Saturday, September 29, 2012


2 Baby Steps : )

Thursday, September 20, 2012

'lil Parties for Big Brother

This year, we are not throwing a large scale party, similar to previous years to celebrate Samuel’s birthday.
We do however; with no less fun still have a few small parties for him.

Starting with the usual school birthday party;

He insisted to dress up angry bird style from head to toe;
even though the colors are clashing left and right :p.

The head shot!
Everybody wanted a glimpse of the Angry Bird Cake first hand.
Samuel hand-picked all the goodies and designed most part of the card for his party packs himself.
He is especially happy with ‘em this year.
All his friends shared his sentiments, we heard
: )
The Great British Money Box!
Samuel adores! 

On his birthday day, per his request, we brought Samuel to Fridays again… for lunch this time as we had another dinner planned for the night.
It’s quieter during the day there as compared to evening. With less staffs, they don’t sing to any birthday parties it seems.

They still served Samuel his birthday sundae though.
The gal likes the whipped cream more and the ice-cream :p 

In the evening, we brought Samuel to a new cheese fondue place in town. It does not matter whether other food served is good or not, for the boy, he would be contented even with only the cheese fondue : )

The gal got to try some this time as the cheese is not simmered in wine.

She loves it
And the boy loves it
And that’s enough reason for us to declare thumb-ups for this restaurant…..
‘Ya think the gal is glancing at her bro
or at the watermelon that her bro is holding?
Happy Birthday Darling!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not a Holiday Trip

We made a trip down to KL during the last long weekend of August; not for holiday but for Po Po’s surgery.

We discovered that Po Po has developed a 9cm kidney stone through an incident finding 2 months ago at a hospital in Penang.
After several hospital visits and more check-ups; the best course of treatment decided for Po Po is surgery; PCNL followed by shockwave therapy/ies.

All of us adults made a trip to KL (yup, KL and not Penang) for the surgery and take turns to take charge of the various tasks…

Mommy left Alaina under Nanny’s care for the week as it would be too inconvenient for the baby to go in and out the hospital.
Samuel though, tagged along.

Although he knew that we were there for Po Po’s surgery, he still found time in-between to frolic around

Waiting for admission

Live coral!


Not forgetting the tablet
So much so that he lost track of what type of jest that’s allowed and what’s not.
The kids got a very big piece of scolding from Mommy when they played hide and seek at one time and created a momentarily scare among the adults!
Not funny at all! Mommy was not amused.

Stones.... almost all 9cm of it
The surgery was successful; Dato’ Dr. Tan managed to take out almost all the stone. The Dr. recommended that Po Po goes for the shockwave procedure earlier before her discharge instead of the initial plan which would be 3 weeks after her surgery.
We did just that and Po Po was discharged after a 5 days hospital stay.

Po Po is recovering well and resting at home now.
And g
etting more mobile by the day : )

Friday, September 14, 2012

Angry Fellas Party Packs

It ain’t easy getting angry birds stationeries nowadays…. They are no longer the flavor of the month it seems.

So imagine Samuel’s delight…. or rather Mommy’s relief (scratching her head on how to make the packs more angry bird-ly, ya’ see) :p, when Big Yee Yee managed to get these for us.

Top with these specially designed pocket cards, the party packs suddenly look fuming and all :O

As usual, Samuel wants to be very involved in planning his own party… this year we’ll just have one for him at school, so we give him a bigger budget.
He uses half of the budget for an Angry Bird Cake; the fierce and strong and fast one he says.

The other half, he uses it for party packs;
he knows exactly what food stuff he wants and shops within the given budget.

As for cards; they are DIY with minimal cost involved.
Samuel chooses the caricatures images from the net himself and Mommy helps with the designing. The printing is done 9-in-1 and we self-cut the card : )
So yah, minimal cost but maximum satisfaction!

A flying Angry Bird posing with ‘em Angry Fellas Party Packs!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


One might think we've a favorite bench seeing it popping up here so often :p

Nay, not the bench that amuses the kids, it's the company : )
One of the many good days

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 Months Old

We celebrated Alaina’s birthday a month ago …
and it was a month ago too that we brought Alaina back to the clinic for her MMR jab …


At one year old,
  • Little Alaina weighs 9.9 kgs and standing tall at 74cm. Pretty numbers for a baby her age.
  • She did not develop any fever after her MMR jab.
  • Poo-ing schedule was quite regular until recently; we are not sure yet if it’s due to teething or the change of formula milk. We are changing to another brand to monitor.
  • Pearly whites count stands at almost 12 ….. why almost you might ask?
    Well, that’s because we can almost see the lower and the upper canine but then still not quite… : S
  • She can stand up by herself unsupported but not for long before her reaches out for us or back on all four to move around
  • She cruises a lot
  • She likes to queen wave and will do so every time someone says bye-bye
  • She’s still liking the smile and giggle and laughing out loud
  • She can hold her own milk bottle but only at the Nanny’s place. At home here, she likes to manja us to feed her
  • She absolutely loves sweet stuff; cakes, pudding, cookies… you name it, she’ll like it
    She’s becoming more and more vocal and expressive; especially when she’s not getting her way or her ‘toys’ is taken away from her.
  • She still at times wakes up wee hours in the morning but sleeping through the night more often now.
    She does not need Mommy to carry and rock her to sleep anymore. She will fall asleep on her own … provided that we sleep next and cuddle to her.
  • Her Ma-ma and Ba-ba is more prominent now …..Baba-ing more often than Mama-ing though.
  • And her first word? tia dao :O


Congratulations Aunty Florence and Uncle Andre!