Friday, October 12, 2012

Penang Butterfly Farm

Penang is a pretty small and cozy place. There’re only so many places of attraction around; even less that are kids friendly.
We try to bring the kids out as often as possible for the obvious reason; kids like to play. But then going to the mall time and again does not really cut it. It is still somewhat restricted in term of things they can see. We favor outdoor activities more.

Samuel has been to most part of Penang, Alaina has not. So we are making our rounds again for the girl. Samuel, of course certainly does not mind visiting places that he has been before; in fact, he welcomes it.

We went to Butterfly Farm a few weeks ago. The last Samuel went was more than 2 years back but (edited to edit:) The last we went was last December and Samuel remembers the place well.
The garden did not change much but the indoor gallery has been expanded with much more exhibits.

Samuel appreciates the place more now that he understands biodiversity better.
For Alaina though….

she’s just in for some plain ‘ol fun
and opportunity to practice her new found skill…. walkin’.


We went indoor when it poured momentarily
But roamed out again when the rain stopped.

The butterflies must have like the cool damp.
They suddenly flocked out by the dozens.
The indoor gallery is as interesting as the outdoor garden….. Samuel enjoyed himself heaps.

After we finished touring Butterfly Farm, we drove down a bit to the Tripocal Spice Garden, to the Tree Monkey Restaurant again, this time for lunch.

And this time since the sky was clear; we got to sit at the patio and enjoyed the sea breeze ….

Ah! such a serene sight.

Food was not too suitable for kids though; they serve Thai Fusion. Then, as always we had backup as we packed some food from breakfast earlier : )

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Picnic In The Rain?

Still on the long weekend a fortnight ago…….
We had a picnic by the beach planned the morning after Samuel’s night out.

It was on that early Sunday, we were all ready to party.....with picnic mats, finger food, kickin’ coffee, enthusiastic kids :p ….
and were one foot out of the door
when not-so-suddenly it started to pour : )
We decided to head out still, driving very slowly hoping that it won’t be raining at the other side of the island.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Although the rain was not heavy, we just couldn’t possibly make do with umbrellas as suggested by Samuel.
Yah, he was that persistent!
It was already late in the morning then, so we decided to feast in the car…
So yup! We did have our ‘lil picnic :p Just not the picnic we thought it would be.

After we filled our tummies, we continued our drive up to Batu Ferringhi to the Monkey Tree Restaurant at Tropical Spice Garden. Mommy was there 2 moons ago and was immediately caught breathless by how pretty the scenery there could be. But then it was a work related trip, not for pleasure. We could only save that for next trip… which happened to be a fortnight ago : )

Although it was raining, the scenery was no less breathtaking. We were well sheltered and could see the green and sea through the rain from where we were seating….
There’s nothing much we could do under such weather; no running around, no walking; so we did the next best thing, we took loads of photos.

Totally recommend their spices drinks
Lemongrass Ginger Honey

The snack that we tried was so-so;
presentation was good though.
Baby and Mommy
Loads of shots of Baby and Mommy

Loads of shots of Baby



The cheeky boy refused to look at the camera ….

We gotta trick and enticed the boy with the sight of flying creature to get some decent shots :p




Monday, October 01, 2012

Play & Playin'

A fortnight ago over the long weekend, Big Yee Yee and Jiu Mu brought Samuel to his first ever play….. a mandarin speaking play :O
Mommy was not too sure what the play was all about and not sure if Samuel would even appreciate it ….
But was sold immediately when Mommy heard that it’s an educational story with awesome animal characters. That’s a good enough reason to let Samuel go all out to paint the town red :p
For some reason, our boy does not like to pose for camera nowadays…
The tickets.
The play saw a full house with both adults and kids. The adults accompanied the kids we assume since kids were the targeted audience.
 The Stage
Some pre-shots
Waiting for the play to start
Kids were invited to participate at the end of the play
To help search for the coveted apple
 And to have a ball of time … literally!
Leaving the hall at the end of the play
And were greeted by the characters gamed for pictures!
The ever-sporting Animals Actors who were ever ready posing for pictures with kids must have done the trick,
Samuel suddenly switched into pose-y mode

He posed with such pro
with no prompting or directions what-so-ever

And there's no stopping  

With some characters that Mommy's couldn't figure out :p

And he ended his night out with a big bang ….
err we mean big claws!