Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Picnic by the Sea

Yes, we are picnickers.
Be it by the garden or by the beach or…. errrr in the car, picnicking has always been one of our favorite outings. 

We did not manage to set foot on the beach the last we attempted a picnic by the sea, much to Samuel’s and may be Alaina’s too, dismay.
So, we planned for one in jiffy after a long night out last month on Chap Goh Mei

All gear up
Hmmm… what shall we do first?
Lets fill the tummy
And snacks
And more snacks

Funny that we don’t have as many shots of Kor Kor snacking :p

But we have lots of shots of Kor Kor playing by the beach though
Alaina has yet to get used to the wave.
Interesting find
Still Alive
Another shot before Jiu Jiu threw ‘em back to the sea
Find time for more snacking before adjourning for lunch
In Straits Quay
Caught her eyes
Not too sweet
Mildly rich
Just the way I like it

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kek Lok Si Kuan Yin Night Lights 2013

We asked ourselves the question if we would be up for Kek Lok Si night lights again two years ago …..

Last year we took a raincheck to avoid baby stress.
This year though, we decided that we are all game again…… until we were re-reminded of the dreadful jam-drive-up the hill.

We did not plan to drive all the way up to the steep-top but traffic was so bad and parking spaces were so scarce that there was nothing that we could do other than …. that …. :S
When we reached the top, all we could smell was the pungent burnt-rubber smell from car tires.

But truth to be told, the view really made up for it
: )


Samuel had a blast posing for shots,
Alaina less so …..
She refused to set foot on the ground when fireworks started to set-off later in the night…
Yup, not a fan still.
May be next year!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It Never Gets Old

How could it be?
The kids just couldn't seem to have enough of it.....
here's their 'favorite' bench making its appearance here ..... again :p
We are just getting started

Hmmm... what should we do first

Lets sleep on it

How about start with some clapping first?



and some hand exercise?

then leg exercise?

Batt went flat :p

Outings From The Past

Not back to the future past, but a few months ago past : )

Mommy did not get the chance to blog about it then and Mommy certainly does not want to miss the chance to blog about it now ...
How could we resist, see how adorable the kids are :D

Mommy, Mommy, what is this?

Ooo... how immersed!


An absolute Darling

Absolute Darling too





And Up!

Street Art

By the Jetty

Colors of Nostalgic

We are here!


The Cafe

The unusual Avacado Pizza ...

Samuel's favorite brulee

Check out the matching pin!
(yeah, we like to do that at times :p)