times to feed the fishes in the Koi pond at the common area but that too had stopped when the place became increasingly un-kept; unbearable heat with bug invasion!

2 moons ago, Small Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu brought Samuel back to the Aquarium.
They have re-vamped the place with new fishes and cleaned-up the area.

Mommy and Daddy did not tag along; it was Samuel’s day out with Jiu Jiu and missus…. Actually Jiu Jiu and missus were babysitting Samuel :p
Mommy’s hand was tight that day and Daddy stayed back to take care of Mei Mei.

Samuel had a great day though. He actually had gone to the Aquarium just weeks earlier during one of his school field trip
But of course then, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to fun right?

The dim gallery area.

The gigantic aquarium is still there

The fish looks familiar eh

Recycle from last time?

And of course Samuel wouldn’t miss feeding the fishes


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

KL Trip 2012 - Farewell

Before Mommy’s memories fail her, lets wrap up our KL 'lil trip taken back in February shall we?

On our last day there, Mommy contemplated again if she and Alaina should stay back at home to rest while the rest go out and about in the city. It had, after all, although fun, been a tiring 2 days for Alaina. Especially since she could yet appreciate any of those errr… fun :p.
Mommy was determined to not over-stress our Baby…

After our dim sum breakfast however, Alaina still seemed to be chirpy and all but stress. So we decided to join the crowd and made our way out : )

The itinerary for the day was fairly light; some play time and lunch at the mall.
As chirpy as she was, Alaina just couldn’t contain her tiredness and slept as soon as we reached the mall.
And she napped for 2 hours straight…

And napped again shortly after her fed in midst of our lunch at Purple Tea Restaurant :O
The food there was all cooked with tea apparently; the soup was a bit unusual, as were some of the dishes but most were overrated in our opinion. We couldn’t taste much of the overhyped tea.

Not easy to get the kids to pose for camera

After lunch, it time to bid farewell to everybody… with a promise to let the kids gather again.

And they did… but that’s another story for another time : )

Sunday, May 06, 2012

On All Fours

With confidence!

Until recently, Alaina was still favoring belly crawls even though she has discovered the art of crawling on four a while ago; simply because she’s faster that way we guess.
Now though, we are seeing her more on more on four with great coordination. Still wobbly at times but definitely picking up the speed : )

Alaina is more daring in exploring the house too. She is making her way to Kor Kor’s room now onto the bed without physical help.

Of course though we are keeping an eye while she’s busy with her antics.

She also found her way on to the top of the table, all by herself.

A more mobile and more confident Alaina!
Perhaps that’s the reason for the little improvement from her errr… sticky ‘lil situation.
She does not wail on top of the lungs for Mommy now when Mommy goes out of her sight for a wee while.
She allows others to carry her in her better mood...that is
And she can play with others, especially Big Yee Yee.

Could it be because she finally realizes that she does not need to wail?
Or could it be because Big Yee Yee entices her with chocolate :p

‘Ya, true to a gal’s heart, Alaina loves chocolate….

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mini Sport Day

A few weeks before Samuel’s school had their shutdown, they held a Mini Sport day for their students. It was originally to be held at Youth Park but changed to Metropolitan Park when the day drew nearer, not too sure why though.
This would be Samuel second Sport Day outing. The first was 2 years ago; it does not seems to be an annual event. Last year, the school organised other type of outings instead.

As usual, if Samuel could help it, he would want Mommy to join him at the park and watch him play…

Well, of course we’d love to join you Darling : )

Mommy and Alaina made our way there at 10 odd in the morning and managed to catch Kor Kor in action in his second and third game.

A light moment with his friends

Intermission after the second game

Continued with the third game

The park has ramp built everywhere.
We have no problem pushing the stroller around

The sun was not flaming hot; there were grey clouds in the sky. Luckily though the drizzle only came after the event has finished when we were leaving the park.

A group shot of the kids and the teachers after the winners were announced

Not Samuel’s team though

But still good sport and proudly showed us his bronze medal : )