Saturday, August 25, 2012

Art and Cheese at Armenian Street

We have probably passed by Armenian Street countless time before but somehow never really pause to admire its rich heritage. It was last month when Mommy was scouting the area looking for her meeting venue that Mommy truly see how amazing the street is.
During the bright light day, the wrought iron art displayed there looks like a wall-sketch :O
Anyway, time did not permit Mommy once again then to pause and admire the street.

A fortnight ago, driven by Samuel’s love for cheese fondue, Big Yee Yee, Small Jiu Jiu and Jiu Mu brought us there again; to a café located right smack in the middle of the sea of art; Edelweiss Café.

While waiting for our food to be served… since the Cheese Fondue requires some time to be prepared, we took a short walk along the street.
Armenian Street is awfully quiet in the night. And the street lights are not generous; depending on your company, one may see it as charming and romantic while others might find it a bit skittish.
Work-of-art indeed is not lacking here; we spotted 3 murals and a few sculptures during our short stroll.

Fascinating ain’t it?
Artsy pose?

K, enough about art. Now lets get back to the food….

Where is that Cheese Fondue?
And cheese with side salad and red wine … among others
Lets dip
See how cheesy it is
Alaina couldn’t have any unfortunately.
The cheese is simmered with white wine
Cannot eat lor

Still cool though!

The cheese fondue did not disappoint, serving some real kickin’ cheese. All of us adult were liking it, Samuel would like more if there are other dipping food besides bread though : )

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby Alaina is ONE

What is that?

There …

A closer look …

Oh crab
  It’s my birthday!

The kids smile loads,

  See teeth, no see eyes!

What’s that again?

A Bunny Cake

Me wants

Happy Birthday Darling!

Lets blow the candle

We have the birthday luncheon at Starview Restaurant for a change this year to celebrate Alaina’s 1st birthday.
Cozy with great food!

The cake is a hit too.

Brownie with fresh cream

Can I have more?

A very happy birthday gal!

Baby in the Pool Too

It had been long since we last went down to the pool. Yesterday morning was pretty...
hot actually.
Perfect for a dip and it's high time we introduce the pool to the baby : )

Getting ready

Tickle, tickle

And here comes the...

Aeroplane flying 

The boy has no problem entertains himself while Daddy busy coaching the gal

Splish-splashing always does the trick!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bad Hair Day

Scruffy hair I made

Model Buddies

It's either that Alaina is getting more comfortable infront of the camera or.... Mommy is just lousy with shutters :p

She absolutely loves it when Daddy asks her to pose, more so with a sporting model buddy!


pose now?


another one?


superheroes in action?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Movie Outings

It just dawn to us that we have not jot any of Samuel’s recent movie outings down.

Lets see,

We went for Spiderman a few weeks ago

We got a ‘preview’ in the form of some sorta 3D paintings at Gurney Plaza

Samuel was not too amused though

Then we went for MIB II 3D, not deliberately. The tickets for Madagascar were sold out and they only screen MIB in 3D then.

Fortunately Samuel enjoyed it. He didn’t complain about the 3D glass though he did try to take it out; too big a size for him.

And then, he went for Ice Age 4 with Daddy but we have forgotten to snap any photos. It was a boys-only affair, Mommy and Alaina had our own gals-only affair…. shopping in the mall :D

And these are some photos from Friday’s

Not from any movie outings. Just a casual day out and had meals at one of Samuel’s favorite restaurant….
Their singing never gets old. Samuel loves it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

There's Something About Basket

Amazing how babies find liking in some weirdest stuff eh?

Earning the Ringgit

We hardly give Samuel coins for his coin jar out of the blue now, simply because we do not want the jar to fill-up too quickly.
Samuel does not ask for it as he too understands that we couldn't travel as much.... then.

But now that his Mei Mei is more mobile; granting Mommy and Daddy more mobile too, it's another differebnty story. He is scheming to fill-up his coin jar again. How?
Here's how:


And a highly paid laundry folder we've to say, RM1 per session!

Looks like it's not gonna be long to his next trip to Sgp or KL :D