Thursday, January 31, 2013

17 Months Old

Lets not duel into soap stories, shall we?
Yup Mommy has been abandoning the logs again..... with good reasons. But lets leave the reasoning for some other time. mkay?

Now though, is chirpy cheeky little gal time!

errr... ok. not so chirpy.

We brought Alaina to have a proper hair cut the other day. Daddy is not taking chances anymore. Mommy's barbering skill has not improved apparently :p

At 17 months, Alaina weighs 10.6 kgs. A bit down from her previous weight due to stomach flu a few weeks ago. It's getting tougher by the day to feed her ever since.
She stands tall at 84cm as measured a few days ago during her jab visit at the government clinic.
Development is all well on-track with vocal-picking taking center stage now.

Here's a list of vocab she's mastered to-date:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Kor Kor
  • Ah Gong
  • Yee Yee
  • Jiu Jiu
  • Po Po
  • Baby
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Bear-bear
  • Rabbit
  • Car
  • Tree
  • Shoe
  • Ball
  • Hello
  • Bye-bye
  • Nevermind
  • No
  • mei-you (none)
  • tia-dao (fall)
  • bu-yau (don't want)
Daddy commented that she's a bit lazy on the talking front. She likes to point and whine her way though instead.

New favorite pose
: )