Thursday, July 26, 2012

Like a Doll

Daddy and Samuel have established a nice 'lil routine ......whenever Mommy is away,

Absolutely a doll!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Lost World, Bukit Tambun

It was the last weekend of the school holiday back in June ….

Errr… or was it?
Mommy couldn’t recall…
Mommy is inclined to think that Mommy could barely catch-up as there are just too many stuff happenings and has little to do with good ‘ol rusty head :p

Yup, it was the second weekend of June. The initial plan was to stay a night at the Lost World Resort at Bukit Tambun but we made some last minute adjustment to only go for a day trip. After all, it’s only a 2 hours-odd drive from Penang. Not a problem at all to drive there but we under estimated the will it takes us to drive back after a frenzied day.

Our GPS maneuvered us around the highway for quite a bit before we finally reached our intended destination at tad past noon.
The rest of the holiday group; Fyone Yee Yee and Hanxin, Big Yee Yee, Big Jiu Jiu and Small Yee Yee and Xuan Yi and Xuan Le and Po Po have all arrived the day before. We joined them promptly, took a fast bite and then off we went to where the fun was.

By the Swan Lake

Feeding the fish


Petting Zoo

Tin Valley

Errr.. somewhere

Editted: not Hot Spring but fish catching

Errr… somewhere again

Mommy, Alaina and Daddy left the group early to check into our room.
Samuel stayed back to continue with the fun.
And all of us re-convened again much later in the evening.

We left Bukit Tambun after our early dinner with Alaina felt asleep immediately in the car soon as we hit the road. She did not nap even a bit during our whole afternoon there

It had been a tiring day. Ya, we underestimated the will it required to drive in such exhausting state…
And underestimated how upset Samuel would be when we cut our holiday short to a day trip. He kept on whining about having “not enough fun”…

We reached home late in the night and were ready to call it a day….
But Alaina had other plan. She stayed wide awake until near to 2am before she retired to bed.

What a fun tiring day!

As an incentive to agreeing to cut this trip short, we brought Samuel to the Queensbay Mall Mega Kids indoor playground the next day to continue with his ….fun

Yup one big happy kid again!

Alaina had her share of fun-play too

Always happy to see smiling kids
: )

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

9 and 10 Months

Alaina’s biggest milestone when she hit mid 9 months was being totally weaned-off the breast. We started our weaning journey at month 8 and of course hit loads of bumps and loads of tears. After persistent trying and learning, the road ahead smoothened and we had our last direct latch-on breast-feeding on 27 May 2012. Mommy will certainly miss those bonding session, am sure Alaina shares the sentiment too.
The weaning process was gradual; we did not stop cold turkey. We started with a feed of formula a day for a few weeks before increasing it to 2, 3 … when she’s more receptive to bottles.
She is doing great on formula milk now; liking it very much.

Another notable milestone is our change of routine. Until month 9, Alaina had been fully full time under Mommy’s care. Beginning month 9 though, we’ve started to send her to a Nanny when Mommy has taken a new job.
Besides weaning Alaina, another major preparation before Mommy joins back the workforce was to get Alaina accustomed to her nanny.
It worries-us-wart initially as Alaina was very clingy to Mommy and Mommy only specifically at one point.
Anyway long story cut short, after much tears (again) all has been well. Of course she will still cry when we drop her off and stuff but all things considered, Alaina adapts very well.
It helps too that the Nanny is very accommodating and patient and good with kids.

At month 10, we brought Alaina back to the clinic for her usual bi-monthly check-up. She weighs 9kgs and 72cm tall.
Her development has been great;


  • She absolutely loves to smile and giggle out loud
  • She has started to cruise, sometimes in-between furniture.
  • She likes supported standing a lot and sometimes attempts to stand unsupported too.
  • She has acquired the self-feeding skill. She can hold and eat her rusk all by herself. Giving us the much required breaks when we dine outside : )
  • She has started to sleep through the night but not consistent yet. Sometimes she will still wake up for a feed.
  • Her pearly whites are sprouting again; 4 on top and 4 on the bottom have cut-through.
  • And oh ya, she is on pacifier now. The Nanny managed to introduce the pacifier to her.
She is absolutely a joy to be with and loves her brother loads.

And of course, the feeling is mutual
: )

Friday, July 06, 2012

2012 Mid-Year Parents-Teachers Dialogue

Since Samuel’s class teacher is moving together with them from K1 to K2, we have little expectation and more or less know how the teacher would …. ‘dialogued’ when we had the Parents-Teachers Dialogue session a few weeks ago. 

She still has very little to say and rely on us to ask questions… if we have any. 

Well, this time we took it upon ourselves to walk around the class room and took time to look through the children’s work. We looked for questions to ask; even though we kinda expect the answers already, we still asked. Gotta make full use of the dialogue even for small talks :p 

Since the dialogue was quite sometime ago, some thoughts may have slipped through Mommy’s mind. Still, let see if Mommy can recall the teacher’s feedback: 
  • Samuel is polite and pays attention to class.
  • He’s getting more talkative.
    We would think that the teacher was referring to his classes’ time only and not outside. ‘Cos outside from school, we couldn’t say he’s the quiet type :p
  • He has started to fight back ‘bullies’, more vocal and more physical now (pro and cons on this of course, we just have to find a balance point)
  • On academic front, he is good. Nothing to worry but nothing over-the-top either.
  • And he got rewarded for 8 out of 9 subjects under evaluation.
    One short due to Mandarin Spelling evaluation. He did not have perfect score for that.
And before we forget, Samuel also has no problem participating in all the activities run by the school. The school has many events in their calendar year; so many that Mommy couldn’t catch-up. It’s good that the school has started to share out pictures taken during those events via the on-line social site. Least, we still have some pictorial updates : )

This is the cake that Samuel made for us for Parents Day. We did not eat it, still well preserved and sitting nicely at the back of our fridge : )

 The session was fairly short…. we think.

But short is good.
No fuss and no nuts!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Bowling .... Sorta

We brought Samuel for his first actual bowling session a few weeks ago; actual as in really playing the game except that he did not really play…

Errr…. Now even we ourselves are confused :p

Samuel had encounters with bowling before; he fiddled with ‘em bowling balls and he played ‘em stimulated mock games before. But to actually bowl, that was the first time.

We went to the Sejati Bowl in SP, it’s quite a sassy place for bowling; big and comfy. Unfortunately though, they don’t have kiddy size bowling balls. But funny that they have kiddy size bowling shoes.
Hmm… something doesn’t really add-up there.

Anyway, unperturbed, Samuel tried his hands on the 8kgs balls.
Needless to say, the lightest ball was still too much for him. The fingers holes did not fit and Samuel couldn’t lift ‘em up high.

He’s creative of course and resorted to rolling and pushing the balls forward. Most end up in the longkang and one stop rolling mid-way 

: ( 

But a few did knock ‘em pins down.



And Roll


 Big Yee Yee accompanied Baby Alaina while Mommy bowled together with Samuel

 Not a Bowling Buddy eh?

Get 0 score same-same :p

Yup, we may not have scored big but we did all have fun!
So, see ‘ya soon….
Well, soon as we are able to lift ‘em 8kgs balls that is!