Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another 5 weeks

Yup, another 5 weeks have come and gone.

Lots have happened; the good, the busy and the sad. But lets not dwell into the latter but the happy and busy happenings.

Samuel got elbowed in school last month when the kids were running about celebrating Teachers Day. Resulting in a big bruise around the eye.
We got concerned obviously; Mom went into frenzy mode for a wee while when we noticed that his eyesight was blurred temporarily. We are keeping a close tab and will re-visit this matter again in a few months.

Daddy and Samuel have been having boys-night-out often. They have gone for Wrath of the Titan.

Which Samuel adores.

And The Avengers which Samuel adores all the same.

He couldn’t stop taking about those superheroes.

He went for a second dose with Mommy 2 weeks after that
: )

We have started to send Alaina to the Nanny; there has been a big a change in our routine, more about that later.

We also tried the Cheese Fondue for the first time at this cafĂ© @ the Autocity. Food was not fantastic and services were well below par. The gal that served us was so sourpuss and so….
Actually we are not sure what her problem is. Perhaps not happy that we ordered 2 glasses of plain water and 1 glass of apple juice for a party of 3 plus a baby.

But hey, we went there for food and dessert, not drinks. It’s our choice that we wanted plain water. Not because we wanted to save the few cents (that too) but because we were having cheesy stuff and crushed ice-dessert…we needed the water to wash our throat.
Anyway, like we said, food was not great but we were intrigued by the Cheese Fondue. We don’t see it often at cafes here in Penang.

We went back for second dose a few weeks after that despite the bad service. Simply because Samuel likes it a lot : )

We also let Samuel rides on these battery operated machines. It seems low-end and easy enough to handle. It was a week day then and the crowd was not there; there were plenty of space to move around. Samuel enjoyed himself tremendously.

Alaina too was fascinated by all the lights : )

During the 5 weeks, we attended a wedding of a dear friend of Mommy. We attended the church wedding only and not the dinner as Daddy was busy.

The church wedding was beautiful…..

During the 5 weeks…..err… this post is getting long and winded.
Lets break it here shall we.

Just one more thing…. Mommy was away for a full one week last month. While the Nanny was taking care of Alaina, Samuel was put fully under Daddy’ care. And Mommy was amazed on how well Samuel coped with the arrangement. No whine and no fuss. In fact, Samuel behaved better during the one week : O

Bravo Bravo; both Daddy and Samuel!

Thursday, June 14, 2012