Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Graduation

It was a meaningful ceremony, we felt it. We are not too sure Samuel is feeling it though.

Samuel bade farewell to pre-school during a simple yet grand ceremony back in October. It marks an end to a journey and the beginning of another. Our boy is all grown up and has been gearing up for some time now for the primary school.

We, the parents know the importance, we felt the significance. We are happy and excited and gotta admit, a bit antsy about this milestone.
Samuel on the other hand, is nonchalant and all but nervous. If he is though, he is doing a good job of shielding it. We ain’t seeing nothing.
He talks about primary school and rules and whatnots often but far from disapproving the idea of going to a ‘real’ school.
Perhaps, he’s not feeling the heat yet :p 

Either way, it’s good as we have one less anxiety to worry about….. for now.

The Graduation Ceremony was a star-studded affair. The stars being all the graduands themselves.
Samuel came back one day with a blank piece of paper with his name printed on it. It was a project given by the school; the parents were to make a sign together with their kids for the graduation day. And then the parents were required to shout and wave and squeal like groupies for their superstars.
The idea of it seems so impossible…
We mean ….come on… you expect em’ adults to act like screaming fans on steroids?

But then ‘ya know what?
That’s exactly what happened on the day. It might have been the crowd, it might have been euphoria but somehow all adults seemed to have no problem getting in touch with their inner child and scream their lungs out when the superstars made their appearances.
Quite a scene we have to say ….
The kids of course were thrilled to the max seeing parents went through the extra miles for them.
 Samuel’s sign re-designed by Mommy and Samuel.
Small Jiu Jiu adding the eye-catching glitter

Graduation bouquet and gift

The ceremony was well planned and entertaining.
We have only 2 minor quibbles; lengthy with no meal breaks and the unnecessary calls from the director to retake a scene 9738 times :p

Graduation Hall was lively decorated
Our superstar appeared with a bang
Superstars in action
Parents in action
Some performances required parents to be onstage

Our boy waiting for his turn for the certificate presentation
Parents waiting for official photos to be taken
A tired shot by end of the ceremony
Still able to muster a smile 
Happy Graduation Samuel!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Penang Hill

If we remember correctly, our last attempt to Penang Hill was deferred by a very-very long queue for tickets last year. That was during the pre new funicular train.
Now with the new funicular train, it takes only minutes to reach the top we heard. Technically speaking, over-crowding and overly long wait should be a thing in the past : )

It was the last Sunday of October when we attempted to go up the hill again. And what a breath of fresh air when we arrived…
There was ‘crew’ (perhaps RELA?) on-ground directing the traffic,
There was no long queue or big crowd lingering around the bottom-hill station
And the funicular train ride was surprising not uncomfortable; save for the too-fast thrill bit but that’s subjective really.

The new train is fitted with air-cond and far-less crowded than our last ride.
It really only took us minutes to reach the top with no transit in mid-station.

It’s a far bigger crowd up the hill. Sunday crowd we reckon.

Samuel trying his hands on the scope to have a better view of Georgetown from Penang Hill

For this trip, we wanted to explore more of the hill and not only hanging around the station area…..
It did not take long before a sign pointing to the direction of Monkey Cup Garden caught our eyes. We decided then to take a leisurely walk to the garden….
Half way through our walk though, we …. or rather Mommy :p wished we had taken the buggy ride, it was a good 3km walk one way :O

Samuel enjoyed the walk though.

Alaina too had no complaint, perhaps sitting like a big boss in her stroller has something to do with it : )

After about 25 mins walk, we reached the garden. Adult charge is RM10/pax while kids get to enter for free.

The garden did not disappoint, they have loads of monkey cups from various species. But we would feel that, not many would appreciate as there’s really nothing much else to see at the garden except Monkey cups

And Samuels favorite, Venus flytrap

Ya, the kids were thrilled. So, our 50 mins walk to and fro the garden was not for nothing : )

It may looks like Mommy is encouraging Alaina to get near to the scorpion in this photo but in actual fact, Mommy was pulling Alaina away :O
This little girl is really daring!

After our long walk back from the garden, we filled our tummies at the David Brown Restaurant.

We had pies and sandwiches, and cakes and scone and tea ….
A great lunch indeed with great garden view and fresh air. The kids, of course wouldn’t miss any opportunities to wander around the green

Next in our itinerary, a visit to the new Owl Museum. It was Mommy’s second visit there but a first for the kids and Daddy.
The place is ….. errrr ….. kinda-interesting but it’s not place where you’ll go twice.

The kids spent most of their time at the museum kids’ corner; they don’t care much about the exhibits there.

Oh well…..

We left the hill soon after that, but of course not before stopping by the makan place to savor their ice-kacang.
Not 2-thumbs-up kinda good but there’s just something about the ice-kacang there that make it hmmm… unforgettable!

Friday, December 07, 2012

I am Baby

Although it's not rare that Alaina calls us Mami and Pappy eversince she discovered the mama and baba a few months ago, it's not often either and certainly not when we prompted her to.

Today though, when Mommy picked her up from the Nanny,
standing there by the door wth the sweetest smile,
our little girl called out, Mommy!

And it ain't no stopping since then....


And oh, she absolutely likes to call herself Baby too  : )

Monday, December 03, 2012

Sort the Shape

Back in October when we finally dug out the shape sorter from our toys archive, aka from the back of an ancient cabinet in Bidor :p

Wow, we're impressed.
Alaina figured it out almost immediately. Of course just like her brother, she clicked with the oval shape first. She worked her way through all other shapes very quickly though.

But just as quick, her interest fizzled out.

We have yet to find a toy that can occupy her for more than .... well... lets just say, not long. And we have yet to find a show; TV or video that can make her sit through...
Any recommendation?