Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Picture Perfect

Gaya ...
Mutu ...
Keunggulan ...

Academe Too

It has been a tremendously busy couple of months for us. We did not have the chance to blog about it earlier but Samuel has settled nicely into his primary school routine. A smooth transition from his kindergarten years.

Back in October after his graduation, his Kindergarten ended the year with a Dialogue, Holiday Camp and a Christmas Party, in that order.


The Parents-Teacher Dialogue was especially short, Samuel was happy that he hit another milestone with flying colors but not so happy that the school decided to pull away one of his ‘party’ reward last minutes.
So, we made it up for him. We got him a present just for being a good boy : )

The Holiday Camp was packed with fun too. On top of trivia learning during the camp, Samuel went for 2 trips; an excursion to the Penang Bird Park and a Christmas Gala at the Masyarakat Penyayang.


The theme for 2012 Christmas Party was Fairies and Samuel went as…. a smart-looking himself :p.
We thought of putting together an elf costume for him but the green shirt that we’ve bought was beyond big. It’ll not make a smart-looking elf :p

In midst the end and new year party frenzy, we rationed time for serious businesses too. We got his school uniform, stationeries, bag and all in order when his school opened on 2nd January. And yah, we also attended his School Orientation before that, paid all necessary fees and stuff.
The orientation had been good for ‘em new kids on the blocks; children were given a school tour and parents were given a briefing on important dos and don’ts….. via slides presentation. Wow, we’ve come a long way since our school time decades ago eh?

For the first 3 days of Samuel’s school, Mommy and Po Po stayed near and help him to cope.
But really, there’s no need for that. Samuel is coping fine and well at school…. beyond our expectation actually.

At the student care front though, he did and probably still does need a ‘lil bit of help to adjust mostly due to our working hours. We are monitoring that but there’s another change coming soon. So we can only do things one step at a time and for now, we need to encourage him to build his Mandarin foundation.
Not an easy feat!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Christmas 2012

Our 2012 Christmas celebration in photos

Started with a weekend get-together trip down to KL with Mommy’s family.
 Christmas dinner at Big Jiu Jiu house:
Home-cooked Bolognese and Tuna Aglio e olio pasta
Home-made Green Salad
Take-away order: Roasted Chicken, meatloaf and sausages
 Dessert of the day:
Macaroon, nougat, cakes and mango pudding

The host is behind the camera
The kids opening their prezzies
Ready to rock
At the local park
Picnic at leisure
Comfy lunch at nearby club
Back in Penang on Christmas Eve day
At E&O Afternoon tea
Like a lady
 Like a lady too
Then to dinner at Straits Quay
Dance to the Caroling
Santa appearances
On Christmas Day
Lunch at Grandparents’
Cheers to a very Happy New Year and many more to come!

Tooth Fairies Are Real

Samuel’s lower central incisors had been wobbly for quite some time and we had been patiently waiting for them to drop until one day back in December ….

Well, not one day actually but three…
Samuel complained that his teeth felt funny and rough at the root. Mommy explained then that it’s because the baby teeth is preparing to drop to make way for the permanent teeth to grow. But when his complaint persisted, Mommy took notice and checked his teeth …again.
To our surprise, we saw one of his permanent teeth already cut-through at the back of his baby teeth :O
With his baby teeth still intact :O

We made an appointment with his dentist immediately then to have his baby teeth pulled-out…. worried sick that his permanent teeth will grow crooked.
But his dentist assured us this is quite normal and the permanent teeth will grow back to its place over time once the baby teeth is not obstructing it anymore.
True enough, one month on, we are seeing very pretty grin from this handsome boy : )

Holding his 2 ‘gold’ coins from his tooth fairies first thing on 18 December morning
: )

Ya, the dentist pulled both his lower incisors out as he said both teeth will come-in at around the same time.
Our boy, as usual, did not make a squeak at the dentist. Very poise and very brave.
A total contrast to Mommy’s visit to the dentist during her teenage days…. But that’s another silly tale for another time


Friday, February 01, 2013

Cherish Too

Allow us to roll the camera back to November 2012 ...
(Credit to the new couple for all the photos)

Getting ready for the all important task

Arrival at the Church

Marching of the Bride

Ring Bearer with all seriousness, guarding the ring

Forgot to roll down the sleeve

Mei Mei with all cuteness sitting through the service ...
errr.... wandering though the service
: )

Blessing of the ring

Congratulations to the new couple

Later in the evening,
dinner at Deluxious

Yum Seng

There ain't no short of fun
: )

The Family is getting bigger